Siberian Husky meets two giant English Mastiffs with total weight 425 lbs 1m17s

Siberian Husky meets two giant English Mastiffs with total weight 425 lbs

We always have long winter in Boston area, with roads covered with snow and ice. This year is very special, very cold for a while, and reached record high of 70 degree a few days ago. When I got to Castle Island this morning, the whole parking lots was packed. Never see this in the winter time before. Many people are taking this opportunities to walk together with their lovely dogs. Right after I arrived, I was shocked by these two giant English Mastiffs. I guess as Max used to play with horses and cows, so he did not feel any different here. The strange thing is that they look much bigger than how they look in this video, not sure why.

Friendly Husky Tries To Make Acquaintance With A Neighborhood Horse1m08s

Friendly Husky Tries To Make Acquaintance With A Neighborhood Horse

An extremely heartwarming moment is captured on camera when a friendly Husky decides to make acquaintance to a new friend. When you think of a friendly creature, the first thing that pops to mind is a dog. They want to make friends with everyone, or in this particular case – a horse. Horses and dogs have worked with humans for thousands of years and helped us build our civilization from the ground up. Without these two species, it could be argued, human society would not have progressed to where we are today. This adorable video shows what happens when a dog tries to engage in play mode with a horse. The friendly pooch in this video tries to get horse’s attention by inviting the creature to a staring contest, who also seems really interested in interacting with the pooch. Check out this priceless interaction between Max the Husky and a curious horse from the neighborhood. What an amazing friendship these two might have! Unusual and unique friendships are always sweet to spot. Many believe that the cat and mouse dispute will go on forever. As the one between cats and dogs. However there is always room for exceptions with many cases. Dogs’ happy and friendly nature enables them to befriend any other animals with just a little help from their human. Their high spirits and happy character is just enough to persuade almost anyone to become their friend. This video is a classical case of such occasion. Check out how thrilled this dog is to befriend the neighborhood horse! Even though this horse is much bigger and stronger than the Husky, that doesn’t stop these two from sharing a unique friendship. The horse decided to give the dog a chance to get to know him better, and the sniffing and staring contest began! Cuteness overload!

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Husky loves to get snow dumped on him1m24s

Husky loves to get snow dumped on him

When they shovel the snow off their deck, these people always keep a nice snow spot for Max to play. This morning, one of the family members started to shovel the snow on the upper deck, forgetting Max was still outside. Turns out he loves the snowstorm!

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Cute Siberian Husky fascinated with dog movies 2m07s

Cute Siberian Husky fascinated with dog movies

After quite sometime, I am testing Max again and checking if he is still interested in dog videos. To my surprise, Max is less interested in those sounds from TV that is created just for dogs. Specifically he does not respond to ambulance siren like before. I believe Max kind of realize that this is not real. But he is still interested in some sounds and pays some attentions to some videos.

Friendly Siberian Husky Stops By To Greet Horsies Every Time He Goes For A Walk1m31s

Friendly Siberian Husky Stops By To Greet Horsies Every Time He Goes For A Walk

A heartwarming video has emerged featuring the amazing bond that has been formed between two horsies and a Siberian Husky. It is incredible how this friendly pooch befriended the horses and pays them a visit every time he goes for a walk. Amazing! Footage shows the genuine love between Max and these two horses that live on a nearby farm. Every time Max and his owner pass by, horses come closer to greet him. What an incredible bond! These friendly horsies love to get visits from their new Siberian Husky friend. Watch as this pair horses approach every time Max stands at the fence, calling for them. They have formed a beautiful bond indeed. Have you witnessed a similar friendship? We always praise unlikely friendships between animals. There are plenty of videos where humans and animals form indescribable bonds. However, it is very interesting to witness two different animals form a close relationship. Horses are indeed majestic creatures, and Max the Siberian Husky most certainly agrees. Namely, every time he and his owner Wei Wang take a walk, they visit the nearby farm just to greet the horses . It is amazing how the pair of horses walks up to Max every time he visits and greet him with curiosity. Footage shows as Max approaches and comes for a visit, the horses approach as well and welcome him to come right up to the gate. Watching the horses come nose-to-nose with Max is truly amazing and witnessing this kind of unique bond is something to remember!

