Puppy's Has A Scrape With Tree Snake33s

Puppy's Has A Scrape With Tree Snake

This adorable puppy found itself in an unlikely scrape - with a tree snake. The two-month-old dog was heard whimpering in the grounds of a Buddhist temple in Songkhla province, southern Thailand, on November 14. The harmless golden tree snake had coiled itself around the curious puppy, which was trying to play with it.

Python Regurgitates Two-Month-Old Puppy2m59s

Python Regurgitates Two-Month-Old Puppy

Gruesome footage shows the moment a wild python was caught regurgitated a two-month-old PUPPY. The serpent pounced on the female dog as she scampered around the yard at the home in Chachoengsao, Thailand, on November 13 morning. It swallowed the hapless puppy named 'Love Love' then slithered off under a pile of wooden crates to digest its meal. Owner Pongsee Parapitak said she went outside to give food to her two pet puppies but only one of them came running over. She then made the chilling discovery of the python.

Pet Dog Balancing On Buckets On Motorcycle32s

Pet Dog Balancing On Buckets On Motorcycle

Adorable footage of a pet dog riding on the back of a motorcycle - while balancing on a pile of plastic buckets. The black Labrador was even wearing a plastic poncho as he whizzed along the streets in Bali, Indonesia on November 7. He was perched on the top of a white barrel containing food that owner Lelut Cellelut, 43, sells at the local market. The market trader told local media that he has around six dogs - many rescued - and they are all comfortable riding with him on top of his motorcycle cargo.

Procession Of Life-Like Buddhist Monk Statues36s

Procession Of Life-Like Buddhist Monk Statues

A driver was amazed after a procession of life-like giant statutes of Buddhist monks passed by on floats. The 15ft high sculptures of the revered religious elders in their orange and saffron robes were being driven to a festival in Uttaradit, northern Thailand, on October 25, at 6pm local time. There were nine realistic looking figures in total - a homage to the spiritual figures from monks the local area. The motorist is heard saying in the video: ''Oh, they are the old monks, it's good luck, show your respect.'' Speaking afterwards, she said: ''It was a beautiful procession. I'm honoured to have seen it.''

Boy Genius Speaks 12 Different Languages3m23s

Boy Genius Speaks 12 Different Languages

Meet the nine-year-old boy genius who can speak a staggering TWELVE different languages. The pyoungster has learned the incredible linguistic skills by selling souvenirs to tourists at the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He can can speak fluently in his native Khmer as well as English, Thai, Mandarin and French. The enterprising youngster also has conservational skills in Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Filipino and Malaysian. The lad - who has not been named - was filmed speaking with a Malaysian tourist at the iconic religious site which sees more than two million visitors from around the world every year.

Male Elephants Square Up Causing Traffic Jam1m16s

Male Elephants Square Up Causing Traffic Jam

Two testosterone-charged male elephants caused a traffic jams - after going head-to-head on a country road. The fully grown bulls were in their musth period - an aggressive hormone-driven mating window - when they came across each other in Hua Hin, Thailand, on Sunday morning. Shocked drivers were forced to wait as the two elephants settled their differences in what is believed to have been a territorial dispute over a female elephant that both were hoping to breed with. The confrontation spilled out of the jungle in the Hua Sat Yai National Park and conservationists were forced to fire smoke bombs to try and push the elephants back into the wilderness.

Toddler Gets Fingers Trapped In Escalator1m10s

Toddler Gets Fingers Trapped In Escalator

This is the harrowing moment a two-year-old girl had to be rescued after getting her fingers stuck in an escalator. The toddler was about to step off the moving stairway when she stumbled and landed on her bottom at the shopping mall in Manilla, Philippines, last November 8 afternoon. She went to stand up but as she put her hands down for support, her tiny fingers were sucked into the gap at the bottom of the escalator. The girls frantic mother - who was standing next to her - called for help and a security guard ran over and slammed the emergency stop button. He was filmed desperately trying to free the youngster who is heard crying and writing around in pain. Staff eventually released her injured hand, which was bleeding from cuts on her fingers, and she was carried back up the escalator and taken to hospital.

Three Dogs Riding Motorcycle31s

Three Dogs Riding Motorcycle

Amusing footage shows three pet dogs all riding together with their owner on a motorcycle. The dog lover was seen carrying his beloved pooches in Batangas, the Philippines on November 7. One was standing on the front of the seat with two paws on the handlebars while the the two were perched on the back riding pillion. The golden coloured Aspin breeds were perfectly balanced as the rider reached speeds of 30mph and above on the afternoon trip.

