Paragliding Video - Louise Crandal & Cossack2m13s

Paragliding Video - Louise Crandal & Cossack

A small Paragliding Musik Video with the Danish "World Paragliding Champion" - Louise Crandal and her Eagle Cossak. She has decided to learn to fly with her own Eagle. Fottege is taken in Denmark in the beginning of the process of learning the Eagle "Cossack" to fly with several gliders

Demonstration of Techniques of Kung Fu with Master Gomes Neto1m25s

Demonstration of Techniques of Kung Fu with Master Gomes Neto

Master Gomes Neto is expert in the martial arts, with more than 25 years of experience. Already it gave course of self-defense and lectures in you vary important organizations, some of them as, army, troops special, police to militate, agents of security, university of physical education,

Skaters - August 20001m11s

Skaters - August 2000

French skaters rollerblading in and out of some coloured beakers used as obstacles. Shot in paris on a wet afternoon in August 2000

Go with Shygost - 2009 moon 12 kali 25(11)5m09s

Go with Shygost - 2009 moon 12 kali 25(11)

11.avi - a weakness occurs when an opponent can play and you have to respond and he keeps getting points and more free moves... shows this case in the lower left... it's not OK to be OK! You must be free of threats.

42 Fresh on Colorado15s

42 Fresh on Colorado

Another Hofer and Mower mission to Silverton. This effort worked like a hammer on the nail head. Three and a half fresh on the last weekend of unguided, WHAT! Red, Coal, and Molas closed, we kicked it three days till they said no mas. Video does no justice to represent the endless faceshot of this journey, all that comes to mind is - submersion...