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Men's Fashion7m56s

Men's Fashion

My views on men's fashion nowadays. I know I'm a nobody who knows nothing about fashion, but I know more than Kanye West, and he's somehow a kinda-respected figure in that industry. So if people in the fashion industry consider him as someone whose opinion is of some worth, mine should be worth a

Runway Fashion10m10s

Runway Fashion

I FINALLY HAVE SHIRTS! And hoodies too. Runway fashion is stupid, so I made a video giving my thoughts on it. I had to rush this video like mad, I'm dying of no sleep, and I need to get researching my next person/thing for my next video (it's not Kanye, not yet man

Fashion | Courage1m05s

Fashion | Courage

Hi everyone! One of the best parts about being on YouTube and making videos is having the opportunity to be creative. Mystery Man and I really want to push ourselves, so we're making vignettes about my perspective on fashion. This piece is one in a series of short films that we're doing. We hope

Garbage Fashion Show1m08s

Garbage Fashion Show

Garbage Fashion Show Don't throw your trash away, wear it. That's what Marion Macedo does.

Published: June 12, 2016Updated: June 21, 2016291 viewsVirality: 20%
Omaha Fashion Week6m03s

Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week Producer Brook Hudson visits to tell us more about the plans for next week! We will find out more about some of the designers that will be featured and what's happening for OFW's big 10th anniversary!

Published: August 16, 2017
Pairings: Winter Fashion5m12s

Pairings: Winter Fashion

:: FASHION BLOG :: Hi everyone! We're in Chicago which is the perfect place to do a Winter pairing episode. We're going to play with different outerwear pieces so that we'll be warm yet stylish. All-weather trenches are great to protect us from the wind, faux fur vest u

Fall Fashion 20131m46s

Fall Fashion 2013

One of our favorite videos to film, we absolutely love making Fall Fashion! Some of my favorite Fall/Winter 2013 styles are over-the-knee boots, cropped silhouettes, emerald hues, metallic finishes, and structured shapes. Metallics and emeralds are beautiful holiday colors, and sleek lines in tall

Late Fall Fashion!6m53s

Late Fall Fashion!

Click "LIKE" if you liked this! and let me know if you want a winter fashion video :) Songs: 1. Good feeling- flo rida (instrumental) 2. we found love- Rihanna (instrumental) my personal channel! (i upload on here a lot!) SIGMA BRUSHES: (My favorite makeup



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Menswear-Inspired Style/Fashion11m18s

Menswear-Inspired Style/Fashion

▼ ▼ ▼ More information below! ▼ ▼ ▼ :: BLOG :: :: TWITTER :: I'm always inspired by menswear. One of my secret obsessions is reading men's fashion magazines =) There's just something about men's fashion that is simple, chic, and clea

SPRING FASHION HAUL | Mens Fashion Haul7m45s


Items: Shoes: //- Allen Edmonds Suede Loafers: Not Available (on ebay) //- Allen Edmonds Leather: //- Soloviere Belgian Loafer: //- Todd Snyder PF Flyers: Literally cant find anywhere for some reason Apparel: //- Scarf: Thrifted //- Wrangler Jacket: T

Fashion Scenarios: Matching Outfits3m07s

Fashion Scenarios: Matching Outfits

Hi Everyone! We're testing out a new show called Fashion Scenarios! In today's episode, we explore one of the most dreaded fashion moments, matching a stranger's outfit. We hope you like it! CAST & CREW (alphabetical) Monica Barbaro Daniel Bernstein Richard Czyzewski Troy Forte Kristine Gerolag

Fashion Scenarios: First Dates4m01s

Fashion Scenarios: First Dates

Hi everyone! A new episode of Fashion Scenarios w/ my co-star Jimmy Wong from our AT&T winning short 'Weight of Love'. All the AT&T winning shorts: Weight of Love: For this episode of Fashion Scenarios, we're going to talk about first da

Fashion 2.0 Awards - NYC - 20141m45s

Fashion 2.0 Awards - NYC - 2014

Please enjoy my creative video of the 5th Annual Fashion 2.0 Awards show in NYC. NEW YORK -- March 20, 2014 -- Champagne flowed after the winners of tonight's Fashion 2.0 Awards were announced. This black-tie affair feted legendary designer Zac Posen offering a keynote dedicated to the ever-growin

Fashion Trends Spring 20104m18s

Fashion Trends Spring 2010

Facebook: Twitter: Fashion and trends are important, but your own personal style is what is most important. Pick and choose trends that suit your own style or maybe mix it up a bit and wear somethin

Hair & Fashion Presentation - TheSalonGuy5m35s

Hair & Fashion Presentation - TheSalonGuy

In this video, I am happy to present my first official fashion/model presentation. Each look was created by the model from their wardrobe. Hair by: TheSalonGuy Rosa Martinez IG: @salonrosam Makeup by: DeAnna Diaz Make-up Artist Pedal On Beauty

Published: November 23, 2016Updated: November 24, 20161 views
Fashion Hairstyles & Makeup -TheSalonGuy1m42s

Fashion Hairstyles & Makeup -TheSalonGuy

Please enjoy this gorgeous loose beachy waves hairstyle video & makeup test at YouTube Space NY for designers Nikki Chasin & Maria Dora for The New Class Fashion Showcase. Presented by: Lead hair by: Elie Camoro - Frederic Fekkai Lead Makeup - Houda Casablanca Design