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Overwhelmed Dog Takes Moments To Recognize Long Lost Owner1m27s

Overwhelmed Dog Takes Moments To Recognize Long Lost Owner

Is there really anything more heartwarming that seeing a dog and an owner reunited? There is nothing that compares unless maybe some of those sweet videos where dogs are reunited with soldiers coming home from duty. This sweet video shows a dog being reunited with its owner after an undetermined amount of time. Apparently, the dog had been lost for quite some time, and somehow the dog was found and the owner of the dog was notified to come pick up with the dog. At first the dog did not run to its owner. He did not recognize him at all. Then, the dog was able to use his sniffing senses to realize that familiar smell. Once he realized that this man was his long lost owner, he was elated to say the least. He immediately begins wagging his tale and trying to love his owner. He whimpers in joy, and just like a kid running to his/her parents, this dog, as you can tell, is trying to jump into the arms of its owner. This is the perfect example of why dogs are the best of pets. They are loyal companions. Their number one need on Earth is to be loved by a human and to be loyal to that human. We challenge you to watch this video and not have it tug at your heart. Dogs are like medicine. They are so beneficial to humans in so many ways. They can cheer you up when you are feeling down. They can be a companion to the lonely. They can be therapeutic for soldiers, and as we know they can even help rehabilitate prisoners. Owning a dog can provide a human with companionship, even enhances your health, and brings you happiness and provides entertainment. Did you know that owning a dog can also provide health benefits, both mentally and physically, for you and your family? There is scientific evidence that provides us with many of the health perks of owning a dog. Being a dog owner forces you to stay active. Dogs need to be walked and have time outside. Even when you want to sit inside and be a couch potato, you always have to take your dog out for a walk. Studies also show that owning a dog releases stress. It has been proven that dogs can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. In this case, dogs are as beneficial as medicine. Dogs can also detect cancer. There have been reported cases of dogs detecting cancer in humans. They would act very strange without any explanation. They would come in the room where the sick person is and would just sit on the floor with their head down and whimper. This video is symbolic of how important dogs are in the lives of humans. In reality, we need them more than they need us. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner1m07s

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner

Having a pet owl could possibly be the coolest sidekick on the planet, but having a singing owl that will belt out duets with you while you do your kitchen housework it priceless! Listening to these two sing together will surely make your day and make you want to go out and get a singing owl of your own! Check out this dynamic duo sing a tune together. Every time the lady sings a melodic tune, the owl chirps in, singing the same part every time over and over again. At first, you just hear the beautiful melody of a lady singing a nice little song as her pet owl is perched on the windowsill, looking out at the world. As soon as she starts singing, the owl looks right at her as if to say "I love this song!" He patiently waits for his part, and comes in with a "ooowww ooowww" perfectly on time! Every time, right before it is his turn to sing, he looks at her for approval to make sure it is time to shine! As the song continues, the beautiful owl starts to walk toward his singing owner and nibble on her fingers and continue singing this amazing duet! The owl finally jumps up on her laid out hand and enjoys a nice petting while being sang to. The bond between these two is so obviously special. The owl's owner starts singing "I love you" and the owl just stares into her eyes lovingly while enjoying being pet and sang to. The singing owl you see in this video is a horned owl, with its large puffy ears and big yellow eyes . The best way to identify a horned owl is by the large, thick bodies and the two feathered tufts on the top of its head. Usually, great horned owls are nocturnal and sleep all day. But this owl has been domesticated and as you can see here is not only away during the lights hours, but has enough energy to pull off a singing duet with his owner. The great horned owl is also commonly called the tiger owl because of their beautiful and unique markings. Their color changes with the season, as well as by the area that each individual owl resides in. This species of owl lives primarily in America and Canada and can be seen throughout the entire year. The call of a great horned owl is usually a deep stuttering series of four or five hoots, but in this song, he is clearly and consistently singing two hoots each time he joins his owner. This shows that singing this song may be a trick that the owner has taught him or something he just learned on his own, trying to mimic his owner when she sings. We could listen to this beautiful and incredibly unique duet all day long and would love to hear more than just this one song! Have you ever seen an animal that could sing? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Dog Demands Attention From Owner After Spending Several Days Apart18s