Oil Tanker Collides With Vessel In Taiwan48s

Oil Tanker Collides With Vessel In Taiwan

CCTV captured the moment an oil tanker lost control and ploughed into the side of another vessel. Taiwanase vessel Kinshing first collided with a Japanese cargo ship named Setsu Maru then moments later struck the side of chemical tanker Der Yun. Security cameras show if smash into the side of the vessel which was birthed at the Port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan on November 3. It suffered bow damages. The Setsu Maru sustained minimal damage and was allowed to embark on its voyage to the Japanese island of Okinawa. CPC Corporation, the Taiwanese company that owns the Der Yun tanker, confirmed the collision. It also said there no casualties or oil spill as a result. ''But there was a water tank rupture on the left side of the hull,'' a maritime official stated.

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Kittens Stuck On Step Ladder1m06s

Kittens Stuck On Step Ladder

Amusing footage shows three kittens stuck at the top of a step ladder - nervously wondering how they are going to get back down again. The adorable white moggies climbed to the stop of the steps and and perched on the top cap - which every DIY enthusiast knows not to stand on. They were then faced with the awkward situation every child that has climbed a tree has encountered. The cats were seen looking anxiously at the ground below considering how they would make their descent. The mother cat was even standing at the bottom as if to call them down. The first kitten, named 'rice' made a leap of faith and landed smoothly. While the second kitten, named nam, went for a more cautious approach by trying to negotiate each run one-by-on until he was within touching distance of the floor. The third pet was too shy and had to be lifted to safety by the homeowner in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 7.

Locals Go Crazy For Beer From Overturned Truck1m12s

Locals Go Crazy For Beer From Overturned Truck

Villagers frantically scoop up bottles of beer which spilled onto the road after a truck crashed in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, on September 27 at 8pm. Officials said the collision happened in the Prey Nob district of the coastal city after a delivery lorry ploughed into a central reservation. The truck fell onto its side spilling hundreds of craters of beer and sparking a frenzy from the locals. There were no casualties and the driver emerged unscathed.

Russian Woman Causes Disturbance In Pattaya1m13s

Russian Woman Causes Disturbance In Pattaya

Footage shows the moment a Russian woman was apprehended after causing a disturbance in Pattaya, Thailand. Ekaterina Latypova, 26, and her boyfriend Ismail Ismailov, 32, were carted off in the back of a police pick-up truck following the fracas on November 11, 2018.

Locals Rescue 20-Tonne WHALE Stranded On Beach4m15s

Locals Rescue 20-Tonne WHALE Stranded On Beach

This is the incredible moment dozens of people rescued a 20-tonne endangered WHALE that was stranded in shallow water. The enormous eight metre long Bryde's whale was seen by fisherman thrashing around in the shallow waters on the coast Ozamiz City, in the southern part of the Philippines on October 31. They called for help and dozens of local men ran through the sea ''Baywatch style'' to help the distressed mammal. They were followed by younger woman and children who helped to heave the beast to safety. Incredible footage shows residents desperately trying for several minutes to free the creature, which marine experts said had may have become disorientated ''due to climate change''. They eventually summoned enough power to push the whale along the sea bed, giving it just enough water under its belly for it to glide away into the depths.

Ferris Wheel Disaster In Indonesia1m05s

Ferris Wheel Disaster In Indonesia

Dramatic footage shows the moment families were trapped on a ferris wheel after three of the gondolas spun UPSIDE DOWN. The big wheel was spinning at the Sekaten Night Market in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, yesterday (Sun) evening when one of the carriages came loose, clipped a spoke, then overturned. Frantic ride operators clambered across the moving wheel in a desperate big to reach the stricken families before the ferris wheel was eventually brought to a stop.
Footage from shocked bystanders shows one young lad holding a red ballon and his mother sitting on the upturned roof of the gondola as workers carry them down to safety.

Filipino Toddler Has Devil Horns20s

Filipino Toddler Has Devil Horns

This toddler battling a rare brain condition has been left with real-life DEVIL HORNS after a botched operation. Twenty-two month old Clyne Solano suffered from congenital hydranencephaly in the womb which prevented his brain from developing fully. Clyne's mother Justine Gatarin, 21, gave birth in January 2017 and immediately noticed the small cracks in the top of Clyne's skull. He underwent an operation for the condition in March this year to relieve swelling on the brain, which was a success. But the surgical procedure caused his skull to cave in to the holes in his head where brain tissue was missing. Since then the horn-like ridges have become more pronounced as his bones continue to grow. As well as battling hydranencephaly, Clyne also now needs reconstructive surgery to attempt to return his head to a normal shape. But his mother Justine is afraid of putting him through another operating in case he is not strong enough to survive.

