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Waiting - MAXXMAS DAY 210m42s

Waiting - MAXXMAS DAY 2

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Published: December 9, 2016Updated: December 12, 2016
Waiting for Hollande1m21s

Waiting for Hollande

Will embattled President Francois Hollande run for a second term? Will his prime minister back him? And do any of them stand a chance against the conservatives and a resurgent far right? Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Puppy's Awaiting Waiting For Ice Cream Meal42s

Puppy's Awaiting Waiting For Ice Cream Meal

Dog waiting for order for ice cream meal Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

Published: January 17, 2017Updated: January 18, 20175,144 viewsVirality: 39%
Waiting for child delivery can be painful!14s

Waiting for child delivery can be painful!

My husband was getting bored as we were in the hospital waiting for our baby girl to arrive. He found a rolling stool and empty cabinet space under the television. He was pretending he was the doctor about ready to come in and deliver the baby in style and this was the result.

Published: March 18, 2016Updated: March 21, 2016198 views
Waterbed Disaster Waiting to Happen- PetTube26s

Waterbed Disaster Waiting to Happen- PetTube

Check out more funny pet videos at http://pettube.com Eric, the cat, doesn't like to walk on water! http://pettube.com From the producers of television's "Planet's Funniest Animals" and "Funniest Pets and People" comes PetTube, a channel and website dedicated to pets and the people who love them

How to do Pilates while waiting for X-Rays19s

How to do Pilates while waiting for X-Rays

Do Pilates abdominal exercises while waiting for the doctor. Axel demonstrates a bent knee Pilates roll up. Workout while waiting for doctor results. Music used with permission: "Speed Kills 2" from www.partnersinrhyme.com

Published: December 2, 2015Updated: January 8, 201648 views
Sad dog sits on porch waiting for owner9s

Sad dog sits on porch waiting for owner

While babysitting her uncle's (who went on a two-week vacation) adorable dog, Arlene C. caught this heart-breaking moment on the front porch of her home. Watch as Shatzi sadly awaits the return of her owner.

Published: October 9, 2014Updated: October 13, 2014498,695 viewsVirality: 4%
Ever wonder what dogs do while waiting for you?1m51s

Ever wonder what dogs do while waiting for you?

Have you ever wondered what your dogs do when you leave the house? This owner decided to set up a camera and recorded his puppies, Mr. Pepper and Margo, as they waited patiently! Adorable!

Published: January 26, 2015Updated: February 2, 20155,146,497 views