Dog Demands Attention From Owner After Spending Several Days Apart

This man was out of town for a couple of days, so Java the dog decided she needed to cuddle with him and was NOT taking no for an answer! This comic video focuses on the sentimental attitude this adorable dog called "Java" demanding affection from its owner, after he was out of town for two days. They were two days apart and his dog missed him very much, which you can see in this funny video. What tenderness! When the owner arrives from his trip, he sits on the sofa in the living room to check his phone, and treats his dog with a certain indifference to see how he reacts. While the owner is "distracted" with his phone and ignoring his dog, the dog approaches him and begins to demand affection, and to show that he missed him , but the owner is not so easily convinced, so the dog continues to insist putting his paw on him, insistently. The dog does not stay still until he gets an answer, or at least a hug from its owner. After seeing that his dog really wants a moment of affection with him, owner gives him a very warm and comforting hug and these two friends love each other very much! Like most dogs, this one is also very attached to his owner and does not support the idea of being separated from him for a long time. Dogs, like Java, notice that they lack that person who has been with them since they were puppies, that person they distinguish by their smell and the way they treat them. There is no greater and more sincere love than what your puppy can offer you, because animals are innocent in all their expression and know how to love those who take care of them in the best of ways. The video is really amazing because this dog does not hesitate to show his love for his owner, and we already imagine that although his owner is annoyed, she can convince him in any way with a tender embrace and those adorable eyes. Having a pet waiting for us at home is something that makes our lives happy and fills us with enthusiasm when we open the door, because we know they wait for us to lick our faces and give us a hug after an exhausting day. How would you react to reuniting with your pet after several days without seeing it? We suppose that you would also embrace him a lot and tell him how much you love him, because you have to show love to those who trust you, and there is no doubt that the pets who give us their fidelity have gained all our affection. If you liked the video do not hesitate to share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy it. Do not forget to comment and give us your opinion about this comic Java dog that has much love to give. It may be the most adorable thing you see today. Enjoy it!

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Off-Duty Deputy Sings National Anthem In An Empty Courthouse2m29s

Off-Duty Deputy Sings National Anthem In An Empty Courthouse

This is the heartwarming moment when one off duty deputy dares to sing his lungs out in an empty courthouse. Apparently, it has been Deputy Michael Morgan’s dream to sing in this great hall with amazing acoustics. Listen closely as the talented officer from Codington County, South Dakota beautifully sings the National Anthem in the vacant courthouse letting his incredible voice out! Simply amazing! In this clip we see the talented cop stand in the middle of the empty courthouse and belting out his chilling voice that give us a tingling sensation and send goosebumps down our spines. Incredible voice! When off-duty cop Mike Morgan from the Codington County Sheriff's Office in Watertown, South Dakota found himself inside a closed courthouse his dream finally came true. He simply couldn't resist singing and enjoying the benefits of the great acoustics in the hall. Fortunately, he convinced his partner to record him singing and made for this wonderful performance. It is true that people have a habit of surprising us more and more, who would have thought that officers are into singing too! So, next time you’re in a courthouse of this kind, make sure you check out the acoustics of their hall, because apparently that is a great place for breaking into a song ! It is so heartwarming to see this man, who was eager to sing in this courthouse, finally get his chance to sing his lungs out, and he chose the right song for that occasion. Michael picked out the song that was most fitting for his surroundings and went for the national anthem. Judging by his impeccable performance, apparently Mike is off-duty moonlight-singer with some impressive talent. We think that the world will be a better place if singing was allowed at the workplace. Mike takes a deep breath and belts out in a song very heavenly. Wow, he wasn't kidding when he said that the acoustics inside were perfect. Fortunately, the structure of the building carries out his voice perfectly in a way that gives almost a haunting sound. Because the building is empty it carries out and vibrates throughout the entire building, almost giving it an echo. The wonderful performance of officer Mike has given us a tingling sensation. This man sure has a wonderful voice and we're so happy he decided to share it with everyone. It is always nice to hear people appreciating the national anthem. Talking about singing, in another video we see 65,000 people join an anti-government protest in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava on Friday, March 16, amid outrage over the recent killings of a Slovakian journalist and his fiancee. The demonstration was held in SNP Square after the killings of Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova at their home in Veľka Maca on February 26. The killings prompted the resignation of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico on Thursday, March 15. Kuciak, 27, had been investigating links between some of Slovakia’s top politicians and the Italian mafia when he was shot dead, the Guardian reported. This video was captured by an eyewitness in SNP Square. It shows Slovakian protesters singing the national anthem while holding up the torches on their mobile phones. Similar protests have been held for three consecutive weeks. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Red Light Runner Runs Straight Into Trouble And Slides Down A Slope15s

