Cute Siberian Husky throws hilarious temper to protect his new toy. 1m04s

Cute Siberian Husky throws hilarious temper to protect his new toy.

Max is a good boy at home. After he turned two or three, he never mess up any furniture when he is at home along. Even when my boys come home with their belonging spread on the floor, Max will just sniff it and turn around. BUT, after you give something to him, then that is his stuff. You will need to get the permission to take it back.

Friendly Husky Tries To Make Acquaintance With A Neighborhood Horse1m08s

Friendly Husky Tries To Make Acquaintance With A Neighborhood Horse

An extremely heartwarming moment is captured on camera when a friendly Husky decides to make acquaintance to a new friend. When you think of a friendly creature, the first thing that pops to mind is a dog. They want to make friends with everyone, or in this particular case – a horse. Horses and dogs have worked with humans for thousands of years and helped us build our civilization from the ground up. Without these two species, it could be argued, human society would not have progressed to where we are today. This adorable video shows what happens when a dog tries to engage in play mode with a horse. The friendly pooch in this video tries to get horse’s attention by inviting the creature to a staring contest, who also seems really interested in interacting with the pooch. Check out this priceless interaction between Max the Husky and a curious horse from the neighborhood. What an amazing friendship these two might have! Unusual and unique friendships are always sweet to spot. Many believe that the cat and mouse dispute will go on forever. As the one between cats and dogs. However there is always room for exceptions with many cases. Dogs’ happy and friendly nature enables them to befriend any other animals with just a little help from their human. Their high spirits and happy character is just enough to persuade almost anyone to become their friend. This video is a classical case of such occasion. Check out how thrilled this dog is to befriend the neighborhood horse! Even though this horse is much bigger and stronger than the Husky, that doesn’t stop these two from sharing a unique friendship. The horse decided to give the dog a chance to get to know him better, and the sniffing and staring contest began! Cuteness overload!

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Cute Siberian Husky argues and talks to a cat head lady 1m10s

Cute Siberian Husky argues and talks to a cat head lady

Walking outside of Macy's at Burlington Mall, we came across a group of people who just finished their party. One lady was still wearing a cat head costume. That made Max fascinated and excited. Could any dog expert here help to translate what Max said?

Walking Dog Tries To Wake Up The Walking Dead1m14s

Walking Dog Tries To Wake Up The Walking Dead

During the Halloween season many households put on spooky decorations in the spirit of this holiday. However, these decorations can sometimes be so realistic that they may really scare off any uninvited visitors. This dog is first scared to the bone but then finds a way to cope with his fear and goes after the threat! Owner is walking her dog at night and comes across a field of many Halloween decorations in the form of Zombies. Max has watched enough movies to know what zombies are and tried to put up a decent fight. I think he's ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! His owner says that Max has seen so many Halloween zombies before, but never cared this much. On this spooky night, however, he is particularly frustrated with the straw-head ones. Maybe he can sense a paranormal presence! The dog is obviously disturbed, and starts barking at the human-like creatures. First he is confused, but then he takes courage to approach them and see what they really are. After he confronts the beasts, he realizes that they are not that scary after all! Max is now prepared for defending against and attacking the undead in their many forms.

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Cute Siberian Husky Chases with a Bugatti RC Car3m18s

Cute Siberian Husky Chases with a Bugatti RC Car

Surprise, surprise. This is just a RC Bugatti for Max to play. Max loves to chase it. Please visit my sites for Max's latest photos and videos at

Poor Siberian Husky Got an Accident, Wearing a Cone for the First Time. 1m39s

Poor Siberian Husky Got an Accident, Wearing a Cone for the First Time.

Max landed a piece of glass when he play with fetch fall. Took him to see the vet, and vet removed one tiny piece of glass from his paw. Poor Max is on a cone for the first time. But looks like he was OK with his bandage. He was not wearing the cone at night and next day. Two days later, he got the bandage removed. Then I noticed he was trying to lick the wound. So he was on the cone again last night. He is on antibiotic for 10 days. Everything should be OK now and hope will will be back on lively soon.

Siberian Husky Chase Geese in deep 1m47s

Siberian Husky Chase Geese in deep

We took Max to this pond all the time. The water is clean, and not that deep as well. Max learned how to swim here. There is a tiny island in the middle of the pond. During the winter or when the water level is very low, Max managed to get to that island a few times. But I never expected him to chase the geese when the water is so high. I did not notice this until he reached almost half way there. Quite a surprise!