Colourful Buddhist Festival In Hat Yai3m14s

Colourful Buddhist Festival In Hat Yai

A Buddhist festival with traditional Thai dancers in Hat Yai, southern Thailand. The colourful event takes place every year on October 25 in honour of the local Hat Yai Temple and provides an interesting festival for Malaysian tourists, which visit the border city.

Brand New Pink Porsche1m04s

Brand New Pink Porsche

A brand new pink Porsche outside The Street shopping mall in the Ratchada area of Bangkok, Thailand, in November 2018. The red registration license plates are those of a new car. The filmer said: ''It's beautiful''.

Vegetarian Festival In Southern Thailand7m26s

Vegetarian Festival In Southern Thailand

Taoist devotees take part in the world-renowned Vegetarian Festival - best known for followers piercing their cheeks. The nine-day long Nine Emperor Gods Festival takes place around South East Asia but is most well known in Thailand, where the Thai Chinese communities often take part in the extreme religious rituals. It is known in Thailand as the Vegetarian Festival or thetsakan kin che. Footage from Hat Yai, southern Thailand, taken on October 14, shows locals slashing their tongues, piercing their cheeks with large spears while others inserted long needles in their arms. The gathering from all of the local temples then walked through the town centre alongside Chinese dragons and firecrackers. The devotees perform ritual mutilation upon themselves while in a trace-like state without anaesthetic. The practice is a show of devotion to their gods, their beliefs and their ancestors. Worshippers who have taken part claim that the practice leaves them with a feeling of serenity and heightened concentration during day-to-day activities in the weeks following the festival. The Vegetarian Festival is most well-known in the neighbouring island of Phuket, which has a large Thai Chinese population. Tens of thousands of tourists attend the nine-day long festival with events being staged around the island.

Bullied Disabled Girl Has Beautiful Singing Voice1m32s

Bullied Disabled Girl Has Beautiful Singing Voice

A young woman who was relentlessly bullied all her life because of her facial deformities has finally found confidence after learning how to SING. Jennifer Pulga, 29, suffered congenital defects and was born with a misshapen nose, forehead and lips and only one arm. She was constantly tormented by the other children who branded her ''ugly'' and a ''freak'' - making her shy and withdrawn. Jennifer, an assistant at her family's grocery store, was reluctant to leave her home in Manila, Philippines, because of the stares and hurtful comments she received from strangers. But a couple of years ago she found a love for singing - and started practising every day in front of the mirror and recording herself on her phone. Slowly she developed an inner confidence after realising she had a talent for vocals - and people started praising her instead of mocking her. Jennifer now walks around with her head held high, unconcerned with what anybody thinks or says about her.

Python Caught Curled Up By Coke Bottles2m33s

Python Caught Curled Up By Coke Bottles

The enormous python was caught after curling up next to crates full of empty COKE bottles. The sweet-toothed serpent was heard rattling around outside the home in Saraburi, Thailand, last on November 4. Homeowner Nang Tiw said her grandchildren were playing in the yard and looked under the covers - then ran away after seeing the snake. She was shocked when she went to investigate the noise and saw the 14ft long reptile staring back up at her. Animal handlers arrived and dragged the python out from its hiding place among the empty fizzy drinks glass bottles.

Woman's Bag Snatched As She Rides Motorcyle1m02s

Woman's Bag Snatched As She Rides Motorcyle

This is the shocking moment thieves snatch a woman's handbag as she rides a motorcycle - sending her crashing into the ground. The four lads trailed the woman on a motorway before two of them sped alongside her in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on October 27 at 6:20am. One attacker leant over and grabbed her bag, yanking it from her hands and knocking her down to the ground. CCTV shows how she smashed into the hard tarmac - without a helmet or protective gear - but sat back up dazed by incident. Police were handed footage of the incident and began investigating. They identified three suspects as Sok Loun, Lon Sen Veasna and Noun Raksmey. Officers paraded the three lads in handcuffs outside the city's criminal court while they hunt the other three gang members. They are also appealing for other victims to come forward.