Red Light Runner Runs Straight Into Trouble And Slides Down A Slope

A bad driver is something that no road can possibly be saved from. Now, there are incredibly many cars in the world, and they all travel on the same roads. If you drive smart, you can quickly get to work, go on a trip to anywhere in the world or just go shopping for a few weeks ahead. But at the same time, not all drivers follow the rules of the road making the lives of the first group simply unbearable. And the worst part of it all is that you just have to learn to live with this, because whatever you do, whatever the authorities do, nothing will be done in the end. So, what happens now on the roads of the world? More and more people get a driver's license , buy their cars, but not all of them make efforts to comply with all the rules of the road the majority of drivers adhere to. Unfortunately, the lousy driver is not only oblivious to the rules but simply refuses to care what else is going around them - they just make a mess of it all, do minor mucks on the road and leave! Like what they have just done does not concern them, it was not their fault they slammed into someone’s car, or a person and caused damage or injury, those extras always appear out of nowhere anyway! And you are usually so shaken by the incident that you have no focus or time to write down their car make or registration number and you find yourself at a double loss. But now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can correct the situation a little. And, luckily, karma is here to mend all wrongs, the faster - the better! After this driver takes the liberty to drive against the ruls, karma does its police work and immediately bestows him or her with dire (here laughable) consequences. Watch the video at the top of the page! This video was made on September 21, 2018, in Otago, New Zealand, and this is what the filmer has to say amount this tragi-comic event: "I captured this today on my travels. This is two Asian women in a rental car, their driving was far from flash this afternoon, they ran the red light on the Beaumont bridge and had to back off for an oncoming Hilux. the end result is priceless! They were not injured and I called it into the police." Take that, bad drivers! The lesson of the day is that one should abide by absolutely all traffic rules and do not act as if you are driving a priority vehicle. Karma or no karma, lives of people directly depend on it. It was sheer luck that these drivers passed so lightly. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Woman With Beetle Tattoo Showcases Unique Design 18s

Woman With Beetle Tattoo Showcases Unique Design 

Tattoos are permanent and will always be with a person. So, tattoos should be a work of art that you will always appreciate. In this short video, a Brazilian tattoo artist Tomas Melo or as he goes by “Menace”, created a beautiful dung beetle on a women’s lower arm. The beetle’s wings cross her elbow in a way where when she moves her arms she can make the beetle fly. How cool is that! The video ends with the view of a radiant Brazilian sunset with compliments the stunning tattoo design. This unique design is a masterpiece, which will endure the test of time and remain cool and trendy. Tattooing has been around for thousands of years. The art form can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt, but there have been examples of tattoos found in other cultures where they developed individually, especially in China, Polynesia, and South East Asia. The art form was popular in South East Asia as tribal and religious symbols. These tattoos were mainly given using a "stick and poke" method, where a needle dipped in ink would be rapidly stabbed into the skin. Tattoos spread to the western world with Captain Cooks voyages, on his first voyage, his crew returned from their travels in Asia with tattoos of plants and important symbols from their travels. In addition, Captain Cook brought back a native Pacific islander who was tattooed, which highly interested King George of England. Shortly after the first tattoo shop opened in the United Kingdom, but was still largely associated with sailors. The art of tattooing gained more popularity in the United States, during the civil war. Japanese and Polynesian tattoo artists would give American and European soldiers tattoos, especially in port cities. After the war, the art of tattooing remained popular among soldiers, but soon gained more popularity among the upper classes, and was seen more as an art form rather than lower class. Although with the invention of the electric tattoo machine, tattoos became cheaper and less of a status symbol than before with the ‘stick and poke’ method, making the practice available among all social and economic classes. While tattoos are seen negatively in some parts of society, I think this tattoo is an incredible work of art and incredibly unique. So original! This short video shows off an amazing, beautiful tattoo designs . The tattoo of a beetle on this women’s arm looks like its flying if she moves it in just the right way. The tattoo artist Menace did an amazing job creating a beautiful work of arm on this Brazilian women’s arm. Hopefully, we will see more unique and creative works from this tattoo artist. His work is so creative! What do you think of the video? Do you have any unique and interesting tattoos? Make sure you tell us in the comments down below what you thought of the video and to be sure to share this video with others so they can have inspiration from this amazing tattoo design!

