DIY Fanatic Makes Fan From Tree And Rice Cooker Switch1m21s

DIY Fanatic Makes Fan From Tree And Rice Cooker Switch

A DIY fanatic showed how he made a fan - from a tree branch and a rice cooker switch. Mohd Nari Bin Jaafar, 66, fashioned the household device from parts of an old fan and the electronics from his old rice cooker. They were fitted on a carefully polished teak tree branch. Mohd showed off the finished article, which operates when he flicks the dial from his old rice cooker. He then gave it to his daughter, Joanne, as a gift. Joanne said: ''Although my father wasn't able to study in university, his artworks and machines are genius." The proud daughter said that his father lives in a remote village and is frequently sick, but still makes time for his hobby of creating useful things from what is usually regarded as garbage. Mohd, who is also a painter, has slipped-disk, asthma and heart problems so he sells some of his works to neighbours. But the fan, varnished and designed by his father, was a gift to Joanne.

One-Armed Fast-Food Worker Praised44s

One-Armed Fast-Food Worker Praised

A one-armed fast food worker was praised by customers after footing emerged of her dilligently performing her duties. The waitress was identified as Heart Canlas, 23, who lives in Pampanga, the Philippines. Speaking after, she said: ''When I was young I always get teased by kids that I have no arms, I didn't understand back then so I felt helpless. Now that I am old, I understand that even if I have a disability I have to work hard for my family and myself.'' The video was captured on November 4, 2019.

One-Armed Ice Cream Seller Plays Guitar2m58s

One-Armed Ice Cream Seller Plays Guitar

This one-armed ice cream seller pulls in the customers - with his impressive guitar performances. Footage of him playing the instrument was taken on January 27 outside the house of one of his customers in Cotabato, the Philippines.

Woman Lives With Duck She Saved From Restaurant1m01s

Woman Lives With Duck She Saved From Restaurant

Erica Lim from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has a little pet duckling she raise inside her partment. Lim, 39, says: “Most people are generally curious to know what it is like to be living with a duck in a high-rise building.” Her pet Daisy hatched from an egg that was sold in a Vietnamese cafe in Selangor. Daisy, if not hatched, was supposed to be a delicacy called balut--a fertilised duck egg snack.

Dog Isn't Feeling The Party14s

Dog Isn't Feeling The Party

This weary little doggy wasn't feeling the party - he was seen sleeping in the middle of the dancefloor during a disco in Naga Club at Koh Samet Island, Thailand on January 10. Even the flashing bright lights and loud music failed to disturb the mutt.

Puppy's Head Stuck In Packet Of Crisps31s

Puppy's Head Stuck In Packet Of Crisps

This is the amusing moment a puppy found himself with his head stuck inside a crisp packet he stole from his owner. Three-month-old Tiny wanted a taste of the pork flavour snakes his owner Khim Magalona was eating. In the video, Khim can be heard saying: "That's what you get for being naughty. I already told you no." When Khim mentioned the vet, the cute puppy seemed to recognise the word and tried to move away despite being unable to see.

Black Smoke Comes From Bus In Bangkok27s

Black Smoke Comes From Bus In Bangkok

Thick clouds of black smoke pouring from one of the old coaches that still operate on the roads of Bangkok - despite the city being in the grip of a pollution crisis. The vehicle was seen in the Thai capital on Monday January 28, 2019.

Can You Spot The Thief?41s

Can You Spot The Thief?

Mobile phone footage captured the moment a sneaky thief stole from a passenger's bag as she baorded a bus. The crowd was scrambling to walk on a jeepney vehicle in Cavite, the Philippines on January 14. The woman sidled up behind the group and slipped her hand into the lady's bag before disappearing.

Upmarket Street Abandoned For Ten Years After Noisy Airport Opened Next Door2m12s

Upmarket Street Abandoned For Ten Years After Noisy Airport Opened Next Door

This upmarket street has been abandoned for more than a decade after residents fled - when an airport opened next door to them. The housing estate on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, was built in the mid-1990s for well-off locals to retreat to the sprawling fields outside of the capital.But by 2006, the country's new airport - one of the busiest in the world - had opened and brought with it constant noise from passenger jets flying overhead.

