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Car Jump Fail!55s

Car Jump Fail!

DON'T WANT TO MISS A PRANK? Subscribe here! I tried to do the classic James Bond movie stunt, but it was harder than I thought... - HP This is the official Dudesons YouTube channel, where we post our newest pranks and stunts! While we are best known for our hit international

Published: October 5, 201620 views
Free Car Wash Fail1m44s

Free Car Wash Fail

Info: A man got carried away recording a burst water pipe in Streatham, South London and failed to realize his window was down. Location: South London, England Occurrence Date: July 1, 2015

Published: December 3, 2015Updated: March 10, 201652 views
Car Chase Fail in Amsterdam17s

Car Chase Fail in Amsterdam

Info from Licensor: "Smart car is knocked into an Amsterdam canal by Porsche after high speed car chase during the filming of "'The Hitman's Bodyguard.'" - Bryony Howard Occurred: Amsterdam, Netherlands / June 29, 2016

Published: July 6, 2016431 viewsVirality: 2%
Car Hauler Lane Change Fail32s

Car Hauler Lane Change Fail

Occurred on April 24, 2017 / Patterson, California, USA Info from Licensor: "Northbound on interstate 5 on the straights before the Junction with interstate 580, a man and his colleague were returning from a wedding in Oxnard. With a little luck and good reaction time, the friends avoided being made into a pancake. The man driving the car hauler never acknowledged his mistake and was unaware even after the incident."

Published: April 29, 2017991 views
STUNT FAIL: Car Jump Into A Lake!1m57s

STUNT FAIL: Car Jump Into A Lake!

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Published: October 3, 201650 views
Hit and Run Car Crash Fail17s

Hit and Run Car Crash Fail

Occurred on June 4, 2016 / Fairfield NSW, AUSTRALIA Info: A dashcam records a hit and run accident. The footage was given to police for investigation.

Published: June 7, 2016190 views
Truck Lane Change Fail Wiping Out Car1m00s

Truck Lane Change Fail Wiping Out Car

Occurred on May 5, 2017 / Brisbane, Australia Info from Licensor: "I knew truck had to keep left ahead, so I left space for him (never sit on the left of a truck). Car was then in trucks blind spot as truck changed lanes."

Stunt BLOOPER: The Double Car Crash Fail1m25s

Stunt BLOOPER: The Double Car Crash Fail

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Published: October 5, 201617 views
Drift Fail1m38s

Drift Fail

It's fun and games until you go off the road and ruin your car.

Published: February 21, 201731 views
Motorcycle Fail1m08s

Motorcycle Fail

Occurred on May 6, 2017 / Si Sa Ket, Thailand Info from Licensor: "A Motorcycle crashed into a car due to reckless opening door."

Published: May 8, 201714,198 viewsVirality: 239%
Fail FTW!!!22s

Fail FTW!!!

Fail More videos like this:

Published: March 25, 2017Updated: March 29, 20171,296 views
Jump Fail6s

Jump Fail

TheEpicLoLTube bored cabinet clerk coworkers fail fat man jumping file funny good impress jump jump in the office jump over it jump over tables jump with glasses laughs laughter after jump moronic new sport office jump office sports run and jump silly stupid compilation jump fail

Published: July 3, 201780 views
Lane Change Fail3m00s

Lane Change Fail

Occurred on October 13, 2016 / Moscow region, Russia Info: A car changes lanes and then breaks, causing an accident.

Published: October 16, 201616,170 viewsVirality: 73%
Tow Truck Fail1m26s

Tow Truck Fail

Occurred on December 26, 2016 /Moscow, Russia Info: In the process of towing a car, the tow devise fell onto the windshield, causing it to break.

Published: December 28, 2016185,793 views
Epic Drift Fail30s

Epic Drift Fail

Occurred on August 24, 2016 / Palm Bay, Florida, USA Info from Licensor: "Our security camera caught a car crashing into the garage." - Ramar D. Mas

Published: September 20, 201646 views
Moped Passenger Fail20s

Moped Passenger Fail

A moped passenger attempted to kick the rear-view mirror off of a taxi and gets kicked off of the moped by karma. Info From Licensor: "Kids kick taxi car by no reason." Occurrence Date: November 20, 2015

Published: November 23, 2015Updated: March 11, 201657 views
Horse riding fail2m02s

Horse riding fail

Horse riding fail as we fall over on course.

Published: November 9, 2015Updated: December 11, 20158,658 viewsVirality: 23%