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Lamborghini Shoots Spikes Of Flame From Exhaust Pipe35s

Lamborghini Shoots Spikes Of Flame From Exhaust Pipe

There are a few fun things about owning a Lamborghini. They turn heads, they ride beautifully, they are full of incredible horsepower just waiting to be unleashed and they are full of exciting features. But one thing that people don't think of when they dream about owning one of these super cars is the ability to shoot flames out of the exhaust. It may even come as a surprise to people that it's possible, but it is oddly satisfying. This Lamborghini owner loves nothing more than sitting behind the of his super car and shooting flames from vehicle's exhaust pipes. When you own a Lamborghini you want to do everything fast! However, this owner was determined to show how cool his motor engine is, so he made this awesome clip, to show us the incredible moment when spikes start shooting out of the exhaust pipes, triggered by the gas pedal! Instead of rushing this car in the streets, this owner decided to slow down and show another perspective of this car's strength! The result is mind-blowing! The owner of this Lamborghini had just bought the car and had kept it in his garage for a few days, well protected from the weather. But when a fresh snow fell, he could not resist taking the beast out for its first spin and doing some drifting in a parking lot. The Lamborghini Aventador S is a 740 hp machine that breaks the 0-60mph mark in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is 217mph. A firm press of the accelerator will push you back in your seat with enough force that lifting your arms will be difficult. A sweet ride like this one will set you back over $500,000 US. They are among the most powerful and impressive cars that you will see on the streets.

Guy Accidentally Drives Into A Flooded River 1m02s

Guy Accidentally Drives Into A Flooded River

It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive, how experienced you are, or how badly you need to get across a road because when the road is flooded, forget it. The Sydney telecom worker’s dash cam captured the incredible moment when a man is driving through heavy rain in Southern Queensland when he accidentally drives into a flooded river. One moment he is cruising along the road, chatting to a mate on the phone. The next, he is in a river. There was not much he could have done to avoid the accident. We can see that out of the blue he comes over the ridge, face-to-face with a road flooded by a rising river. He slams the brakes, but it is too late to stop his car from ploughing into the waters. His car is swept off the road and comes to rest against a tree. The tree is just a lucky circumstance since it stopped the car from being washed into the main river and kept the car stable. As soon as his car skids into the river, it almost immediately begins to float. The tires squeal and all of a sudden the water is over the car’s windscreen. Despite the colorful language, this man remained calm and didn’t panic as he hung up the phone, recounting his misfortune to his friend in real time. Lucky for him, the result could have been much worse.

Clever Cat Uses Crosswalk To Cross Busy Street22s

Clever Cat Uses Crosswalk To Cross Busy Street

When people are in a rush, they tend to do things like jaywalk to save themselves some time. Most of us are guilty of it as we have done it at least once. What most of us fail to realize is that it is actually very dangerous. We all like to think that drivers are the most dangerous participants in traffic, when in fact it is pedestrians who always choose to ignore the rules. We should all follow the example that this furry pedestrian here sets and cross the street at designated crosswalks! Driver Justin Scrutton captured this unbelievable footage on his dash cam while driving through Dartford in Kent, UK and he could not believe his own eyes. Watch as a clever cat patiently waits until there's a safe moment to cross at the crosswalk! You just have to see him in action. It seems that this feline is better at following the rules on the road much better than a lot of other people. The cat is so smart, waiting for the correct time to cross, rather than just running into traffic! It definitely deserves the 'good kitty' award in our books! Wouldn't you like to have a cat like this at your house, one that follows the rules? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile and is one clip that no one should miss!