Golden Retriever Puppy Super Jealous Of Toy Doggy43s

Golden Retriever Puppy Super Jealous Of Toy Doggy

These people bought their puppy a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that moves and barks, thinking it would be nice company for him when they aren't home. Check out his adorably humorous reaction to it! These people bought their puppy a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that moves and barks, thinking it would be nice company for him when they are not home. Check out his adorably humorous reaction to it! This sweet baby boy is so jealous that mommy is giving someone, or something for that matter, else the attention that he is used to getting all to himself! Adding to the comedy is the fact that the couple picked a robot dog version that looks just like a true Golden Retriever, so this young buck is more than likely extra confused about this entire situation! You can see how he hugs up and snuggles to his mom as if he is nudging her to remind her he is there! If this pup could talk, it seems he would be saying at this moment something along these lines: “Mom!? Why are you petting that thing? I am way cuter and cuddlier than that old yucky puppy! Did you forget? Why would you even bring something like that into this house?! I am truly offended. No, no, this will just not work. You are my mommy, and I had you first! I don’t wanna share!” He is so precious about halfway through the video when he seems to start mimicking the robot dog’s actions. When the robot sits, so does he! It is almost as if he is trying to show mom that he can do the same thing, but better! Oh, it just does not get any cuter than this right here. He looks genuinely offended and puzzled when mom starts to pet the robot dog. He even starts to bark at the robot dog as his frustration builds. He just cannot stand this situation/encounter one little bit! One thing is for sure, this couple is probably better off keeping this a one dog household! Surely this baby boy would not be very thrilled if another real dog came to live with him. Isn’t it amazing how much impact our loving pets have on our human lives? It has been scientifically proven that people with pets tend to live longer, be more compassionate, be more patient , and all around less depressed and happier people. They really brighten our worlds every single day. Pet owners around the world cannot even imagine what life would be like without our beloved furry friends by our side! Did you enjoy this video, and do you want to see more like it? Are you a small time creator looking for a stable platform to share your high-quality videos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Subscribe to Rumble for more videos, or create a Rumble account to share your videos. Rumble gives more opportunities without the hassle of worrying about how many subscribers or views you have. You can have none of these things, but you can still make a profit. Upload your video, and let Rumble do all of the hard work! We cannot wait to see your masterpiece!

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Bizarre rainforest insect resembles a helicopter2m19s

Bizarre rainforest insect resembles a helicopter

This is a treehopper from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Treehoppers are insects related to cicadas and leafhoppers. Most treehoppers have a highly modified pronotum on the back, in this case forming five hairy globes and a long spine, probably serving to deter predators. Treehoppers feed on plant sap which is rich in sugar.

Silly Cat Goes Into Attack Mode On A Wooden Block Tower10s

Silly Cat Goes Into Attack Mode On A Wooden Block Tower

In typical feline fashion, this cat decides to decimate a toy wooden block tower for absolutely no reason at all. Cats will be cats! This video is absolutely hilarious. Cats are known to get themselves into sticky situations, and they always seem to be wreaking havoc everywhere they go. The cat featured in this video is named Polar. He is a Siamese mix-truly a beautiful cat. Don't get too excited to see him though, because like The Flash, he will only be on screen for a second! Watch carefully, or you will miss him! Here is what is happening before Polar's intrusion: The woman speaking, Emily Meredith, is trying to film a short video to send to her nieces and nephews. They come to visit her every so often, and because Emily does not have any children, they do not always have a lot of toys as options to play with. Therefore, Emily decided to purchase this oversized version of "Jenga" to entertain them while they are at her house. She built a small tower like structure with them on this particular night. She was filming this so that she could send it to the parents of her nieces and nephews, to show them that she had gotten a new game for them. Before the video ever gets going though, there comes Polar! This silly cat dives into the screen shot, straight into the tunnel that his owner just built, completely destroying the creation entirely! It is as if this cat is literally doing a "hit and run" with the building blocks! Viewers cannot help but bursting into laughter. Many who have seen this video also find it quite humorous listening to Emily's reaction to her cat's actions since she apparently has a bit of a southern accent. Why this cat finds it so amusing to crash into towers of wooden blocks , the world may never know. Who really knows why cats do anything that they do. One thing is for certain, though: regardless of why cats do what they do, they certainly bring joy, humor, laughter, and love to our lives! Polar is just one of many cats who have been caught on camera being extra naughty! What a goofy character! There is a "part 2" follow up video to this one also. Emily builds a turtle enclosure with these blocks, but much smaller in an attempt to deter Polar from another hit and run. You'll have to watch the video to see what happens, and we promise that you will not be disappointed! Did you like this video? Do you want to see more that are similar to this one? Are you a small creator with some high quality videos that you are searching to share on a solid and effective platform? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place! Don’t hesitate to find other related videos and have the laugh of your life. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play1m45s

Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play

Mikey the Great Dane puppy is quite a busy boy. Watch and laugh as he barks at Jack the cat to play with him, giving Jack a few play bows before Jack takes off running with Mikey in hot pursuit. Jack comes back for another round, while Mikey gets sidetracked with his stuffed alligator toy. At seven weeks old Mikey is still smaller than Jack, but not for long! Watch how this Great Dane puppy barks at a cat because he wants to play with it, the puppy barks at the cat to play with him, but it seems that the cat is not interested in playing with him, so the cat fled the puppy when he saw a good opportunity to escape. The Great Danes are dogs of an impressive stature, but this puppy is only seven weeks old and has not yet grown and learned enough, currently the cat is bigger than him, but that will not be for long. The puppy wants to play and teases the family cat which made for this funny video! A Great Dane puppy named Mikey intends to play with a cat named Jack, so Mikey barks a couple of times at Jack and tries to get close to him, but Jack stands still, does not seem to have any intention of playing with Mikey, for that reason when he saw the perfect opportunity to escape he ran to a room away from Mikey. The puppy tries to chase Jack but can not reach him, so he begins to smell the fireplace trying to find where Jack had hidden, but on the way he found his crocodile toy and started playing with him. Then, Jack returns for a second round of fun, but it's too late, Mikey is totally entertained with his toy, so he just climbs up to the table and watches him play from there, maybe Jack should have taken the time to play with Mikey. For years it has been said that dogs and cats can not live in harmony or share the same home, the truth is that both are predators by nature, it is a bit difficult to get both of them to get along, but it is something that can be achieved get. Today it is very common to see dogs and cats living in the same house, many say that everything depends on the education given to both, some people say that dogs and cats get along very well if they receive a good education, because despite to be rivals by nature, both have something in common, both love to play with their owners. The Great Danes are characterized by their impressive stature and elegant appearance, in addition to being very affectionate and full of energy, they are always trying to play and share with the family. It is likely that one of the main reasons why Mikey tries to play with Jack is so that both can create a bond of friendship, maybe Mikey is still a puppy and has a lot to learn, but has the right to have fun and make new friends, regardless of their appearance or age. Many people recommend to let dogs know and play with other types of pets, as this helps them to better understand the world and to quickly learn what are the positive and negative aspects of things. It is important to educate pets at an early age, because when they are adults it is difficult to provide them with education. As we can see in the video, the animals will always have the intention to play. Jack, do not be bitter, play with Mikey!

