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My horrifying Rumble experience!6m40s

My horrifying Rumble experience!

A true story. Rumble is an amazing platform for video creators and those who love watching great videos! Unfortunately, I accidentally crashed their recent networking luncheon at VidCon with my entourage of homeless could have happened to anyone! Watch the video to hear my embarrassing and hilariously horrifying story!

Published: June 29, 2016Updated: June 30, 2016386 viewsVirality: 37%
Guess what did in 2016?1m31s

Guess what did in 2016?

2016 was was incredible year for Rumble. This video highlights some of the fine achievements that were made for our company, and especially our users. Particularly, we saved our favorite achievement for last! Producer: Svetozar Petrovic (our Production Ninja!) Personal Note to our Producer: What a well executed production with a cat, you nailed it! After all, those viral cat videos gave us the legs to get where we are!

Rumble Viral's Ocean Life Compilation | September 20153m54s

Rumble Viral's Ocean Life Compilation | September 2015

Ah, the open ocean. When living life out on the water, you never know what kind of moments are going to be had. Things that can happen out on the water can range from crazy shark interactions to nothing at all. Here we have all of Rumble's best moments from out in the ocean. Tune in to this awesome compilation that has been put together for your enjoyment. Behold, the beautiful creatures living in our oceans! It's not every day that you get a glimpse into what's going on in the deep blue sea. Even if you travel a lot, you can't see it all. Thankfully cameras have become easily available to everyone, and with the beauty of the internet, with one click of a button the whole world can see the video. You're able to get a glimpse of things that you would otherwise not be able to see, isn't that awesome? With all of these clips, it's hard not to pick a favorite. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to visit for more awesome videos like this one. If you have any awesome clips, feel free to upload them as well! Take a look at some of the most intriguing ocean life moments from Rumble Viral.

Published: September 14, 201598,304 viewsVirality: 4%
Dogs rumble it out for bone dominance18s

Dogs rumble it out for bone dominance

Sapphire selfishly tries to keep a bone for himself as his friend Steel tries to steal it from him. After a while Sapphire gets annoyed and tells Steel to bug off!

Published: May 18, 2017Updated: May 23, 201713,400 views
Dalmatians rumble it out on the yard! 1m00s

Dalmatians rumble it out on the yard!

Louie and Lady have accepted little Zoey into the pack. This is a typical evening around the household as they all bond together. Take a look at how much fun they are having while playing on the lawn!

Published: July 25, 2017Updated: July 26, 20171,406 views
Great Dane competes with Rumble videos for attention1m44s

Great Dane competes with Rumble videos for attention

Briva is a ten year old great Dane who demands her daily dose of attention by dropping a heavy paw on your lap, your arm or your laptop...wherever she needs to. Despite being elderly, arthritic and having only one eye, she is a loyal and devoted family protector and an accomplished cuddle monster. It's hard to disagree that she is more deserving of attention from her owner than the Rumble videos he is trying to watch! Anyone who owns a great Dane will tell you that they can't be ignored when they want affection. They're a giant breed but they believe they are lap dogs!

Published: July 23, 2016Updated: July 25, 20166,045 viewsVirality: 29%
Rumble strips on Japanese road play musical tune39s

Rumble strips on Japanese road play musical tune

We bet that you have never heard music quite like this before! This section of the Subaru highway leading up to Mount Fuji have rumble strips in the middle of the road that have been spaced at certain intervals to play a song. It's very unique and impressive - take a listen! "Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo" by Kyu Sakamoto is the name of the tune. They should really incorporate more of these into roads! This is one memorable moment that you do not want to miss! This has to be one of the most unique roadway in the world! Who would have thought that you could create music in such a manner! Rumble strips are usually used to alert the driver of the vehicle if they are drifting onto the shoulder of the road too much. However, this looks to be another acceptable use for them! Now a days dash cams are becoming more and more popular to be in cars. They are used to capture unique moments in cars for good or for worse. This video right here is one of those unique moments. It is videos like these that dash cams from Amazom are selling so well! Who knows, maybe you could capture a good, unique moment in your car! Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know down in the comments!

Published: June 25, 2016Updated: June 27, 2016212,808 viewsVirality: 1%
THE BEST FAILS - Our First Rumble Fails Compilation! APRIL 20172m09s

THE BEST FAILS - Our First Rumble Fails Compilation! APRIL 2017

Do you enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others? You've come to the right place because that is what we do. In our very first Rumble fails compilation we have clips that vary from dudes sliding down stairs on a table to party game fails and even playground fails. Comment and let us know what type of fails you enjoy. We've got them all! Subscribe for more content.

Published: April 28, 2017Updated: May 2, 2017320 viewsVirality: 5%