Predator On The Road36s

Predator On The Road

Meanwhile in Thailand... a real-life alien Predator was spotted on the road. The terrifying monster baffled fellow motorists when it was seen cruising down the highway in Mukdahan City on June 15 at 11.30am. The rider in his terrifying costume and custom-built motorbike modelled on the Alien Predator movies is believed to have been heading to a conference.

Passenger In Rant Over Turkey Ham6m20s

Passenger In Rant Over Turkey Ham

This is the astonishing moment a furious Muslim plane passenger brands an air hostess a 'stupid f***ing b****' after his turkey baguette was labelled as ham. The middle-aged cabbie from Hampstead Heath, north London, was flying from Luton airport to Skopje, Macedonia, on Sunday morning when he ordered the 4.50 euro roll and a bottle of water. But mid-way through eating the ‘turkey ham’ sandwich he said it ‘didn’t taste like turkey’ - and flew into a rage when he saw the packaging labelled with the word ham. He called over the WizzAir stewardess and went on a furious rant - branding her a ''stupid, f****** b****... f****** slut'' and demanding a refund, after becoming convinced the product contained pork - explaining that he cannot eat it due to his religion.

British Tourist Apologises For Travel Insurance Fraud1m51s

British Tourist Apologises For Travel Insurance Fraud

This is the humiliating moment a British tourist apologises after falsely claiming his laptop was stolen in an armed robbery. Adesanya Olamide Omolaja, 35, contacted police to claim he was held at knifepoint by three men who demanded he hand over his backpack. He said the locals made their escape on motorbikes and he was devastated that his prized Apple MacBook had been nabbed and wanted a police report to make a travel insurance claim.

Mummy Robs Gold Shop2m09s

Mummy Robs Gold Shop

This was the shocking moment a Thai wife held up a gold shop while her four-year-old daughter waited outside in the car. The young mother had gambled away all of the $7,000 her western husband had sent her and hatched a plan to recover the cash before he returned. She was caught on CCTV stealing gold jewellery and cash before being traced to her village home.

Bubbling Road13s

Bubbling Road

Drivers stranded on this flooded road witnessed a bizarre scene - water bubbling up through the ground. The unusual scene was captured in Cavite, Philippines on June 14 during morning rush hour. Heavy rains have battered the country this week as the 'flooding season' starts. The capital and central areas have suffered with incessant rain.

Kids Playing In Rain1m37s

Kids Playing In Rain

These children took of their tops and donned swimming shorts to splash around in the rain that has battered the Philippines this week. The scene was captured in Batangas City on June 13. Heavy rains have battered the country this week as the 'flooding season' starts. Central areas have suffered with incessant rain. But as these children showed, it's still possible to have fun even in the dreary weather.

Driving Through Flooded Road2m33s

Driving Through Flooded Road

Passengers were seen clinging to a bus looking down at the flooded roads engulfing the Philippines. Heavy rains have battered the country this week as the 'flooding season' starts. This scene was captured in Paranaque City, in the Metro Manila area on June 10. The capital has suffered with incessant rain.

Lizard Bites Lad's Nose12s

Lizard Bites Lad's Nose

This is the incredible moment a student went to film a lizard hiding inside a metal post - before jumping up to BITE HIM. Poppon Summat , 19, spotted the tokay gecko crawl inside the square railing at his college. The inquisitive engineering apprentice followed the reptile and climbed on a stool to look inside. He started filming the creature as it cowered at the bottom of the rusty beam. But the angry lizard suddenly spread its jaws to show its pink tongue - and scampered up the side at lightning speed before LUNGING at his nose.

Car Driving With Broken Wheel3m04s

Car Driving With Broken Wheel

This car was seen driving for more than a mile with a broken wheel. The Ford Ranger eventually pulled over and the driver emerged to assess the damage on his silver pick-up truck.

Cars Stuck On Flooded Road21s

Cars Stuck On Flooded Road

Cars were stranded after heavy flooding in the Philippines. The tailback was seen in on Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue in Manila during the rush hour. Forecasters said the capital would continue to be hit with severe downpours due to a prevalent southwest monsoon.

Overtaking On Mountain Road13s

Overtaking On Mountain Road

This is the terrifying moment a careless driver narrowly avoided a head-on crash after overtaking a lorry on a winding mountain road. The motorist in the white Toyota passed the 18-wheel truck with a steep 300ft drop just inches to their side. But they almost ploughed into an oncoming driver who was forced to brake sharply and pull over to the side of the road after the incident at 1.30pm.

Moped With Strobe Lights27s

Moped With Strobe Lights

This moped was seen blinding road users by using a strobe light every time it braked. The motorcycle was on the road during rush hour.

