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Line Cutter3m01s

Line Cutter

Occurred on May 24, 2017 / Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Info from Licensor: "I was driving to work heading into a construction zone where the lanes were funneled down into a single lane. There are signs letting people know the lanes are merging for a couple of miles in advance. This person felt like his time was more important than everyone else and decide to speed down the lane that was ending and jump ahead of all of the people who were patiently working their way through the construction zone. The video shows the payoff for his tactic."

Firetruck Line20s

Firetruck Line

Occurred on September 3, 2017 / Burbank, California, USA Info from Licensor: "Fire fighters lined up waiting on the Latina canyon during wildfires in Burbank, California."

9mm assembly line38s

9mm assembly line

The production capacity of this ammunition line for an 8 hour shift is 25,000 cartridge cases, 25,000 projectiles, and 28,000 complete rounds of ammunition. Running at a maximum capacity of 3 shifts per day, the output is 75,000 cartridge cases, 75,000 projectiles and 84,000 complete rounds of ammunition in a full 24 hour period, flat-out. The machines are simple to operate, which lowers requirements for worker qualifications. A typical shift involves 13 workers per shift, plus a shift leader and a tool setter. The universality and flexibility of the machines allows for quick set-up without long delays in production.

Walking The Line1m21s

Walking The Line

Believe it or not, this is a celebration. Defying gravity 380 meters above ground, Julien Millot and Tancrede Melet, walk a line on the Vanoise Express cable car between the snowy mountain caps of the French Alps. The two frenchmen, balanced on the line, only 2.5 cm wide, but 60 meters long, as part of an event marking the 10 year anniversary of the Paradiski ski resort and its Vanoise Express transport system. Only a small rope attached to their harness prevents them from plunging to certain death. SOUNDBITE: "We have no choice but to trust our equipment because it's our lifeline. Our approach is to go step by step. We don't overestimate or underestimate ourselves, we just do what we can when we're ready. Julien and I are both engineers so we are rigorous with the installations and it allows us to have a clear mind and avoid any dangerous hazard." The cable car links two ski resorts and is one of the largest cable car transport systems in the world. Credit Reuters

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Line Dancing Horse1m13s

Line Dancing Horse

Chrissy the horse demonstrates some equine excellence on the dance floor.

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Shark Snaps Fishing Line45s

Shark Snaps Fishing Line

Info From Licensor: "Managed to get this 3 metre (9.8ft) Broadnose Sevengill Shark to the surface but luckily for him (and probably us!) he managed to snap the line. The one that got away really was 'this' big!" Occurrence Date: December 26, 2015 Location: Tutukaka, Northland, New Zealand

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Caterpillar Conga Line25s

Caterpillar Conga Line

Occurred on February 25, 2017 / Umuwa, South Australia Info from Licensor: "I recently moved to Umuwa in Central Australia to work with Indigenous Australians in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (pronounced ar-nan-oo pigeon-jar-uh yank-uh-jara) lands to work as an indigenous ranger coordinator, helping local people protect cultural sites and the environment. The place is teaming with life, despite being in the middle of a desert. I spotted the line of caterpillars one morning and my first thought was "what's that rope doing in my garden" followed closely by "why is it moving?" On closer inspection I found it was a line of caterpillars walking head to tail in single file. Turns out they're pretty common up here, called processionary caterpillars (Ochrogaster Lunifer). During the day the caterpillars shelter communally in a bag nest made of silk, excrement, shed skins, and other debris." Sometimes the nest is located on a shoot at the end of a branch, or sometimes high on the trunk. The caterpillars feed mostly on acacia (wattle) trees and Grevillea striata (Beefwood). If they have totally defoliated their food tree, the caterpillars migrate to seek out another one, leaving a silk trail. When a caterpillar of the species encounters such a trail it will follow it, especially if there is a pheromone scent associated with it. There can be a hundred or more caterpillars in a head-to-tail procession, kept together by contacting the tail hairs of the caterpillar in front. If disturbed, they curl up defensively into a tight bunch. If two caterpillars each locate a silk trail left by the other, the pair will follow each other, and so will walk around in a circle. If a whole group does this, then they can end up in a circular mass.

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Power Line Sets Fire46s

Power Line Sets Fire

Occurred on August 11, 2017 / Tampa, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "I was driving down West Shore Blvd in Tampa, FL when I heard this loud pop that sounded like a tire exploding. Saw the power line swing across the road and engulf the grass on the right shoulder. Looks like the transformer on the left blew causing the live line to swing across the road in between cars. Took place at the intersection of West Shore Blvd and Culbreath Isles Rd. Roughly 90 homes lost power according to Tampa Electric Company. The dashcam time is off by exactly 1 hour. Actual time is 9:18 am EST."

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What is the Purple Line?1m08s

What is the Purple Line?

The first public meeting addresses what the Purple line is, and any questions about the new transit services. Construction is set to start in mid-2019

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What is the Purple Line?1m08s

What is the Purple Line?

The first public meeting addresses what the Purple line is, and any questions about the new transit services. Construction is set to start in mid-2019

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Sanders walks Verizon picket line1m10s

Sanders walks Verizon picket line

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders walks the picket line with Verizon protesters in New York, telling them "you have chosen to stand up for dignity." Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Top Fuel Virgin Start Line1m14s

Top Fuel Virgin Start Line

Info: Our Top Fuel virgin is back. Day 2 of the East Coast Nationals at Sydney Dragway. Steve is on the start line between two top fuel dragsters. Location: Sydney Dragway Eastern Creek NSW AUS Occurrence Date: November 8, 2015

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Kardashians to Launch a Haircare Line!1m12s

Kardashians to Launch a Haircare Line!

Kim Kardashian, along with sisters Kourtney and Khloé, are teaming up with Houston-based hair company Farouk Systems Inc. to launch Kardashian Beauty. The hair line will include tools, accessories and styling products, per Women’s Wear Daily. “We have been developing Kardashian Beauty carefully with

Line soars on debut1m07s

Line soars on debut

The Japanese messenger app operator's shares rose as much as 36 percent, valuing the company at more than $9 billion. As Fred Katayama reports, it's the year's top tech IPO.