Published: September 9, 2016441,454 views
Unsecured Sheet Of Plastic Flies Off Of Truck And Totally Engulfs SUV1m45s

Unsecured Sheet Of Plastic Flies Off Of Truck And Totally Engulfs SUV

Well, it’s safe to say that you don’t get to see this every day, and it’s a good thing too. We hear a lot of stories about crazy highway accidents but this one probably tops it all off. How else would you explain it? A large piece of heavy duty plastic flew off a dump truck on Wednesday and engulfed this SUV on Highway 52 in Inver Grove Heights. A Minnesota State Patrol trooper happened to be behind the vehicle and caught the incident on his dash cam.The driver said he saw what was about to happen and slowed down so he could pull over. The sheet wrapped itself all over the SUV, even managing to get stuck somewhere in the back of the chassis. With a bit of luck from the police officer, the driver managed to get the car untangled and go on his merry way. Luckily, this time, a lethal accident was prevented. If the driver wasn’t paying attention he could have easily crashed into the fencing or even worse, another vehicle. Another reminder why it's so important to keep your eyes on the road and off of your phone. You need to be alert to everything that surrounds you on the road, not just the signs. You can’t be sure what the other drivers around you are like. They might be the ones not paying any attention. It's also important to secure objects in a truck or trailer to avoid a potentially deadly situation. Drive safely, everyone! Credit: MnDPS

Who is to blame for this tense car accident?1m07s

Who is to blame for this tense car accident?

This footage captures a near collision between a red Dodge truck, causing the driver of the speeding black Scion to overreact and over-correct his vehicle which led him to drive across the median of US17 and collide with a black Ford Expedition. The red truck fled the scene at a very high speed. The police have no interest in seeking the driver of the red Dodge Ram truck for his actions leading to the collision. The driver of the black Scion was ticketed. Only minor injuries. So... who is to blame?

Published: February 12, 201893 views
Traffic dodger get a dose of instant karma16s

Traffic dodger get a dose of instant karma

This footage was taken in Manchester, Tennessee during heavy traffic caused by an accident ahead. There was an exit about a quarter of a mile up the road, and this driver noticed the red truck in his mirror slowly working its way down the shoulder for the exit. He knew there was a police car ahead of him, so he whipped out his phone and caught exactly what we were all hoping to see - swift and instant justice!

Published: February 12, 201824 views
Driver Takes His New Lambo On Its First Snow Drift43s

Driver Takes His New Lambo On Its First Snow Drift

When you buy a brand new Lamborghini Aventador S, what is the first thing that you want to do with it? Most people would say that they would give it a wash and wax to make it look its best, or maybe they would take it for a slow cruise down a busy street to see all the jaws drop. But this owner had a different idea. He had purchased a brand new, half million dollar, shining orange Lamborghini Aventador S and put it in his garage until the first snowfall. When other exotic car owners were hiding their investments from the weather, he brought his out eagerly and took it for its maiden drive to a parking lot with enough snow to do some drifting and spinning. The engine roared and the tires screamed as he spun the car in circles. There were flames shooting out of the exhaust and lighting up the back end. The Lamborghini Aventador S is a 740 hp machine that breaks the 0-60mph mark in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is 217mph. A firm press of the accelerator will push you back in your seat with enough force that lifting your arms will be difficult.

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Cockpit View Of Touchdown At Famous St. Maarten Airport55s

Cockpit View Of Touchdown At Famous St. Maarten Airport

This is the incredible footage featuring pilot’s eye view of the landing at the famous St. Maarten airport. Check out the awesome footage captured from the cockpit of a landing Airbus A340! The Caribbean island of St. Maarten is famous for its airport because the runway is so close to the beach that planes literally whiz right over the heads of snorkelers and sunbathers. In addition, the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport is just over 7,600-feet-long, bordering right on a public beach. How cool is that! Famous for its proximity to the beach, the St. Martin’s Princess Juliana International Airport sees aircraft swoop within spitting distance of sunseekers and planespotters on a daily basis which is why this airport is known as being one of the most dangerous airports in the world. That is to say for spectators, not for travellers, given the location of its runway is between a public beach and a mountain. Planes approach the runway by skimming over the heavily populated beach which makes it a huge draw for tourists and plane enthusiasts who gather around to take photos. Often times the social media is flooded with selfies of swimwear-clad tourists sunbathing as a plane passes over them. This is both amazing and scary! In addition, there is a public road between the beach and the airport and despite of the warning signs and requests from the airport to stay away from the runway, this has become a popular selfie spot, as visitors regularly gather by the fence to feel the blast from planes as they take off. Plane tourism on the horizon!

