Stream Filled With Plastic Bottles In Indonesia28s

Stream Filled With Plastic Bottles In Indonesia

Shocking footage shows a stream full of plastic bottles as locals battle to clear the mess. The astonishing scene was captured in Manado City, Indonesia, on February 5 as the waterway struggled to move through the channel.

Diver Rescues Tiny Fish Stuck Inside Plastic Bag53s

Diver Rescues Tiny Fish Stuck Inside Plastic Bag

This is the heartwarming moment a scuba diver saved a tiny fish that was stuck beneath the waves inside a plastic bag. Nat Senmuang was diving with friends when she noticed the little fella barely breathing inside the plastic pollution in Phuket, southern Thailand last Thursday (14/02). Without intervention, the fish would almost certainly have suffocated and drowned.

Rat Shelters During Rain Storm18s

Rat Shelters During Rain Storm

A drenched rat sheltering by the side of a building during a heavy rainstorm in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 25, 2018. The shivering little rodert looked like he was not happy with the monsoon downpour when he was seen at the side of the department store. He eventually scurried away.

Shocking Plastic Pollution On Kuta Beach In Bali51s

Shocking Plastic Pollution On Kuta Beach In Bali

Shocking footage shows the devastating level of plastic pollution scattered across the once-beautiful Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia. The garbage washed up on the sand after heavy rain and winds on February 13, 2019. The footage highlights the devastating levels of plastic pollution blighting the world's oceans. Italian expatriate Jacopo Simonetta, who witnessed the scene, said: ''In my 17 years in Bali, I never saw anything like that.'' Jacopo pointed out that hotels and bars that rely on tourism from Kuta Beach were in danger of going out of business if the situation continues.

Elephant Blocks Road As It Stomps Towards Cars29s

Elephant Blocks Road As It Stomps Towards Cars

This is the terrifying moment a giant elephant caused a tarffic jam - stomping down the road towards cars. The jumbo strayed from the jungle and ventured onto a country road in the Pak Chong district of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on February 11, 2019. As the beast came thundering towrds one car, the driver had to frantically reverse to avoid being trampled. Luckily, the adult elephant's attention was distracted and it trudged back into the jungle. The motorist said: ''We were retuning home from a wildlife tour, but this was the highlight of the day. It was incredible to see a wild elephant so close.''

Kitten Rescued After Getting Stuck In Sewer1m30s

Kitten Rescued After Getting Stuck In Sewer

This is the adorable moment a stray kitten is rescued after it was stuck in a sewer. Residents heard the faint meows as the hapless little baby cat called for help. They alerted the local rescue service who arrived and began searching for the animal. The pin-pointed the noise as coming from inside a drainage sewer - but were unable to get inside. So they sent more more staff, hydraulic tools and a flatbed truck with a cherry picker. Rescuers used the building equipment to open the sewer top - which had been cemented shut - before the truck's pneumatic arm pulled off the lid with chains attached. Two workers then had to don breathing equipment and wade through the filthy seawge strewn water, where he found the kitten. The kitten, which emerged covered in filth, was then adopted by the woman who first heard him calling for help. Ploy Manuson said: ''It's destiny that he was meant to be rescued. I could hear the cries and I couldn't ignore them.'' Ploy has named the kitten 'Star'. She said: ''I don't know where he came from or how he went into the drain. But he has a safe home now. We will care for him.''

Bus Smashes Into Rail Crossing Barrier42s

Bus Smashes Into Rail Crossing Barrier

A bus smashed through a train track barrier after it tried to avoid hitting another bus that stopped abruptly in front. The incident happened in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam on August 19, 2018. The metal barrier went through like a skewer in the front windshield of the bus. Dozens of shaken passengers alighted the bus with the help of onlookers who were on the scene when it happened. No one was hurt in the accident, although it left trauma to the passengers.

Couples Put on 'Kisscam' At Thai Rock Concert1m05s

Couples Put on 'Kisscam' At Thai Rock Concert

Footage shows how couples and friends had to kiss every time a 'kisscam' at a rock concert focused on them. Tens of thousands of fans were attending the show by famous Thai rock band Bodyslam in Bangkok, Thailand, on February 11. With the event just three days before Valentine's Day, organisers took the chance to use the interval to play the 'kisscam' game. Each time the camera focused on two people, and projected them on to the big screen, they had to kiss. Mobile phone footage from an audience member captured the uplifting scenes at the event.

Python Caught Under Pick-Up Truck At Thailand2m47s

Python Caught Under Pick-Up Truck At Thailand

Footage shows the moment a python is caught hiding undernearth a pick-up truck. The driver of the black Isuzu was about to start the engine and leave for work in the morning when he noticed the snake's tail hanging down. He crouched down and saw the 12ft long serpent in the wheel chassis. Snake handlers arrived at the home in Chonburi, Thailand, and caught the python on February 5, 2019.

