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Check Out How Tesla's Model 3 Autopilot Works In Heavy Traffic1m49s

Check Out How Tesla's Model 3 Autopilot Works In Heavy Traffic

Rumble user ‘ricardoapparicio0’ decided to test out the autopilot feature on Tesla’s Model 3 and what better way to demonstrate the machine’s nerves of steel, then by sending it where all season drivers hate to go - in stop-and-go traffic! They drove for 45 minutes on 5S through Camp Pendleton in Southern California and the car performed like a champ, starting and stopping at the right time, always putting its passengers’ safety first! Within a week of unveiling the Model 3 in 2016, Tesla said, they had taken 325,000 reservations for the four-door sedan, more than triple the number of Model S sedans sold by the end of 2015. These reservations represent potential sales of over US$14 billion. By August 2017, there were 455,000 net reservations, and an average of 1,800 reservations were being added per day. Tesla's Model 3 is designed to achieve a "5-Star Safety Rating" and is expected to have a drag coefficient of 0.23. This will be lower than the Tesla Model S drag coefficient of Cd=0.24, which in 2014 was the lowest among current production cars. To put things further into perspective, the average modern automobile achieves a drag coefficient of between 0.30 and 0.35. All in all, this is a very smooth ride!

Steam Train Racing Across Picturesque Autumn Surroundings3m09s

Steam Train Racing Across Picturesque Autumn Surroundings

The development of the steam locomotive in the early 19th century transformed the world, carrying people and goods at unprecedented speeds around the globe. Imagine you could create your ultimate fantasy train set. It would be a network of quaint branch lines passing through some remote, timeless and beautiful landscape. The little wayside stations would be immaculate and the regular train service would run on time every day. The engines would be steam-powered and polished. The station masters and porters would wear smart uniforms and greet passengers with a cheery wave. Most importantly, the line would serve real people going about their daily business, not serve as a museum piece for trainspotters. Could such an idyllic railway exist in 2017? Steam trains attract a different kind of trainspotter. There’s something about the toot of the chime whistle, the telltale plumes of smoke and the celebrated design that attracts more than the anorak brigade. This brilliant video shows a German steam train chugging alongside a beautiful autumn backdrop and we could watch this all day! In a valley of low, rugged hills, there stands the abandoned railway track. Around the corner there's an approaching cacophony of rattles and blasts of steam. Noises from another era can be heard around the valley. And then it appears, clattering and shuddering, the billowing puffs of nostalgia. It’s a mesmerising, unforgettable sight. Soon the air becomes thick and colored with dark grey smoke, streaked with coal dust and grease. One of the few surviving steam trains in Germany appears on the horizon and slowly makes its way to its final destination. Watching as the train passes through the picturesque surrounding our hearts are already on the Hogwarts Express train!

Published: November 6, 2017Updated: November 7, 2017633 views
New Mexico's Singing Highway Plays 'America The Beautiful'1m40s

New Mexico's Singing Highway Plays 'America The Beautiful'

Two years ago, the New Mexico Department of Transportation decided to spice up a particularly desolate stretch of Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras by adding grooves in the road that will play music when you drive over them. Just outside of Tijeras, New Mexico is one of only two "singing roads" in the United States. Installed and paid for by National Geographic as part of their 'Crowd Control' series, it plays 'America the Beautiful' when you do the speed limit. New Mexico’s “Singing Road” was featured on National Geographic Nat-Geo cable channel, as part of the network’s show “Crowd Control”. Nat-Geo actually paid for the permanent rumble strips on Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras which plays “America the Beautiful” when you drive over them at the 45 mile per hour speed limit. The show uses fun experiments to change social behavior. The goal of the rhythmic road, at 364 Highway 66 East near Tijears, is to help drivers stay focused, as part of a social experiment to change social behavior. The effect was achieved by placing metal plates in the pavement, which were ther covered by asphalt and rumble strips. You must drive the speed limit in order to hear the road “sing”; go to slow or too fast and it won’t work.

