Cat growls when you stroke it! 48s

Cat growls when you stroke it!

Cat growls, that to do? when her hands and after a while it starts to growl, then if not released, she starts yelling, you can say(Muuuuu with such aggression) but and if you then do not let go. she hisses and scratches, but all the time if you properly get her paws can severely scratch what to do, why such a reaction, how to make it more normal????Help please!!!!) I took her online, she was 1.5 months thought will cease, right now it's 7 months, or will one from another, to distinguish, very playful, but that's something she's not affectionate so to speak, more wild or something, damn what to do?? ? now not long ago ran from the street (I live in his house, the cat goes outside) my mother ironed her going, as she dug, I grabbed her in a blanket, so legs are not sticking out, so I then sang a song, and even scratched me... Thank you, my photo) I have a friend, playing, but at the same time affectionate, purring, sitting on his hands, sleeping with her, well, my it's something with something.... I had such a story that when I took, I wanted a cat. because the street runs, and I do not want kittens, and after 1-2 months the mother noticed that her mane a bit, she looked up and found the cat, I just was in shock))) ) Kuzma, was also Kuzma, but we. called Cousin)) ) the name is also 2 weeks. used to, before the owners did not give a name... If you want a cat with a certain character, it is better to not take the larva and the adult, knowing its habits and character. I don't think this cat's gonna make a pet. You need to accept her for who she is. DON't pick her up if she doesn't like it. because cats don't like violence. Maybe she'll let you stroke her when she's on the floor. These cats also have advantages: unobtrusive and do not take much time from the owner of their caresses. Try to castrate her-maybe it will soften the character a little. And I would show the cat to the Board - maybe she's got something hurts? and your caresses cause her terrible pain?

The cat hid the fish and tried to eat it. 34s

The cat hid the fish and tried to eat it.

The kitten jumps on the tables and steals food. Good afternoon. We have a kitten he is 4 months. For about a month he was in the kitchen to jump on the table and steal your food if there is anything left. Can jump on the stove...I. T. p. could you tell me, that to do? how to wean him from this? Feed I like the back, Royall for conat. Bowls are always available with food. I think you need to start getting used to leaving nothing on the table and the stove. To wean do not succeed, in your absence anyway, kitty will go where he wants. My cat human food to madness indifferent and above the chair does not jump anywhere at all. The problem with tables is missing, but just because hvostatyi such. And friends cats are free to jump up on furniture, opening all the kitchen cabinets yourself, of .course that food must be clean

cat stabbed a balloon! 8s

cat stabbed a balloon!

This kitten doing funny things! If you cared for a kitten, you might think that this tiny fluffy lump has two personalities. One of them is a shy, cute and loving pet that purrs and rests next to you on the couch. But the second is a hyperactive domestic animal. However, sooner or later it passes, and the kitten grows into an adult cat with its own individual character. Just a phase Your new kitten shows absolutely normal behavior. It grows fast, eats a lot and has so much energy that it does not know where to put it. When he runs like crazy, chasing after everything, it's perfectly normal. If you happen to see a bizarre or unnatural expression on his face - Yes, it's crazy, but it's normal for kittens. Each cat is individual, but, as a rule, hyperactivity is significantly reduced after sterilization. Your veterinarian may recommend that your pet be sterilized for up to 6 months. You will also most likely notice a few weeks before his first birthday that he will increasingly gravitate towards you and just want to cuddle. Chases, ambushes and raids Chases and attacks - it is natural and peculiar to all cats. These coarse of the game are instinctive. When you see, that your kitten terribly attacks soft toy, or - Oh horror! - the other kitten, they're not trying to kill each other. Think about your pet's ancestors. These ancient cats had to be rude and fearless to survive. Despite the fact that your kitten is domesticated, these ancient instincts are still embedded in his behavior. If the kitten will walk around his cat-mom, the cat first begins to growl, and then if it doesn't stop, and spank it with his hands. Some time before your first birthday your hyperactive kitten will become a much more Mature and noble cat. Put some toys For successful development your kitten needs physical and mental activity. Buy him some toys. They don't have to be expensive. Provide enough toys that you can alternate every few weeks to help your pet fight its energy reserve.

My cat loves a small dog! 52s

My cat loves a small dog!

