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Amazing leaf insects mating1m28s

Amazing leaf insects mating

Whilst mating, the male Leaf Insects reproductive organ protrudes from his body and seems to take on a life of its own, freaky!

Published: November 10, 2015Updated: December 14, 2015497 views


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10 Extremely Dangerous Insects2m22s

10 Extremely Dangerous Insects

These bugs might be small, but it doesn't mean they're not highly dangerous. Music = The Verdict by Terry Devine-King, Tom Peters and Gavin Harrison

Published: June 11, 2016Updated: June 21, 201620,422 viewsVirality: 12%
8 Insects You May Not Know Can Kill You6m27s

8 Insects You May Not Know Can Kill You

Insects that can kill you. From a fly that can change your sleeping patterns to ants that could eat your lungs out, join us as we take a cautious peep at some insects you may not know can kill you. Subscribe: Check out this and more amazing lists at our website: http://slappe

Published: October 6, 2016Updated: October 7, 20161 views
Insects Found Inside Dominoes Packets Of Herbs Seasoning1m27s

Insects Found Inside Dominoes Packets Of Herbs Seasoning

This is the stomach-churning moment a packet of seasoning from Dominoes Pizza is opened - and dozens of insects fall out. The customer ordered the fast-food takeaway in Delhi, India. *** For full story and to license this footage for use in a commercial player contact video @ ***

Published: September 16, 2017Updated: September 18, 2017
10 Cutest and Most Colourful Insects On Earth - SlappedHamTV6m23s

10 Cutest and Most Colourful Insects On Earth - SlappedHamTV

These insects are all natural works of art. From beautiful patterns to dazzling colors, we take a look at the 10 cutest and most colorful insects on earth. Subscribe: Read the list 10 Cutest and Most Colourful Insects On Earth:

Published: October 4, 2016Updated: October 8, 20164 views
Flesh Eaters: Carnivorous Plants Lure Insects Into Their Deadly Clutches1m23s

Flesh Eaters: Carnivorous Plants Lure Insects Into Their Deadly Clutches

THESE carnivorous plants make light work of any insects that stray into their deadly clutches. This set showcases an array of bug-eating plants, from the Venus flytrap - beloved of children the world over - to the Cape sundew, which lures insect life in with drops of sweet-smelling fluid on the highly-adhesive tentacles that line its leaves. Surrounding tentacles then move to further ensnare the insect, before glands on the leaf start to release digestive enzymes - liquefying the insect's internal organs and allowing them to be digested by the plant.

9 Weirdest Insects On Earth2m22s

9 Weirdest Insects On Earth

There are about 900,000 living insect species on Earth. Meet some of the more unusual species that live in many different corners of the world--or maybe your own backyard.

Published: May 25, 20162,662 views
At These Pop-Up Restaurants You Can Enjoy A Five-Course Feast Of Insects | MAKING MAD5m01s

At These Pop-Up Restaurants You Can Enjoy A Five-Course Feast Of Insects | MAKING MAD

At most restaurants you’d probably complain if you found an insect in your dinner, but at Eat Grub’s pop-up restaurants, that’s exactly the point. Selling roasted crickets with garden herbs, edible grasshoppers, insect protein powders and energy bars, Eat Grub also puts on pop-up dining experiences to promote using insects as a sustainable and delicious food source. One of the founders Shami Radia said: "We think that actually they can be easily incorporated into people’s daily lives, instead of having nuts or crisps while watching the football you can have some roasted crickets." Along with chef Seb Holmes, co-founders Shami and Neil Whippey, devised a 5-course meal for their latest pop-up, which combined chef Seb’s love of Thai street food and the co-founders’ passion for insects. Grasshoppers, mealworms, house crickets and buffalo worms were all on the menu at the pop-up. Seb says: "It starts with a snack, Pandan Crickets, which is like nutty, salt and pepper crickets basically. Then we go for a cricket flour Miang [Kham, a Thai snack] with fresh ginger, peanuts, coconut, served in a Betel Leaf. "Then we have a play on tempura shrimp, with tempura grasshoppers. After that we go for a crispy Vermicelli salad with buffalo worms. Served alongside that we have a Som Tam salad, which is a green papaya salad made fresh in a pestle and mortar; we just use crispy roast crickets rather than shrimps like you would traditionally. "Then to finish off we do a grasshopper praline ice cream.” If this menu doesn’t bring water to your mouth, we wouldn’t blame you! Be sure to check out BarcroftTV's other videos, for more unique stories like this one. Videographer / director: Jay Sohrabi Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski Editor: Sonia Estal

3D x-rays reveal insects' inner secrets1m15s

3D x-rays reveal insects' inner secrets

German scientists are using 3D X-ray technology to look inside living insects and to see how their various body parts work together as bio-mechanical systems. The researchers from Karslruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) say the technology could be utilised by engineers to replicate the mechanics of animals in machines for industry. Jim Drury reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: June 10, 20145 views
The Most Terrifying Insects in the World5m15s

The Most Terrifying Insects in the World

Insects are among the most diverse groups of animals on the planet, including more than a million described species and representing more than half of all known living organisms. There is a variety of insects, many of them are harmless while others are deadliest. Following is the list of the most terrifying insects around the world, although all are not deadliest but they may cause extreme fear at first look.