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My parents1m10s

My parents

My parents are thinking of me

Published: August 14, 2016Updated: August 15, 2016115 views
Eagle Parents34s

Eagle Parents

Eagle parents tend to the nest with three hatchlings. You can see some activity through the twigs, to the left of the big branch.

Published: April 7, 2016Updated: April 8, 2016338 viewsVirality: 15%
Living Without Parents2m52s

Living Without Parents

I'm growing up and becoming a man. Living without my parents is pretty dope let's be real. It's a big process to try and move out of the house and start college. With no parents around, life can be both harder and easier. But one thing is for sure, growing up gets me hyped and there's lots of fun t

Published: July 20, 2016Updated: July 21, 201634 views
Parents are an Extension23m59s

Parents are an Extension Honor thy mother and thy father that thy days may be long. This is a promise meant for for each and every one of us. We are to revere and honor our parents, as we do the Most High. Parental respon

Published: October 7, 2016Updated: October 10, 201623 views
Tiny Tot Scolds Parents3m37s

Tiny Tot Scolds Parents

Jianna has had enough! The tiny tot decided to sit her mom and dad down for a serious chat. Her parents were playfully fighting over who had the better caramel apple, but Jianna wasn’t having it. The three-year-old lectured her parents on how they were embarrassing her Needless to say, Jianne laid down the law!

Baby bird and its parents1m00s

Baby bird and its parents

Baby bird and its parents Live of animal' Most funny bird - Parrot vs Cat - funny parrots best funny birds

Published: March 29, 2017Updated: March 31, 201744 views
Deodorant Challenge warning for parents27s

Deodorant Challenge warning for parents

A warning has been issued to parents about the latest social media challenge making the rounds. It is called the Deodorant Challenge and can result in nasty burns.

Published: June 8, 20171 views