Dog Spins In Circles And Steals The Show20s

Dog Spins In Circles And Steals The Show

This is the hilarious moment a stray stole a street performer's big moment - spinning round in circles and chasing her as fireworks poured from her hat. The amusing scene was was captured in the city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico during the traditional Las Calendas festival on February 8 and has turned the dog, named Mazapan, into a local celebrity.

Passengers Find Live Scorpion On Plane58s

Passengers Find Live Scorpion On Plane

Passengers were terrified when a live SCORPION crawled out of the overhead baggage compartment. The Lion Air flight set off from the Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, on Thursday evening and was bound for Jakarta.But when the plane had landed and a woman stood up to open the locker, the venomous creature scampered out - sparking panic from those onboard the Boeing 737. The dark black creature appeared to resemble a Heterometrus Spinifer - common in the forests of Indonesia - and which can sting its victims.

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Pikc-Up Truck WIth 80 Speakers On The Outside34s

Pikc-Up Truck WIth 80 Speakers On The Outside

Can you count them all.... this suped-up pick-up truck has been modified with EIGHTY different speakers all built onto the outside. The silver Isuzu has a custom made fibre glass frame on the back which houses the vast amount of electronics. Intimidating rows of speakers and sub woofers cover each side, the front and back of the car, where the controls are also placed. Luckily, the long months of dry weather in Phetchaburi, central Thailand, mean the driver can show off his vehicle without worrying about the rain wreaking havoc with the electronics.

Thai Air Flight Return To Airport After Warning Light Showed DOOR Was Open26s

Thai Air Flight Return To Airport After Warning Light Showed DOOR Was Open

A Thai Airways flight had to dump fuel in the English Channel and turn back to Heathrow moments after take-off - when the pilot was told that a door was OPEN. The flight left London at 9:35pm on Wednesday (13/02) but during the ascent, a warning light appeared showing that the cargo hold door was not shut securely. Flight radars show how the concerned captain circled several above the English Channel while burning and dumping fuel before bringing the Boeing 777-300ER back to Heathrow to land.

Elephants Breaks Into Garden And Steals Bananas2m03s

Elephants Breaks Into Garden And Steals Bananas

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. They are well-known for living in matriarchal female-led social groups, and although they are respected and revered by people throughout their ranges in Africa and South Asia, they are also feared because they can be aggressive and dangerous. However, they are brilliant animals, and people often underestimate their intelligence. They don’t need to use their big size to get what they want, sometimes they stick in people’s yard and steal things! But, who knew that they could be thieves too! Hold it right there Dumbo; you got caught! Hand over those bananas! We have everything caught on camera! Oh oh, you are busted! A man who woke up to find his garden had been trampled was shocked when his CCTV revealed an unlikely thief - a giant ELEPHANT. The great jumbo smashed through a metal gate while looking for food in Chonburi, central Thailand. Footage from the early hours of Wednesday (13/02) morning shows how the elephant knocked over the gate then trampled across plants. Oh, the love for bananas will even make an elephant a thief. However, even though they are sneaky “little” thieves, we believe that the world would be empty without those big amazing animals with big hearts and enormous love for bananas! They are the color of the world! It is a fact that elephants are crazy about bananas and we think that this crime should be forgiven because they deserve all the bananas in the world! No wonder they were a subject of religious beliefs! The Mbuti people of central Africa believe that the souls of their dead ancestors resided in elephants. Similar ideas existed among other African tribes, who believed that their chiefs would be reincarnated as elephants. During the 10th century AD, the people of Igbo-Ukwu, near the Niger Delta, buried their leaders with elephant tusks. The animals' religious importance is only totemic in Africa but is much more significant in Asia. However, not just people worship elephants, elephants love people too, and they love to show emotions towards them. This emotional elephant shows deep affection towards human friend and it is by far the most amazing video we have seen! The bulky animal in this video even learned how to kiss humans! This occurred at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We can witness the fantastic bond between Sangduan ‘Lek’ Chailert and a young baby elephant named Faa Mai which was born at the Elephant Nature Park. How adorable is this?

