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Florida Highway Patrol Pursuit Reaches 142 MPH, Cruiser Catches Fire14m49s

Florida Highway Patrol Pursuit Reaches 142 MPH, Cruiser Catches Fire

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper pulls a U-turn across a highway median, accelerating to more than 140 mph to catch up with a vehicle going 20 over. Impressively (if not a bit recklessly) the trooper catches up with the vehicle he was pursuing, and that vehicle's driver decides to pull over to the left, stopping in the center median of the divided highway. One thing 142 mph reliably does to a car's engine is heat it up. A lot. And that center median? It was covered in dry grass. Credit: Florida Highway Patrol

Insane high speed car chase caught on bystander's dash cam!1m25s

Insane high speed car chase caught on bystander's dash cam!

This crazy car chase happened on the I-94 exit ramp to county road 75 in St. Cloud, Minnesota at approximately 2:39pm on 10/23/2018. These witnesses noticed several police vehicles staging in the median of the freeway and removing what looked like spike strips from there vehicles. They decided to exit with several other vehicles and maybe see the possible pursuit go by on the freeway. Instead, the perpetrator surprisingly took the exit they were pulling over on. Luckily they were pulled over all the way and had both their dashcam and camcorder running. The cops handled this perfectly and nobody was injured!

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Tense footage captures near head-on collision near Revelstoke14s

Tense footage captures near head-on collision near Revelstoke

Dashcam video shows near head-on collision between a commercial truck and small charter bus on Hwy 1 near Revelstoke BC The Revelstoke RCMP were dispatched to a two vehicle collision between a commercial truck and a passenger bus on the Trans-Canada Highway approximately 3 km east of Revelstoke. The defensive driving of a charter bus driver, in all likelihood saved many lives. Only a few minor injuries resulted. “Considering the recent volume of commercial vehicle incidents in the area, the Revelstoke RCMP and BC RCMP Traffic Services would like to remind all drivers that roadways are constructed for safe driving at the posted speed limit. Driving to road conditions means travelling at a rate which ensures the ability to safely maintain your lane and stay on the road. All drivers are encouraged to slow down: drive the speed limit, (advisory or variable speed limits), and do their part to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely”, stated SSgt Kurt Grabinsky of the Revelstoke RCMP Credit: rcmptv

Police car gets hit by distracted driver1m00s

Police car gets hit by distracted driver

A frightening video showing a distracted driver hitting a New Hope police officer’s vehicle is a reminder of how dangerous it is to take your eyes off the road. Luckily, both the officer and the distracted driver survived, but it could have been much worse. Credit: Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety

Cyclists ignores oncoming traffic, gets hit by car22s

Cyclists ignores oncoming traffic, gets hit by car

This cyclist foolishly ignores the red hand/do not cross warning sign as he carelessly rides into the intersection. He almost gets hit by the black Infiniti and ends up getting hit by a red Camaro. The Camaro did stop along with a few other cars to make sure the cyclist was OK. He seemed fine but they don't know if the bike made it!

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Dash Cam Footage Films A Miraculous Near Miss Of A Car Accident 18s

