Fried food with sand (India)1m59s

Fried food with sand (India)

A man has swapped oil for sand to fry food on a street in India. This is Far-Far, an Indian specialty, which he pours into a sandbox placed on a fire. The food gradually swells in contact with the hot sand and is ready to be tasted.

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A motorcyclist avoids a barrier14s

A motorcyclist avoids a barrier

This biker would have done better to take the barrier. In South America, a man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road avoids a barrier by rolling on his side. But a second trap awaits him. The rider loses control of his bike and ends up in a ditch.

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He saves his fallen friend in a fast (Canada)3m46s

He saves his fallen friend in a fast (Canada)

During a hike in British Columbia, Canada, a man lost his balance by crossing a makeshift bridge and fell into the rapids. The hiker was able to hang on to the bridge, but he would not have stood a long time against the currents of the river. Fortunately, he was able to count on his friend to shoot out of the water. A big fear for both men!

A cat plays with a kitten36s

A cat plays with a kitten

An adult cat on a table plays with a kitten shaking a bell attached to a wire. With his paw, the cat moves the thread and activates the bell. The kitten has fun catching it.

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