amazing tricks in the gym!2m32s

amazing tricks in the gym!

Here are the coolest shots in gymnastics from this year so far. There are a few simple tricks, a few really cool tricks, and some blood. So please enjoy, like, comment, share, and subscribe :) Songname: teamRG - Hero

last session of 2013 | parkour/freerunning2m07s

last session of 2013 | parkour/freerunning

on december 30th 2013 we had an amazing jam in Breda, It was organized by Nino Kennis, Sepp Den Hollander, Cas van Boxtel, Thijs van Asseldonk and Norbert. There were a lot of teams from all around The Netherlands, and we've had a lot of fun! Trackname: SoLo - Movin out

Free-Running at the CarGraveyard3m53s

Free-Running at the CarGraveyard

Like & Subscribe! On 1-12-2013 we've had an amazing jam! We were able to jump on the cars from mastermilo82. So we invited some friends and made this video. Free-Runners: * Aquila Movement - Daan Seegers - Jeroen Geerts *FlowCrew - Aaron 'AJ' Jansen - Gavin Rutten - Jaimy van der Aa *Rainbow Unicorn Adventure Club - Pim Bakker - Brandon Peri - Yordi Bongers Thank you for watching this video, and thanks mastermilo82 for the amazing afternoon! Trackname: Teqq - Freedom Edit: Jeroen Geerts