Spray Paint Artist Creates Beautiful Artwork In Minutes6m28s

Spray Paint Artist Creates Beautiful Artwork In Minutes

This talented artist creates a breathtaking portrait on demand in mere minutes using cans of spray paint. Check out the end result! Have you ever just sat in awe of someone’s work? If you could choose any job in the world other than what you are already doing, wouldn't you just love to make a living as an artist? Their ability to envision masterpieces from nothing amazes people since the beginning of time. This one particular artist is giving us all of the feels. Look at the crowd gathered around him while he creates beautiful pieces of artwork from just a few spray cans and pot lids. Creating art or watching it being created has tons of mental health benefits. Some studies even say that no matter how skilled your art, making art helps reduce stress. If being creative can help reduce stress, we should definitely consider opening our hearts enough to give it a try! Whether you are thinking about getting into your artsy side or not, watching these pieces from start to finish will for sure blow your mind and let your mind escape the troubles of the day. When looking at the final product at the end of the video, the viewer would think that the artist responsible for creating this beautiful piece of art had to have spent hours, days, or even weeks to end up with the final product. How wrong would you be to believe that? What’s even more unbelievable is that not only did it not take the artist hours, days or weeks to complete the painting, it took him less than five minutes. Also, who would have ever believed that the artist used the tools that he used to create the parts of the scene? Who knew that a newspaper could create a marbled look, which could be used to create planets in the atmosphere. When you think of all the things that have a marbled look to them, the possibilities are endless. When he got to the part of the painting where he created the skyscrapers in the foreground, we were literally sitting in shock and amazement. He created them so quickly, and we would have guessed that those took forever. They did not take forever though. Instead, they took just a few seconds. We hope this video of this artist inspires you all to go and create art of your own. You don’t have to be as talented as this amazing man in this video. You can create your own masterpiece . There are also so many types of art you can create. You can paint on canvas like this young man. You can create art using clay, metal, or just about any other material that you have at your fingertips. So, what are you waiting for? Begin today and create your own masterpiece. The benefits are definitely worth it. While you are relaxing from the stresses of the day, you will also be challenging your creativity and increase your brain capacity. Who knows? Maybe you will learn to create art like this man who probably makes a decent living providing for his family. You can certainly tell from the crowd surrounding him that he definitely knows how to draw a crowd. So, here is your challenge for the day: challenge yourself to be creative!

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Adventurous Daredevil Jumps From 111 Feet Cliff Into Water38s

Adventurous Daredevil Jumps From 111 Feet Cliff Into Water

Watch this amazing video where this adrenaline-filled daredevil is captured as he sets out to jump from a cliff over 34 metres high in "gouffre de l'oeil du diable" in France. What madness! The cameras capture how this brave boy's legs do not tremble to jump into the void and fall into a large well of water, which is at a considerable distance. In spite of being on a cliff so high that it would make anyone die of nerves, especially those terrified of heights and deep waters, this boy dared to jump to impress us. Not all of us were born to be extreme daredevils , but without a doubt the experience must be unique and amazing. Just to see it is highly surprising, I don't imagine it feels like being in his shoes right at the moment he jumps, would you dare to jump? Maybe yes, or maybe not, but we hope that if you do, you'll share your video with us so that you'll also make our hair stand on end like this guy. This guy's partner is positioned higher up the cliff to be able to record from a better angle, this way we can appreciate the fabulous jump in all its splendor. Thanks to this magnificent shot, you can feel your heart stop when that boy is thrown, you just can't stop seeing it! For many life is just one and it's so short that they don't waste time doing everything they want, especially extreme things that can put their lives at risk; that's the idea, to challenge life and feel that we're alive with every experience and every adventure we embark on. Filling the body with adrenaline is the exciting way of living the day to day of many people, who are not afraid of anything and live each day to the fullest, counting and showing their exploits and the great guts they have, something that makes us tremble more than one but we still love to see. This video not suitable for cardiac reminds us of the famous actor Will Smith, when he jumped from a parachute to more than 24,000 feet high (2,400 meters) in Skydive Dubai, so he could not sleep the night before, because he was too scared to think he would jump from such a great height, that idea took away his sleep, but after jumping , in an interview he told us the following: "Everything up to the stepping out, there's actually no reason to be scared. It only just ruins your day. The best things in life are on the other side of terror. On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life. "In one second, you realize it's the most blissful experience of your life" So... Have you decided to jump? Well, don't forget to comment and give us your opinion about this amazing video you just saw. I invite you to give it "I like it" and share this memorable jump with your friends. Enjoy it!