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Inflatable White Water Rafting1m45s

Inflatable White Water Rafting

An American company has created these amazing inflatable whitewater rafts. The triangle structures allow extreme sports loves to ride the boats while flipping over as they hurtle down rapids. The whitewater rafts then rotate back to theip upright position, allowing the person inside to continue enjoying the ride. Darren Vancil, who created the idea with his company Creature Craft, said he dreamed up the raftes after being inspired by watching a documentary of Russian whitewater enthusiasts navigating Siberian Rivers in hand built rafts called 'Bublik'. He added: ''The agile and simple boat appeared to have steering difficulties that could be improved upon.'' Combining the Bublik with a cataraft, Darren started to yield interesting results his experiments lead to a patented self-righting raft design, christened Creature Craft. Darren said: ''The Creature Craft stands out because they radically change the entire whitewater experience. The structural integrity of the Creature Crafts multiple chambers remains firm in its form, and does not crush or wrap. The patented thigh-strap system also greatly reduces the risk of a swim and the self-righting abilities of the boat completely change the consequences of a flip. The paddle team or oars person can easily roll the craft right side up and continue on their journey.''

Pupils Cover Teachers In Stickers For Valentine's Day1m39s

Pupils Cover Teachers In Stickers For Valentine's Day

Students covered their favourite teachers in heart stickers to mark Valentine's Day - with whoever received the most stickers declared the winner. Teachers at the Theppanya school in Udon Thani, northeastern Thailand, were all covered in red heart stickers after the school principle organised the fun activity for students to show off what they love. Inspired by Thai children’s craze for cute stickers, the contest was aimed to bond the relationship between primary students and teachers. Teacher who received the most stickers would become “Miss Valentine”. One beautiful teacher Chamaiporn Samoron, who was also had her body and face covered with stickers, said that she never received heart stickers as much as this before in her life but she was happy that the children were having fun. She said: “My students always found a way to attach even more stickers on my body, now I can't even recognise myself. I don't want to think about what I'll do when I have to remove them this evening.''

Bird Attacks Male Pedestrian As He Walks Down The Street31s

Bird Attacks Male Pedestrian As He Walks Down The Street

This is the hilarious moment a pedestrian walking past a hotel was attacked by a man-hating bird. The man in blue jean and green shirt was looking at his phone as he strolled down the pavement in front of a hotel in Lima, Peru on February 3. He dropped his folder and smartphone on the ground as the bird swooped in and clipped the back of his head with its feet.

Dog Steals The Show During Fireworks Display24s

Dog Steals The Show During Fireworks Display

This is the moment a stray dog steals the show during a traditional Mexican festival by perfectly imitating a woman as she spins around with fireworks in a basket on her head. The incredible moment was captured in the city of Oaxaca in southern Mexico during the traditional Las Calendas festival and has turned the dog, named Mazapan, into a local celebrity.

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Watching Fireworks From Top Floor33s

Watching Fireworks From Top Floor

Watching fireworks below from the top floor of a building looks terrifying. This is what Wing Ngan from Taipei, Taiwan realized. Wing opened his window to watch the display during Chinese New Year on February 5. He said: ''It looked like a non-stop explosion from above.''

Hundreds Of Watermelons Spilled From Lorry4m15s

Hundreds Of Watermelons Spilled From Lorry

Hundreds of watermelons spilled onto the road after a lorry overtuned in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on December 28, 2018. The extraordinmary scene was captured by passing motorists Phan Soumy, 30, who said it was ''chaos''. He added: ''The watermelons were rolling every where. I was driving behind just as it happened. I saw the lorry crash and started filming it.'' The truck carrying the fruit destined for local markets had skidded off the road and ploughed into a ditch. The thousands of watermelons had spilled out of the back and scattered across the road. Phan added: ''The driver was very upset. He was worried about losing all of the produce.'''

Python Found Curled Up In Chevrolet Engine43s

Python Found Curled Up In Chevrolet Engine

A driver was shocked after he pulled up at a petrol station and found a 5ft long python under the bonnet. Somchai Boonme, 30, lifted up the bonnet of his black Cherolet Aveo to change the water when he noticed the reptile curcled up next to the air filter. The motorists called the emergency services who arrived to remove the snake from the car engine while it was parked up in Samut Songkhram, Thailand, on February 10. Somchai said: ''I had been driving around without knowing there was a snake in the car engine. I'm glad it has been captured now.'

Motorcycle Catches Fire At Gas Station1m13s

Motorcycle Catches Fire At Gas Station

Dashcam footage shows the moment a motorcycle rider fled a petrol station - after his bike caught fire. The man was filling up at the gas station in Kanchnaburi, Thailand, on February 10, 2019. But his moped suddenly caught flames when he was about to ride away. The shocked man had to quickly roll it away from the pumps, as the flames quickly grew. Luckily, driver Thanarit Rodkhum, ran out of his vehicle and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze before it could cause an explosion. Thanarit said: ''I was with my friend in the car and arrived at the pump. We saw the flames coming from the motorcycle so quickly ran over to help. There are always fire extinguishers at the pumps so I picked up one and used it to stop the fire.''