Binturong Squabbles With His New Mate 1m12s

Binturong Squabbles With His New Mate

Elliot and Ellie are the rare Binturong (Arctictis binturong), also known as a bearcat from the Dudley zoo in England. Elliot moved into his new enclosure first and than Ellie the female Binturong joined him a bit later. You normally see these two rarely active in the day as they sleep through most of the day. You're really lucky if you do see them moving around in the daytime. Elliot is sleeping, but when he wakes up he is looking to go outside, but his mate is having none of it and blocks the exit. She starts to snap at him and no matter what he tries, she just won't let him pass. Did you know that they smell of popcorn? It is actually a proven fact that they do really smell of popcorn! They say the pee has the same chemical compounds 2-AP that gives popcorn its tantalizing scent!

Seal Spotted Near Agatha Christie’s Favourite Bathing Spots 1m24s

Seal Spotted Near Agatha Christie’s Favourite Bathing Spots

A rare sight as a seal is spotted at the Churston Cove In Devon England. A secluded beach that offers peace and tranquillity and only accessible by as steep walk. A short walk from the Elberry Cove in Paignton Devon England. An inlet with a small pebble beach, famous as the Agatha Christie's favourite bathing spots with her holiday home at Greenway close by. The beach is even mentioned in one of her books, The ABC Murders. The beach can only be accessed on foot and offers some peace and tranquillity.

Seagulls Have A Tug Of War With Food 1m00s

Seagulls Have A Tug Of War With Food

These Common seagulls on the Paignton Beach in Devon England are having a tug of war with their food. They keep pulling and tugging on this bit of, what looks like some kind of skin of a fish or something that washed on land. They keep pulling it towards themselves backwards and forwards. Neither one of them are giving in and keep coming back to it.

Amazing Bush Dogs Show Off Their Team Work 46s

Amazing Bush Dogs Show Off Their Team Work

The amazing Bush dog pack from the Twycross zoo, in England work as a team to get the big mead carcase into their den. Each of the dog grabs an a bit so they are able to carry the heavy meat shoulder. Bush dogs are members of the dog family. They produce a strong scent that resembles vinegar. That is why they got the nickname ‘cachorro-vinagre’,which means vinegar dog!Bush dogs are led by an alpha pair. Three baby's have been born in August of 2013 only a year after getting a new enclosure.

Parrot Has Got Some Moves 32s

Parrot Has Got Some Moves

This Parrot has got some moves. Bobbing his head up and down and to the sites. The blue and gold Macaw is a female called Charlie and has been living at the Dudley zoo in England for 20 years. She is 28 years old and his previous owner gave him to the Zoo.

Sneaky Rodents Have Game Of Hide And Seek 1m24s

Sneaky Rodents Have Game Of Hide And Seek

These sneaky rodents are stealing all the sunflower hearts bird food. They repeatedly pop up behind the tree trunk, coming back and forward like them having a game of hide and seek. Nobody likes rodents, but when they look over the tree trunk like that, they're kind of cute or would you ran a mile? Seeing the rats stealing all the food, I stopped feeding the birds on the trunk and use a proper bird feeder with a plastic pipe around the stand, so there is no way for them to climb up. Also very effective for squirrels! Did you see other video on rumble? The one were the Gibbon is chasing away the rat. It's hilarious! https://rumble.com/v32rxg-funny-gibbons-scare-intruder-away.html Because of evident displays of their ability to learn, rats were investigated to see whether they exhibit intelligence, as expressed by the definition of a g factor and observed in larger, more complex animals. Rats and mice are highly intelligent. They are naturals at learning and understanding concepts. Although considerably smaller than dogs, they are at least as capable of thinking about things and figuring them out as dogs are! Rats will eat nearly anything, but they prefer grain and meat. Rats need 1/2 to one ounce of fluid each day. If they don't get this in the food they eat, they have to find water. Like mice, rats are nocturnal, have very poor eyesight, but have very strong senses of smell, taste, and hearing.

Funny Otter Proves To Be A Rock-Juggling Champion 59s

Funny Otter Proves To Be A Rock-Juggling Champion

You don't see many pet otters around, but they sure are extremely cute. Just like any other animal or pet, this otter loves to play. Watch as this otter enjoys himself with cuddles from his caretaker. He loves playing and jumping around, as evident in this video. Just look at how much fun this curious otter is having there! Everyone loves different animals as pets for different reason. Most say that their choice is cute, others go for intelligence, while there are a certain few that love to be different. You could argue that having this little guy as a pet can constitute all three of those lines of reason. Regardless this little otter is as cute as a button! Asian small clawed otters typically live for around 11 years. They are carnivorous and their diet consists of invertebrates such as crabs, snails and mollusks, along with fish and amphibians. These are their major food sources and their diet also includes insects, birds, bird eggs, rodents, snakes and worms! Would you ever consider getting an otter as a pet? Did you even know that you could get an otter as a pet? Let us know in the comment section down below! Cartel the Asian small clawed otter takes some time to play with a towel. These otters give it there all to impress with there juggling skills. They've got this cunning talent to make you keep watching them play with the stones, which is quite addictive! Too cute!

