Greedy beagle steals whole cup of coffee from family van30s

Greedy beagle steals whole cup of coffee from family van

Buddha is a greedy little beagle with a nose that can detect food a mile away. He also has a nose for coffee, although it's the cream that he's really after. When the door to the family van is left open, Buddha sneaks in, grabs the cup of coffee and carefully carries it out. He then makes a run for the trees where he can slurp the whole thing. Buddha is a beagle who is essentially a walking stomach. Despite the antics and the trouble he gets into, Buddha is the most lovable dog around!

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Clydesdale horses run joyfully with herd in meadow1m06s

Clydesdale horses run joyfully with herd in meadow

These Clydesdale horses are part of an amazing herd of horses that live at the Mane Intent in Indian River, Ontario. People come to this incredible place to interact with the horses and learn about themselves, relationships and leadership. Others, such as first responders and trauma victims, come here for healing therapy through their connection with these magnificent beasts. The horses love their work and they love the people they help. Their happiness can be seen and felt, especially when they are seen enjoying a run together in the meadow. Part of the footage was actually filmed by Samson, who wore a GoPro camera as he ran with the herd. Clydesdales are one of the most majestic and awe inspiring animals, especially when they are galloping through the pasture.

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Syd the cockatoo laughs after pulling off prank1m04s

Syd the cockatoo laughs after pulling off prank

Syd is a cockatoo with a a sense of humour. He loves to yank Dave's eyeglasses off and he repeatedly throws them away as fast as Dave can put them on. This is a game that Syd loves. He runs right up Dave's arm as soon as he sees the glasses. Syd screams with delight and laughs aloud after the game is done. Syd lives on Hamish's Farm in Keene, Ontario. The farm is run by Hamish and his mother, Gertrud, and is home to horses, goats, sheep and cows. The animals are treated like family. Tragically, the farm burned down in November 2016. Syd spent the winter with Gertrud in a trailer on the farm as the house was being rebuilt. The barn is almost complete now too and life is returning to normal.

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Baby elephant creates emotional moments for sanctuary guests48s

Baby elephant creates emotional moments for sanctuary guests

The Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand is home to elephants that have been rescued from abuse or neglect. It is here that they have found a peaceful and spacious home in a natural environment. These majestic creatures are well cared for and treated with respect. Guests at the sanctuary are encouraged to interact with the elephants to help them regain trust. This baby and his mother enjoy their bamboo shoots together until the baby takes a break from eating and makes the rounds among the people. Their emotional reactions are priceless. For those lucky enough to experience such an interaction, their visit will be unforgettable. Elephants are among the earth's most gentle and peaceful creatures. Parks such as these give them a place to recover and grow safely.

Divers swim with extremely rare loggerhead sea turtle1m00s

Divers swim with extremely rare loggerhead sea turtle

Loggerhead sea turtles are an endangered species that only a lucky few scuba divers have encountered face to face. Weighing up to 1000lbs, they are second in size only to the leatherback turtle. They can hold their breath for several hours, depending on their level of activity. A group of scuba divers encountered this 400lb male loggerhead as he cruised over the reef looking for conch shells, one of the staples of their diet. He was very relaxed about their presence and mildly curious. He allowed them to swim with him for over fifteen minutes before they eventually ran low on air and had to make their way to the surface. This monstrous turtle is large enough that the only threats he faces are large sharks and humans. Poaching and slaughter for eggs are the most common causes of death, followed closely by garbage ingestion and accidental capture in fishing equipment. These divers were able to follow this loggerhead and capture photographs and videos. A dive like this is one that no scuba diver could ever forget!

Swimmers see shark feeding frenzy from the inside1m05s

Swimmers see shark feeding frenzy from the inside

Snorkelers in Belize flock to a shark and stingray sanctuary called Shark Ray Alley. They are given the rare opportunity to swim among a large group of hungry nurse sharks. These 10 foot beasts appear ferocious but they are really gentle and curious and they will allow swimmers to join them as they compete for scraps of fish that are dropped from the boat. Although they are capable of biting, like any shark, their mouths are not designed for the same kind of flesh ripping and tearing as some of their more aggressive cousins. These sharks have skin that feels like sandpaper and they bump the swimmers and push past them in their hurry to get the scraps. The swimmers are careful to keep their hands away from the sharks' mouth and they wear wetsuits if they expect to be in close to the action. Although perfectly safe, being so close to dozens of big and hungry sharks is a very exhilarating experience.

