Pampered Pug In Balinese Costume2m14s

Pampered Pug In Balinese Costume

A pampered pug wearing his own version of the traditional Balinese costume. Ten-year-old Twinky was kitted out with the snug-fitting green silk jacket and gold hat next to his owner's swimming pool in Bali, Indonesia, on February 2, 2019. Twinky's owner, Kadek, said: ''He's the most pampered pooch on the whole island. He's having the best years of his life.''

Large Python Caught In Tree5m12s

Large Python Caught In Tree

Rescuers catch a large python which had wrapped itself around a tree branch. The emergency services were called after the homeowner noticed the 7ft long snake when he was walking around his front yard. They used a large 'snare' tool - a lassoo on the end of a pole - to bring the reptile back down to earth. The resident, Chokchai Panumas, said: ''It could have dropped on my head. Yuk. I don't like snakes so I'm glad it's gone. I don't want them in my tree.''

Tokay Geckos In Identical Poses15s

Tokay Geckos In Identical Poses

Two tokay geckos were seen in this bizarre pose - making identical shapes above a doorway. The blue and orange lizards where hanging out together in the room in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on February 5, 2019. The resident Eddie Jakapan Karawek, 38, said: ''They must be twins. They were the same size, same colour and in the sama position. I have never seen something so strange. Is it a lucky sign?''

Husband Takes His Disabled Wife To Work Every Day4m59s

Husband Takes His Disabled Wife To Work Every Day

This doting husband takes his disabled wife to work with him every day - driving her round in a modified motorcycle. Surasak Tengchamru, 69, trawls the streets around his home in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, looking for plastic bottles and scrap metal that he can weigh in for a few pence every day. His wife, Jan, 80, fell ill a few years ago and has been unable to walk since. She is believed to have suffered a stroke.

Cat Wears Chinese New Year Costume22s

Cat Wears Chinese New Year Costume

A cute little cat was kitted out in his own Chinese New Year red and gold silk costume. The dapper moggy was seen being carried by his owner during the celebrations in the China Town Area of Bangkok, Thailand, on February 5, 2019.

Colourful Scenese At Chinese New Year In Manila3m00s

Colourful Scenese At Chinese New Year In Manila

Colourful scenes from Chinese New Year celebrations in Manila, the Philippines, on February 5, 2019. Hundreds of thousands of residents took to the streets to celebrate the event. They took part in dances with dragons, let of fire crackers and flame eating displays. Local children also made their own costumes with wooden boxes.

Enormous whale covered in wounds washes up in the Philippines1m33s

Enormous whale covered in wounds washes up in the Philippines

This is the heartbreaking moment a 36ft long whale covered in wounds was found washed up in shallow water after becoming tangled in ropes from a motorboat. The enormous creature was found dead yesterday (Mon) morning in Gigantes Sur Island, the Philippines, by local fisherman just after 5am - sparking fears of an impending natural disaster.

Kids Improvise For Chinese New Year Costumes2m07s

Kids Improvise For Chinese New Year Costumes

These kids improvised with their own Chinese New Year costumes - using plastic crates for dragon heads. The lads found their own way to join in with the celebrations taking place in Manila, the Philippines on February 5, 2019. Extravagant dragon costumes are a common sight at the events around the world. But these boys used a plastic beer crate with eyes stuck on from washing up liquid tops and a cardboard tongue. They also had a long black cape for the body. To top of the street performance, one of the lads was beating a rhythm on a metal oil tub with pieces of wood.

Firecracker Street Show For Chinese New Year35s

Firecracker Street Show For Chinese New Year

Revellers let off a row of firecrackers in the street - sending women running for cover. The crackers were set off during Chinese New Year celebrations in Manila, the Philippines on February 5, 2019.RelatedEarningsExportLanguagesRankFacebookNotesLogContributions

Dozens Of Balloons EXPLODE!46s

Dozens Of Balloons EXPLODE!

This is the dramatic moment dozens of nitrogen-filled balloons exploded injuring four bystanders at a religious show in South India this afternoon. The bizarre incident happened at Suttur in Karnataka on February 5 during a popular annual fair organised by a monastery representing lingayats, a powerful community in South India.

Motorcycle No Hands illusion24s

Motorcycle No Hands illusion

This motorcycle baffled road users - after the rider appeared to be steering with no hands. One man was sitting at the front and his pillion passenger was holding two large barrels in either hand. From behind, with the lead rider obscured, it appeared that the passenger was operating the motorbike without using his hands. The scene was captured in Bali, Indonesia on December 30, 2018. The filmer said: ''Motorcycle riders are getting better, they can even ride with no hands while carrying things.''