Great crested grebe display their amazing nest-building skills1m26s

Great crested grebe display their amazing nest-building skills

Isn't nature just beautiful? No one really pays too much thought to other animals and their intelligence. Here we have a pair of great crested grebe are devoted to building an amazing nest together. Sticks, leaves and even a rubbish bag become part of the nest. One of the birds is trying out the nest, but when it sinks the other one is there quickly to add more sticks! How awesome is that? Nothing like spending some time together to build your home to help create such a strong and important bond with one another. This is what real teamwork looks like. We could all learn a thing or two from these awesome animals. If you wish to learn more about these amazing Great Creasted Grebes, feel free to check out this link and purchase a book to educate yourself about them. These cool animals can be found in the Americas and are known for their elaborate mating displays when the time is right. They love the water almost as much as the common duck, and shows a close resemblance to other common sea dwelling birds. Have you ever seen one of these guys in real life? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more awesome videos of uncommon animals, and feel free to upload any videos you might have of other animals! Check out these awesome birds!

Mallard Duck Fight36s

Mallard Duck Fight

It's that season again and the two male Mallard ducks are fighting over a female. They really having a go at each other. To upload your own videos, register at: https://rumble.com/register/mickeysutube/

Amazing Close Up Of Bird Having A Dust Bath32s

Amazing Close Up Of Bird Having A Dust Bath

Have you seen this before? A Dunnock also know as a hedge accentor, hedge sparrow or hedge warbler is having a dust bath ( Sand bath ) . It is wiggling and moving around in dust to clean the feathers of parasites.

Chimpanzee mother gives helping hand to baby44s

Chimpanzee mother gives helping hand to baby

A cute hungry baby pygmy chimpanzee (bonobo) from the Twycross Zoo in England desperately attempts to get up to the ledge where its mother is. When it doesn't manage to do it, mom is there to give a helping hand! She reaches out for the little one and pulls it up. What an incredible moment!

Hilarious Sunbathing Lemurs Work On Their Tan35s

Hilarious Sunbathing Lemurs Work On Their Tan

Did you know that Lemurs are primates and prosimians which means that they are not monkeys. . The word "lemur" comes from the Latin word lemures, which means "ghosts". This name refers to many of the nocturnal lemur species and their large eyes. Lemur may be any member of the four lemuriform families, but it is also the genus of one of the lemuriform species. There are two so-called flying lemurs, but they are not real lemurs. Lemurs live only on the island of Madagascar and some smaller islands next to it, for example the Comoros. Larger species have all become extinct since human groups moved to Madagascar. Usually, the smaller lemurs are active at night, and the larger ones are active during the day. Which is even more interesting about them is that they are very much in love with the heat and especially with the sun. They have been known to go out in the sun just to sunbathe and take in the heat. And guess what, they don't burn. Lemurs from the Midland Safari Park in England love nothing better than to sunbathe. Stretching out their arms they are able to catch all the sun rays available. Hilarious!

Adorable Baby Elephant Loves Climbing On Mom 1m03s

Adorable Baby Elephant Loves Climbing On Mom

This cute Footage was filmed at the Chester Zoo in England which shows the one month old female Elephant calf from the Chester Zoo in England having fun climbing all over mom. Even after mum gets up and the little one falls to the ground, it still carries on climbing over moms feet.

Baby Elephant Gets Itself Stuck In The Sand1m31s

Baby Elephant Gets Itself Stuck In The Sand

How cute is this? This one month old female Elephant calf is from the Chester Zoo in England. She loves to play around with her mom Thi Hi Way in the sand. She is getting so much love and care from her mom, so adorable. Her mom shows her the stick but she isn't very interested in it, all she wants is to play around in the sand! She digs her feet into the sand and it looks like she enjoys the feeling very much! During her play time, she gets herself in some trouble with the sand. She falls over and can't get up, she tries to put all her strength into it, but it is very difficult for her to get up. Don't worry, she gets up in the end! The sand is no match for this baby elephant. She can conquer anything. She just cant bother her mom right now, she is in a deep sleep! Maybe this calf should take a nap too! Awe, this little guy must have gotten frightened by these tourists! While on a South African safari, this user encountered a particularly special baby elephant. This adorable and potential dangerous moment was one for the books. Observe its behavior as it pretends to be in all of harms way, eventually tripping and walking away in humiliation and seeking the comfort of his mom. Priceless ! Although it wouldn't need a whole lot of a heck for this little guy to slip and slide considering his tiny feet, it is still a priceless moment and also looks very very adorable! Check out some of these so you can relax on the warm sand at the beach. Don't forget the sunscreen!

White duck gets 'attacked' by other ducks45s

White duck gets 'attacked' by other ducks

The white female duck and those 'attacking' her are males intent on mating with her. The other males want a go, resulting in a mating frenzy. It may look intense but that's just how nature is sometimes!