Baby Hedgehogs Are Adorable Balls Of Cuteness35s

Baby Hedgehogs Are Adorable Balls Of Cuteness

These four baby hedgehogs get ready to unroll themselves in this adorable clip. Too cute! In this video we can see four little hedgehogs laying in the grass, three of them seem to be calm and may be asleep, but one of them is super active and he looks like he is waving at us, or it just me. The second hedgehog in the line(the one that waved at me) starts to unroll itself and he was probably going somewhere but the clips cuts before we get to see him walk, what a shame! When a hedgehog is a baby, it is called a hoglet. They are 17 species of hedgehogs around the world and they have an expectancy of life around 10 years. The hedgehog could be living in all type of climate, hot weather and cold weather(Although the ones that live in cold climates hibernate).They weight between 100 to 1500 grams.They are born by batches of 4 to 7 and the mom goes through only 35 days of pregnancy(lucky you!), so the little guy s that we can see in the video must be related, which makes it even cutter. Hedgehogs are also known to be able to dig. Hedgehogs have an average speed of 2 meters per second and can travel up to 3 kilometers per day. Fun facts about hedgehogs, they are good for your gardens because they eat the bugs. A hedgehog that is scared will curl up on itself as a defense mechanism so its spikes are out. An adult hedgehog as around 5000 spikes and they last around a year, but not all of them simultaneously obviously! Hedgehogs have a reputation of being shy which is why we don’t see many as pets. But before thinking about getting a hedgehog pet, make sure that they are legal in your state. The hedgehog has to come from a licensed breeder and it has to be healthy, like not carrying any disease. You have to make sure to bring it home appropriately. You have to play with him every day so he can get used to you, a piece of clothing that you haven’t watched could help, but again this is the basics. They also lick themselves more particularly their quills to put some sort of a coat made from their saliva on them that irritates predators. For this last reason, you might get irritated the first few times that you handle your hedgehog. The hedgehog needs a cage that has a good size to be able to play and walk around, be careful because it can climb and get out. That they survive at different temperatures, they live the best from 22 degrees Celcius to 26, lower temperatures would send them to hibernation and it could then lead to pneumonia. Another fact about the spikes is that they are made of the same material as our fingernails! They are more related to shrews than porcupines, this is a common misconception because of their quills. That being said, I cannot wait to see more videos about hedgehogs or other animals to review them.

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Flight Of Mountain Stairs Make Climbers Dizzy Before Reaching The Top3m12s

Flight Of Mountain Stairs Make Climbers Dizzy Before Reaching The Top

Madan Fort is located in the Nasik District of Maharashtra State in India. This trek called Alang-Madan-Kulang (AMK) is one of the toughest treks in the Sahyadri mountain ranges in India. Must see! It seems that the path is marked with stairs that seem to go up, and up, and up continuously without end. Most of us tend to get winded from just a few flights, so imagine what it may feel like or be like to continually ascend this seemingly never ending real life staircase to heaven! One of the most terrifying facts of this trek is the fact that there is no guard rail. Look on the right side of the screen, to the side of the staircase. Do you notice anything? That's right. There is nothing there except for endless space inviting any inexperienced hiker to fall into the abyss to their fated end. Another interesting and notable fact here is the width of these stairs. They do not seem to be very wide, and therefore, it seems that a hiker must be sure that he or she has very smooth strides and agile feet. Reflexes must also be at their best when attempting a climb such as this. One aspect that gives the hiker comfort though, is the fact that, of course, there are hooks drilled into the sides of this treacherous mountain. Without these, though, the climbing attempt would be too dangerous for anyone to make more than good, regardless of their experience. Regardless of the work and turmoil it takes to get to the summit , there are bountiful rewards at the end of the journey. There is absolutely no better view than that at the top of this amazing but difficult endeavor. This spectacular view can be seen all around the mountain in the video of course. The clouds meet, and the sky meets with the amazing mountainside, shining in amazing and breathtaking beauty all around. One could imagine that there is just no better moment in one's life than that of the moment one reaches the top of this mountain and all of its glory. Any hiker who has seen this view firsthand can attest to its magnificence. There are some moments in life where a person experiences something that truly changes their core and their view of the world and life. This would be one of those experiences. Seeing this view from a computer screen certainly gives us as close of an idea as we can get without physically being there of course, but one can only imagine what this must feel like and how it must move one's soul. It must feel as if you are receiving an unbelievably rare opportunity to touch the heavens and feel the grace of pure innocence, pure beauty, pure love, pure joy, etc. Feeling so small on this mountain top, any hiker is sure to have an experience they will never forget. This will be the highlight of their experiences!​

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Golden Retriever Pins And Tickles A Toddler50s