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Horrible Driver Hits Neighbor's Car, Casually Drives Off33s

Horrible Driver Hits Neighbor's Car, Casually Drives Off

Here's how NOT to improve friendly neighborly relations! Check it out as the car across the street backs up right into a pickup truck, pauses for a moment, and then casually drives off. Good thing this CCTV camera was rolling! People commenting on the original video have had a blast! Naturally, some confirm that the neighbor’s actions are indeed a “hit-and-run” and the she (assuming it is a woman, the footage isn’t clear on the subject) should be held accountable. Others say that the owner of the pickup truck was basically asking to be backed into, parking directly across from another driveway. Whether the driver of the dark purple Nissan Qashqai did a bigger number on his own SUV, than on the ancient and probably uninsured pickup truck is yet to be seen. Probably never. But we can take a wild guess and say that the paint from the Nissan gave the truck’s rear a gentle blush and is probably missing a few lines of color. In a somewhat similar event, an older woman had to take drastic measures when she couldn’t back off her own driveway in Luton, UK, so she called the strongest man she knew - her nephew The Turkish Hulk. Instead of causing a scene, the strongman lifts and moves the neighbor’s car away. It would seem that these petty neighbors are all over the planet!

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Car Attempts To Tow Van And It Doesn't Go Exactly As Planned2m49s

Car Attempts To Tow Van And It Doesn't Go Exactly As Planned

Here's one good reason why you should simply call a professional tow truck! Filmed from a private apartment in the town of Solin in Croatia, a family witnessed what can only be described as two completely ignorant groups of people, who have probably passed their driving test on a hunch and never even took a good look at the images on the test, attempting to tow a van on a busy boulevard! You might think that there is nothing wrong with it, but here is the catch - when you are in need of a tow, first of all, you call a tow company, because that is what they do! Second of all, if you are feeling stingy about it and you want to tow the car with your own vehicle, you never, ever tie the tow line on the back bumper of the car that needs to be towed! Tow companies do it like that because they use a rigid connection between the truck and the car, having complete control of the towed vehicle. With a rope, the car in the back needs to steer on the road just as much as the vehicle that is towing it in the front! Well, that didn't go as planned!

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Airplane Suffers Front Wheel Malfunction, Crash Lands On Propellers52s

Airplane Suffers Front Wheel Malfunction, Crash Lands On Propellers

Even the most seasoned of airplane passengers have that tiny spark of fear in the back of their heads every time they go flying. It is normal to feel fear out of something that doesn’t come naturally to human, flying being one of them. We are accustomed to have both our feet safely on the ground. Despite people’s fears of flying, air travel is statistically the safest mode of transportation in the world. The only thing that makes flying dangerous isn’t the takeoff or the flying itself - it is the landing procedure. The increasing proximity of the ground towards the aircraft, as well as the wild crosswinds that are known to cause trouble on some airports, are the main culprits in most crash landings. Then, there are the technical difficulties that can happen in the blink of an eye and the only thing standing between the passengers on the aircraft and certain death in the pilot’s experience and calm demeanor while trying to land the flying can! When this plane's front wheel dangerously malfunctions, the pilot is forced to perform an emergency landing. At first, the plane’s propellers stop working just above the ground, but the pilot restarts the engine and they start turning. But just as they try to lower the front of the plane on the strip, the front landing wheel collapses, forcing the plane to come to a halt using the propellers. Luckily it's a small plane and everyone was OK!

Published: September 27, 201737,654 views
Ferrari 458 Convertible Supercar Has A Seriously Cool Feature55s

Ferrari 458 Convertible Supercar Has A Seriously Cool Feature

The Ferrari 458 is a classic supercar that turns heads wherever it goes. Perhaps it's the signature Ferrari red paint, or maybe it's the sleek lines or even the deep, throaty growl of the nearly 600hp engine. The car is built to accelerate like a rocket and corner like it's on rails. But there is another feature of this car that makes it a lot of fun. With the push of a button, the security latches on the roof release and mechanized arms fold the roof back and into a concealed compartment behind the driver. A panel cover lifts off and back, allowing the roof to neatly stow away inside the compartment before the hatch lowers back into place to restore the sharp lines of this beautiful car. It's difficult to tell whether the car's exotic look, responsive handling, or maybe the retractable roof are what is the most fun about a car like this. Either way, the driver will not be able to resist playing with this roof, even a little bit! If you ask people which is their favorite Ferrari supercar, everyone will give you a different answer, although it seems that the hybrid LaFerrari is leading by popular vote. LaFerrari literally means "TheFerrari" in Italian language and in some other Romance languages, in the sense that it is the "definitive" Ferrari.

