How To Do A Pixie Cut Hairstyle With a Weft Ponytail 28m35s

How To Do A Pixie Cut Hairstyle With a Weft Ponytail

Your natural hair needs to breathe often in order to stay healthy. When your hair is constantly covered by wig caps, glue, glue hair protectant, it becomes suffocated which will ultimately cause damaged thinning, balding, hair and loss of edges. Wearing braid "extensions" too often can also bring about the same results thus speeding up loss of edges. All the above is ok to do but like a healthy diet, must be done in moderation. But don't worry when your giving you hair breathing time but still need a hairdo, or your life is busy and you don't have time to do the above hairstyles, You can do this one in under ten minutes from start to finish. No Braiding, No Glue, No suffocating your own natural hair.

HOW To Put On Eyelashes 12m39s

HOW To Put On Eyelashes

Learn how to make your eyelashes fit and stay on for three months. This video gives you full details on how to do so and put your Eyelashes on properly. No more lashes blowing off in the wind.No more lashes longer than your eye tip. No more gap in your between your lashes and your eyes. And no more lashes coming of because of watering eyes, rain, or swimming. You're welcome.