French Bulldog can't hide his guilt18s

French Bulldog can't hide his guilt

I guess it's true when they say actions speak louder than words. Niko the french bulldog had nothing to say to his owner when he was accused of chewing up the pen. This little guy is definitely guilty, he isn't very good at hiding it! Right when he is accused, he looks at his owner, doesn't say anything, and slowly leaves out the dog door, his actions are priceless! The room had gotten too tense and he needed to leave, he must feel really bad for chewing up the pen. Poor dog, he must feel bad after chewing up the pen. Bulldogs are very friendly dogs and love to play with people when they have the chance. It doesn't matter if you're a stranger, a bulldog loves the company! They have a potential to gain weight very quickly so letting them run around is very important. Maybe you and your dog can run around together! What a great way to bond with each other. They are always there to give you unconditional love, what a great way to make your day a little brighter! Credit to 'NikotheFrenchie'. Check out some of these delicious dog treats your dogs will love! They will feel very full and satisfied after eating these treats! Have you encountered any funny moments with your pets? Let us know in the comment section down below!