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The impossible texting & driving test2m14s

The impossible texting & driving test

More and more traffic accidents are due to texting. If we want to reduce the 1.2 million traffic victims worldwide each year, we have to act. How do you convince youngsters not to text while driving? Prove them it is a very bad idea: oblige them to text while driving! See how Belgian learner drivers reacted when they were told they had to pass the mobile phone test in order to get their driver's license. Credit: RYDBELGIUM

Truck Crashes And Destroys Highway Sign12s

Truck Crashes And Destroys Highway Sign

A truck, that for some reason has its bed standing upright, completely destroys a massive highway sign in Saudi Arabia. What was the driver thinking?! The driver was probably oblivious that his truck was in an upright position, which is something that you really can't miss! We hope that the dump truck driver made it out okay, but the stress and panic he caused to the other drivers is something he should be worried about. Human carelessness can be great, but when you are a driver you are not only responsible for you and the passengers in your vehicle, but also for every other participant in the traffic. Paying attention on the road is of the utmost importance and it should never be taken for granted. Otherwise, the outcome could be catastrophic. Here we can see the highway sign being completely obliterated as the driver goes straight through it, disregarding the warning honks of the nearby cars. This is something that if somebody told you about, you wouldn't believe it. But here it is, on video, for everyone to see what happens when you let your mind wander while on the road. Always, always be a responsible driver! People's lives are at stake!

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Watch What Happens With This Speeding Corvette At An Intersection24s

Watch What Happens With This Speeding Corvette At An Intersection

So, we all know that while in traffic we can meet all kinds of drivers and experience all sorts of situations, but this one is just mind blowing. First off, lets give this guy a shout out for going waaay over the speed limit and endangering every ones life including his. Also, the luck he had while speeding through that intersection with an absurd speed and not hitting nor getting hit by someone. On the other hand, the guy behind the wheel of the car that is filming this whole scenario is just waiting on the worst to happen while commentating on the situation. This Corvette driver passes all the cars with a ridiculous speed while going through an intersection and over a bump and if you can imagine is a couple of seconds even airborne. This crazy drive manages to keep the car in control and not swerving off as he even steps further down on the gas and disappears into traffic. One thing is for sure, this is probably the luckiest guy this week by getting away with such stupid speed in such a traffic jam. A Corvette ZR1 speeds by in this dash cam footage and literally jumps an intersection, nearly crashing into other cars. So stupid!

Driver Shows The Worst Way You Can Park Your Sedan1m47s

Driver Shows The Worst Way You Can Park Your Sedan

This is one of those confusion moments on whether or not the driver actually wants to leave their car in the parking spot or not. So, here is someone coming in on a supermarket parking and decides that its a good idea to take the first spot they see. Well, it doesn't work out the best for them to say the least. As the driver pulls up he first misses the angle and then pulls up on the curb as he is pulling in. Then goes back and forth trying to get the angle right and the position according to some confused idea of the driver. Basically, he pulls in and out for a couple of minutes until finally giving up and re parking the car at a whole different spot. Here we have a "lucky" guy with a camera that catches the entire act. This guy must have had a laugh while seeing this guy struggle for quite the while until he eventually decides to give up and park somewhere else. So, while sitting in his car and waiting for some friends to show up, this guy managed to capture this epic parking fail on camera. Have you ever seen such a bad parking job in your life?!

