Best possible way to wake up a dog?46s

Best possible way to wake up a dog?

When Fatsa the rescued dog is too lazy and refuses to get up, her owner uses this foolproof plan. Watch how fast she reacts when a piece of food is held out in front of her. It's the most effective method ever!

Published: February 18, 201637,030 views
Dog digs and buries her treat in blankets47s

Dog digs and buries her treat in blankets

After her owner gives her a nice big treat, Fatsa decides that it will come in handy for later use, maybe even a midnight snack. So she manages to find a great place to hide it among the blankets so that no one else will find it. Notice how she places it with precision and then attempt to bury it as if the blankets were made of dirt!

Published: January 22, 201684,791 views
My cat begging for food2m38s

My cat begging for food

When i eat my toast on table my cat stand on chair and want to catch the salami (lol i dont know the word at English, i mean the meat at toast :P ), and he do it very silent and with a very poor and cute face! Like he begging me! Your cats do like than my cat???

Published: December 24, 201513,181 views
Husky tries to bite glass window1m18s

Husky tries to bite glass window

My dog husky (name: Irma) want to get in home and she try to bite the glass window and after she lick it. Her reaction is so funny! This husky is so crazy!!!!!! :))

Published: December 6, 20153,080 views
How much cutenes can have a home?1m43s

How much cutenes can have a home?

Here is my pets dogs (the cats missing from the video :P ). The brown small dog was homeles before 1 month and i take it in my home, her name is Lesi. The brown with white big dog was homeles before 3 years and also i take it in my home, is blind. When i find it was blind and no one help him and his name is Orfeas. My siberian husky is 2 years old and crazy :P her name is Irma! The puppies is Orfea's and Irma's kids ! An ''answer'' video to peoples on facebook that say i not care or i not deserve or i not love my dogs! :)

Published: December 6, 2015755 views
Cat needs to work on his table manners1m40s

Cat needs to work on his table manners

All this guy wants to do is enjoy a sandwich at the dinner table, but it looks like he's got company. His cat joins him but resorts to some heavy begging and clawing every time his owner takes a bite. Since that face is impossible to say no to, he ends up getting a nice slice of meat for himself!

Published: December 24, 2015590,520 views
Dog gets incredibly jealous at what his owner does1m39s

Dog gets incredibly jealous at what his owner does

An adorable little puppy spends some time with his owner as he pets the cute ball of fur. However, it appears that someone in the room wants all the attention for himself! Behold what jealously looks like in its purest form.

Published: December 1, 2015220,785 views