Leech Is Pulled From A Boy's Nostril24s

Leech Is Pulled From A Boy's Nostril

This is the eye-watering moment a leech was removed from a boy's nose where it had been sucking his blood all night. The seven-year-old lad had been swimming and splashing water with his friends in a canal in Xaignabouli, northwestern Laos, when he felt something stuck inside his nostril. He went home and complained about the pain to his mother, who has not been named, but then went to bed to see if it would be better the next day.

Waiter Delivers Food On Hoverboard17s

Waiter Delivers Food On Hoverboard

A waiter was seen using a hoverboard to deliver a food order from a restaurant in Angeles City, Pampanga, the Philippines on July 31, 2018. Onlooker Clark Macasio said: ''I was riding a jeepney bus then we saw him behind. His ability to balance is amazing. It's like a futuristic kind of delivery.''

Husky Runs On Special Bike Trainer1m00s

Husky Runs On Special Bike Trainer

A one-year-old Husky is seen going for a morning run on a specially made exercise bike. The owner trained his dog, named Octane, to be familiar with the tricycle ever since he was a puppy - and the pooch has loved it. The owner said that he always stood by the bike ready to run every morning. It is designed without pedals, so the power of the husky running pushes it forward. The owner, said: ''My dog runs every day. If I am busy, I will let other people take him for the run otherwise he can't sleep at night.'' The pair were filmed in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, on January 15.

Bomb From The Vietnam War Is Detonated In Laos39s

Bomb From The Vietnam War Is Detonated In Laos

This is the dramatic moment an unexploded American bomb from the Vietnam War was detonated. Shocked villagers found the 750lb cluster bomb device in the remote Vilabuly village in Savannakhet, southern Laos on March 15. The bomb is among the 270 million that were dropped by U.S. forces on the country between 1964 and 1973. Shockingly, up to a third of the bombs did not explode and just one per cent of the explosives these have been discovered and destroyed.

Oxygen Masks Drop From The Ceiling When Plane Experiences Loss Of Pressure24s

Oxygen Masks Drop From The Ceiling When Plane Experiences Loss Of Pressure

This is the dramatic moment oxygen masks were dropped after a plane experienced a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Low-cost airline Scoot was flying from Singapore when it experienced difficulties during the descent into to Taiwan on Sunday (24/03). Stunned passengers were told to pull down the masks and put them over their faces when they were deployed from above their heads at 1.15pm local time.

Driver Finds Wild Koala Sitting In His Car2m33s

Driver Finds Wild Koala Sitting In His Car

This is the amusing moment a driver returned to his car and found a wild koala bear sitting on the passenger seat. Tim Whitrow noticed the wild animal after leaving a window open then returning to the vehicle in McLaren Vale, Australia, on March 17. The wine merchant tried to remove the koala but it stubbornly held onto the folded down back seat refusing to leave - then climbing into the front. Tim''s heard saying in the video: ''I'm going to try to get this little guy out of my car but he just doesn't want to come out. Do you wnat some water? Are you thirsty? Come on. I really need you to get out of my car. It's OK, i'm not trying to hurt you. Don't bite me.'' As the koala refuses to leave, he climbs into the front and scampers over the dashboard. Tim says: ''Mate, what are you doing? Don't climb up there. You're tearing up the dash.'' Tim eventually managed to succesfully coax the bear out and back into the wild.

Chihuahua Sits On Labradors Head12s

Chihuahua Sits On Labradors Head

Cute footage of a little chihuahua climbing on a labrador and sitting on his head. The scene was captured in Crystal Lake, Illinois, on February 23. The filmer said: ''This is the strange story of a dog who thought he was a hat.''

Woman Suffers Broken Leg And Left Disabled After Being Walked On During Thai Massage1m53s

Woman Suffers Broken Leg And Left Disabled After Being Walked On During Thai Massage

This is the agonizing a moment a mother-of-one claims she was left with a broken leg and permanently disabled after being walked on during a Thai massage. Pranom Tiengtrong, 46, visited the therapist, who uses the name ‘Dr Happy’, after suffering months of leg pain. Dr Happy, whose real name is Kiattisak Chaiwimon, was seen walking over her small legs. But the food seller claims that after the massage she was left in tears and had suffered a broken femur and dislocated ankle.