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Fearless cat pushes head into beagle's food bowl32s

Fearless cat pushes head into beagle's food bowl

Buddha is a very timid beagle but he loves his food. He also loves Mitzy's food and he has been caught sneaking through the cat door in the basement to gobble it up when she is not looking. Mitzy has learned that she can get away with pushing her head into Buddha's bowl to eat his food. Although he eats faster and tries hard to keep her head out, he isn't brave enough to stand up to her. It becomes a race to eat the kibble before she does and she does all she can to get her share. Mitzy has mixed feelings about Buddha and she usually swats him to remind him that she's the boss. But as she shares his dinner, she seems to be feeling affectionate and she actually licks his head a few times. Then she scoops some food out of the bowl with her paw. When the kibble is gone, she loses interest and off she goes. It seems like a fair trade in the long run and neither one seems to be starving.

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Rescued puppies in basket are too cute for words51s

Rescued puppies in basket are too cute for words

This litter of puppies have been rescued from a northern Ontario community where there were too many stray dogs for the town to care for. They reached out for help and a massive air lift dog rescue was carried out. Almost 60 dogs, including these 6 week old pups, were brought to southern Ontario to be placed in their forever homes.

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Italian Food Is Much Tastier When You Slurp It On A Wakeboard1m21s

Italian Food Is Much Tastier When You Slurp It On A Wakeboard

Wake boarding works up an appetite, so when Dave takes a tour around the lake, he makes sure he brings a snack. A little spaghetti and meatballs is the perfect meal but you can't forget the Parmesan and the bread. The final touch is a little red wine to wash it down. As Dave finds out though, fine Italian food is not meant to be fast food and he encounters challenges that he hadn't planned on. He's bitten off more than he can chew when things get rough. As he glides through the river waters he realizes that his goal is going to be harder to achieve then assumed. He takes many shots from the waves and at times even looses control. Although he doesn't actually fall, he for sure has a rough time. Over all this video is pretty interesting and very tense at times. The viewer will keep tightening their fists in the thought that he will slip any minute and all that great food will go to waste. Don't give up just yet on this guy and keep your fingers crossed as this guy goes through the ultimate experiment. Be sure to watch until the end to find out what happens to Dave's dinner!

Couple in canoe have unforgettable conversation with curious loon1m36s

Couple in canoe have unforgettable conversation with curious loon

Loons are a very beautiful sight for cottagers throughout North America. They are a gorgeous bird with a graceful presence while on water or under it. Extremely capable swimmers, they can catch fish using their webbed feet for propulsion. They are also extremely strong fliers, able to migrate up to 600 miles in a single day. Because they are designed for swimming, their feet are located so far to the rear that they are barely able to walk on land. This, together with their high body mass, makes it impossible for them to take off from land. They must run across the surface of the water into the wind to get liftoff. It is this clumsiness on land that got them their name. Their bright white plumage on their underbelly and neck make these birds unmistakable, but the most striking and recognizable characteristic of the loon is their haunting call which echoes for miles across lakes and brings chills to those who hear them. These two canoeists, out for a quiet paddle and a few photographs, were fortunate enough to meet up with a young loon who showed very little fear. He called out with his signature howl and watched them as they drifted towards him. When they did their best to imitate his call, he actually swam much closer to investigate. He watched them curiously, preened his feathers, stuck his face under water to look for fish and answered them back each time they called. It seemed that he was as curious about them as they were about him. Kristy, at the front of the canoe, was able to snap the pictures of a lifetime as he posed and conversed with them. The loon dove repeatedly but always surfaced nearby, venturing back each time to get close to the canoe. Being so close to a curious wild loon is an unforgettable experience.

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Orphaned squirrels travel hundreds of miles before being rescued1m01s

Orphaned squirrels travel hundreds of miles before being rescued

Shania and Redneck are two baby squirrels that found their way to a very caring home where they were fed and cared for until they could be taken to a proper animal rehab center. But the journey that they unknowingly embarked on was a very long one. These two were living in a nest in a mobile camping trailer, along with their mother until the trailer was moved by the owner, Bowen, who didn't realize he had a squirrel family on board. The trailer was driven over 250 miles to the Havelock Country Music Jamboree in southern Ontario. The mother was left behind and was separated from her babies. Once Bowen arrived at the massive country music festival, he set up his trailer and fell asleep. He awoke the next morning to find a tiny male squirrel snuggled in his sleeping bag with him. He had obviously come out of the nest looking for food and warmth when his mother did not return. More than 24 hours without the mother squirrel left this little guy dehydrated and hypothermic. The little baby was named Redneck and was turned in to a police officer who knew a local veterinarian, Kristy Hiltz, who had a soft spot for tiny creatures. Later that night, a second squirrel, cold and hungry, came out into the open and Bowen's friend, Kayla went back to the police with the second stowaway. This little female was named Shania (after Shania Twain, country music superstar). The veterinarian made the two hour journey to pick her up and reunite her with her brother, Redneck. The two babies were given electrolytes to treat their dehydration and then they were fed a special infant formula from a syringe. Hungry little squirrels need food every few hours and caring for these two is a big commitment, but who could resist such adorable little faces? Luckily, they caught on quickly and drank eagerly from the syringe. After each feeding, Redneck and Shania instantly became tired and they curled up and fell asleep, in a warm armpit if one was available. They are only a few weeks old and had only just opened their eyes the day after they were found. These squirrels are about to embark on another long journey to the rehab centre where they will be cared for until they can be released into the wild.

