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Search History

Unfortunately, there's only one way to recover the lost files. Wasn't planning on sharing my search history. Follow me! Instagram | http://bit.ly/JimprovInstagram Twitter | http://bit.ly/JimmyTatroTwitter Facebook | http://bit.ly/JimmyTatroFB Christian https://twitter.com/ChrisChinPierce http://

A Brief History of Wigs1m39s

A Brief History of Wigs

Wigs are a popular hair commodity dating back hundreds of years. Have you ever learned the history of wigs? Now is your chance.

Published: July 18, 2017Updated: July 24, 201743,450 views
A first in Bachelorette history6m19s

A first in Bachelorette history

Leslie from 106.3 The Groove recaps last nights Bachelorette episode which included a first in Bachelor/Bachelorette history. Rachel invites the final 3 men, Eric, Peter and Byran, to Dallas to meet her family before heading to Spain for the fantasy suite dates.

Published: July 25, 201737 views
10 Unusual History Facts1m54s

10 Unusual History Facts

I have to admit that while I do enjoy reading up on history, I had never heard of most of the facts below. Consequently, I found them to be especially intriguing. So, whether you're an avid historian or a bit of a novice in the subject, I'm sure that you will find the 14 facts below to be rather surprising too!

Published: October 10, 20174,082 views