Dash Cam Footage Films A Miraculous Near Miss Of A Car Accident

Watch this incredibly close call on a Canadian highway that ends with no accident. Wow! Must see! Someone must have had their guardian angel hanging over them on this day. They are so lucky to come out of this unharmed and alive! Thank goodness there was a dash cam to catch this incredibly close call. The people that caught the footage are also lucky. If there had been an accident, which might have been devastating and tragic, would have been caught in the action their video would have a totally different story. As the vehicles travel towards Mount Rainer, the traffic is quite thick and congested. Being the beginning of a long weekend, many people are heading to their vacation destination and up north cottages. Traffic is moving well until a starts to slow down for a Cintas delivery truck and loses control completely, skidding to the left, straight at a red sports car. This could have been a terrible accident, resulting in the highway being shut down for hour. But miraculously, the car missed the red vehicle by mere inches and everyone drove away unharmed! Being a good driver means that you are extremely observant while driving especially on the highways. You need to know where every car around you is and what they are doing at all times. This driving habit can get you out of a lot of situations like this one. If the driver of the red sports car was not paying attention and did not have sight out of his peripheral view, he would not have had the time to brake so suddenly, avoiding the accident. If he was looking the other direction even for a split second, this would have all gone terribly wrong! What really went wrong here we wonder? You can see brake lights in front of the car that skidded out, and they just must not have been paying attention on the road. He hit his brakes just a little too hard, making the vehicle loose control and start fishtailing to the left, then to the right. How he didn’t make contact with the red sports car is nothing short of a miracle. Thank goodness for everyone’s incredible reaction and judgement. If this video teaches us anything it is to always look around you when driving, especially on the highways. At the end of the video you can see the car that skidded out has pulled over and put on their four way signals. They probably need a moment to break after the close call with death. Just a split second would have made the difference in this footage and the drive who lost control should be counting his blessings. Have you ever been in such a close call on the highway before? Or have you captured footage of a close call? We all need to be careful while driving and pay attention to the other cars travelling beside you. We are so happy that everyone walked away from this without a scratch and hope that the car who skidded out learned a very valuable lesson!

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Driver Runs A Red Light In Front Of The Police1m35s

Driver Runs A Red Light In Front Of The Police

“SUV Runs Red Light Right in Front of Police,” the feel good movie of the year! That’s because we love to see highway justice served (except when it happens to us). We don’t want to be judgmental, of course, because we don’t know what was going through the SUV driver’s mind when he decided to turn left through the red light, which is even more remarkable when you consider there was a fully marked police car at the head of the lane next to the one he was turning into. But, man, is it aggravating when wisenheimers flaunt traffic laws, especially red light laws. Buzzing through a red light is so dangerous. Did you see how this one played out? The vehicle recording the incident is stopped at a red light at the head of an intersection, alongside a police cruiser on his left. The traffic light ahead of the cruiser then turned green. The police officer—from a municipality only identifiable as Cary, lurches forward, attempting to go, since the officer had the green light. All of a sudden, a white SUV with a ladder on the roof cuts in front of the police car. It looks like the SUV driver chose to try to beat the light. That was literally a near miss. If the officer hadn’t hit the brakes, there would have been an accident then and there, and the white SUV would have been “t-boned”, possibly injuring—or worse, the driver and passengers of the SUV. What happens then is predictable. You can imagine the SUV driver, seeing a police cruiser almost ramming him, saying to his passenger, “Oh, God, he’s gonna pull me over,” and he would be right. After allowing the SUV to continue through the intersection, the police car does a U-turn, the flashing lights go on, and the rest is history. The driver of the car video recording the event cheers, “Yeah, that’s right!” When we see someone else being pulled over for breaking the law in such egregious ways, like going through a red light or speeding through a school zone, let’s say, it makes us feel like the universe is a just place a cop happens to be nearby. We find ourselves on the side of the law at that moment, and think ourselves entitled to be indignant and self-righteous. Humans are predictable in this way. We want to identify with the demographic that’s in power, and in United States and Canadian society that tends to be the law abiding citizen. It is weirdly ironic that much of our folklore heroes are just the opposite, the outlaws and renegades, such as the Dukes of Hazard. Often we justify our admiration for such outlaws by adjusting their circumstances as subversive heroes, persecuted by corrupt local governments and abusive police, something like modern day Robin Hoods. It’s unlikely anything like a Robin Hood complex is being acted out in this scene. We’ll chalk it off to a stupid mistake someone made in a moment of carelessness.