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Amazing spatula performance by teppanyaki master43s

Amazing spatula performance by teppanyaki master

Jerry is a teppanyaki chef at the Benihana Japanese Steakhouse in Toronto, Ontario. He can cook delicious food, dazzle customers with amazing feats of dexterity and entertain his diners all at the same time. When it's time to start cooking, this master chef brings out his spatula and fork and begins to spin them and flip them in the air with surprising control and accuracy. If you've never experienced a teppanyaki dinner, you're in for a treat!

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Guinea fowl's first moments of life emerging from egg41s

Guinea fowl's first moments of life emerging from egg

Guinea Fowl are adorable little birds that originate from Africa. This newborn chick is breaking out of its egg in an incubator. From the first few moments, they are fascinated by anything that moves. Some of the chick's brothers and sisters have already hatched and watching this one emerge. He takes a few minutes to get his balance as he rolls clumsily on the floor of the incubator. The older chicks seen here have only been out of their eggs for an hour when their brother hatches, but they are dry and mobile, already exploring their surroundings. Guinea fowl grow to be beautiful, speckled birds about the same size as a farmyard chicken. They are vigilant watch dogs and will sound an alarm if predators approach. They are a welcome addition to farms as they are voracious eaters of pest insects. They are known for their ability to exterminate ticks, a serious problem on any farm. In addition to being useful and decorative, Guinea Fowl are famous for being delicious to eat. These chicks are fortunate enough to be members of Jim's farm in Peterborough. They will be treated more like pets than farm creatures.

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Does and fawns come to investigate man crunching an apple1m06s

Does and fawns come to investigate man crunching an apple

There is a forest in northern Ontario where deer are protected from hunting and they have lost their fear of people. Sitting quietly in the woods, a patient person is likely to get a close look at a few. But sitting very still with a crunchy apple will evoke enough curiosity that the deer come to smell and investigate. This man sat very still on a log until the deer were close enough to see what he had. He then carefully tossed a few pieces to them and they became even more curious. What was the most unusual about this encounter was that the does brought their fawns out of hiding as well. Does often leave their fawns in long grass or between logs while they forage for food. They return several times each day to feed them. Using their tails, ears and other subtle body language, they can communicate with their young to tell them when things appear to be safe. These fawns are curious and they also approach to see what is going on. They are not yet weaned and have no interest in apples, but they are comfortable following their mother around while she nibbles on some pieces tossed in the grass. Few things are as peaceful as sitting in woods surrounded by wild deer!

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Gorilla baby and mother share tender moment1m07s

Gorilla baby and mother share tender moment

A gorilla baby and mother enjoy some play time beside a tree. The baby runs back and forth playfully at first with a twig in his mouth. When his mother decides to lie down for a rest by the tree, the baby climbs up the side of it and leaps off, into the air and over his mother. As if he's had enough of the antics for a few minutes, the baby gorilla lies down, joining his mother and the two enjoy a few moments of tenderness. The mother gorilla reaches out to her young and strokes him. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about gorillas is how much of ourselves we see in them!

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Family game erupts into whipped cream fight1m12s

Family game erupts into whipped cream fight

Kristy and Humberto are ready to square off in a ferocious round of Pie Face, where the combatants repeatedly press down quickly on a button to move the hand covered with cream towards the other player. If they manage to get the hand far enough over, it will spring up and smack the other player in the face with the whipped cream. The battle gets out of hand when they try to cheat and prevent each other from succeeding. Finally, Humberto grabs some of the whipped cream and smears it on Kristy. She returns the favor and the contest turns into an old school whipped cream fight. They whole house erupts in laughter and Kristy can't even speak because she's laughing too hard. Whoever said this game was for kids didn't know that the biggest kids are simply the adults who refuse to grow up!

