Rowdy Baby Gorilla Gets Disciplined By Dad In Front Of Zoo Visitors57s

Rowdy Baby Gorilla Gets Disciplined By Dad In Front Of Zoo Visitors

Shufai the baby gorilla was has a great time playing with some tree branches in Twycross ZOO until his father Oumbi decided to take them all away (since technically he's playing with his food). But when Shufai persists, Oumbi does a total dad move to let him know he's serious! The kid runs after his dad, while the 24-year-old Silverback gorilla gather all the branches from the enclosure and puts them away. Shufai’s older brother Lope knows well to stay away from dad’s path, but the gorilla youngster wants his toys back. In an effort to stop dad from removing all of his toys, Shufai tries to grab dad by the foot, but the elder puts him back in his place with a determined, but still very gentle nudge with the foot. Body language is a big deal with these giants and the baby knew that very instant that playtime is over! Instead of chasing after dad, the baby sits on his butt and contemplates his choices, before turning away and running after mom Ozala. Shufai was born on September 24, 2016 and is the third baby for 22-year-old mother Ozala and 24-year-old father Oumbi. As well as being a joyous occasion for zoo staff and visitors, the birth is an important part of conservation efforts to save the species, as the number of Western lowland gorillas in the wild has dramatically declined by more than 60% in the last 20-25 years, and scientists predict they will become extinct in the next 20 years or so.

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Gorilla Youngster Preciously Plays With Baby Brother1m29s

Gorilla Youngster Preciously Plays With Baby Brother

Meet the Lope the cheeky gorilla youngster from the Twycross Zoo in England. Enjoy as he gets chased all around his enclosure by his little brother Shufai. If you think that is cute, wait until you see both of them at the end of the video! Lope is a 4-year-old western lowland gorilla, a species that is labeled as critical on the IUCN list. He is the the second child of 22-year-old mother Ozala and 24-year-old dad Oumbi. Shufai, on the other hand, is his first younger brother, which made headlines last year on his birth. The 4- and 1-year-old, respectively, can be seen running around their enclosure in Twycross, just like human siblings would. It is an important aspect of a gorilla youngers’s behavior. Mom is close by to keep a watchful eye on the two sons, but she will never intervene, because this is also how they learn about the hierarchy in the troop. These rare primates are usually found in dense rainforests and swamps in Central Africa – but their populations in the wild have declined by more than 60% in the past two decades. Western lowland gorillas have been pushed to the brink of extinction by humans clearing their forests for timber, oil and gas, as well as poaching the animals for bushmeat and the illegal pet trade.

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Cheeky Gorilla Youngster Smacks Adult On Her Nose35s

Cheeky Gorilla Youngster Smacks Adult On Her Nose

Meet the Lope the cheeky gorilla youngster from the Twycross Zoo in England. Follow all his silly antics here on Rumble. In an earlier popular video you saw him having a go at his baby brother ( Now it's Asantes turn to be on his receiving end. It's feeding time and Lope had more than his share to eat, but Asante seems to have something that Lope wants. He's getting close to her, has a smell of what she is chewing, but Asante is in no mood for sharing and pushes Lope out of the way to move on. What does Lope do...he decides to give her a smack on the nose, repeatedly! Asante doesn't seem to be that bothered by Lopes action and takes it all in her stride. Lope is becoming quite the lovable rogue with his human teenager like attitude. His favorite moves include strut like a human through his enclose, his little commando rolls, swinging his arms and jumping in the air. In the other Lope videos you can see the other family members: Oumbi is Lopes Dad, a big silverback. Ozala is the mom and she has her hands full keeping the one year old named Shufai and Lope on good terms, grandma Bidi and Asante that you saw in this video. Lope was born on the morning of 3rd January 2013.

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Gorilla mom preciously entertains her baby35s

Gorilla mom preciously entertains her baby

Gorilla mother Ozala is showering her baby Shufai with kisses and cuddles. Watching this heartwarming show of affection highlights the similarities we share with the great apes. A mother's bond with her child is a truly special emotion!