Python Rescued After Getting Stuck In Fence1m44s

Python Rescued After Getting Stuck In Fence

This hapless python had to be rescued after getting itself stuck in a wire fence. A gardener noticed the 9ft long snake curled up on the ground outside a home in the Sri Racha district of Chonburi, Thailand, on Tuesday (29/01) morning. The startled python slithered away but its dash for freedom was foiled after it tried to scale a mesh fence.

Impressive Double Team Play Guitar Together3m45s

Impressive Double Team Play Guitar Together

This talented guitar duo impressed onlookers - with one strumming the guitar and the other fretting the chords. The double-team were seen playing on the street in Camarines Sur, Philippines, on January 15.

Kitten Trapped In Drain For Two Days Rescued25s

Kitten Trapped In Drain For Two Days Rescued

This is the adorable moment a kitten was rescued after spending two days trapped in a drain. A concerned villager heard the faint meows coming from under the ground on a road in Lampang, northern Thailand, on Monday (28/01) morning. She called the emergency services and animal workers used crowbars to remove the concrete drain cover before they saw the cat shivering in dirty water. The bedraggled little feline was taken out of the 6ft deep drain with a skinny and fatigued look. Locals rushed to cover her up with a towel and fetch her water. A rescuer said that the kitten may have been trapped in the filthy sewer for around two days. They said: ''She might have been abandoned by her owner and slipped into the drain hole while she was walking around in the dark.'' The kitten is now recovering in the Amarin Rescue Unit.

Owner Saves Husky From Drowning With Moments to Spare2m11s

Owner Saves Husky From Drowning With Moments to Spare

Nail-biting footage shows how a husky fell into a garden pond - being rescued by his owner with moments to spare. The two-year-old dog named Selfie was ambling round the fish pool with two other older husky dogs and a puppy in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, last Thursday (24/01) when he lost his footing. Selfie tumbled into the water but was unable to muster enough strength to pull himself out the other side. The other dogs stood around nervously still unsure of what to do. Selfie appeared to be getting increasingly exhausted and was slipping slowly back into the cold water. Luckily the owner, Jakkapat Kesaphan, 30, heard the splashing around and calls for help before rushing out into his garden to drag the hapless husky to safety.

People Can't Believe This Chubby Badminton Player16s

People Can't Believe This Chubby Badminton Player

This chubby sportsman has defied the odds - and became a successful badminton star. Hanri Yustanto, 28, has struggled with his weight since he was child and currently tips the scales at a staggering 331lbs (24stone or 150kg). But Hanri's bulky frame has never stopped him from enjoying his love of badminton and he even played for a professional team called Pusdiklat Sumber Mas Samarinda in his his town of Kalimantan in Indonesia. The chubby star played for the team from 2000 to 2007 before retiring. However, video of him in amateur tournaments with friends amazed viewers online. They could not believe that such a large and apparently immobile adult could move so quickly around the court.

Artist Sprays Graffiti Lace Designs On Buildings1m18s

Artist Sprays Graffiti Lace Designs On Buildings

This street artist has become a hit - shunning brightly coloured murals to spray intrictate patterns of LACE onto buildings. Polish deisgner NeSpoon travels around the world identifying suitable locations for her patterns, based on the textile material which orginated from Nottingham, England. The impressive finished pieces have lead to her receiving commissions around the world and displaying at festivals. . NeSpoon said: ''I create works that are somewhere in between street art, pottery, painting, sculpture and jewelery. I would like to make positive art and to deal with positive emotions. Sometimes, I also comment in my art social and political issues that I consider important. Most of my work consist of prints of traditional laces, made in clay or painted on the walls. They are hand made, by the folk artists. Why laces? Because in laces there is an aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony, isn’t that what we all seek for instinctively? Why street art? Because it gives freedom.''

DRONES Spraying Water To Killer Smog Crisis4m31s

DRONES Spraying Water To Killer Smog Crisis

Thai authorities today (Thu) flew drones spraying water from the sky to fight the country's worsening pollution crisis. The capital city Bangkok has been blanketed by a toxic cloud of smog for the last fortnight sparking mass sickness, coughing fits and breathing problems.