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Racehorse Turned Therapy Horse Rolls With Joy At New Home54s

Racehorse Turned Therapy Horse Rolls With Joy At New Home

Prinz Harry is a thoroughbred Arabian horse who is a former racehorse. He collapsed on the track during a race and was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. His career was over at that moment but a new life was beginning. He found his way to The Mane Intent, an incredible farm in Indian River, Ontario. The farm connects people with horses for opportunities for bonding, learning and personal growth. It is here that Prinz Harry works his magic and he is especially good at helping those who have suffered from emotionally traumatic experiences. In fact, Harry does his best work with first responders. Harry really enjoys working in the arena and he shows this as he rolls in the dirt after being led out to begin a session. It is here that people can find the human/animal connection and draw strength from the interaction. Harry loves people and he really seems to love his work and his new home. Despite being a very successful racehorse, Prinz Harry has definitely found a higher calling at this magical farm where he is accomplishing tremendous good for those helpers who could use a little help themselves. “Harry teaches us that unexpected set backs and life changes can lead to new directions. If your life is in transition, then this Prinz is ready to work with you to explore new opportunities and the art of reinvention,” his bio says on The Mane Intent site. But Prinz Harry isn’t all work all the time. In fact, he begins each therapy session in a very unique way. Watch to see what happens!

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Scuba diver surprises wife with underwater wedding2m27s

Scuba diver surprises wife with underwater wedding

Dave and Kristy have been married for 25 years and have had a marriage and a life filled with love and adventure. When Dave looked back and realized that he had not proposed in a very exciting way all those years ago, he decided he could do much better. He started scheming about the most romantic and surprising way to propose again and to renew his vows. Kristy loves few things as much as she loves scuba diving and swimming among the ocean life on the coral. There could be no better setting than 60 feet under the waves. Dave smuggled a ring into Belize when they took a trip over Valentine's Day. He arranged for their friends to be the best man and maid of honor. He also planned with the boat captain and dive master to perform the ceremony. Preparation involved making plastic cards with all the important words. Kristy was shocked when the wedding party all gathered around at the bottom on a Valentine's dive. Dave began explaining how he loved Kristy and wanted to propose properly. Kristy said yes and the two are now on their second marriage and a honeymoon that hasn't stopped. And things have finally been set right!

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Hilarious cyclist explains a highly unusual choice for hydration31s

Hilarious cyclist explains a highly unusual choice for hydration

Caldzy is a cyclist who is on a charity bike ride in the Peterborough area called Pedal for Hope. He had somehow found himself a can of whipped topping and he decided that it was just the right fit for the water bottle holder. More delicious than any energy drink, Caldzy was really enjoying his treat. He loves bike riding but he loves the camera even more. When he realized that he was being filmed with his whipped cream, he decided to deliver a lecture on the benefits of hydration while on a long ride. Caldzy got most of it in his mouth, some on his face and some on the bike, but his advice holds true all the same: You have to stay hydrated while out for a ride!

Sheep in meadow become extremely curious of GoPro30s

Sheep in meadow become extremely curious of GoPro

A flock of sheep were grazing contentedly in a meadow on Hamish's farm in Keene, Ontario, until they suddenly realized that a GoPro camera on a tripod had been placed nearby and was filming them. Realizing that this was a new and unknown object, the sheep made a beeline for the camera to investigate. They sniffed and closely investigated the strange object, providing an extreme close up of their wooly faces in the process. After realizing that there was very little exciting about the camera, they went back to the business of eating grass. Although not renowned for their impressive intellect, sheep are naturally curious and they are quick to see that something out of the ordinary is looking at them. True to their reputation, when one sheep saunters over, the others follow. These sheep are being raised on an amazing farm run by Hamish and his mother, Gertrud. Both of them dearly love the animals on the farm and they look after them like they are family. Hamish's farm burned down in November 2016 in a fire that claimed both the house and the barn, but that didn't stop them from maintaining the farm and rebuilding. They will celebrate the completion of the new barn this summer. Meanwhile, the sheep and the other animals carry on like little has changed.

Baby goat walks on hind legs for tender young leaves42s

Baby goat walks on hind legs for tender young leaves

Violet is a baby Lamanche goat. They have short ears, long legs and personalities that make them more like puppies than farm animals. Violet is only a few months old and she is exploring and discovering new things every day at Hamish's farm in Keene, Ontario. Violet was bottle fed as a new baby and she has just recently discovered how tasty fresh, green leaves are. She has also discovered how to walk on her hind legs and how to use the fence for balance to get at newly sprouted leaves that are beyond reach. Violet finds a tasty snack within her grasp and she devours it like it is candy. Hamish's farm is a unique place where the animals are loved like pets and they all have personalities that truly make them one of the family. Hamish and his mother, Gertrud run the farm but they experienced a tragic fire in November 2016. The house and barn burned to the ground one cold night. They were able to rescue the animals and they have maintained the care of them while they rebuild. The house is now finished and the barn is under way. Meanwhile, Violet and the other animals thrive and grow as if nothing was wrong. Hamish and Gertrud are a perfect example of perseverance and a positive outlook! Violet is a perfect example of determination as she also shows that she can overcome the obstacles that arise.