Kitten Rescued After Kids Tried To Drown It In Sea32s

Kitten Rescued After Kids Tried To Drown It In Sea

This is the harrowing moment a drowning two-day-old kitten was saved after kids threw her into the sea as punishment for ''scratching them''. Caroline Grasland was about to go for a swim with her brother when she noticed the group of youngsters cheering in Zambales, the Philippines on March 16. She walked over and saw that they were repeatedly throwing the baby cats into the ocean - picking them up each time and tossing them back into the surf.

Two Charred Puppies Are Rescued From Field Fire1m08s

Two Charred Puppies Are Rescued From Field Fire

This is the miraculous moment two charred puppies were rescued from a burning field after locals set fire to dead trees. Firefighters were battling the flames when they noticed two little dogs were struggling to escape the inferno in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand last Friday (22/03) afternoon. The men then jumped across the fence running into the burning woods before and carried the two-month-old pups out. They emerged coughing and spluttering with burned black fur.

Amazing 'Boneless' Thai Dance56s

Amazing 'Boneless' Thai Dance

Thai dancers performed a unique 'boneless' dance to give praise to Buddha. Spectators were amazed by the bizarre moves of the Manorah Thai dance at a Buddhist festival in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand on Sunday February 17. The southern folk dance is performed in front of the stupa at Wat Phra Mahathat as an offering to the Buddha spirit on Makha Bucha Day, an important Buddhist holiday. The Monorah dance is well known for the exquisite postures including a bridge pose while holding banknotes in the mouth, a rolling choreography of the body around the ground and coiling on the tray. Phannuruk Srisawang, the director of Srisawang Monorah group, said that the boneless dance movement was passed down from generations to generations and not many traditional dancers could perform it. He said: ''This is a rare performance that not many Thai people knew or had seen it as well. It was usually played in special Buddhist occasions in front of the Buddha statues.''

Doggy Covers Sister With Sand21s

Doggy Covers Sister With Sand

This cheey dog had fun covering his brother in sand. The two-year-old aspin named Tung-Pui was using his nose to cover his sibling named Tua-Lek after he found her sleeping very still in the sand for a long time while the family had building work done in Udon Thani, Thailand, on February 18.

Snake In Pringles Prank30s

Snake In Pringles Prank

A wife gave her husband a surprise when she pranked him by putting a toy snake inside a tube of Pringles. Jho Medina stuffed the toy reptile inside the tube then ate crisps from another packed. She handed the loaded tube to husband, Chard, as he walked over. The shocked husband jumped with fright when the prank snake came rearing out. Jho's brother, Oliver Medina, took a video of the prank at their home in Tarlac, the Philippines on February 17. He said: "My sister's husband was so embarrassed when his video got viral because he's being teased at work about it. But when people messaged us thanking him for making them laugh, he started being proud with it.''

Cat Gets Around With Wheelchair Stroller25s

Cat Gets Around With Wheelchair Stroller

This adroable white cat named Tofu walks with her custom made wheelchair. She suffered a broken back and hip when she was a kitten and has been unable to use her hind legs ever since. The cat was filmed at home in Hat Yai, Thailand, on March 11.

Motorcyclist Does PUSH-UPS Waiting At Traffic Lights1m05s

Motorcyclist Does PUSH-UPS Waiting At Traffic Lights

A motorcyclist found a bizarre way to pass the time waiting at traffic lights - he jumped off his bike and started doing push-ups. The rider was stuck in a queue of traffic while waiting for the red light to change to green in Taichung, Taiwan on March 10. He hopped off his bike and started doing push-ups. He stood up to check the lights and after noticing them still on red, he hit the ground again and began doing sit-ups. Despite amusing fellow motorists withi his antics, if he is caught the man could face a fine of 300 Yuan (45 USD).

Delivery Rider Helps Old Lady Cross The Road27s

Delivery Rider Helps Old Lady Cross The Road

A fast food delivery rider stopped and took a break to help a blind old man cross the road in Singapore. Karen Wong was driving out of the car park when she noticed the touching scene in her rear view mirror on March 13. The motorcyclist was seen parking his vehicle on the side of the road while he was out of the camera’s view for a moment before he reappeared again — escorting a blind man across the road.