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Distracted Driver Runs Red Light After 6 Seconds17s

Distracted Driver Runs Red Light After 6 Seconds

A clueless and distracted driver goes through a red light after 6 whole seconds, then drives on the wrong side of the road after being in almost two accidents. Pay attention while driving! A distracted driver goes through a red light and almost causes two accidents before proceeding on the wrong side of the road. You see the black Mercedes approaching the red light without slowing. The car drives ahead almost crashing into the white vehicle obeying the traffic laws, before almost causing a front facing collision with the vehicle who recorded this absurd dash cam footage. This is clearly a case of irresponsible driving. Is it even possible the driver was paying attention to the road? I find myself surprised the black Mercedes did not sideswipe the parked car on the left of the street. Distracted driving does not only include driving while operating a handheld device. It may also involve eating while driving or reaching for an item under the seat, removing one's coat or shoes, reading, etc. Due to the drivers tinted windows, it is impossible to find the reasons behind this close-call situation. Even if you turn your eyes away from the road for just a moment, things can happen before you know what has hit you. Operating a mobile device to text or talk or even type a location into your GPS device is included under the distracted driving law. The driver in this video would clearly be at fault and even have no chance of defense as dash cams become more and more prevalent on the roads. The reckless driver is lucky he didn't crash as the accidents he would have caused are extremely severe. Driving while distracted has climbed to be the leading cause and contributor to most motor vehicle accidents. One of the most effective ways we can all ensure our roads are kept safe is to drive undistracted. In Canada, it is estimated that one person is injured or severely harmed in a collision due to distracted driving every thirty minutes. This is devastatingly avoidable. It is also estimated that a driver using a mobile device or engaging in any of the distracted driving activities listed above chances is up to four times higher than the engaged driver of causing an accident, veering off the road or hitting a pedestrian. Distracted driving could not only cost you a few demerit points and thousands of dollars in fines. Think about what is more important. Do not start the bad habit of operating your mobile device or tuning out when driving. Distracted driving is a serious offense that police are beginning to take extremely seriously. You will not talk your way out of this ticket! We have seen the installation of harsher punishments for those caught distracted driving. One could say it's the new drinking and driving, yet just as harmful to our drivers and roads. Remember, driving takes patience. Put down your phone, get your GPS cued up before you leave, pull off the road to return that phone-call or voicemail, stop often to ensure you are awake and alert; but most of all, keep your eyes on the road. When you stray from this basic commitment, you are not only putting yourself but others at risk.

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Lamborghini & supercar drivers get excited for special tunnel1m10s

Lamborghini & supercar drivers get excited for special tunnel

The North Face Rally is a group of supercar owners with big hearts. They use their beautiful machines to make dreams come true for deserving people. Whether it’s toy drives, fundraiser rallies or other events, when they get their cars together, there is often an effort to do some good for a cause. But there is also a fun aspect to their rallies and this one was no different. They left their home city of Toronto, headed for Montreal, and then on to Boston. Over 100 of the most incredible cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Koenigs, Paganis, Mercedes, Lexus’, and Corvette all lined up for the three day tour. One of the most fun parts of a gathering like this is the sound. The roar of these engines at full throttle is like listening to airplanes accelerating down a runway. The car owners get excited at the sound too and when they reach a long tunnel at Montreal that excitement builds. The echo created by the revving of a 650hp, ten cylinder engine can send a chill down a supercar fanatic’s spine. Most car fanatics have grown up admiring exotic, powerful cars since they were young. It’s a love affair that usually begins at an early age. For the true car lover, a part of them doesn’t really grow up. These club members are a little bit like grown boys when they get behind the wheel. The smiles light up their faces and their enthusiasm cannot be contained. One of the most amazing things about this club is that the members have all worked to be successful and to get their cars. They know the value of honest, hard work. They also know the value of helping others and more than anything else, they love to share their cars and use the machines to accomplish a lot of really good things.