Lone Siberian Husky in snow 1m57s

Lone Siberian Husky in snow

I've always felt that Siberian Husky were extremely wolf-like. But experts said "No, not more than any other breed." Here is another quote on line: "Among those closest to their wild wolf ancestors are the Siberian husky, Chinese Shar-Pei and African basenji. "

Siberian Husky takes in winter scenery1m13s

Siberian Husky takes in winter scenery

Take a look first hand at the wonderful landscape of the forest and hills that are so majestically covered by snow. This lucky husky gets to enjoy the beautiful nature as he relaxes at the perfect spot. This is just too beautiful!

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Husky's Precious Encounter With Horses And Cows1m33s

Husky's Precious Encounter With Horses And Cows

Dogs can make the most unlikely of friends. We have seen dogs and cats become friends, dogs and bears and even dogs and bunnies, but have you ever seen a dog become friends with horses and cows? That is exactly what happens in this clip here! Check out Max interaction with these farm animals while out for a walk. It looks like he really wants to be friend with everyone there! He is so excited to see them all that he keeps moving around and sticking out his paw to try and get near them! Talk about adorable! We can all learn a thing or two from this amazing dog. We can be friends with anyone despite our differences! If there can be so much peace in the animal kingdom then surely we can achieve that too if we just try hard enough! What did you think of this video? Has your dog ever done something like this before? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile as much as you did! This is one video that no pet owner should ever miss out on!

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Siberian Husky dog loves visiting dog friendly stores 53s

Siberian Husky dog loves visiting dog friendly stores

Every time when I take Max to shop and walk at Merrimack Premium Outlets, we are always appreciated that some stores provide the drinking water for dogs in front of their stores, and dog treats inside of their stores. If you don't see a dog not allowed sign, then you are welcome to bring your puppy in for shopping. Max was always testing me to see which store he could go in. Once he get into one store for the first time, then he remembers the store and try to drag you in next time.

GoPro on dog's back captures excitement of snowy fun1m47s

GoPro on dog's back captures excitement of snowy fun

Dogs have so much energy and love to run around anytime they can. This husky named Max loves to run and play in the snow. It doesn't look like he gets cold very easily. He loves the fresh air! A GoPro is placed on the back of Max and records every fun moment he has playing in the snow! This is such a unique perspective to see. We get to join in on Max's adventure, this is pretty cool. We don't usually get to see eye level with a dog, but with the GoPro we can! Lucky for us! As Max is let outside, he immediately start running across the snow, he ends up rolling around, completely covering himself with the snow. So hilarious! The view looks beautiful, the sun is shining down on Max as he runs around in his favourite place. It looks like he is taking in every moment of this view, he loves everything about this adventure. Eventually its time to go home, but Max can't wait until tomorrow when he can go out and roll around in the snow again! Do you wan't to catch all your crazy adventures? Check out some of these best selling GoPros, they are easy to use and have great recording quality. What a great way to record all your memories, you can even show your friends and family all the fun and exciting activities you do, awesome!

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Siberian Husky 1m01s

Siberian Husky "chats" with Golden Retriever puppy

Dog lovers prepare for cuteness overload as this interaction between these two dogs will warm you up! While walking Max, he and his owner meet an adorable Golden Retriever named Reagan. At first they seem confused by each other but then they begin to open up more! They even start to bark at each other, talking as if they are people who are carrying out a conversation! This is the first time Max is willing to play with a puppy, and their interaction is adorable! This is truly a moment that pet owners will remember! Isn't this whole interaction just adorable? It is so cute that you just want to take both of these dogs home together with you! It is amazing to see these 2 intelligent dogs being careful around one another as well as communicating and understanding each other. Hopefully these two dogs will continue to be friends with one another! It looks like these dogs really like to play, so their owners should get them some dog toys on Amazon. Who knows, they might even share if they ever see each other again! Do you have any heartwarming dog stories that you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Cute Siberian Husky Max Named the Best Basket Ball Player for Dog 1m05s

Cute Siberian Husky Max Named the Best Basket Ball Player for Dog

Max enjoys play basket ball than any other games. He can control the ball so well, may be he thinks he is the super star. Make sure you inflate the ball good enough, then his sharp teeth will not cut through. If you have not tried yet to let your dog plays basket ball, please give him/her a chance.

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Siberian Husky Enjoys Crazy Street Performance Just Like Human 1m37s

Siberian Husky Enjoys Crazy Street Performance Just Like Human

As I mentioned before, Max is a city boy. He is so interested in everything in the big city and never tiered visit Boston. Look at him, you can tell how much he enjoys the crazy, noisy street performance at Boston Quincy Market. Please support Max by visiting his print & gift store at: Please checkout Max's latest photos and videos at

Cute Siberian Husky Max Enjoys Playing Balloons at Home 2m22s

Cute Siberian Husky Max Enjoys Playing Balloons at Home

Max really enjoyed playing with my two boys when they came home for the Winter break. They haven't seen each other for quite a few months. Please checkout Max's latest photos and videos at