Metroid: PARAPAMPAM! - RCG - Part 111m56s

Metroid: PARAPAMPAM! - RCG - Part 1

Random Commentary Guy plays Super (fucking) Metroid! It's time to start exploring planet Zebes in the shoes - or suit - of the galaxy's most famous bounty hunter. No, not Boba Fett. It's Samus Aran. Watch as Random picks up the control and struggles with the basic controls, and have a grand old time with us on the helm.

Miniviewtion:  Immersion in Video Games10s

Miniviewtion: Immersion in Video Games

A mini look at what immersion in video games actually is. There is an ongoing debate about what makes a game immersive and what it means to be immersed in it. Here at channel Reviewlution we believe it's an over-complicated situation that otherwise has a very simple answer. Often times immersion is mistook with suspension of disbelief. The two terms are quite distinct, as a matter of fact. Immersion by definition is deep mental involvement while suspension of disbelief is actively choosing to believe that the lack of reality which is displayed is in fact correct. There is a clear difference but one has to actively seek it out. If you liked this video and want to support us, consider subscribing and liking this video.

FIRST FINALE!: Castlevania FINALE - RCG13m11s


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Prince of Persia trilogy review12m23s

Prince of Persia trilogy review

This is a review of the Prince of Persia trilogy. Through metaphors and jokes I give an explanation of what is good and what is bad in the game. Trying to focus more on the game and not see it through nostalgic glasses, that's why the slogan is game-breaking nostalgia!