Bug Your Friends About The Importance Of Insects2m02s

Bug Your Friends About The Importance Of Insects

We all hate it when bugs crash a good picnic, but actually insects are vital to our survival, and we should stop wiping them out. German researchers just released some shocking bug news. Since 1989 they have tracked insect growth in nature reserves. Recent data shows that flying insect populations are down by 80%. This is the latest statistic to prove that insects are in danger. Since 1990, the butterfly population in Europe has fallen by 50%. Honeybees in North America have dropped by 59% since WWII, and moth populations in the UK fell 30% each decade. Humans may not always love bugs, but we can’t live without them. We rely on insects to pollinate 80% of the world’s plants, including most of the fruits and vegetables we eat daily. Bugs maintain the balance of nature by eating destructive crops, and they make our world cleaner by breaking down all sorts of waste. A bug’s life is quite connected to our own, but their numbers are dropping and we need to know why. Pollutants and pesticides are the usual suspects. Scientists agree that ecosystems are resilient, but nature won’t hold out forever. We have to act now. Share this and bug your friends about the importance of insects.

You Would Never Expect These Things To Be Made In China1m37s

You Would Never Expect These Things To Be Made In China

In the '90s China wanted to bring the Western world to its home shores, beginning a building spree that mimicked entire European cities. China is well-known for its pirated DVDs and fake iPhones, but this "copycat culture" extends to architecture too, with entire towns replicated. Copycat architecture is blooming in China! If these places look like Europe to you, we have some bad news. They are all fakes! These are all landmarks that China copied from the rest of the world. There’s more behind this architectural mimicry than you might think. It is a matter of Western hardware with Chinese software! In the 1990’s, China’s economy took off. People no longer wanted to live in dull concrete cubes. They adopted Western styles, associated with wealth and power. Along with replicating single buildings and cultural icons, China has outdone itself by copying entire cities. So, now you can ride a gondola in fake Venice, or make a call from a red phone booth in a fake London. But even though this copycat cities are Western-designed, replicas often contain Chinese tearooms and follow feng-shui principles. It's hard not to be curious about the Chinese fondness for copycat architecture. As the country's economy skyrockets faster than any other's, China's suburbs are sprouting up replicas of iconic landmarks from mostly European cities. There's a miniature Paris, complete with Eiffel Tower, in the outskirts of Hangzhou. There's a British-inspired "Thames Town" outside of Shanghai. The White House is one of the most copied buildings throughout the country, and people love to live and work inside these structures. China's passion for derivative architecture might seem bizarre.

 The Biggest Mass Shooting In U.S. History Happened 100 Years Ago1m54s

The Biggest Mass Shooting In U.S. History Happened 100 Years Ago

The largest mass shooting in the U.S. took place in 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was encouraged in part by the police. Greenwood, a segregated area of Tulsa was thriving thanks to a local oil boom and the district earned itself the nickname “Black Wall Street”. The white population was resentful of the success of the African-Americans. Tensions boiled over when a black man was suspected of assaulting a white woman. An angry mob gathered at the courthouse where the man was detained. Gunshots were fired between blacks and whites. The next day, a white mob descended on Greenwood and burned it to the ground. Police deputized 500 whites as Special Deputies. Up to 300 black people were murdered, mostly by gunfire. Some of them by the deputized whites who were also torching the neighborhood. More than 1,200 homes were looted and burned, 9,000 people were left homeless. Lest we forget! The phrase "Lest we forget" is commonly used in war remembrance services and commemorative occasions in English speaking countries, in particular Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day. Before the term was used in reference to soldiers and war, it was first used in a 1897 Christian poem written by Rudyard Kipling called "Recessional".

Photographer Visits Buran, Russia's Mothballed Space Shuttle1m52s

Photographer Visits Buran, Russia's Mothballed Space Shuttle

Here we have quite the adventure where couple of guys form Interesting Shit group have decided to visit a long forgotten Soviet Shuttle Station that is located somewhere in the middle of the dessert. They have quite the journey that takes them travelling by plane, a car and on foot to reach their destination. These guys travel over 1600 kilometers in the hope to discover a long abandoned space station. On their travel they face a couple of minor barriers which ends up making the trip double the fun. Once they reach their destination it proves to be quite the mysterious sort of place. Its a huge garage looking place with massively giant iron doors. The kind of security you would invest in if you wanted to be isolated basically from everything and everyone else. The story takes a even more interesting turn once they get inside. Their jaws drops once they feast their eyes on all the wonders inside this massive building. Must see and find out the whats and whose is waiting for these guys on the inside. Quite the story we have on our hands here!

The Seven Secret Keys That Control The Internet1m36s

The Seven Secret Keys That Control The Internet

The title may sound a little bit like a paper written by a conspiracy theorist that has delved into the matter way too deep, while crazy, it is also very true. There are, in fact, seven keys that control the Internet, or a certain highly important aspect of it. It isn’t like in the movies, where the owners of said keys put them in a machine of some kind and turn them at exactly the same time to turn the Internet on or off. In fact, these keys access seven different safety deposit boxes, which in turn hold seven different smartcards. When these cards are combined, they create a master key that controls the Internet’s domain name system; it is the system that tells your computer the numeric address to visit when you type in a web address. The Domain Name System Security System is controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). To blow your mind, this system gets accessed almost a trillion times every day by Internet users around the globe. That’s a lot of Google searches! Basically, if someone were to get their hands on these smartcards, they can control the WWW. So in case something happened to the domain name system, these keys can se used to rebuild it from the ashes. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Learn About Sourtoe, The Most Disturbing Cocktail Served To Man1m08s

Learn About Sourtoe, The Most Disturbing Cocktail Served To Man

'You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch this gnarly toe.' - An Ode to the Initiated, anon. No one would think ill of the Canadians; after all, they are the mellow, friendly folk on the upper half on the Northern American Continent. But Canada holds the secret of the most disturbing cocktail ever served to man, at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City in the Yukon. We are talking about the Sourtoe, usually a whiskey cocktail, though the drinker may choose their poison, with an extra little feature - the amputated phalange from the foot of an old gold-digger. The rule goes “drink it fast or drink it slow, but do not swallow the toe”! Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? Well one unfortunate American ignored the rule and down the drain did the dehydrated toe go. Joshua Clark, a writer from the U.S. swallowed the toe. He enraged the town, was charged with cannibalism and desecrating a corpse, fined $500 and chased out of town. One local declared, “If we find him, we will get ourselves ten new toes.” Years later he apologized, by reading a poem he wrote by himself in front of a packed house, pledging his big right foot to the bar upon his death. He even brought his own shears as proof of his honesty! And you thought Long Island Ice Tea was a tough drink.