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Intelligent orangutan flosses with rubber band42s

Intelligent orangutan flosses with rubber band

Sprout has clearly heard about the importance of dental hygiene as she tries her hand at flossing with a rubber band. She seems to be having a lot of fun playing with the band, by pulling at it with her teeth and twisting it around her little finger. Whilst there are playful similarities to a human child, getting kids to floss is not so easy. Dudley Zoological Gardens is a 40-acre zoo located within the grounds of Dudley Castle in the town of Dudley, in the Black Country region of the West Midlands, England. In the past couple of years more and more has been done to improve the zoo with some great new enclosures.

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Big Silverback Gorilla Lets Everyone Know Who's Boss59s

Big Silverback Gorilla Lets Everyone Know Who's Boss

The big gorilla is not having one of his best days. Oumbi is getting agitated by the fact that he can't choose to go inside when he wants to, like he normally can. He's strutting his stuff, beating his chest and taking his frustration out on the rest of the family. The reason for being locked out all day is that their inside enclosure is having a refit with new climbing frames and ropes. The family keeps looking through the windows to see what is going on inside. All that waiting doesn't play well with Oumbi and he lets out his frustration on his family!

Older Sibling Tries To Harass Baby Gorilla, Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine1m10s

Older Sibling Tries To Harass Baby Gorilla, Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

This video is a perfect example of sibling rivalry. It doesn’t matter if you’re seven years old or seventy-seven, a boy or a girl, you will always find the time to prank your sibling. The race, the gender, the animal kingdom you belong to are all moot points when it comes to having a bit of fun with your relative. Apparently, gorillas are quite the pranksters. Check out these popular gorilla siblings from the Twycross Zoo in England - you just can't ever stop watching them! There is always something happening in their nook in the zoo. In this instance, Lope the Gorilla youngster is harassing his baby brother by grabbing him several times. He tries to trip him but to no avail. The baby gorilla, however, has other plans. He just knows that no matter how nasty his older brother gets, he would always have his mommy to take care of him. Take a look as this situation "goes down" and wild instincts kick in. The gorilla mama watches over her two little trouble-makers from a distance, but isn’t willing to step in until the last moment. It seems like the older brother has finally crossed the line when he manages to trip the baby with a swipe of his hand. The mom steps in between the two and takes the baby by her side. The little mischievous tot stays back for a few seconds, wanting to gloat, but in true mom fashion, she scolds him and makes him climb on her back to get to safety.

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 This Conceited Penguin Is Obsessed With His Own Reflection38s

This Conceited Penguin Is Obsessed With His Own Reflection

This penguin from the Colchester Zoo in England seems to be in love with his own reflection. See how he walks back and forth looking at his face in the mirror with utter curiosity. He even tries to talk to it and shares kisses. Meet Narcissus the penguin. In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter who was known for his beauty. He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. When Narcissus came to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the water, he instantly fell in love with himself, not realizing that it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live and stared at his reflection until he died. Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself and one's physical appearance or public perception. The same applies for Narcissus the penguin who is deeply obsessed with his own reflection in the mirror, ignoring everything that is going on around him. First he walks up and down the mirror, gazing at his own reflection and trying to outrun it. Then he stops and stares at it, and finally tries to make a conversation. He flaunts with his appearance by raising his neck and making loud noises. He is so full of himself, the real king of the zoo. Have you ever fell in love with your own reflection when walking in front of a mirror?

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Gorilla youngster with attitude plays in the hay42s

Gorilla youngster with attitude plays in the hay

Lope the gorilla from the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England is having so much fun in the hay. He's throwing it all over himself, wiggling about and, of course, he has to beat his chest to show everyone who the boss - is not realizing how silly he has been. Just look at him leaving the den, all covered in hay. Lope knows how to make everybody smile!

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Tidy Orangutan Mother Puts Toys Away1m00s

