Hand Printing T-Shirt Designs2m44s

Hand Printing T-Shirt Designs

This is how a realistic image is printed on t-shirt using hands. The footage of the screen printing was taken inside the Selestine Arts printing shop in Quezon City, the Philippines on February 10.

Pensioner Rides Motorcycle With 'Body Guard' Dog20s

Pensioner Rides Motorcycle With 'Body Guard' Dog

An elderly motorcycle rider was seen travelling around the city with help from his ''body guard'' dog. The unknown pensioner was spotted by commuter Tin Pingco in Manila, the Philippines, in the morning on February 8. He had the faithul dog, an Aspin breed, sitting behind him as he cruised along during rush hour. Tin said: ''The dog looks so well behaved and just sits comfortably at the back of the man all through the drive.'' The dog is believed to have been acting as a security guard against robbers since the area where he is driving is notorious for thieves and snatchers.

Alain Robert POV During Manila Climb3m05s

Alain Robert POV During Manila Climb

Urban climber Alain Robert dubbed as "French Spiderman" shows his point-of-view camera while climbing the 43-story GT International Tower on Ayala Avenue, Makati City in the Philippines on January 29, 2019.

Mini Tornado On School Field2m21s

Mini Tornado On School Field

This is the dramatic moment pupils ran screaming when a mini tornado appeared on the school field. The youngsters had just been let out for lunch when the whirlwind formed on outside their classrooms in Roi Et, Thailand, on February 4.

Lioness Sparks Panic As It Runs Through Village In India1m09s

Lioness Sparks Panic As It Runs Through Village In India

This is the terrifying moment villagers ran for their lives after a rampaging lioness stormed through their homes - attacking one resident. The big cat appeared from the wilderness before prowling among the dusty streets in the Madhavpur village in Porbandar district, Gujarat, India, this morning (Tue).

Weird Toilet Shaped Like Train2m16s

Weird Toilet Shaped Like Train

This is the creative construction of the restroom designed like a train located at Sai Yai Buddhist temple in Songkhla, southern Thailand. Founded by villagers of the Kuanroo district, the train restroom had been recognised for its unique design for more than 14 years. The train has three cubicles and each one provides seven lavatories and one shower room. The locomotive also includes the big dressing room made especially for ladies. Wash basins are also neatly designed like wood stumps in front of the train, inviting people who visited the temple to use and take photos of the impressive invention.

Pigs Taste Freedom After Truck Overturns30s

Pigs Taste Freedom After Truck Overturns

These pigs had a taste of freedom after a truck carrying them to an abbetoir overturned - allowing them to break free and munch on the grass. The porkers were loaded into the lorry while travelling along the highway in Sison town, Surigao del Norte, the Philippines on January 30. But after going round the corner on wet roads, the vehicle overturned - spilling the pigs out all over the road. They were filmed by a passing motorists happily munching on the lush green grass. Ruben Al Ecleo said: ''It could have been their lucky day. They didn't look like they were in a hurry to get back inside the truck.'' No one was hurt during the incident although it caused heavy traffic queues on the narrow mountain road.

Monkey Inside Bali Airport30s

Monkey Inside Bali Airport

A monkey was seen wandering around inside Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali, Indonesia on February 5. The cheeky primate made its way past immigration and security before being seen perched on a chrome handrail near the departure lounge.

Dogs Caught On CCTV Stealing Crisps From Shop41s

Dogs Caught On CCTV Stealing Crisps From Shop

This is the hilarious moment a dog was caught on CCTV stealing a packet of crisps from a corner shop.The cheeky pooch was loitering outside the grocery store in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, on February 6. After looking over its shoulder to check nobody was watching, it then approached a shelf and grabbed the foil packet in its mouth before quickly disappearing. His friend tried the same heist but was scared away when a car arrived. Owner Nong Nan, 25, noticed the theft when she watched back the security cameras. She said: ''The driver told me about the dogs hanging around and there was some packets of crisps on the floor. I checked the cameras and saw what had happened. It was funny.'' The dogs were identified as belonging to a neighbour. Nong added: ''He came round and apologised and paid for the crisps that were taken.''

Puppy Wants Her Favourite T-Shirt Back36s

Puppy Wants Her Favourite T-Shirt Back

This is the adorable moment a jealous puppy tries to retrieve his favourite shirt from a rival pooch. Two-month old mixed-Chihuahua named Jewel went into a frenzy when she noticed noticed black Labrador Kenya in her favourite Goofy cartoon character t-shirt. Footage shows how little Jewel started chasing Kenya - then grabbed the t-shirt in her teeth to try and lift it off her back. She followed her round the kitchen floor before having to be separated after the incident in Aklan, the Philippines, on February 6.

Fisherman Finds Massive Python In His Net3m38s

Fisherman Finds Massive Python In His Net

This fisherman had a nasty surprise after pulling his net - and finding a four-metre long python. Chalerm Nookaew, 34, goes every morning to check how many crabs he has snared from the pond in Chachoengsao, central Thailand. But he had a nasty surpise when pulling in the equipment on the morning of January 29 when he noticed the shiny gold scales of the massive python. Chalerm called the emergency services who dispatched the local rescue team. They reeled in the python and stuffed it into a sack before it was released back into the wild several miles away. Chalerm said: ''I've been fishing here for a long time and never caught a snake. I was shocked but I'm glad it didn't bite me.''

