When you can't find a toilet and a highway is all you have got  22s

When you can't find a toilet and a highway is all you have got

Pooping on the road ! The video was taken during my trip to Cairo (Egypt) while I was driving inside the city. I was recording just for fun, anything, the roads , the people, the buildings etc., to share with my friends in Greece as they were curious to see the place. This is where I captured what we don't get to see that often !

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Who is to blame for this tense car accident?1m07s

Who is to blame for this tense car accident?

This footage captures a near collision between a red Dodge truck, causing the driver of the speeding black Scion to overreact and over-correct his vehicle which led him to drive across the median of US17 and collide with a black Ford Expedition. The red truck fled the scene at a very high speed. The police have no interest in seeking the driver of the red Dodge Ram truck for his actions leading to the collision. The driver of the black Scion was ticketed. Only minor injuries. So... who is to blame?

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This Chinese woman speaks better punjabi than Indian Sikhs. The world is in awe  1m36s

This Chinese woman speaks better punjabi than Indian Sikhs. The world is in awe

Info received from the video owner : The video has gone viral and has been viewed more than 10Million times on various social platforms. This coincident happened in a small suburb in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ..the area is called Shamelin Pandan Perdana. I was sitting down having a tea in a typical Chinese shop when this young girl just breezed passed me confidently saying "Sardarji ki hal hai" (Sardar ji how are you?). I looked up and was shocked to see a typical Chinese girl just smiling and walking out of the shop. I called out to her to wait. She just kept on walking. I lost her from my sight. I gulped down my hot tea, payed the bill and then looked around but just couldn't find her. I was just about to turn back when I saw her in a mobile phone shop. I tool out my phone and started shooting. I shared the video on my Facebook page and it got viral. The video received more than 250k views in just 1 day. She was friendly but cautious, quite cheekily answering questions. I'm surprised she gave me her number. Later when the press interviewed her, she told them that she thought I was a stalker. Only much later she realized I am a humanitarian aid organization director in Malaysia. Since then, she has become an internet sensation and has been interviewed by a few news and TV channels in Indian sub-continent.

Traffic dodger get a dose of instant karma16s

Traffic dodger get a dose of instant karma

This footage was taken in Manchester, Tennessee during heavy traffic caused by an accident ahead. There was an exit about a quarter of a mile up the road, and this driver noticed the red truck in his mirror slowly working its way down the shoulder for the exit. He knew there was a police car ahead of him, so he whipped out his phone and caught exactly what we were all hoping to see - swift and instant justice!

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Russian Military Truck Reverses and hits the car. The reason given is just Epic 1m00s

Russian Military Truck Reverses and hits the car. The reason given is just Epic

Amazing story of Reverse Military Truck Crash with Epic Response from the driver -Happens only in Russia. The accident happened in Russia on October 10, 2017. The military truck turned left in a street, despite the no entry traffic sign for trucks. The truck driver realized it was unable to turn left to its destination and decided to reverse, without checking if there was anyone behind the truck. After this accident, I asked the truck's driver, why he had not checked if there was any car or any person on the back side. His answer was epic: "I pressed my horn twice, waited for 2 seconds and started reversing. If there was anything it should have moved". Unfortunately, I was listening to the internet radio and was unable to hear his horn's sound. If I had 2 or 3 seconds more, I would have moved back as there was no any car behind me. In the truck there was a military woman. She asked me (this is a direct translation from Russian) "Why did you snuggle up to the ass of our truck?". I was surprised by this question very much and that's why I've found the only thing to answer "Sorry, I didn't snuggle up to anyone's ass!" In the result of this accident 3 parts of my car were damaged: windshield glass, car hood, and windshield wiper mechanism. The truck had no any damage at all.

Earthquake Creates Landslide Of Rocks That Flows Like A River1m10s

Earthquake Creates Landslide Of Rocks That Flows Like A River

Monsoon season brings much needed relief from the scorching heat that is spring time in Pakistan. Monsoon rains are quite heavy by nature and can cause significant flooding. But in the spring on 2016, all of this changed for the worse. March is considered to be pre-monsoon season, but the heavy rains that affected the country, especially the northern parts, lasted over several days. According to official reports, at least 45 people have been killed and 34 injured after the heavy rain across north-west Pakistan caused the roofs of dozens of homes to collapse. The heavy rainfall was followed by an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude. The shock caused a multitude of landslides all across the country, but this is the first we see that carried chopped up boulder with it, flowing downhill like a river. This landslide happened in April 2016 in the Gilgit Baltistan area of Pakistan. The water brought down with itself large stones from the mountain, creating a "river of rocks". Gilgit Baltistan is in the northern part of Pakistan with the mountainous terrain. Landslides and earthquakes are pretty common in this part of the region. A landslide, also known as a landslip or Mudslide, is a form of mass wasting that includes a wide range of ground movements, such as rockfalls, deep failure of slopes, and shallow debris flows. Although the action of gravity is the primary driving force for a landslide to occur, there are other contributing factors affecting the original slope stability.

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