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Careless Driver Sends Oncoming Vehicle Into Tense Spinout49s

Careless Driver Sends Oncoming Vehicle Into Tense Spinout

Check out this intense footage of a very close call when a driver carelessly pulls out in front of this vehicle, who has his wife and child in the car. This occurred at the intersection of Pauri Road and State Highway 3 near Whanganui, New Zealand. Stay safe and be patient on the road! This video is yet another proof that we all need to be extra careful every time we get out there on the highway. It's also another sad example of the recklessness of some drivers. What we see is a car driving at proper speed on a highway, when all of a sudden, the calm ride is interrupted by a reckless driver that decides to pull out right in front of him on an intersection! Luckily, the car stops just seconds before it collides into the other car! As it hits the brakes, the car starts turning around several times before it finally stops safely. Talk about a close call! Who knows what the other driver was thinking when he decided to turn in a split second! Have you ever found yourself in a smiliar situation? What't the best way to react? Share it in the comment section below!

Aircraft uses lake to battle raging forest fires1m50s

Aircraft uses lake to battle raging forest fires

Steve recorded this footage from his lakefront home in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. With the nearby forests on fire, the water bombers were continually making passes in front of his home to fight the nearby fires. After a while Steve noticed a boater getting dangerously close to the flight/pickup path for the bombers and continued to record in case of an incident. The boater, as you will see, definitely was not thinking clearly as to his safety and the safety of his passengers, never mind the safety of the skilled pilots working tirelessly to fight the blazes. There were more than 2,500 residents evacuated locally as the fires came dangerously close to residential neighborhoods. Thankfully there was no incident on the water this day, and the fires were extinguished after a number of days. Thanks to all the hardworking firefighters in the air and on the ground, they conquered yet another bad round of forest fires in Kelowna.

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Dodge Charger Safety Chase Car Assisting With ER-2 Landing1m50s

Dodge Charger Safety Chase Car Assisting With ER-2 Landing

This 1-minute, 49-second video taken January 20, 2011 in Palmdale CA shows NASA's ER-2 coming in for a landing and a 2010 Dodge Charger safety chase car escorting the aircraft to a safe landing. The safety chase car is being driven by an experienced ER-2 pilot and it can be seen charging down the runway in a high-speed chase of the ER-2. NASA's Dryden (now Armstrong) Flight Research Center maintains and operates the ER-2, which is based at Hangar 703 in Palmdale. Communicating with the aircraft pilot, the safety chase car pilot calls out the distance in feet from the landing gear to the runway to help the pilot make a smooth landing. Credit: NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

Distracted driver slams into stopped traffic at 60 mph1m01s

Distracted driver slams into stopped traffic at 60 mph

Dash cam video from an extremely distracted driver captures the moment she completely totals a white 2016 Ford Focus SE Sport by slamming into the back of it, causing a pile up on the highway. She was driving a Ford Explorer at around 60 mph, completely unaware that the cars ahead of her were at a complete stop!

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USS Gerald R. Ford's First Fixed-Wing Aircraft Launch28s

USS Gerald R. Ford's First Fixed-Wing Aircraft Launch

ATLANTIC OCEAN (July 28, 2017) An F/A-18F Super Hornet assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX) 23 piloted by Lt. Cmdr. Jamie Struck, launches from the flight deck of USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78). The aircraft carrier is underway conducting test and evaluation operations. Less than one week after Pres. Donald J. Trump commissioned the U.S. Navy's newest aircraft carrier, Gerald R. Ford launched and recovered its first fixed-wing aircraft off the coast of Virginia. The first arrested landing, or "trap", occurred at 3:10 PM (EST) and the first catapult launch happened at 4:37 PM (EST). (U.S. Navy video/Released) Credit: U.S. Navy

Awesome Footage Of US Marine Corps Helicopter Flyby33s

Awesome Footage Of US Marine Corps Helicopter Flyby

There are many things in life that bring us so much joy. For some people it might be a shopping spree or buying something that they really wanted. For others, they like to enjoy the simple things like being with family or just looking at something that they think is unique and cool. The latter seems to be the case in this as this person seems to be amazed by a fly by of a couple of helicopters! The Bell UH-1Y Venom is a twin-engine, medium-sized utility helicopter, built by Bell Helicopter under the H-1 upgrade program of the United States Marine Corps. Here we spot one on a training mission in the California desert that's captured in epic slow motion. So cool! You really can see why this person enjoys this moment so much! It is just so cool! The slow motion is just the icing on the cake as it really does create a spectacular visual to behold! Have you ever seen something like this before? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this moment with your family and friends as it will surely amaze them! This is one video that no one should miss!