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Kitten Rescued After Getting Stuck On Railings4m55s

Kitten Rescued After Getting Stuck On Railings

This little kitten used up the first of its nine lives - after falling and getting stuck on iron railings. The clumsy cat was clambering along the fence outside a house in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, on February 2. But the feline appeared to have slipped and was impaled on the sharp spikes designed to prevent intruders into the home. The owner heard the kittens cries for help and walked outside, where she saw the white cat hanging upside down with one of the iron bars going through its hind leg. Rescue workers arrived and spent 30 minutes carefully removing the injured kitten. She was taken to the local vets and given several stitches and has since recovered. Resident Ning Boonsong said: ''I was really worried when I saw the cat. I felt very sorry for her. But I was scared to remove her because I could have injured her more. I supported her with my hands and waited for the firemen to arrive.''

Nervous Pomsky Puppy Rides The Train

Nervous Pomsky Puppy Rides The Train

This adorable little Pomsky dog was seated comfortably as he rode the train... sitting on the back of his owner's bike. The owner of the little dog named Maika said he gets nervous when people come near him because he was abused before being adopted. Commuter Safia Rasheed, one of the train passengers, filmed the dog and was touched when she learned of his previous difficulties. She said: ''He was abused and kicked as a little pupper so he gets nervous and barks at people. But he was good as gold for me.''

Fireman Expertly Catches Python Under Pile Of Branches

Fireman Expertly Catches Python Under Pile Of Branches

An experienced fireman expertly catches a wild python that was found under pile of branches. Khun Pinyo - wildely regarded as Thailand's best snake catcher - was called out after the housewife noticed the snake when she was pegging out her washing. Pinyo arrived made light work of picking up the reptile from outside the three-storey home in the Chatuchak area on Bangkok, Thailand, on Feburary 4, 2019. The woman, who was visibly frightened and ran away with fright when the snake emerged, said she would now be nervous every time she went into the gard. ''What it it had bitten my leg while I wasn't looking,'' she said. ''I'm worried now about every time I go back there. But the fireman advised me not to keep piles of rubbish in the garden as snakes like to go inside and curl uyp there. So I'll keep my garden clean.''

Pest Control Worker Recovering In Hospital After Bit By Python

Pest Control Worker Recovering In Hospital After Bit By Python

A pest control worker was recovering in hospital after being bitten by a python - which embedded its fang into his wrist. The man, named Farhan, was called to a shopping centre in Orchard Road, Singapore, on January 29 after the 10ft long python emerged from a drainage pipe.

Gardener, Fights Back Tears As He Releases Pet Bear4m31s

Gardener, Fights Back Tears As He Releases Pet Bear

This is the touching moment a gardener fights back tears as he hugs a wild bear he rescued and hand-reared as a pet for two years. Gardener Patrarawuth Sompuen, 31, found the one-month-old injured Asian black bear abandoned by its mother in the jungle in Chonburi, Thailand in November 2016.

Bizarre Yellow Algal Bloom In Sea1m15s

Bizarre Yellow Algal Bloom In Sea

A tourist found a bizarre golden yellow stream of water while travelling to Racha Island, Phuket on Monday (14/01). It is believed that the appearance was caused by a rare algal bloom and plankto.

Life-Sized Iron Man Goes for Walkabout1m27s

Life-Sized Iron Man Goes for Walkabout

A life-size Iron Man robot was filmed going walk-about on the street in Hanoi, Vietname on November 29, 2018. The costime was made by Do Duc Muoi, a Vietnamese prop maker at Transform studio where they make costumes, cosplay accessories, performace tools for concerts, television shows, and movies. This time, he created an Iron Man robot.

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Stunning Back Yard Spring In Bali23s

Stunning Back Yard Spring In Bali

This impressing hotel has a back yard sping - where resident can plunge in straight from their balcony. The Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali, Indoensi, has an enchanting natural mountain pool directly below one of the rooms. Footage shows holidaymaker Celia Smith stepping out of her room and dropping directly into the water.

Tourist Drags Suitcase On Motorcycle Taxi27s

Tourist Drags Suitcase On Motorcycle Taxi

A tourist was seen riding a motorcycle from the airport to his hotel - casually rolling his suitcase along the ground. The traveller was seen in Bali, Indonesia, on December 29, 2018. The filmer, from the Bali Barber & Spa, said: ''Bali is where crazy locals live alongside craxy backpackers and somehow it all works out fine. This is what Bali traffic is like.''

Toddler Cries Over Doggy Best Friend

Toddler Cries Over Doggy Best Friend

A four-year-old boy burst into tears after his mother brought him to see the body of his best friend Bobby. The Pit Bull Terrier died of chronic kidney disease at the age of nine in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 15.. Khun Tida, the mother and the dog owner, said that Bobby had always kept an eye on his son since she was pregnant. She said: "My son New was very attached to him, so he was devastated after he found out that Bobby was not with him anymore. We are not still recovered from his sudden death."

Cats Play Inside Shopping Bag1m41s

Cats Play Inside Shopping Bag

These three cats enjoyed having their playtime inside their owner's shopping bag. The moggies, named Woorie, Roxy, and Tomtom, peered inside the paper carrier bag from a jeans shop. One of them even climbed inside at the owner's home in Manila, Philippines, on January 15.