Fearless teenager kisses wild cobra36s

Fearless teenager kisses wild cobra

Aunny Zaza kisses a wild cobra he found slithering through the undergrowth near his home in Amphoe Pak Chong, Thailand. Is he crazy or crazy confident?

Published: February 22, 201758 plays$0.15 earned
Mystery swamp creature emerges from toilet in Malaysia19s

Mystery swamp creature emerges from toilet in Malaysia

This is the stomach-churning moment a real-life swamp monster emerges from a TOILET. It is believed to have been born in the pipe work and survived on sewage - only emerging for the first time after getting too big for the plumbing works in Alor Setar, Malaysia. *** For full story and to license this footage for use in a commercial player contact video @ ***

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FIRE! Pattaya Walking Street Blaze Destroys Bars4m47s

FIRE! Pattaya Walking Street Blaze Destroys Bars

Two tourists were injured after a fire ripped through bars in a packed tourist destination. Hundreds of revellers and bar girls were drinking in notorious Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand, when there was a ''large explosion'' just after 10pm.Flames engulfed dozens of bars in a plaza area - sending girls in high heels screaming into the street as tourists fled in panic. One woman was heard saying ''oh my god, what's happening'' as sparks flew into the street and flames stretched into the night sky.

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How A Bar Owner Deals With Two Arguing Workers...33s

How A Bar Owner Deals With Two Arguing Workers...

The two bar 'girls' in Pattaya, Thailand, had been arguing in front of customers before the owner and manager appeared and laid down the law.... or at least his own version of it.... to sort out the dispute.

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Brazilian Woman Picks Up SNAKE From The Road1m54s

Brazilian Woman Picks Up SNAKE From The Road

The deadly seven-foot long serpent - believed to be a python - sparked panic after slithering into the middle of the road in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. *** to licence this footage and copy with an interview with the filmer contact ***

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Toilet Roll Keepy Uppy48s

Toilet Roll Keepy Uppy

This schoolboy earns his pocket money doing keepy uppy - with a TOILET ROLL. Phumtham Wanat, 13, pitches up at busy metro stations in Bangkok, Thailand, to show off his skills to passers-by. The lad - nicknamed Euros by his parents after his love of European football - earns up to 300 baht an hour from commuters and tourists.

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Chubby Bull Dog Stuck On Pick-Up Truck22s

Chubby Bull Dog Stuck On Pick-Up Truck

This was the moment a chubby bulldog that had piled on the pounds tried to jump into the back of truck - and got stuck. *** For full story and to licence footage in a commercial player contact***

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200kg Catfish Rescued After Floods1m26s

200kg Catfish Rescued After Floods

The enormous Mekong giant catfish, a critically endangered species, was washed from its large swamp into a smaller pond after heavy floods. It was rescued by locals who carried it on a motorbike back to its home.

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King Cobra Battles Python In Swamp Fight3m20s

King Cobra Battles Python In Swamp Fight

The King Cobra took on the python which wrapped itself around the cobra's head in a desperate attempt to thwart it's attack. But there was only ever going to be one winner...

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Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger10s

Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger

This was the revolting sight that greeted a woman who went to put cheese on her beef burger and found dozens of maggots wriggling around after she bought it from a food stall in Singapore. *** For full copy and to licence the clip visit viralpress (dot) uk

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Ghost Of Thai Woman Caught On Camera36s

Ghost Of Thai Woman Caught On Camera

A spooky apparition of a Thai woman looks straight at the camera as a motorbike gang rides by on a dirt track in Chonburi, Thailand. To license this clip and for full copy contact stories at

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Aerial Drone Footage Of Amsterdam45s

Aerial Drone Footage Of Amsterdam

Stunning aerial drone footage of Amsterdam as the sun sets over the city. Taken from the top of the former Shell Tower building and showing the beautiful river Amstel.

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Bossy tortoise chases away two pet bulldogs22s

Bossy tortoise chases away two pet bulldogs

Three-year-old Mama was wandering around the garden with the when the two puppies were let loose on Monday afternoon. The curious 'exotic bullies' breed of dog - three-month-old Joker and five-month-old Coke - walked cautiously towards Mama to try to play.

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Man Bites Snake's Tail2m36s

Man Bites Snake's Tail

Rahjit Phan, 53, showed off his ''jungle hack'' to release the 10ft-long python which had slithered inside a car engine and was refusing to leave.

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