Man In Los Angeles Damages Three Cars In A Hit And Run Crash 3m30s

Man In Los Angeles Damages Three Cars In A Hit And Run Crash

Many things in life are hard to explain. This video cannot be explained with a logical explanation. For unknown reasons, this guy hits three cars while struggling to shift gears. It was not necessary to hit any cars while he was having trouble with the gears. He should have put the car in park, not causing harm to anything or anyone around him, but he did the complete opposite. As people start to approach him, wondering what he is doing, he doesn't stop. More people continue to show up and watch in disbelief. What is this man doing? Even after he has got back onto the main street, he continues to hit another car. This man is crazy! Why is he putting everyones lives in danger? Eventually he finally speeds off down the street, but not until after he has caused huge amounts of damage. Right after this footage was filmed, police officers showed up to find his license plate on the street. Who knows what will happen to this criminal, hopefully he pays for his actions. So ridiculous! Check out this video of this man taking place in a hit and run crash! Have you ever seen someone pull off something this ridiculous before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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GoPro falls off moving Ferrari on busy highway1m22s

GoPro falls off moving Ferrari on busy highway

Attaching a brand new GoPro to a Ferrari with a suction cup seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately the top surface of the high powered supercar was carbon fibre and it was not perfectly smooth. After several miles, the suction cup failed and the camera tumbled off the back of the car. This happened soon after merging onto a busy freeway in Quebec. The driver of the Ferrari heard the camera bouncing off the rear window and he pulled over. Luckily, the car behind was a Rolls Royce, being driven by friends who spotted the camera on the highway and could tell what happened. The camera continued to record as it rolled to a stop. It recorded the rescue and the relief of the owner who ran back to meet the friends who saved it. Dave jumped back in the Ferrari and checked on his camera to find that it had recorded everything. He's shocked to see that the camera survived and continued to function through all of this. Other than a few scuffs, the GoPro is as good as new.

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Eagle eye view of British Columbia's stunning mountain range2m02s

Eagle eye view of British Columbia's stunning mountain range

Such a spectacular view! Kevin soars above these breathtaking mountains of British Columbia in a glider, amazing! This is definitely a million dollar view, you don't get the chance to see this every day. Lucky for us, we are able to see this spectacular view through an eagle eye view! At the start of Kevin's flight, he climbs to 6000', turning as he does this. While he turns, we can see the beautiful view below, it is incredible. Kevin reaches 8000' feet to level off and enjoys both the ride and view. He enjoys three hours up in the air, before having to head back home. With this view, the time probably went by so fast! Landing is always the most critical and tricky part of the flight, but Kevin is a pro as he has been flying for over two years now, awesome! What a great adventure this was! Kevin is very lucky he gets this opportunity. If only we were all trained pilots, then we could see a view like this with our own eyes. At least we have Kevin's point of view, so beautiful! Do you love capturing every moment of the beautiful views you see? Check out some of these best selling cameras! What a great way to show your friends and family the amazing views you have witnessed! Don't forget to put these photos up on the wall! Have you seen a beautiful view like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

How to start a camp fire with a Harley Davidson44s

How to start a camp fire with a Harley Davidson

Trying to start a campfire has never been an easy task. Keeping the fire going can also be difficult as well. Eventually, the flames will start to weaken and the fire will need another kickstart to have full force. These guys came up with a very smart and original solution to keep the flames going. They used a Harley Davidson motorcycle to keep the fire going! Who says you need to start fires the boring way? This way is a lot more entertaining! The man backs up his motorcycle close to the fire and starts the engine. The results are incredible! The flames of the fire are so much stronger! Who knew that using a motorcycle would be such a great idea? These guys have some pretty great original ideas! I wonder what other ideas they have up their sleeves! No worries, when the fire starts to look a little weak, just start up the motorcycle again! The fire will look good as new! Are you in the mood for a camping trip? Take a look at some of these camping essentials so you are ready for your exciting adventure!

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