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Kennel Motorcycle45s

Kennel Motorcycle

Kennel Motorcycle This dog likes to travel in style.

Published: June 13, 2016Updated: June 21, 2016376 viewsVirality: 78%
Motorcycle Swing33s

Motorcycle Swing

Occurred on August 7, 2016 / Peest, Netherlands Info: Friends were drinking and got the idea to turn a motorcycle into a swing.

Published: August 29, 2016632 viewsVirality: 32%
Motorcycle Fail1m08s

Motorcycle Fail

Occurred on May 6, 2017 / Si Sa Ket, Thailand Info from Licensor: "A Motorcycle crashed into a car due to reckless opening door."

Published: May 8, 201714,581 viewsVirality: 4%
motorcycle vs cops13s

motorcycle vs cops

Motorcycle News and Reviews. Free online source of Motorcycle videos, pictures, insurance, and Forums.

Published: October 28, 2016Updated: October 31, 20162,306 views
Deadly motorcycle accident37s

Deadly motorcycle accident

One man is dead after a car versus motorcycle accident Friday evening in Eagle.

Published: November 26, 2016Updated: November 27, 2016800 views
Epic Skeleton Motorcycle18s

Epic Skeleton Motorcycle

Check out this incredible customized skeleton motorcycle! You'd definitely turn some heads riding around in that!

Published: October 30, 20134,461 viewsVirality: 8%
Dog Rides Motorcycle29s

Dog Rides Motorcycle

Info: A dog rides on the back of a motorcycle with umbrella in its mouth. Location: Songkhla, Thailand Occurrence Date: January 22, 2016

Published: January 26, 20164,127 views
Motorcycle Hits Pedestrian32s

Motorcycle Hits Pedestrian

While crossing the street a lady is hit by a motorcycle rider that isn't paying attention to the road and ran a red light. The pedestrian survived but had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Published: January 16, 20172,054 viewsVirality: 23%
Bear Rides Motorcycle1m08s

Bear Rides Motorcycle

Occurred on August 25, 2017 / Vologda, Russia Info from Licensor: "Bear rides in the passenger seat of a motorcycle and is followed by his personal entourage."

Motorcycle on Fire25s

Motorcycle on Fire

Occurred on August 11, 2017 / Ivanovo, Russia Info from Licensor: "The cause of the accident was due to a gasoline tank exploding. The motorcycle flared, and the rear wheel of the car caught fire. As the automobile portal "Russian roads" informs, the biker got off with only minor bruises."

Motorcycle vs Garage7s

Motorcycle vs Garage

Occurred: May 2016 / Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Info from Licensor: "I bought a brand new motorcycle after hitting my quarter life crisis, no idea how to ride, but felt confident in my natural abilities. Placed an insurance policy on it 30 minutes prior to the events in the video. Called insurance company back and shocked them when I asked to make a claim."

Published: December 12, 20164,498 viewsVirality: 34%


Info From Licensor: "I was riding with my friend going relatively fast. We were on the Sena headsets so we could speak to each other.He shouted in the intercom then it cut out so i turned around. I then found him sliding on the pavement behind his bike. I rushed over to him and he told me to call 911. He was taken away from to hospital and had several broken ribs, punctured lung, collapsed lung, fluid in his lung, broken shoulder blade as well as some road rash on his knees." - Evan McCord / Location: Texas Occurrence Date: May 8, 2016

Published: May 24, 20164,121 views