Such love I have not seen! The cat thinks a mom, so the dog licks all the thrill that is inherent in all felines representative of the animal world. Their love is boundless! Only death can separate them!

a dog loves a cat.42s

a dog loves a cat.

On the one hand, cat love, like any other, may seem irrational. Probably, every cat has a couple of completely inexplicable stories about cat sympathies. When, for example, the housewife feeds the cat and pays more attention to him, but he still sleeps only with the owner, who disappears at work. That man's cat loves, and that's it, just mystic. It often happens that a kitten literally in the first weeks of life from the whole family chooses a man to his liking and only then he devotes his whole life, as they say, "souls are wonderful impulses". But still, in what kind of people cats love, mysticism does not play a major role. To a large extent, cat sympathies are associated with a certain behavior of a person. For example, adult cats are attracted (or, at least, not irritated) by people with a moderate voice timbre, balanced, tempered character, calm behavior. Who knows, maybe you will like the cat already by the fact that you will lie for a long time in front of the TV? .. A good way to make friends with a cat is not to look at it intently, but, catching her gaze, blink a few times. A close, unblinking look for animals is a sign of a challenge, a threat, and it is unlikely that you will thus be among the people that cats and cats love. And when you blink, then show your loyalty, peaceful intentions.

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Two friends love each other! 54s

Two friends love each other!

As you know, the adage “live like cats and dogs” appeared out of nowhere. Not too good understanding of these animals among themselves,at least in most cases. However, cats and dogs can get along quite well to, if you approach to their education and joint content more consciously. Ideal for the beginning of life cats and dogs in the same area - young age of both animals. Puppy and kitty can after some time required to getting used to, to find each other as comrades in a joint game, and then to grow together and have fun together. If one of the animals has grown up, much depends on his life experience in relation to cats or dogs. Adult age will make their peaceful coexistence all the more difficult. If the cat used to fight with dogs and dog - chasing cats, a good relationship with newcomer pet to wait the threshold is not necessary. Need a lot of patience and thorough care for both animals. It would be better if you first isolate the “newbie” in a separate room, arranging them with a second animal study meeting for some time. The dog during these meetings you should wear a leash, so it can be easy to catch if she rushed to the cat. Caress, soothe and odobriti both animals. But more attention try to give “veteran”, so he doesn't have any reason to be jealous. Do not worry, seeing for the first time from the cat and dog aggression relative to each other. They need to designate each other's territory, to show that they will not allow themselves to be offended. Gradually animals will get used to living together, learn to avoid conflicts and injuries. All this time they will need your attention and support. Try not to be nervous in the presence of animals, because they are very acutely feel your mood. Do not push the cat and dog to each other if they prefer to keep a distance. They have to decide at what point and at what distance to approach each other. Make sure that each of the animals has its own Seating area and its own bowl for food and water, standing far enough away from each other, and ideally - in different places. Koshachii toilet also try to place them in a quiet place where you won't be able to pry the dog. In this case, cats and dogs does not appear reason to violate the territory of each other that will reduce the occasions for conflict. However, this does not exclude the fact that when animals get together, they will sleep together on one bed. Cats usually perfectly understand, that selling side can be good hot water bottle. Its good location in relation to the cat, the dog may Express a wagging tail and an invitation to play, though perhaps the cat will not know what they want from it. Watch out for animal matching games, especially if your Pets are a big dog and a kitten. The dog, despite your best intentions, you may not calculate the force and cause the baby injury. Yes and, the cat's claws capable to leave on dog nose quite painful scratches.

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I see it a dog and a cat very well! 1m11s

I see it a dog and a cat very well!