Motorcycle driver takes ridiculous risk at high speed53s

Motorcycle driver takes ridiculous risk at high speed

Motorcycle drivers are usually aware that they are vulnerable as they travel on a highway. They need heightened reflexes and increased skill to compensate for the lack of protection that motorcycles provide. They know that even light contact with another vehicle will result in a loss of control and serious injury or death. They are also aware that they are not as visible and they are more vulnerable to the consequences of other drivers' errors. Any responsible motorcyclist will tell you that they are always on edge and always allowing more room for error from those around them. But not all motorcyslists understand or fully appreciate how easy it is to be a statistic. We have all witnessed those few who rocket down the highway at incredibly unsafe speeds, or those who weave in an out of traffic, relying on others to brake. And many of us have been startled by the sound of a loud motorcycle that approached so fast that it seemed to appear out of nowhere. This footage was captured by a motorist who is in the left lane of a four lane, divided highway. The speed limit is 90km/h, or 55mph. The truck on the right is actually traveling slightly faster at 105km/h (67mph) and he is braking occasionally because of the decline. The car in front of the camera has moved into the left lane to pass the truck. The driver in the camera car has checked his rear view mirror to see a fast approaching motorcycle. It looks as if he is traveling at roughly 100mph, almost double the speed limit and he catches up so quickly that the driver is actually not sure if the motorcycle will be able to brake properly. He does, but he moves left as if he will pass on the left shoulder, a very dangerous and highly illegal maneuver. The motorcycle is so close to the bumper that his front wheel is not visible. As the motorcycle drops back slightly and then abruptly moves right, the driver of the car with the camera says to his wife "watch this motorcycle". While it occurred to him to move to the right to get out of the maniac's way, it is a good thing he did not, because the motorcycle driver's actions are so abrupt that the car would have struck the motorcycle. Without any signal, he moves quickly around the car on the right side and accelerates toward the truck. The car in front of the camera is now about to pass the rear edge of the truck trailer and he is moving faster than the truck. The brake lights are on, showing that the truck is slowing, but the motorcycle driver leans left and keeps accelerating. He will squeeze in between the car and the truck, as long as the car doesn't speed up or drift to the right. If the truck driver slows much more, the motorcycle won't have a chance to stop. Luckily, he squeezes through unharmed but there was almost no room to spare. The motorcycle continued down the highway at a very high speed and was soon out of sight. Had the gap between the car and the truck suddenly decreased, the motorcycle driver would have had to stop accelerating and brake hard to avoid collision with the rear of the truck. Relying on those around him to not make an error or an unfortunate reaction to his unpredictable driving was taking his life in his hands. Despite the fact that he was not involved in a collision, he did nothing to help promote the image of a safe motorcyclist that most drivers deserve.

Giant helicopter is maxed out to transport massive powerline poles1m00s

Giant helicopter is maxed out to transport massive powerline poles

When a new power line was needed in the area of Parry Sound, Ontario, some of the construction took place in very remote areas with no road access. Massive machines were brought in to build roads and create routes over steep rock faces and swamps. These machines were able to transport a lot of the materials and equipment to complete the power line, but they couldn't bring it all in. They needed wooden poles that were 120 feet in length and almost three feet in diameter at the base. The poles weigh an incredible 2,600 pounds. The only way to get the poles to the remote power line is to truck them to a property almost twenty miles away and then have them flown over several lakes to the construction site. These poles are so large and so heavy that the helicopter will exceed its maximum allowable payload unless they fly with only a partial tank of fuel. If they fly with anything more than one quarter tank full of fuel, the poles will be too much. The helicopter pilot lowers a 300 foot cable so that workers can attach a hook that connects to a sturdy loop of material that wraps around the pole. These loops, or slings keep their grip on the pole while the pilot carefully flies them to the site and then lowers them to the ground. The job requires incredible precision as the pilot needs to place the poles in the right position for the crane that will be used to install them in their hole in the ground. He needs to rest the base on the ground and then back the helicopter up to lower the top of the pole carefully, laying in along the tree line. As the pole comes to rest, the pilot lowers the helicopter a few more feet to unhitch the sling from his hook. Then he's off for one more pole before he needs to refuel. Cottagers near the power line were obviously very interested when they saw these huge poles being carried directly over their homes and into the trees beside their lake. Projects like these create mixed emotions as nature lovers see habitat and wilderness being consumed and transformed in the name of progress. They hiked into the woods to see what the construction crew were doing. Although nobody wants to see trees cut and massive steel structures being erected, it was a relief to see how respectfully the workers were approaching the project. Biologists and environmentalists were at the site to ensure the impact on the environment was kept to a minimum. They also answered the cottagers questions and provided them with the opportunity to see what was happening from a safe distance. The workers explained the role of the helicopters, as well as some background information about them. The helicopter in this video was actually purchased from Donald Trump. This helicopter pilot's job requires expertise that has to be seen to be appreciated. Even the workers on the ground who had seen many poles being delivered were in awe of the skill and professional ability of the pilots.