Tidy Orangutan Mother Puts Toys Away

The Twycross Zoo is having an enrichment day for the animals by throwing lots of colorful balls and some boxes into the enclosure. The orangutan mom with her newborn baby in her arms decides it looks all a bit messy and, in classic mom fashion, she begins to tidy up after her offspring. She starts cleaning up by putting all the balls back into the box. Still with her newborn in her arms, she then carries the boxes with the balls in her mouth all the way up to the top of her climbing frame. She only drops one red ball! What a champ! Just how cute is this video? And we can all relate to the way mom takes care of the mess her baby made! It's just adorable! It's yet another proof that motherhood is the same with all the species out there, and an example that moms always have our backs - you won't find a better playmate or best friend out there, and this little baby surely knows this very well! Now for some background info: orangutans are among the most intelligent primates; they use a variety of sophisticated tools and construct elaborate sleeping nests each night from branches and foliage. The apes have been extensively studied for their learning abilities. There may even be distinctive cultures within populations. Field studies of the apes were pioneered by primatologist Birutė Galdikas. All three orangutan species are considered to be critically endangered. Human activities have caused severe declines in populations and ranges. Threats to wild orangutan populations include poaching, habitat destruction, and the illegal pet trade. Several conservation and rehabilitation organisations are dedicated to the survival of orangutans in the wild. (source: Wikipedia)

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Meerkats collapse after intense search for food31s

Meerkats collapse after intense search for food

These meerkats have an entertaining day at the Twycross Zoo due to all the different toys they were given to play with. In this case, a new toy has some food hidden inside. Take a look as their efforts end with all of them being too tired to eat. One of them is so tired that it lays flat out on his back. Hilarious!

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Gorilla Humorously Slides Backwards Downhill54s

Gorilla Humorously Slides Backwards Downhill

From the time that the internet has been around, animal videos have dominated it! There is something about animals that we as people find very fascinating a very funny! Maybe it is because the animals do not realize what they are doing most of the time, that we find so funny! This video is no exception to that also, as this gorilla will surely make you laugh with it's routine! The hilarious gorilla is sliding backwards downhill... well, it's more of a 'creeping' downhill. The mom is very protective of the gorilla's baby brother, so the gorilla has to take different approaches to get to him without mom moving between the two, as she only lets him play with his brother when he isn't aggressive in his approach. In the end it's well worth it, as he has some quality time with his brother! What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen an animal do something like this before? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile and laugh just as we did!

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Watch This Playful Young Gorilla As He's Showing Off His Signature Walk42s

Watch This Playful Young Gorilla As He's Showing Off His Signature Walk

A lot of us find it difficult to present our confidence, it is hard to put yourself out there, especially in front of a big audience. We should all be more like this Gorilla youngster named Lope. It seems that he loves to show his confidence off, and doesn't mind when people are watching either. This is a compilation of clips of the gorilla youngster Lope, and it makes everyone laugh when he shows off his signature walk. He seems so confident when he struts around like that, so awesome! Maybe he should get into modelling, his walk is quite impressive! This little guy definitely has some attitude, too funny! Gorillas live in forests of Central Africa and are divided into two species, the eastern gorillas and the western gorillas which are both sadly endangered. They are the largest living primates and have DNA very similar to humans, from about 95 to 99 percent of DNA. That is very cool! They are also the closest living relatives to humans, awesome! Check out this Gorilla named Lope walking around like a human, too funny! Have you ever seen a gorilla close up before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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White lioness shocked by male lion's advance30s

White lioness shocked by male lion's advance

It seems that even the animal kingdom cannot escape unwanted advances by males! In this hilarious clip, a funny moment at the zoo is captured on camera as a gorgeous white lioness brushes against a sleeping male. When he wakes up and puts his paw around her in a loving gesture, only to have her jump back in surprise. The other female lioness then comes over to investigate what all the fuss is about! Talk about hilarious! This is one memorable clip that you will surely not want to miss! Hey, you cannot blame the male lion for trying, right? Sure the female lioness was startled at first but maybe if the male lion gave it another shot, he could find his soul mate! If she ends up rejecting him again, well there is plenty of other fish in the sea or in this case lions in the wild! Hopefully this male lion does not feel too discouraged after this event. Aside from the fact that these lions are hilarious, aren't they just adorable as well? You almost just want to pick one up and take it home with you, but as well all know, that would be a bad idea. Animal plush's could always be purchased if you ever wanted to have the next best thing!

Armadillo  - Who's The Daddy!42s

Armadillo - Who's The Daddy!

These are the yellow armadillo also known as the six-banded armadillo (Euphractus sexcinctus) from the Bristol Zoo in England. These two are enjoying a quick mating session. They do make me laugh as well, as I keep thinking of the chocolate bar advert with Harry Enfield : "smooth on the inside crunchy on the outside, ARMADILLOS!!"