Dog and cat. They can become an infinite most terrible problem of the owners, and can please with the friendship and devotion each other, surprising all members of household. To precisely define why how there will be relations between these, the animals conflicting in national folklore depends, it is impossible, but some scenarios of development of friendship or hostility exist and about them the speech in the real material will go. Dog and cat, friends since the birth First example. Once upon a time there was a family. Nobody admits that gradually feelings become dull and begins to be wanted something new. Anyway, but the family goes to the market or to special club of animals and chooses to itself a kitten and a puppy or friendly acquaintances present such live gift. And here dog and cat of the house. The delight of owners doesn't have a limit, but we will look at new family members. If the kitten and a puppy saw each other since both opened eyes, and it often happens to the underbred animals who were born and living in the yard, then, most likely, they are unseparable friends, especially, if any time him, small was necessary to be only in the dung, there is nobody was to have fun and play, except as with "opponent". In that case this "opponent" is perceived as a being of the look and distinction among themselves and fall and leveled by him, at least for accustoming each other. As practice shows, the dogs and cats seeing each other since the birth are the best friends. The case when the family buys a kitten and the puppy who is grown up in different houses and never seeing each other can be a variation on this subject. In such situations the kitten behaves very watchfully and is even aggressive, the puppy, on the contrary, is lovely and good-natured, at once climbs "to kiss" and play (if I am, of course, not coward), than causes an additional negative in a kitten who owing to his cat's nature needs considerably bigger time to adapt to the new house and its inhabitants. Such difference in behavior can create at hosts wrong idea that a puppy good and tender, and the kitten has got bad and offends a good puppy. The poor kitten if the behavior of owners corresponds to this initial installation, he will hate a puppy and to be at enmity with owners with whom, most likely, won't be able to coexist long in one room rather they with him. If owners show tolerance and friendliness to both animals, then a full-fledged dog and a cat who will stand firm the friend for the friend will grow from them and at the same time will keep the features individual and peculiar to a look. So the large dog will protect the friend of a cat from foreign dogs, but all other cats will receive steadily from him on the first. A cat, being on friendly terms with this dog, will get for him delicacies, generously sharing entertainments with the favourite companion of the childhood and hissing on all other dogs.

The cat carries out a role of the nurse. 1m15s

The cat carries out a role of the nurse.

Secret – in desire to study. Both dogs, and cats easily remember new. If in the childhood they perceive everything only as it is peculiar to their relatives, then in adulthood can already be guided by the gained knowledge of the compelled neighbor. The dog who has been at least once scratched by the cat who has got up on hinder legs, will forever remember that at cats it is an attack signal. And the cat won't jump aside from the raised dog paw: yes it just the invitation to a game. But the good, friendly relations of cats and dogs are established far not at once, sometimes on it years leave. The owner who, knowing characters of the favourites, has to influence them at the right time can play a huge role in this formation. That building relations between Mankaya and Mukhtar was the least painful, it is important to remember such rules: - Before pushing together a dog and a cat face to face, let's them sniff at some things of the opponent (a lead, a laying, a bowl), or just lead to the room where recently there was "opponent". - Don't allow a cat to touch a favourite toy of a dog, and him, in turn, don't let to a cat's lodge. All this will be in time for now such actions are apprehended not differently as the attack and impudence. Let everyone will have inviolable territory. - It is necessary to caress and play with animals at the same time not to provoke jealousy. By the same principle are given yum-yum. - If the cat or a dog is nervous, growls during food, it is better to feed first separately. - In case of aggression of one of animals, take him aside and strictly tell: "No". To you it isn't necessary to beat – especially in the presence of the second animal, it is humiliating. - Don't leave animals alone together. Perhaps once they will be able even to sleep near for now it is fraught with fights, injuries and even death. Let wait for you in different rooms. Open war Unfortunately, sometimes our favourite balls and murka in any don't wish to be reconciled. Moreover – they use all possible ways of fight: are scratched, bite, fight, attack stealthily … What to do? To protect temporarily, at least, severe injuries won't be got. In practice it looks so: in a doorway between rooms the grid stretches, and fighters live on different sides. Gradually they will get used to such neighbourhood, and the grid can be removed. And we have a family! Koto-sobachya … We will consider several options of cat's-dog families, a lot of things depend on age of animals and their status in the house. Option first: old resident and puppy (kitten) Once upon a time there was a cat. The old impressive cat who considered himself the owner in the house slept in a mother's bed and ate from a porcelain bowl. Also IT has suddenly come: dirty-unkempt, with a snotty nose and a shrill voice. From where to undertake love? It's clear that the tomcat all the vibrissa will hate a poor puppy. What to do: to hope for time and prudence of a puppy. Having matured, he will learn to avoid conflict situations, will cease to gnaw cat's moustaches and to drink from others bowl. Intimate friendship is hardly possible here, but существован