Car Flies After Hitting A Bump In The Road, Barely Misses Cameraman17s

Car Flies After Hitting A Bump In The Road, Barely Misses Cameraman

You got your adrenaline junkies, and then you’ve got those who are like Jason Statham in ‘Crank’. These folks need constant high surges of adrenaline to keep them high and pumping. What do they do? They go rally racing, of course! Chev Chelios might have been pumped full of poison and had to crank himself up to stay alive, but there guys do it for the exactly opposite reasons! Still, people from high and low gather up to watch men drive carelessly around dirt roads and crash into stuff. Because show business. Some people have a need for speed when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. That's why the race track is the best place for them. Even though it's safer than being on main streets, there is still dangers for bystanders, take this video as a prime example. We see Estonian driver Siim Plangi approach from the distance with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. He looks like he’s got stuff under control, but all of a sudden, Plangi hits a bump in the road. With the speed he has been developing for the past who knows how many miles, that bump sends the Evolution X flying in the air and straight for the corner turn. That would have been a regular thing, if there wasn’t a cameraman standing at that corner! Viewers wince as a cloud of dust gathers on the spot, but we can definitely see that Plangi missed both the professional and his equipment. That broadcast definitely had the best view in the world! Now that was a close call.

Published: July 27, 201543,323 views
Drunk driver veers off lane, crashes into pole39s

Drunk driver veers off lane, crashes into pole

A drunk driver continuously tries to enter a bus lane which leads to the central bus terminal in Israel. After a few tries, the driver veers off his lane and crashes into a pole and scrapes the barrier fence. Terrible!

Published: January 18, 20181,112 views
Check Out This Compilation Of The Wackiest Drivers In Israel3m33s

Check Out This Compilation Of The Wackiest Drivers In Israel

Ever since dash cams came out, drivers can rest easy, knowing that someone keeps a watchful eye over their vehicle. Just plug a camera on your dash board, let it record while you drive and, other than keeping you safe in case of insurance scam, they will occasionally manage to record some idiot on the streets of the world, making a total ass of themselves in traffic. But in the case of the citizens of Israel, there is an online community called Comroads, where each owner of a dash camera can upload their footage to show a misdemeanor in traffic. In the case of this compilation, we get to see a bunch of drivers on the streets of Israel, making wrong turns, forgetting to stop their vehicle on time, or simply thinking they can pull something off. It isn’t just civilian drivers, there are instances where even firemen made the wrong decision at the wrong time and got themselves in this compilation! Then, there are the gruesome ones, those that think they can squeeze between two cars in the nick of time. But they fail to take into account the speed of the vehicles around them and they slam into both, setting their Audi ablaze. That was not fun to witness. Half of the times the reason for these mishaps on the road is poor judgement, while the rest is just negligence. Whatever the case, we really hope that you take care and stay safe out there. Because otherwise, you, too, might end up on a compilation just like this one! Check out this intense compilation of various accidents submitted by the 'Comroads' community in Israel. Drive safe please!

Published: January 17, 2018933 views
Footage Shows How Close Plane Was To Diving Into The Black Sea32s

Footage Shows How Close Plane Was To Diving Into The Black Sea

On the night of January 13, Saturday, a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 jet skidded off a runway during its landing and almost plunged into the Black Sea in Trabzon, Turkey. None of the plane’s 168 passengers, including the pilots and crew, were injured in the crash. This harrowing footage of the aftermath shows how close the plane was to coming to a halt in the icy waters, just off the edge of the runway. The plane was arriving from Turkey’s capital city Ankara. According to the pilots of the plane, they lost control of their aircraft after a sudden and unexplained surge of power to their right-hand-side engine. The pilot, co-pilot and crew have now made statements to Trabzon prosecutors and both pilots passed breathalyzer tests, Turkey’s Dogan news agency said. One of the passengers told that they had to wait inside the aircraft for 20 minutes for help and were later told to leave the plane through its back exit. According to local media, the plane was struggling to come to a halt on the wet runway and couldn’t slow down enough to avoid skidding. Early analysis of the incident says that the jet was prevented from diving into the sea by its landing gear getting stuck in the muddy hillside. Media also reports that the airport in Trabzon is still closed, pending investigation, as emergency crews are still working on the scene.

