Dog Humorously Walks In Socks 1m36s

Dog Humorously Walks In Socks

Can dogs walk in socks? This dog attempts to try it for the first time. How do you think it will go? Well, in the beginning he stood there wondering what in the world are these things on my feet? Similar to dog shoes, it is very complicated to learn to walk in them. After all, Its not like dogs will automatically know how to walk wearing them. Just like humans, when you first do something you have to first learn it. He humorously begins to move picking one foot up at a time. Then he starts to walk all goofy like. Dogs naturally try to step out of whatever is on them. After five minutes of walking he has it mastered. Living out on a farm you have to find things to amuse you and your animals. This dog and other animals on the farm like to play dress up. Dress them up and walk them around to the other animal to show them off. But we also do this to protect those feet. Some facts for dog owners that live in cold climates. The pads on a dogs foot are made for walking around without protection. Sometimes. In some cases they need extra protection. Out in Colorado the weather can cause frostbite. Shoes and socks can help keep them protected. Socks also help if your animal has sores or cuts on the feet. It helps keep the debris out. That will help lower the chances of infection. Also if you walk your dog around town. Chances are the city put salt down to melt the ice. It can dry the feet out and cause them to crack and bleed. The best idea is to teach you pet to wear foot protection. There is only so much your natural feet can do for you. When they wear out you have to live with them the rest of your life. Shoes and socks can be replaced over and over again. So do them a favor and make sure to protect those feet.

Kid gets chased by a rooster. So Funny. 22s

Kid gets chased by a rooster. So Funny.

This rooster chases everyone. This poor girl tries to use bread as a distraction to get to the barn to get feed for the chickens. He sees her coming and makes his move. His slow motion walk over to her had everyone laughing so hard. She has a stick with her to use for protection but this bird is to scary to even defend herself the best thing to do is just run. Book it and hope he don't catch up to you. This rooster chased her all the way around the house. So Funny. Some roosters are known for being mean. They will chase and sometimes attack people and make them bleed. This one is known for chasing people off. It is quite humorous.

Chicken runs around wearing pink pants. Adorable! 32s

Chicken runs around wearing pink pants. Adorable!

Meet Mr.Dumb. He got his name from a seven year old boy after acting so silly all the time. He is a super sweet 1 year old silkie that plays dress up and runs around to show off his cute cloths to the other chickens.He love wearing his pink pants and suspenders.

Dog Steals His Own Leash From Little Boy To Play In Snow1m03s

Dog Steals His Own Leash From Little Boy To Play In Snow

If anyone ever tells you they hate snow, don’t believe them. Heck, don’t even hang out with them; you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. How can someone not love snow? First of all, everything is WHITE. Second, everything is so silent and peaceful and serene. Plus, can you imagine the loads of fun you can have while there is snow outside? There is a thing that dog people say that they would much rather trust a dog than a man and we believe that this is one such case. When you see a dog have so much damn fun outside in all that snow, you know that nothing bad can happen. This Boxer loves snow so much that he steals his own leash from this little boy just so he can go play in the snow. I can understand that. How can a boxer bounce around in the snow if there is a little boy attached to his leash? Just steal it. At first, it seems like the two boys are having some old-timey fun in the white cover, chasing each other and wrestling in the snow. But the plucky dog keeps trying to pull the leash from the kid’s hands.On the other hand, it looks like the boy thinks this is his dog’s way of asking for more fun, more chasing, more wrestling. But it isn’t. In fact, it turns out that Fido here really, really wants to experience the winter wonderland. Just on his merry own. Such a funny dog.

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Chicken humorously wears pink pants and suspenders51s

Chicken humorously wears pink pants and suspenders

Outside of the small town Sterling, CO lives a chicken named Mr. Dumb, a one-year-old black silkie. He got his name from a 7-year-old boy after continuously acting so silly. He is a very friendly rooster that loves to play dress up. In this video he is wearing homemade suspenders and bright pink pants. He likes to run around showing off his pink pants to the girls!

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Bottle feeding Twitch the kitten. 33s

Bottle feeding Twitch the kitten.

We adopted Twitch after he was found by a relative. His mom and other kittens were nowhere to be found. She raised him till she could find someone to adopt him. He is now with our family and is doing well. Love our crazy kitty Twitch.