There Is Nothing More Adorable Than This Litter Of Shar Pei Puppies Devouring Their First Breakfast1m00s

There Is Nothing More Adorable Than This Litter Of Shar Pei Puppies Devouring Their First Breakfast

Here we have a bunch of baby Shar Pei pups that have been called out to feeding time. They rush in to line up to the trough and have a go at their fer share. All the youngsters have quite the appetite and their food is gone in an instant as they selfishly rush through it. These wonderful puppies don't even bother to take a breath between bites and it is as if they are an inch from choking, but you just wait and they will prove you wrong. Their enthusiasm reaches unbelievable heights as they literally swallow without even chewing. This pups look like they haven't eaten in days by the way they rush to their shared bowl and lick it clean as if they will not be provided any food for another month. We all need a video like this from time to time to remind us of how lucky we are to have dogs on our planet. Baby animals overall are known for their clumsiness and enthusiasm, hence the way they are feeding. They are just too cute and adorable to miss out on. Must take a look if your having an off day. This video is bound to put a smile on your face! This adorable litter of eight one-month-old Shar Pei puppies eating their food will melt your heart. So cute!

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Bottle Feeding Shar Pei Puppies42s

Bottle Feeding Shar Pei Puppies

Baby Shar Pei puppies are being bottle fed. Previously, their mother fed them, but since there are eight of them, they need extra food. So here they are being fed puppy formula. They are one week old in this video.

Published: August 10, 2017Updated: August 11, 201743 views
Samoyed Puppies Take on Robot Dog1m11s

Samoyed Puppies Take on Robot Dog

Two adorable Samoyed puppies meet with hipster robot dog. One puppy is relaxed and instantly picks up robot puppy, takes it to the lawn, and starts nibbling on his tail and ears. The other puppy is a bit more cautious and decides to examine entire situation further, by sitting and watching... and barking.

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Shar Pei Puppies Drink A Whole Gallon Of Milk In Only Two Minutes 2m03s

Shar Pei Puppies Drink A Whole Gallon Of Milk In Only Two Minutes

These puppies sure are thirsty! Eight five-week-old Shar Pei puppies are trying to break a world record in drinking milk fast. Somehow, they are able to finish one gallon of milk in only two minutes. This is crazy! These puppies definitely like their milk. They are such adorable puppies, how could you ever be mad at puppies that are as cute as these guys? They drink every last drop up, there is certainly no wasting happening here. We should all take some notes from these little guys, so funny! Even after they finish a whole gallon of milk, they still look like they want more, wow! Shar Pei dogs are so cute but they aren't known to be the most friendly dogs, but that doesn't mean they don't want to have some fun! They just need more time to adjust to everything around them. They are also known to have a lot of sass, don't let them get away with everything! They are quite easy to groom, so even with only a little bit of work, they will always look fabulous, awesome! Check out this adorable video of Shar Pei puppies drinking a whole gallon of milk, too cute! Did you love this video? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Shar Pei preciously sleeps with toy puppy42s

Shar Pei preciously sleeps with toy puppy

This is Luna, a 3-year-old Shar Pei, and in this clip she sleeps with her favorite toy - a plush Dalmatian puppy. She always hugs him while she sleeps. Maybe it's just her way of showing affection to a "fellow dog"?

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Samoyed puppies adorably play tug of war1m37s

Samoyed puppies adorably play tug of war

Everyone's cute when they're a baby. Short, stubby and chubby, you are like a doll and everyone dotes on you. But you have to admit, nothing can be more adorable than a baby Russian Samoyed puppy! They are fluffy and white and when they trip over their tiny puppy toes, they roll over like balls of snow. These two 8-week-old Russian Samoyed puppies play tug of war with an old red belt. They both pull on their own side, but soon forget how the game goes and start nibbling on the belt and on each other. They look like little baby polar bear cubs, as all Samoyed puppies do at some point in their lives. How cute!

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Puppy Overcomes Fear Of Spiders With Giant Robotic Bug57s

Puppy Overcomes Fear Of Spiders With Giant Robotic Bug

Hairy legs? Check. 8, not 6, not 4 legs? Double check. Creepy looking eyes that seem like they’re staring right through to your soul? Also check. Scares the living daylights out of you? Hella check. These are the reactions people have when they say that have this intense fear of those 8-legged creepers. Arachnophobia is a serious and one of the most widespread phobias on this planet and you can blame it all on our ancestors’ survival instincts. True, not all spiders are venomous, but our forefathers knew better than to tread in areas populated by these bug. It would seem that humans aren’t the only creatures on Earth that suffer from the crippling fear of spiders; Jack Russell pups feel it too! Check out how this little pup faced his fears with grace and conquered his fear. Sparky is an 8-week-old Jack Russell Terrier who comes face to face with a very large remote controlled spider. The big, red, fluffy spider is taunting poor little Sparky, so he does what he knows best: he barks at the top of his lungs , hoping to scare the creepy crawler away. At first he is cautious and inspects the spider, but soon he gathers his courage and picks it up by the leg in a show of victory!

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Puppy absolutely captivated by robot worm1m11s

Puppy absolutely captivated by robot worm

This is Sparky. He is an 8-week-old Jack Russell Terrier and he's very cute and playful. In this video, Sparky takes on a robot worm. He tries to defend his territory from the villainous robot worm by barking and snapping with his teeth. He never actually bites the worm because he's too cautious. By the way, the robot larva has an IR sensor on its head so it can avoid obstacles, including Sparky. Let's just say he didn't want to push his luck!

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Samoyed puppies adorably play with balloons1m06s

Samoyed puppies adorably play with balloons

Two 8-month-old Samoyed puppies play on the lawn, popping balloons. They are indifferent at first, but soon enough the wind blows and suddenly balloons are rolling everywhere, getting the puppies' undivided attention. Next thing you know, balloons are popping everywhere!

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Easter Bunny babies in a basket1m31s

Easter Bunny babies in a basket

A bunch of baby bunnies are sunbathing in a woven basket set on the grass beside an Easter egg. They are hiding eggs for Easter egg hunt. We don't know if they are doing the good job or not, but they sure are cute!

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Bunny rabbit chases dog around the yard1m06s

Bunny rabbit chases dog around the yard

Chad is a Lionhead bunny rabbit who chooses not to live with his fellow rabbits, but to stay outside in the yard and chase Garry the dog all day long. He takes good care of his territory, but in the end it's all about fun and games. May these two animal buddies live long and prosper!

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Coco the cat takes on blowing ribbons1m30s

Coco the cat takes on blowing ribbons

This is Coco and she is one curious kitty - almost anything will trigger her curiosity. This time her owner decided to attach a bunch of ribbons to a fan and watch her as she "investigates" the whole thing.

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