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Playful sea otters show off underwater acrobatic skills51s

Playful sea otters show off underwater acrobatic skills

Sea otters are surprisingly graceful underwater. Their speed and agility are very impressive, yet this is not the only reason they are exceptional animals. They are specially adapted for life underwater, being able to hold their breath for up to eight minutes. They dive deep to the forage for urchins, molluscs and even fish. Sea urchins are a staple in the otter's diet which keeps the sea urchins from overrunning and destroying kelp forests. Possessing large webbed feet, they are powerful swimmers. They also have the densest fur of all animals which makes them very well insulated for withstanding even the coldest water. Otters are known for their habit of using rocks to crack mussels and clams, making them one of the few mammals capable of using tools. Perhaps the most amazing characteristic of otters is that they are extremely playful and fun-loving. They delight in spinning and twirling underwater, repeatedly pushing off objects to glide through the water. Naturally curious, they seem to be aware of the fact that their antics are entertaining to those who watch. Sea otters are one of the most charming and endearing creatures in all of the animal kingdom!

Orphaned wolf-dog puppies enjoy playtime after rescue1m19s

Orphaned wolf-dog puppies enjoy playtime after rescue

In a remote northern Ontario community, these pups were living under a porch and had been orphaned when their mother disappeared. The mother was a stray husky/shepherd cross and the father is a wolf who belongs to a wild pack that frequents the woods near the town. Residents had been feeding the mother and trying to help her when she took shelter under their porch to have her litter. They kept a close eye on the mother and her young but she didn't return one day. Waiting as long as they could for her, they knew that the pups would not survive without warmth and nourishment much longer. Rescuers crawled under the porch to bring the pups out to safety. These pups are 5 weeks old and are thriving now, with the help of caring foster parents. They will be fed and nurtured and placed in loving homes when they are old enough. Wolf dog hybrids have unique needs in terms of exercise and freedom to run in a large area. It is inadvisable to intentionally breed wolves and dogs but in more remote areas, it occasionally happens on its own. These pups are experiencing their first taste of freedom as they are let loose to run around together in a large enclosure. You can see their obvious happiness as they enjoy time to explore and play.

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Bizarre tropical fish has amazing survival adaptation1m06s

Bizarre tropical fish has amazing survival adaptation

This Jumbo Gourami is a bizarre fish that has adapted to a very specific environment in several amazing ways. Native to waters of southeast Asia, such as Borneo and India, the creature lives in stagnant ponds and rivers where oxygen content is lower than most fish could survive. As a result, a special organ has developed in these fish that cover and partially replace conventional gill tissue. Amazingly, the fish is able to breathe air at the surface, similar to mammals. Because of its reduced gill function, however, the Jumbo Gourami must have access to surface air or it will drown. Additionally, eggs must be near the surface of the water so that developing fry can obtain sufficient oxygen. The male produces a very unique mucous in his mouth that he uses to trap air bubbles to construct a nest. He will add sticks, leaves and other buoyant material to make a floating nest for the young. He scoops up eggs in his mouth as the female lays them and carefully transports the eggs to the surface to be deposited in the floating nest. He even guards the young until they are old enough to fend for themselves. The male Jumbo Gourami is one of the most involved fathers in the animal kingdom.

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Affectionate sheep demands attention from farmer1m10s

Affectionate sheep demands attention from farmer

Phyllis is a two year old sheep who follows Gertrud around the farm, demanding attention every chance she gets. Whenever Gertrud sits down to take a break, Phyllis appears and nuzzles her affectionately, wanting to be petted. Phyllis was raised from a very young age at A farm in Keene, Ontario. She was bottle fed and treated more like a pet than a farm animal. She adores Gertrud and even tries to get into the house if the door is left open. Phyllis spends most of her time with the flock but runs right for Gertrud whenever she appears. Gertrud runs the farm, along with her son, Hamish. Known as Hamish's farm, it burned down in November 2016 in a tragic accident. They have rebuilt the house and are now working on the barn. Gertrud spent the winter in a trailer on the farm so she could care for the animals while they rebuilt. The animals seem to understand that they are like family and they respond to love and affection. Even Syd, the Cockatoo is part of the fun as he sits perched on her shoulder!

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