Hero Teacher Overcomes Monsoon To Reach Class1m17s

Hero Teacher Overcomes Monsoon To Reach Class

This primary school teacher was hailed a hero - after braving monsoon rains, landslides and fallen tress to arrive on time for his pupils. Footage shows the dedicated teacher set out for lessons on a Monday morning despite the mountainous region of being battered with deadly storms. The brave bachelor was battered with rain as he ploughed up a muddy mountain track before pushing his Honda moped over collapsed tree branches. He even had the added hazard of landslides from the steep slopes - and dead animals on the slopes showing how dangerous it can be.

Bridge Shaking During Storm1m18s

Bridge Shaking During Storm

Strong winds shake a rickety suspension footbridge during a windy storm. Local resident Reyniel Paula, who was waiting to walk across the bridge at 2.20pm, said they were too afraid to try - and had to wait until the winds had passed.

Snake Goes Swimming6s

Snake Goes Swimming

A cyclist was amazed when he saw a python in the undergrowth - and filmed it slithering over a barrier before DIVING into a river. The man was going for a morning ride before work when the reptile was seen sliding up the metal barrier before disappearing. A loud splash is heard as the python drops into the Singapore River.

Philippines Independence Day Celebrations 20181m58s

Philippines Independence Day Celebrations 2018

Police and army troops marched around town during Philippines Independence Day celebration in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, on June 12, 2018. The national holiday festivities take place every year to celebrate the country's independence from Spain, which developed the country between 1521 and 1898 before Americans took control.

Locals Dance For Philippines Independence Day 20182m00s

Locals Dance For Philippines Independence Day 2018

Locals perform a traditional dance known as 'Tinikling' as part of the celebration of Philippine Independence Day in Cebu, Philippines on June 12. The national holiday takes place every year to celebrate the country's independence from Spain, which developed the country between 1521 and 1898 before Americans took control.

Singer Kicks Stage Groped22s

Singer Kicks Stage Groped

This overly friendly man was taught to keep his hands to himself when he groped a singer - and she retaliated by booting him in the HEAD. The touchy fella was with a group of pals watching pop sing Gebby Vesta perform at a nightclub in Central Java, Indonesia, when she crouched down on the walkway. He was seen sliding his hand inside her thighs - but as Gebby pushed his hand away and went to stand up, he leered and reached for her.

Locals Carry Disabled Man Up Steps26s

Locals Carry Disabled Man Up Steps

This is the heart-warming moment passers-by carry a disabled man in his wheelchair up a bridge to help him get to the other side of the road. The handicapped man was seen with his struggling to negotiate the busy traffic. But a group of four motorcycle taxi riders stepped in and hoisted him in the air and up the steps so he could cross the eight-lane road.

Just Moving Home...2m05s

Just Moving Home...

This family literally 'upped sticks' when they wanted to move house - they had dozens of local men CARRY their hut to a new spot. Maricel Cabral, 30, asked for help for her brother, Mike, shift his home to the opposite side of a nearby mountain. The tradition of carrying a person's home to a new location is known as Bayanihan and it is believed to bring good luck by showing the healthy community spirit and neighbourly love.

Monkeys Take Over Motorcycle30s

Monkeys Take Over Motorcycle

A motorcycle rider was stunned when he visited a mountain and returned to find MONKEYS climbing all over his moped. The primates commandeered the bike in a mountain nature park where visitors gathered to look at the spectacle.

Baby Rescued After Being Abandoned In Cemetery4m08s

Baby Rescued After Being Abandoned In Cemetery

This is the harrowing moment a baby boy is rescued after being abandoned in a graveyard - between two concrete TOMBS. Two two-month-old infant was heard crying by concerned residents who rushed to help him. The locals picked up the youngster and put him in a tuk-tuk to be driven to hospital where doctors said he had been left at the cemetery for a several hours.

Buffalo Rescued From Well2m11s

Buffalo Rescued From Well

A buffalo that was stuck in a disused well was rescued after locals used a digger to scoop out the soil surrounding the hold. The farm animal fell into the hole and villagers were unable to pull him out. They called in local council chief Somjit Naamsawang, to find a solution. Somjit contacted a truck driver to pull out the mud and dig the ground next to the well to rescue to buffalo which was growing tired from his struggle for hours.

Cobra Caught In Cafe1m53s

Cobra Caught In Cafe

This little cobra caused a stir when it was seen slithering through a street food cafe. The one-metre long highly venomous snake wriggled behind the gas stove at the take-away restaurant. Shop owner Bupparet Wuttisen, 44, called in snake catchers who used long metal claws with mechanic grabbers on the ends to pick up the cobra.

Rescuers Pose With 20ft Long Cobra24s

Rescuers Pose With 20ft Long Cobra

Rescuers pose with an enormous 20ft long King Cobra after it was caught trying to attack a pet cat. Homeowner Viroj Keawkong, 25, said he was in the shower when heard a loud bang and ran outside to see the snake chasing the cat. Rubber tree farmer Viroj called rescuers who arrived and it took five of them some 30 minutes to snare the deadly serpents.