Brave Cat Stares Out King Cobra32s

Brave Cat Stares Out King Cobra

This is the nerve-wracking moment a fearless cat came face-to-face with a king cobra - and won a tense stare off. The white feline spotted the 6ft long reptile in its garden in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 17. The highly territorial moggy scampered over to the snake and began ushering it back into the undergrowth. At on point, the cobra even reared up and spread its hood in an act of aggression. But the cat stayed calm and adopted a poised position with its back curled and head lowered to show it was ready for a tussle. The defeated snake slithered away, with the cat feeling even more confident. Owner, Phatincharas, said: ''My heart started pounding when I saw my cat trying to fight the cobra. He chased it away and he wasn't afraid. I think the snake had been trying to get away from the hot weather and wandered into the open.''

Doggy Knows When To Cross The Street14s

Doggy Knows When To Cross The Street

This clever dog knows when it is time to cross the street. The stray Aspin dog follows the traffic rules by waiting at the designated pedestrian lane - then scampering across when the signal light turns green. The scene was filmed by a worker who was having his coffee break on a roadside food stall in Marikina City, in the Philippines, on March 18. They said: ''It takes a couple of minutes before the light turns green at that particular crossing, so it means the dog knows what he's doing.''

Disabled Boy Stars On The Catwalk22s

Disabled Boy Stars On The Catwalk

This is the heartwarming moment a disabled boy beams with joy - striding down the catwalk. Three-year-old Christian Kilduff was born with cerebral palsy, a brain injury and is registered blind. Doctors told his mum Diana, 36, that he would never walk, talk and would have a poor quality of life. But with the help of his adoring big sister Jade, 17, the toddler has proved medics wrong. The adorable youngster was pictured with a huge smile on his face as he showed off on the catwalk at an event on December 10, where he could be a model for the night. Christian's sister Jade, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester in the UK, said: ''I started learning basic signs so I could speak with Christian, who is being taught sign language at Rainbow House in Preston. He’s been going there for about 18 months, and he’s really picking up the signs. My dream is for Christian, when he’s older, to be in a world where he can talk to whoever he wants, and they’ll be able to understand what he’s trying to say. If everyone knows just the basic signs, Christian, and other children and adults who sign, will be able to communicate through sign, opening up a world of possibilities and new chances for social interaction.''

Python Wrapped Round Electricity Post Sparks Panic2m49s

Python Wrapped Round Electricity Post Sparks Panic

A python sparked panic in Thailand's red light district after it was seen coiled around a 25ft high electricity pole. The serpent slithered onto the high voltage cables in the Walking Street area of Pattaya, Thailand, just after midnight. Shocked tourists gathered below and pointed at the yellow, black and grey 7ft long reptile. Rescue workers arrived and climbed onto billboards to try to catch the snake, but they were afraid of being electrocuted. Police later used a cherry picker to ascend and yank the stubborn python from its position before pulling it down to safety below. Onlookers cheered and posed for pictures when the snake was finally captured.

Thailand Elections: Bars In 24 Hour SHUT DOWN1m24s

Thailand Elections: Bars In 24 Hour SHUT DOWN

Tens of thousands of tourists had their holiday plans scuppered tonight after Thailand's bars were closed for the country's general elections. Bangkok's famous gogo bars and nightclubs are normally bustling with tourists from around the world on a Saturday evening. While the well-known Khao San Road has backpackers drinking until the early hours of the morning. But the country votes for the first time in almost a decade on March 24 and the military rulers banned all sales of booze in the run up to the controversial ballot. Sttrip clubs in the Soi Cowboy strip were deserted while bars in the neighbouring Patpong district did not open for the evening. In the Soi 4 'Nana' area, some bars stayed open with signs outside warning tourists that alcohol had been banned for the night. Police patrolled the streets making sure that no holidaymakers were drinking and that supermarkets had stopped selling booze until the elections conclude tomorrow evening at 6pm. The elections - widely regarded by critics as being rigged by the military - are the first time the country has went to the polls in since the army seized power in 2011 instilling General Prayut Chan-o-cha as leader.

Passing Nurse Saves The Life Of Drowning Tourist1m39s

Passing Nurse Saves The Life Of Drowning Tourist

This is the incredible moment an off-duty nurse brought a tourist back from the dead after he knocked himself out and almost drowned while paddle boarding. The Chinese holidaymaker was playing with his friends in the popular Philippines beach destination Boracay on March 11 when he fell and hit his head on the fibreglass board. He lost consciousness and fell into the water, sinking below the surface. Frantic beachgoers rushed out and dragged him ashore but his lips had turned grey and with no lifeguards and an hour's drive to the nearest hospital, his chances of survival appeared slim.