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10 Strange Occupational Hazards2m55s

10 Strange Occupational Hazards

10 Strange Occupational Hazards Want to be a rose gardner? How about a nun? Then you might need insurance. Presenting 10 strange occupational hazards. Music = Gentleman's Club by Bob Bradley and Terry Devine-King

Kim Kardashian Seeing Therapist1m17s

Kim Kardashian Seeing Therapist

Kim Kardashian has been dealing with changes in her life since her terrifying armed robbery in Paris. One of the biggest changes is she’s now seeking the help of a therapist.

SWEAT: Water Recycling 1011m12s

SWEAT: Water Recycling 101

Water is a limited resource in space, making the urine and sweat of astronauts a valuable resource for recycling. Jennifer Pruitt, an engineer at #NASAMarshall, puts the "P" in purification to advance human exploration aboard the International Space Station​ and beyond. Scientists and engineers continue to improve existing methods and develop new, future recycling capabilities. Current success and results from ongoing investigations may help in the development of more reliable lightweight, portable waste processing equipment that can be used on Earth, including for emergency use or in areas with poor sanitation or unsafe drinking water. Credit: NASA's Marshall Center

Recycling Kid // 60 Second Docs1m10s

Recycling Kid // 60 Second Docs

When Ryan Hickman was just 3 years old, he went with his father to recycle for the first time. After sorting his bottles and cans, he became obsessed with recycling, and how it can help save the environment, and decided to start his own business – Ryan’s Recycling Company. Now 7, Ryan has disposed of more than 200,000 bottles and cans and earned about $21,000. It’s all in a hard day’s work.

Think twice before recycling plastic bags1m54s

Think twice before recycling plastic bags

You might think you're doing the right thing by recycling plastic grocery bags but they are actually causing big problems at recycling centers. Plus, it could wind up costing you.

Published: April 20, 201753 views