Monitor Lizard On Factory Floor10m55s

Monitor Lizard On Factory Floor

Workers were stunned when this monitor lizard went walk-about on the factory floor. The 4ft long reptile appeared to have crampered into the car parts workshop from the forests outside the building in Nonthaburi, Thailand, on December 2. Staff followed the reptile as it walked along the green floor, dodging huge lathes and other machiner. The monitor lizard then hid behind a metal cupboard. Worker Apichat, 40, said: ''The lizard didn't want to leave. We had to make him though because it would not be safe for him.'' The lizard was eventually dragged outside by it tail and shooed away back into the nearby marshland.

Prankster Tries To Pay With Bars Of Gold1m56s

Prankster Tries To Pay With Bars Of Gold

A prankster left shopkeepers in London baffled after trying to pay for items - with bars of gold and silver. The middle-age man dressed in suit and bowler hat visited cafes, shops and restaurants in the capital. After ordering products with relatively low values, he then procuded the gold and silver bullion worth thousands of pounds. However, none of the people in the video accepted the unconventional form of payment - depsite it being worth much more than the actual transaction for their produce. The footage was put together by a cryptocurrency company called Kinesis who are launching a ''digital currency based on 1:1 allocated physical gold and silver''.

Huge Pile Of Car Parts In The Street40s

Huge Pile Of Car Parts In The Street

An enormous pile of old car parts outside a repair shop in the Talad Noi area of Bangkok, Thailand. Locals said the rusty cogs, wheels and chassis had been there ''for as long as they could rememner''. The strange scene was captured on February 21, 2019.

Chinese Tourists In Matching Elephant Suits57s

Chinese Tourists In Matching Elephant Suits

Three Chinese tourists were seen wearing matching elephant suits outside a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. The lads gave a big thumbs up. They had bought the cotton suits with colourful prints of elephants and dragons while on holiday in the ocuntry. They were seen on February 19, 2019.

Beautiful Animal Shaped Lanterns At Temple3m38s

Beautiful Animal Shaped Lanterns At Temple

This Chinese temple hosts a beautiful festival every year with illuminated lanterns shaped like animals. The Katanyu Foundation in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of Bangkok imports more than 5,000 of the ornate paper lanterns from neighbouring Taiwan. Some are traditional red Chinese lanterns but others are shaped like children, animals gods and everybody objects such as windmills or aeroplanes. They're displayed in the grounds of the ancient building from February 1 until February 24 - drawing in locals and tourists to admire the beautiful display.

AirAsia Hostesses Sing Safety Routine10m55s

AirAsia Hostesses Sing Safety Routine

These AirAsia air hostesses stunned passengers when they decided to SING the safety demonstration. The song was perfromed before take-off at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, on February 14. The girls, lead by cabin crew manager Nancy Nilubon, then walked through the A320 aisle with feather hats and skirts.

Snake Eats Snake For Supper10m55s

Snake Eats Snake For Supper

A black pipe snake is seen devouring a white kukri snake on the kitchen floor in Bangkok, Thailand. The owner Pramot Hongton said that he found the dead snake while he was on the way home and decided to bring it back for his pet. He also said that he had raised his pipe snake for many months. He said: ''This kind of snake had a beautiful colour and was non-venomous, so it was popular among snake lovers.''

Rescues Wade Through Sinking Mud To Save Stranded Stray Dog3m52s

Rescues Wade Through Sinking Mud To Save Stranded Stray Dog

This is the heartwarming moment rescuers waded through sinking mud to save a stranded dog after its canine friends alerted locals by barking for help. Montha Nakkhoom, 52, followed the sound of the three Aspins standing at the edge of the dried-out pond where she noticed the hapless female dog stuck in the middle in Chonburi, Thailand.

Man Steals KNEE CAPS From Dead People For 'Spiritual Protection'3m36s

Man Steals KNEE CAPS From Dead People For 'Spiritual Protection'

A Filipino medicine man has revealed how he raids cemeteries to steal the KNEE CAPS of dead people - which then give him spiritual protection. Angelito Oreta trawls the public cemeteries around his home in Muntinlupa, on the outskirts of Manila, the Philippines, to plunder the freshly-dug graves.

Rampaging Bull Leaps Into Crowd At Religious Festival39s

Rampaging Bull Leaps Into Crowd At Religious Festival

This the dramatic moment a bull made a giant running leap into a crowd sparking panic at a religious event in South India yesterday (Wed). Thousands of worshippers had gathered at the popular local temple in Mathakondapalli village in Krishnagiri district where organised had sought permission to hold a ‘bull dance.’

Police Make Lads Do Push-Ups Instead Of Fines54s

Police Make Lads Do Push-Ups Instead Of Fines

Amusing footage shows traffic police making two teenagers do push-ups on the roadside after they were caught riding motorcycles without helmets. The lads were pulled over in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of Bangkok on December 7. But after complaining to the officers that they had no money on them to pay the fine, the two cops came up with a different punishment. The policemen waved the 500 baht (12GBP) fine and watched the lads do push-ups on the pavment before sending them on their way, telling them to wear their helmets in future.