Gorilla youngster grabs and drags baby brother55s

Gorilla youngster grabs and drags baby brother

Ahhh siblings. They always try and out do one another. Just like in our own lives, sibling competition can get pretty intense. This video shows a group of gorillas, who are sibling by the way, competing and playing with one another. This hilarious competition produced an amazing clip that on-lookers and viewers alike will never forget! We can all relate to these gorillas too well as this video brings back memories from your own childhood with your siblings or friends. Isn't this video just hilarious? You can't help but to crack a smile when these siblings compete and play around with one another. Animals have many human-like characteristics about themselves which is highlighted in this video right here. Who knew gorillas had sibling rivalry like this? What we do know is that this is a video that should not be missed. Although you cannot have your own gorilla as a pet to live and cuddle with, you could always purchase some animal plushes on Amazon to hangout and play with! Do you have any funny sibling stories? Let us know in the comment section!

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Unusual friendship between orangutan father and daughter43s

Unusual friendship between orangutan father and daughter

There's nothing like the bond between a father and his daughter. Well for humans at least. As they grow up, daddy's little girl slowly develops into the woman that she was destined to be. A wave of pride washes over the father once he realizes that she isn't the little girl she used to be anymore, and that she is ready to take on the world all on her own. Is it the same for orangutans? Normally you would think Orangutan males are solitary, but not this one. Father and daughter Molly are quite inseparable. The young orangutan is always playing and annoying her dad by pulling his hair or swinging into him. You would think dad just puts up with his mischievous daughter, but they do spent a lot of time together! For all you dads out there, doesn't this just make you want to spend some time with your little girl? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to stop by for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos. Check out this unreal bond between father and daughter!

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Gorilla mother and her baby 46s

Gorilla mother and her baby "backpack"

Ozala the endangered Western lowland gorilla from the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England slings her baby on her back in this funny compilation. Cutest backpack ever! The baby, who is yet to be named, is the third for mother Ozala and dad Oumbi. Besides being a cause for joyous celebration, this birth is an important part of the conservation efforts to save these species. Dr Charlotte Macdonald, the Director of Life Sciences at Twycross Zoo has said that the organisation is very excited about the new arrival, giving a boost to the future of these great apes.

Gibbon father's heartwarming playtime with daughter36s

Gibbon father's heartwarming playtime with daughter

No matter what they do, the gibbons always make the visitors at this zoo smile. Dad seems to be in a playful mood and starts to wrestle with his daughter, Meo. Too cute! White-cheeked gibbons differ from the great apes by being monogamous for life, with the female taking the majority of the parental care. Young gibbons have not been observed to play regularly, possibly due to the small social groups, but this dad has really taken to care for his daughter, so much so that he is making sure that she has the proper childhood! There’s a declining trend with the population of gibbons in the wild, accounting over 80% in the last 45 years, which classifies them as endangered by the IUCN. Due to deforestation and poaching, their numbers are seriously declining in their native Laos, Vietnam and Southern China.

Orangutan youngster just keeps on rollin'40s

Orangutan youngster just keeps on rollin'

Although orangutans are gentle and sit for hours gazing, this particular little munchkin likes having fun and won't stop! This precious orangutan named Sprout is living in the Dudley Zoo in England and she knows how to make the best use of her free time. Watch as she playfully tumbles and rolls all around her enclosure with such energy that she doesn't even get dizzy at the end of her shenanigans. Then, she decides that it would be a great idea if she put a piece of cardboard on her head to soften the contact with the ground while rolling around. Such a clever girl!

Funny otter fascinated by stones1m01s

Funny otter fascinated by stones

This cute Asian short clawed otter from the Dudley Zoo in England can't stop playing with a rock. He is totally fascinated by it, and keeps juggling it around!

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Lemur family is crazy about newborn baby50s

Lemur family is crazy about newborn baby

We all love newborns. They're so cute and adorable. The newborn baby lemur that is only a couple of weeks old is getting lots of affection from the whole family, but it is just too much? It looks like it just wants to cuddle mom and suckle. Watch the little head pop out just to get a breather. The baby was born at the Dudley Zoo in England and all the others can't stop fussing over the baby. How adorable is this video? A newborn is enough to excite a human family as well. Visit to get your daily dose of adorable animals, guaranteed to melt your heart. Check out this adorable reaction to a newborn baby.