Maine Coon cat plays football - best goalkeeper in the world! 1m08s

Maine Coon cat plays football - best goalkeeper in the world!

Meet Narnia, Bananas or as she is known across the social media - Princes Narnia. She is a special 3-year-old Maine Coon girl who loves to play football, or soccer if you are on the other side of the pond. One of her favorite playtime is Football (soccer) on the bed. She likes the position called goalkeeper - the person who is protecting the team’s goal-line. Her favourite football ball is a cheese wrapper, but she likes her custom-made crochet catnip toys. In this video I compiled some of her best saves, which I hope she is proud of. She usually likes when we play football with the cheese wrapper - her favourite toy, but she also like it with some of her catnip toys. Her favourite football team is West Ham! Narnia is a 1 meter long, 7+ kg (~23 feet, 15.4 pounds) big Maine Coon rescue girl who's favorite things in life are playtime, food and sleep time. One would say that Narnia is a typical cat, but no. She is so much more. She likes to play fetch and likes to play tag with me - her meowmy. Bananas is also very affectionate and gentle girl, she is a very good girl who never broke anything. HRH Princess Narnia also likes chicken. I usually poach some chicken mini fillets for her. She likes to consume them at least once a day and she is very happy about it. We strive to feed her a high protein diet (over 70%) since her tummy is very sensitive. She also likes treats - she gets 3 a day when she is a good girl. As we mentioned above she is Princess Narnia from Facebook, @princessnarnia on Instagram, and @NarniaTheMC on Twitter. She is a good girl who likes to have pictures taken of her and I just put them on the internet.

Majestic Maine Coon cat enjoys the breeze with her mane 51s

Majestic Maine Coon cat enjoys the breeze with her mane

It's not very clear what enters first in the room - Narnia or her mane. This magnificent "little" girl is able to shame even the most majestic lion. One of her favorite places in the apartment is the living room's windowsill, from which she likes to observe the garden. But her favorite time is when there is a slight breeze, which brings her the smells of the nearby nature reserve. And when the breeze occurs she is extremely happy because she can show off her lustrous mane. She is very happy when she can do this. Sadly this is one of the times when I managed to capture it. Enjoy

Lazy Cat Relaxes On The Exercise Machine2m13s

Lazy Cat Relaxes On The Exercise Machine

A heartwarming video has emerged of a lazy cat relaxing on the exercising machine and making “air biscuits” in the presence of her owner. Meet, Narnia, the sweet little cat who loves to sit on her favorite place in the house, the multi-gym, and observe the traffic outside the street through the nearby French window. Watch as this lazy cat is relaxing on the exercising machine and making air biscuits, to show appreciation towards owner. Adorable! The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat. It has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically "native" to the state of Maine where it is the official state cat, and it is how the cat got its name. With regards to the phrase, "making biscuits" is the expression when cats knead, which actually looks as if they are kneading dough to make biscuits. Cats often will purr at the same time as kneading, and even drool in some cases. Have you experienced that wonderful and yet painful sensation of a cat kneading on your lap, digging his claws unknowingly into your flesh? Even though it hurts, it's an honor that your cat feels comfortable enough to let you share in that special moment of contentment. Kneading is when a cat flexes and relaxes his front paws over and over again for several minutes. It is a behavior that develops at birth that helps kittens obtain milk from their mother. They push on their mother's soft underside to make the milk flow better. But once a cat is grown, he will still likely perform the kneading process. At that point, it's safe to say that it happens when a cat is extremely content and relaxed, as if he is remembering his happy kittenhood.