Train Plows Through Heavy Snow And It Results In Stunning Footage17s

Train Plows Through Heavy Snow And It Results In Stunning Footage

The winter season can be lovely for those of us who love the snow and can stand the cold. It is a "winter person's" dream for snow to build up throughout the night so they can wake up to white blankets covering the ground. Some of us that love the winter season decide to spend the day and just walk around the city park enjoying the sights, where as some us that like sports, can't wait to take their snowboard or skis and hit the slopes. And for some of us, it's a favorite book and cuddled up next to the fire place and enjoying the views from indoors. However, not all of us happen to adore the snow, nor the winter season as much as the "winter person". When winter comes around some of us decide to stay in and not even look outside, let alone actually leave their house. As for all of you, this might be the perfect video to see that you are not alone. Not only that people can not like the winter, but as we see in this videos that, that can also be the case with animals, such as this puppy in the video. Here we have a situation in which there is so much snow that has fallen on to the ground that a special Snow 'train' has to clear the tracks first in order to make it possible for the regular trains to ride on them. Even though this might seem like a normal and regular thing, in practice it looks very majestic. As the train swooshes through with high speeds and crushes through the snow banks, the snow explodes around the train leaving the air full of white power and snowy dust. It's quite the incredible sight. Take a look for your self!

Cab Won't Stop For Pedestrians, Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma30s

Cab Won't Stop For Pedestrians, Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma

Don’t you just love dash cam videos? They are the gift from the gods of technology, letting us capture things we could never explain to people who weren’t with us in the car at the time of happening! Ever since they came out, the ddash cam’s initial purpose is to insure you in case of traffic accidents or when some unlucky person decides to blame you for running them over. People have had their minds taken off the guilt of ruining someone's life or idea of a life with the footage their camera captured. The majority of videos we get captured by these awesome devices let us see what it looks like when someone gets served instant justice, cold and hard! Whether it is a rowdy pedestrian or a careless driver, we get to see that there is justice in the world and it will catch up on you, sooner or later. One driver in Poland managed to capture what happens to Polish drivers when they fail to let pedestrians pass while on the crosswalk. A taxi driver zoomed right past a man and a woman on opposite sides of the street who were trying to cross it. Fast forwards a few minutes and we get to see a police catching up to the taxi, flashing lights on. When the police approaches your car with the roof lights flashing, you know that you did something really, really bad!

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Driver maintains control as truck's tire blows out on highway29s

Driver maintains control as truck's tire blows out on highway

Highway 401 in Ontario, also known as the Trans Canada Highway is one of the busiest highways in the world. It is used by almost as many 18 wheel transport trucks as cars. When these big rigs are rolling down the highway at speeds of 60-70mph, the last thing you want to see is a tire blowing out or a wheel coming off. The tire on the far right, second from the back exploded with a sound that was like a gunshot. It could be heard several cars back and the percussion could actually be felt. The dust and dirt on the road around the truck was sent into the air like a plume of smoke. Cars following behind the semi braked in anticipation of what could have been a loss of control for the truck. Fortunately, the truck driver could hear or feel what happened and he braked in a controlled manner and pulled off the highway onto the shoulder. Almost anyone who has driven on major highways has seen the large strips of rubber on the road as pieces are left like shrapnel after a blowout. These events must be fairly common, judging by the number of pieces of shredded tire that can be found on many roads, but it is not very often that a driver will actually witness it happening. Luckily, this driver had a dash cam running so that it could be captured on video. It is also clear that the drivers of the vehicles around the truck were wise to brake and get ready in case the transport truck driver experienced any problems. As the vehicle with the camera passed by, the truck with the blown tire was making his way carefully onto the right shoulder of the road. This incident illustrates the importance of maintaining a safe following distance and the benefit of not driving right beside a large truck for any length of time. A car immediately adjacent to the tire when it exploded could have had serious trouble and likely damage.

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