Dogs Queue Up For Grilled Pork21s

Dogs Queue Up For Grilled Pork

Four dogs were seen queing line waiting for grilled pork from the vendor at the army school in Bangkok, Thailand. The patient pooches are all resident pets at the military centre. They went out for a walk with the squaddies who were exercising on February 1. When the lads went to buy some snacks from a food seller, the dogs gathered round. Sergeant Khun Kittisak took the opportunity to organise the dogs in an orderly line and captured the adorable scene with them waiting for food alongside the soldiers. Kittisak said: ''In the army dogs have to be organised, too. They were all very organised. Kittisak also included his three-year-old female Aspin dog named Cream in the video. He said: ''We will see if they remember how to queue like this next time they smell the grilled pork. I suspect they will forget.''

Truck Topples Over Onto Their Car48s

Truck Topples Over Onto Their Car

This is the miraculous moment a retired couple survived after a truck carrying bamboo toppled over and crushed their car. Thongsin Moongngam, 73, and wife Maleechan, were driving to the doctors on a Saturday morning (02/02) when the oncoming six-wheel truck lost control.

Mario And Friends Ride Go Karts30s

Mario And Friends Ride Go Karts

Mario and friends were see riding go-karts through Bangkok, Thailand. The famous cartoon characters from Japan were taking part in a festival in Lumpini Park to promote tourism in the country on January 19.

Air Pollution Hits Northern Thailand3m09s

Air Pollution Hits Northern Thailand

Shocking levels of pollution engulfed northern Thailand where farmers defied orders and continued burning crops. A toxic blanket of smog which had strangled capital Bangkok for since the middle of January slowly dispersed after winds arrived - but is expected to return on Wednesday.

Cops Apologise After Interrogating Suspected Thief With A Live SNAKE1m21s

Cops Apologise After Interrogating Suspected Thief With A Live SNAKE

This is the shocking moment police laugh as they interrogate a terrified suspect with a live snake. Cops arrested the man over the weekend on suspicion of stealing smartphones in the Papua region of Indonesia. They filmed the handcuffed suspect sitting on the ground with the 10ft long reptile wrapped around his neck.

Tanks seen on Thai roads42s

Tanks seen on Thai roads

Tanks were seen on the streets of Thailand yesterday (Sun) in a feared military coup just days after the exiled former Man City owner tried to make a political comeback. Taksin Shinawatra - who once signed manager Sven-Goran Eriksson and striker Geovanni - last week recruited the Thai king’s glamorous older sister Ubol Ratana to head his party.

Elephant picks up terrified teenage girl in its TUSKS3m47s

Elephant picks up terrified teenage girl in its TUSKS

Dramatic footage shows how a Thai country festival turned to chaos after a rampaging elephant picked up a teenager in its tusks - as she posed for a selfie. Nichanat Manucham, 19, was standing in front of the ten-year-old jumbo for a photo when it wrapped its trunk around her leg in Surin, north east Thailand.

Beautiful Girls Of The Bo Sang Umbrella Festival3m52s

Beautiful Girls Of The Bo Sang Umbrella Festival

The beautiful girls of the Bo Sang Umbrellla Festival which takes place in the village of Bo Sang in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand. The settlement is known for its centuries old tradition of hand-made silk sun umbrellas and every year they celebrate it with a beauty pageant, procession and parades at night time. The brightly coloured umbrella designs have earned locals a reputation as the best umbrella makers in the world and their products are shipped to dozens of different countries.

Elephant Grabs Teenager In Tusks As She Poses For Selfie3m09s

Elephant Grabs Teenager In Tusks As She Poses For Selfie

Dramatic footage shows how a Thai country festival turned to chaos after an elephant picked up a teenager and went on a rampage - as she posed with it for a selfie. Nichanat Manucham, 19, was standing in front of the ten-year-old jumbo for a photo when it wrapped its trunk around her leg in Surin, north east Thailand. She thought the elephant, named Phan Thong, was playing but it then grabbed her body - hoisting her in the air and tramping a nearby food stall. Nichanat grabbed hold of the elephant's massive ivory tusks as it went berserk - clinging on for her life and preventing the beast from flinging her around or trampling her. The elephant - agitated by the heat and loud noise - smashed four market stalls while holding the teenager. After a two minute rampage the girl wriggled free from its trunk. Miraculously, she suffered only minor grazes on her right arm and was pictured moments after smiling and talking on her mobile phone to her mum. Brave Nicharat even apologised for causing a disturbance at the fair.

Awesome Remote Control Car Race53s

Awesome Remote Control Car Race

Celebrity remote control car racer Ryan Maifield taking part at the AMS 9.0 (Alabama Manufacturer's Shootout) in Alabama, United States, on July 2, 2018.