Cars block bridge while dangerously making doughnuts18s

Cars block bridge while dangerously making doughnuts

CHP Golden Gate dispatch center received calls of multiple vehicles on the freeway in the Oakland area engaged in side show activity. It was then reported the vehicles were headed towards the Bay Bridge. At 1045 hours video was taken by a passerby of vehicles stopping traffic on the Bay Bridge west of Treasure Island heading into San Francisco. These vehicles were engaging in side show activity on the freeway. Multiple units from the CHP San Francisco Area responded and were able to take the driver of one of these vehicles into custody. Numerous other vehicles suspected to be involved with the side show were also stopped for mechanical violations as they exited the Bay Bridge. Credit: CHP - San Francisco

Awesome Wing-Walkers Perform Brave Stunts During Airshow1m23s

Awesome Wing-Walkers Perform Brave Stunts During Airshow

Oh, those daring young men—and women, and their flying machines. Let’s take synchronized swimming to the next level! These daredevils’ technology of choice is the Boeing Stearman Model 75, a military trainer manufactured in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s, making it one of the last of the biplanes. Even at “only” 150 miles per hour, the aerobats require struts just to stand up straight against the 4G (gravities) force pushing them backward. You would have to be very bold, very trusting in the aircraft, and very well trained to perform such maneuvers . The payoff would be being the star attraction to an audience of thousands, with the best view in the house. Before we dive further into the poetry of the spectacle, a little context may be in order. The event is the Blackpool Air Show, located at Blackpool, a coast seaside resort in the county of Lancashire, North West England. Throngs of spectators on the promenade press close to the water and spill over onto the pier. Behind them and out of view in this video is Blackpool Tower, an Eiffel Tower inspired structure that was conceived in 1890 and opened to the public in 1894. The Air Show itself features a number of highly caffeinated events, including the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, a recreation drama made up of World War II vintage aircraft; and the Royal Air Force (RAF) Red Arrows, which are nine Hawk jet planes painted bright red. The Red Arrows were the finale of the 2018 show, marking 100 years of RAF. We can see how such shows earned the appellation “flying circus”. We have trapeze artists performing the outrageous circus showmanship to which we are accustomed, but having substituted airplanes for the trapeze. There is a lot of coordination of moving parts going on here. The wing walkers synchronize their routine with each other, while the pilots are also doing their own routine. Look at how tight their formation, even wingtip to wingtip. Sometimes it even looks like what we’re seeing is two mirror images of the same plane. Such scenes are a photographer’s dream, and you can put together some really impressive albums on Facebook and Instagram for the friends and family back home. I have actually attended many air shows such as this, and I live on the street where a yearly airshow takes place. In my experience, having taken thousands of air show photos, it takes a steady hand and a bit of practice to capture moving targets like airplanes. The kind of camera you use will make a big difference between mediocre and Wow! Not all of your shots will be as impressive as what we see in this video. Practice ahead of time, and try to get the planes into frame as they approach from a distance, using up and down and side-to-side approximation. Once the planes are in frame, move steadily with them at their rate. The amateur using a handheld as opposed to a tripod should tuck your elbows tightly against your ribs, rotating your torso as if you are the tripod, while keeping the target at the center of your viewfinder. Automatic settings are OK, but if you do use a manual setting, adjust your F-stop, aperture, and ISO settings before the show starts to compensate for sunny or cloudy conditions. Nothing is more disappointing than a memory chip full of photos of solid white nothing. If you are taking photos as opposed to movies, set your camera up to get the highest shutter speed or you risk blur, especially during jet aircraft flybys.

