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When Bae Doesn't Act Grown  57s

When Bae Doesn't Act Grown

Being a grown woman can be super difficult when bae stumbles in late, looking like a hot mess, and claiming that Saturdays are for the boys. What a struggle dealing with your boyfriend acting like a child can be! Barbie shows us the easiest way how to cope with this situation. This funny video kills us!

When Bae Tells The Truth 55s

When Bae Tells The Truth

Here's some unsolicited advice: When bae has a healthy conscience, keep him around. Relationships are hard enough without letting lies and drama pollute them. If your boyfriend feels like honesty is the best policy, then you've found yourself a winner! Truth is such an important virtue when it comes to love and we love how Barbie handles her boyfriend's realness here. Men, remember that a woman who cooks for you is also a special thing. Love each other and most importantly, always laugh together.

When Bae Sends The K Text 49s

When Bae Sends The K Text

Sometimes it's hard to tell what your boyfriend or girlfriend really means over text. Decoding the passive aggressive language can be a real struggle in relationships nowadays. One specific text that is hard to understand the subtext of is " K ". It's generally a red flag for when bae is super pissed off and doesn't want to look like the bad guy or girl. Barbie shows us just how to communicate utilizing this method.



You're thinking, Jim this video was alright. Like the concept was good but the execution was pretty eh. And I'm sitting over here like, I know guys. I'm not happy about it, Christian's dog isn't happy about it, Eric's goldfish just died and J Harp isn't as fast as he used to be. I'd honestly probabl


"Bae" cancels plans, girlfriend has a freak out

Has bae ever canceled plans at the last minute? Don't worry, you're not alone. Texting you right before you're date saying he can't make it is a big no no. Thoughts of trust run through your mind. You assume that he's a liar and a cheater. You have a freak out because you've already taken the time to get ready and do your makeup. You know you'll be a hot mess if you breakup but you can't stand the thought of talking to him right now. Enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that is this video.

Styled By Bae: Date Night CHALLENGE | KristenLeanneStyle5m37s

Styled By Bae: Date Night CHALLENGE | KristenLeanneStyle

New challenge!! He styles me in the latest fall 2016 trends, I style him...almost! Who do YOU tag to do this challenge?! I tag: Desi Perkins Acacia Brinley Manny & Patrick Starr (yes, as a couple :P) Dani Mansutti Katy (LustreLux) RCL Beauty Nicole Concilio Kandee Johnson Karen (Iluvsarahii) Get

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When Bae Won't Shut Up While You're Sleeping | CoupleThing 33s

When Bae Won't Shut Up While You're Sleeping | CoupleThing

Sleeping is so important in a relationship. It's important to learn how to shut up when bae is catching zzzs. Try not to fight about it. There's a big difference between men and women when it comes to the best strategy to do so. I think you'll agree when you watch the latest installment of our funny Barbie videos.

Published: September 11, 2017Updated: September 12, 2017
Cleavage 101: How to Not Fight with Bae | CoupleThing 1m56s

Cleavage 101: How to Not Fight with Bae | CoupleThing

It's inevitable. We all fight with our significant others. You want to know how to win an argument with your boyfriend? Just put your best cleavage forward! Your best friend here is the bra that supports em. That's why The Perfect Sculpt is our new hero in getting our way whenever we need to. Yes it's a little archaic. But it also works.

When You Love Bae Despite 1m17s

When You Love Bae Despite

You and BAE are in love, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.. Despite what you might think, dating is full of compromises. What happens when your boyfriend want to eat at different place than you? Or when he is eating loudly? Watch as this couple goes through these amazing loving moments such as eating, doing laundry, shaving and even clipping their nails.

When Bae Doesn't Clean His Mess 59s

When Bae Doesn't Clean His Mess

Bae is my favorite person on the planet Earth, except when he's not. Getting him to clean his mess is a near impossible task, especially when he's playing video games! It's not that girlfriends mind their boyfriends being messy. The issue is that we expect you to follow through with something, when you say you will. Thank God for Barbie showing me how to take charge in this situation. LOL.

Relationship Advice When Bae Remembers Everything1m16s

Relationship Advice When Bae Remembers Everything

Be careful when you fight and argue with your girlfriend because bae has the memory of an elephant. The best relationship advice you can utilize is to subdue your ego when it comes to arguing with your girlfriend. She will not hesitate to read you the riot act and remind you of all your wrongs. Let these Barbie videos teach you how to live with and love your partners.

When You Trust Bae 100 1m18s

When You Trust Bae 100

Of course you trust your boyfriend, but sometimes you have to find that trust in a sneaky way. There's nothing wrong with becoming a spy when you're suspicious of your boyfriend cheating. Sometimes he gives off weird vibes when he receives a text that make you nervous about the relationship. The only option is to crash bro night in a very creative way. Who said dating has to be hard?

When Bae Knows What She Wants 1m15s

When Bae Knows What She Wants

Sometimes couples fight over some basic bull$h*t like what to eat. If you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend who will stick it out, then you're one lucky girlfriend. Learning to get what you want is one thing. Realizing that you already have everything you need is wisdom. It costs nothing and it eliminates all the drama of dating.

The Honest Truth | What Bae Actually Means 1m52s

The Honest Truth | What Bae Actually Means

Ever wondered what would it sound like to actually MEAN what you say in a relationship? Look no further! We decided to give you the entertainment of watching an ordinary couple give the honest meaning in some of their answers. Can't tell if your bae is actually telling you the truth or not? Don't worry, we'll translate all of those sweet responses you're so used to hearing.

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Couples Fights: When Bae is Hangry AF | CoupleThing 53s

Couples Fights: When Bae is Hangry AF | CoupleThing

The male equivalent of PMS is when your boyfriend is hangry. Women might have their period once a month, but let me tell you... when bae doesn't eat he can really turn into a monster. One of the major couples fights of our time is when your partner is hangry. Being hungry or hangry in a relationship can be a dangerous situation and let these funny Babrie videos explain just how bad it can get!

Don't Want Bae to Leave: Girlfriend Trapped Boyfriend52s

Don't Want Bae to Leave: Girlfriend Trapped Boyfriend

Every girl's least favorite moment: when it's time for your boyfriend to leave. You've spent the whole weekend cuddling together but if feels like you never see each other. Obviously your only option is to hold him hostage in your apartment. You can tempt him with playing Xbox or maybe making him some soup. If all else fails just tie him up with some rope and never let go. Relationships are hard, you gotta do what you gotta do!

When You Don't Text Bae All Day Long 59s

When You Don't Text Bae All Day Long

Is there anything more annoying than waiting for a text from your boyfriend? Don't you get so upset at just how upset you get? One of the most common couples fight is via the cell phone. Who texts who more is not necessarily the issue here. It's a matter of respect. Right ladies? This is one of our favorite funny Barbie videos.