Schools Close In Bangkok Amidst Worsening Pollution Crisis3m05s

Schools Close In Bangkok Amidst Worsening Pollution Crisis

Pupils in face masks leave classes today as government bosses closed more than 500 schools amid a worsening pollution crisis in Bangkok. The Thai capital has been shrouded in a thick cloud of toxic smog for more than two weeks with authorties taking increasingly desperate measures to contain the pollution. Despite spraying tonnes of water across the city in a bid to disperse the smog, thg PM 2.5 air-quality index (AQI) which measures the amount of deadly particles in the air has remained stubornly high - way above the acceptable level of 50.

Pet Pig Runs Marathon With Owner32s

Pet Pig Runs Marathon With Owner

This is the adorable moment a pet pig joined in a mini-marathon - even reaching the finish line ahead of hundreds of other racers. The little marathon runner 'Chow Kuay' waddled incessantly for two miles alongside his owners in a fun run in Chonburi, Thailand last Sunday (27/01). The owner Jaturong Piwjan said that Chow Kuay loved running and always joined him for jogging early in the morning.

Alain Rober Climbs Philippines Skyscraper37s

Alain Rober Climbs Philippines Skyscraper

Footage from below the 43-story GT International Tower in Manila, Philippines, shows urban climber Alain Robert climbing the building. He was later arrested by Philippines police after climbing the 9th tallest building in the country located on Ayala Avenue, Makati City,. Robert said: ''GT looks easy to climb but there's a problem. I don't think I can go all the way to the top because three meters is missing at the top.'' The urban climber scaled the building for about an hour before he was apprehended by the authorities. The city rescue team assembled a caution bag below to catch the 56-year-old Robert as he descended. Makati Police chief Senior Superintendent Rogelio Simon said: "Because his climb, although he did not enter the building, he still climbed a private property. He does not have permit, he lacks coordination. It's also a safety threat to everyone. He can be charged with public disturbance."

Dog Rescued After Falling Into River1m54s

Dog Rescued After Falling Into River

A dog who fell into a river in Naga City, the Philippines was rescued by passersby and a policeman roaming the area. The stray mutt was running along the narrow passage beside the river dike when it fell down a gap. Good Samaritans were quick to wade through the filthy water to help the dog on January 22, 2019.

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600-Pound Buddha Statue Floating In Holy Water7m39s

600-Pound Buddha Statue Floating In Holy Water

This 600-pound Buddhist statue has amazed villagers - after it was able to FLOAT in holy water. The brass scultpred was placed in the pool and under normal circumstances should have sank - particularly because it has dozens of holes in the metal to allow in water. But the idol has now taken on a special spiritual signifacnce for villagers who believe it posseses mystical powers. Locals have been flocking to see it at the Tan Ched Cho temple in Ang Thong, central Thailand. Footage taken last Saturday (29/01) shows the Buddha figure flaoting in the holy water and receiving blessings in the form of flowers and donations. The abbot Piboonpattanapimol said the statue had been located in the temple for a long time with an unknown history. He said: ''Four men were carrying the statue out for an annual ceremony. It was supposed to be put in the middle of the pond but the statue never stood upright no matter how many times they tried.” The abbot decided to keep this heavy Buddha statue on the water and it suddenly became famous. People named the Buddha statue as “Loy Buddha” which means a floating monk. A loyal Buddhist Piroon Nimpraserd, 57, said that it was unbelievable to see the brass statue able to float on the water. He said: “The Buddha also has a lot of holes which make it harder for a 660-pound statue to float in the water. “Loy Buddha had made many Buddhists want to see this miracle with their own eyes. I’m happy to see more visitors come to the temple and pay respect to the statue.”

Driver Climbs Out Of Moving Truck To Grab Vest38s

Driver Climbs Out Of Moving Truck To Grab Vest

A truck driver was dubbed 'Spiderman' after he was seen climbing out of his moving truck to grab a vest hanging on the back of the cabin. Drivers were shocked when they noticed the driver perform the risky manouvre along South Luzon Expressway in Manila, the Philppines on January 14. His vehicle kept moving - even when he was fully out of the window. A passing motorist who captured the incident said: ''Who is this Spiderman? He could have stopped his truck to get what he needed or just waited. It's reckless.''