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Siberian Husky Max loves to visit Cows 1m14s

Siberian Husky Max loves to visit Cows

There is a small farm near our house. Max likes to drag me there once in a while. This time, those cows did not come to meet Max right away. We were sad at the beginning. I wanted to go, but Max insist to wait. After about 20 minutes, Max finally greeted with those cows.

Cute Siberian Husky argues and talks to a cat head lady 1m10s

Cute Siberian Husky argues and talks to a cat head lady

Walking outside of Macy's at Burlington Mall, we came across a group of people who just finished their party. One lady was still wearing a cat head costume. That made Max fascinated and excited. Could any dog expert here help to translate what Max said?

Walking Dog Tries To Wake Up The Walking Dead1m14s

Walking Dog Tries To Wake Up The Walking Dead

During the Halloween season many households put on spooky decorations in the spirit of this holiday. However, these decorations can sometimes be so realistic that they may really scare off any uninvited visitors. This dog is first scared to the bone but then finds a way to cope with his fear and goes after the threat! Owner is walking her dog at night and comes across a field of many Halloween decorations in the form of Zombies. Max has watched enough movies to know what zombies are and tried to put up a decent fight. I think he's ready for the Zombie Apocalypse ! His owner says that Max has seen so many Halloween zombies before, but never cared this much. On this spooky night, however, he is particularly frustrated with the straw-head ones. Maybe he can sense a paranormal presence! The dog is obviously disturbed, and starts barking at the human-like creatures . First he is confused, but then he takes courage to approach them and see what they really are. After he confronts the beasts, he realizes that they are not that scary after all! Max is now prepared for defending against and attacking the undead in their many forms.

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Cute Siberian Husky Chases with a Bugatti RC Car3m18s

Cute Siberian Husky Chases with a Bugatti RC Car

Surprise, surprise. This is just a RC Bugatti for Max to play. Max loves to chase it. Please visit my sites for Max's latest photos and videos at

Poor Siberian Husky Got an Accident, Wearing a Cone for the First Time. 1m39s

Poor Siberian Husky Got an Accident, Wearing a Cone for the First Time.

Max landed a piece of glass when he play with fetch fall. Took him to see the vet, and vet removed one tiny piece of glass from his paw. Poor Max is on a cone for the first time. But looks like he was OK with his bandage. He was not wearing the cone at night and next day. Two days later, he got the bandage removed. Then I noticed he was trying to lick the wound. So he was on the cone again last night. He is on antibiotic for 10 days. Everything should be OK now and hope will will be back on lively soon.

Siberian Husky Chase Geese in deep 1m47s

Siberian Husky Chase Geese in deep

We took Max to this pond all the time. The water is clean, and not that deep as well. Max learned how to swim here. There is a tiny island in the middle of the pond. During the winter or when the water level is very low, Max managed to get to that island a few times. But I never expected him to chase the geese when the water is so high. I did not notice this until he reached almost half way there. Quite a surprise!

Lone Siberian Husky in snow 1m57s

Lone Siberian Husky in snow

I've always felt that Siberian Husky were extremely wolf-like. But experts said "No, not more than any other breed." Here is another quote on line: "Among those closest to their wild wolf ancestors are the Siberian husky, Chinese Shar-Pei and African basenji. "

Siberian Husky takes in winter scenery1m13s

Siberian Husky takes in winter scenery

Take a look first hand at the wonderful landscape of the forest and hills that are so majestically covered by snow. This lucky husky gets to enjoy the beautiful nature as he relaxes at the perfect spot. This is just too beautiful!

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