Crowd Chaos At Thai Football Game3m00s

Crowd Chaos At Thai Football Game

Two sets of rival football fans had to be separated by security guards after tempers flared in a Thai league match. The Ayutthaya United fans became frustrated at the ref's apparent bias for the home team Bangkok FC who had led the score 2-0 in the second-tier game. The chaos struck began when the away team fans saw the substitute of Bangkok FC kick the ball away from an Ayutthaya United player who was trying to catch the ball from the sideline. They began madly shouting and swearing for more than 10 minutes before security guards and the match announcer arrived at the scene to bring the situation under control. The game continued and the home team eventually won, with the score finishing 2-1.Thatikorn Kraikruan, the Bangkok FC director, understood the audiences' frustration that caused the quarrel. He said: ''This was an intense game for both parties since it was the final match, so I completely understood why the Ayutthaya United fans were upset. However, I would like to show my support and encouragement towards the team for upcoming games in the future.''

Doggies Enjoy River Boat Ride29s

Doggies Enjoy River Boat Ride

These two doggy brothers were intrigued while they peered over the edge of a boat. The golden retriver, called Steve Jibs, and the Siberian husky, called Lion, were sitting on the motorboat in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on December 15, 2019. Their owner said: ''Both of them love the water and they looked very fascinated by it.''

Elephant Family Walk Through Car Park24s

Elephant Family Walk Through Car Park

A family of elephants were seen taking an early morning walk through a car park. The herd of pachyderms made the rare appearance in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on January 15. Eight of them emerged from the forest and rummaged through a wooden hut. Three of them carried on walking across the car park but five turned back around after being disturbed.

Children Draw On Street At Umbrella Festival1m16s

Children Draw On Street At Umbrella Festival

Children paint cute chalk drawings on the street at the Bo Sang umbrella village in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on January 25. The small village hosts an annual festival in which they celebrate their long heritage of producing silk sun umbrellas.

Graffiti Artists Spray Umbrellas1m38s

Graffiti Artists Spray Umbrellas

Street artists spray paint graffiti style designs on these ancient Thai silk umbrellas. The large sun umbrellas are normally decorated with intricate oriental and floral patterns. But the graffit artists gave them a contemporary twist at the Bo Sang Umbrella Village in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on January 25.

Female Thief With Fast Hands47s

Female Thief With Fast Hands

A woman's hands were so fast that she was able to steal a handful of bills from a man's bag while he was shopping at a flea market in San Fernando, Pampanga City, the Philippines on October 14. CCTV showed how she sidled up the senior citizen then used a jumper slung over her arm to shield her movements. She quickly dipped her hands into his open side bag and turned around to make her getawaty. The devstated shopped contacted store security when he noticed the missing items after returning home. They watched back the footage and noticed the audacious theft, which has been reported to the police. So far, they have been unable to track down the thief.

The Old Customs House In Bangkok3m19s

The Old Customs House In Bangkok

This is Bangkok's original custom's house - which is lying abandoned on the side of the city's river. The stunning neo-classical property was built in 1888 and levied taxes on traders moving in and out of the kingdom along the Chao Phraya river. Designed by Austrian-Italian architect Joachim Grassi, it was inspired by the beautiful homes in the Italian countryside. However, customs operations have long been modernised and today the building stands empty and crumbling. Local officials have made some efforts to renovate the building and preserve it's heritage, while there has also been big money offers from developers who would like to transform it into a hotel or knock it down to build a shopping mall or apartment block. Thailand's Treasury Department confirmed in 2017 that the project to turn the old Custom's House into an Aman Resorts hotel would go ahead under Natural Park's successor, the U City company.

Housewife Terrified By Cobra In The Kitchen1m59s

Housewife Terrified By Cobra In The Kitchen

Footage shows the moment a terrified housewife cowered on the sideboard - after she saw a cobra in the kitchen. Ning Suppawan, 40, spotted the 8ft long seprpent slithering across the floor tiles while she was cooking lunch in Chonburi, Thailand, on February 10. She quickly leapt onto the sideboard to stay off the ground, afraid that the snake could catch her. Ning called for help and the emergency services arrived at the two-storey property, where they caught the cobra and put it in a plastic box to be released into the wild. Ning said: ''I was so scared. The snake the was blocking the door so I climbed on the shelf to stay out of the way.''

Driver Stops Traffic To Rescue Kitten On Motorway1m42s

Driver Stops Traffic To Rescue Kitten On Motorway

This is the heartwarming moment drivers stopped speeding traffic to rescue a stray kitten stranded in the middle of a motorway. Teera Potisat, 28, and his partner Kessarapawn Inpang, 26, were driving home when they noticed the frail moggy dodging the vehicles in Thailand yesterday (19/02).

Boat Flips During High-Speed Race40s

Boat Flips During High-Speed Race

This is the dramatic moment a drag boat lost control and somersaulted into the air before smashing the pilot in the face. Jamroen Soparut, 36, was racing the vessel on the Suvannabhumi canal in Samut Prakan, Thailand, last Sunday (17/02) when its nose suddenly lifted in the air.

Two Air Force India Jets Crash Mid-Air30s

Two Air Force India Jets Crash Mid-Air

This was the moment two Indian Air Force jets crashed during a rehearsal session for an air show. The Hawk jets were seen spinning out of control before the nose of one plane clipped the tail of the other as they moved in the same direction while upside down. One pilot died and two others were injured when the jets collided practising on Tuesday. The disaster happened at around 11.50am over an airbase in north Bengaluru in southern India, while preparing for the Aero India show that opens in the city tomorrow.