2018 Fiat 124 Spider ABARTH // A Cooler Miata?11m22s

2018 Fiat 124 Spider ABARTH // A Cooler Miata?

This week I face a conundrum. The Fiat 124 Spider Abarth is certainly flawed. So why then, did I really like it by the end of the week? NOTE: when I discuss the trunk lights not working, I mean the lights INSIDE the trunk, NOT the brake lights or taillights and there is a switch to turn them on that I somehow didn’t see.)

Trooper escapes serious injury as car slams into his car26s

Trooper escapes serious injury as car slams into his car

Move Over and Slow Down for stopped emergency vehicles. Yesterday this Trooper escaped serious injury as a car slammed into his car door while on a traffic stop. The driver fled the scene but was located in Las Vegas by Troopers earlier this morning. The Move Over law also protects Nevada Department of Transportation and civilian vehicles that are stopped on the side of the road. Credit: Nevada Highway Patrol

Horrible distracted driver causes double rear-ender30s

Horrible distracted driver causes double rear-ender

A driver, who is totally distracted and not paying any attention at all to the road, rams into a Kia, who then hits the vehicle with the camera. Everyone was OK, with only slight injuries. Pay attention while driving!

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Tire flies off truck, causes accident on highway18s

Tire flies off truck, causes accident on highway

A tire part flies off a truck and almost causes a pile-up. Luckily, most of the drivers were able to brake in time, but unfortunately, a car travelling in the left lane ended up colliding with the tire and no doubt suffered damage. This demonstrates the importance of truck drivers maintaining their tires properly and the dangers of negligence.

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Skillful Tow Operator Frees Car From Unfortunate Parking Position1m47s

Skillful Tow Operator Frees Car From Unfortunate Parking Position

Tow operators are an underappreciated bunch. They are the unsung heroes who get called to pull vehicles out of ditches in the middle of storms or dangerous situations. They respond to calls involving mangled wrecks and occasionally, tragic scenarios. But worry not our friends, this video hits a lighter note. It can even be called genius! Watch! In all cases, they are under pressure to remove vehicles as quickly as possible and in a way that doesn't put another scratch on a person's precious automobile. Sometimes this involves imagination and problem-solving skills that are downright impressive. In the video at the top of the page, a motorist drove from one parking lot to another, somehow missing the fact that there was a steep decline separating the two. To make things even clearer, low concrete barriers were placed along the edge of the decline to prevent mishaps such as this. But sometimes, even the obvious escapes us and a small driver error can have big consequences. The motorist managed to get the SUV over the concrete curb and the front end dropped far below the level of the back end. The curb became lodged against the undercarriage of the vehicle and the back end pivoted up so that the rear wheels were barely in contact with the pavement. The wheels could not get traction and the curb held the SUV in position, tilted forward with the front bumper almost on the ground. There was no choice but to call for a rescue from the tow truck service. You can see that the tow operator is facing a unique and unusual situation. He walked around the vehicle and assessed the matter thoroughly. He decided that the vehicle could not be pulled in either direction without making more damage to the underside of the vehicle. Like solving an elaborate puzzle, he decided that the only way out was up. And when the man says up it is up we go! He lifted the back end of the vehicle higher in the air to allow him access to the concrete block. Despite the serious weight of the concrete barrier, and the awkward position under the vehicle, he managed to find his way underneath the elevated SUV and drag the block out of his way. After clearing the underside, the vehicle was carefully lowered and the wheels were now all in contact with the ground. The driver of the SUV was instructed to slowly move forward, bringing the rear wheels over the decline and into a position to be driven. Brilliant right? One happy motorist paid the tow operator for his services and continued on their way with very little lost, except the time and the tow bill. The vehicle itself sustained no serious damage. Being a tow operator obviously involves considerable challenges on some days. And on days like this one, maybe it also involves a little humor. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!