Golden Retriever Pins And Tickles A Toddler

Have you ever seen a dog that knows how to tickle? Watch this big and gentle Golden Retriever dog play and wrestle with a giggling toddler in this heartwarming clip. Their friendship is so adorable, you can just tell how much these two love each other as they play around on the bed, rolling around and having such a great time! So cute! When the video begins, we immediately wondered what the big furry dog was doing to this small child. At first, it looked like he was trying to stop the child from falling off the bed or just didn’t want the baby to get away. But as we watched, we realized that the dog was actually and physically tickling the baby, making her laugh and laugh in the most hilarious way! The baby clearly adores the dog. She hugs the pup as hard as she can, grabbing onto his legs lovingly. The dog must be ten times bigger than the baby, yet these two make the most beautiful friends’ couple. The puppy even jumps right over top of the babies head to get in a sneak attack tickle, sending the infant in a complete belly laugh that is contagious! The dog uses his nose to poke at the baby and tickles her gently. This entertains the child so much, she just cannot get enough. She just keeps laughing and laughing adorably! There is something about watching a baby and a dog wrestle that just melts your heart. To see such a big and gentle dog act so lovingly to a baby is the cutest thing ever! The caring canine even takes it with a grain of salt when the baby accidently hits him in the face. There is no aggression here. These two are best friends and have been together since the day the baby was born. The dog acts almost as a nanny and feels very protective of the child! Watch as the Golden Retriever actually pins down the baby to get in there and tickle her. He licks her face while holding her down and the baby just loves it. Even though the dog must outweigh the baby a lot, it doesn’t seem to matter. These two just love playing together and wrestling on the bed. They could do this for hours and hours at a time! Golden Retrievers are a large, blonde dogs that were bred for hunting, however they have become extremely popular family dogs for all of the reasons we can see in this video. Golden’s make great pets in families with children because they are very patient with children and friendly with everyone they come into contact with. Their trusting and gentle personalities make them poor guard dogs as they will befriend pretty much anyone who comes to their home. They are extremely intelligent dogs and rank number four in dog intelligence after the German shepherd, Poodle and Border collie. We can clearly see how smart this breed is. If this dog knows to tickle a laughing baby, what else can he learn to do?

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Creepy Paranormal Activity Is Captured In A haunted Garage1m14s

Creepy Paranormal Activity Is Captured In A haunted Garage

Are ghosts real? This video will have you question everything. Surveillance footage captured some spooky sights in this home garage. This clip is much like the movie Paranormal Activity; only there's no smoke and mirrors. With the installation of motion detecting home security cameras, people had caught some scary moments they didn't know were happening in their houses. Nothing is normal about what is happening in this seemingly empty basement. Nest cameras are an excellent tool to monitor the goings-on around your home. In this case, the owner received a message that Nest "thinks it heard someone in the garage." Startlingly enough, as soon as the camera clips on, you can clearly see a definitive image intently floating around the screen. Our hearts almost stopped when the pool balls moved and the game lights turned on. The ideas of ghosts originally came from ancient views of the spirit exiting the body at the time of death. For decades, unexplainable images in photographs have captured our curiosity about the afterlife. Video footage has added such dimension to these previous pictures that it is almost impossible not to believe! How would you feel watching this if it was your basement? Have you recorded anything out of the ordinary on your home camera system? Did the camera really turn off at the end? Mostly likely so. It has been said that paranormal spirits require energy to materialize into our world and therefore there have been numerous accounts of battery drainage when paranormal spirits are present. It would have been interesting to check the temperature as ghosts also present a cold chilling presence. Throughout time we have heard stories passed down of ghosts presence, feelings and sightings. As technology had advanced us into a new age, we are suddenly overcome with tangible evidence of the afterlife. It's almost impossible not to believe. If you've ever been alone in your empty basement and felt that shiver come up your neck, could you explain it? There are a great deal of individuals who have experienced paranormal encounters. Many still cannot be explained. Many believe that our loved ones who have passed are still watching over us, but what about the spirits we haven't invited into our lives. It would be worthwhile for these homeowners to investigate the history of the land they live on or evaluate which loved ones from their past could be coming to make such a ruckus. There are many television series about ghost hunting that will convince you of their existence- at least we are kind of convinced. Modern day paranormal investigators share what impacts these spirits have on their psyche. In some cases, hauntings that appear such as this can be detrimental to the mental and physical well-being of the humans in the house. We've all seen the horror movies, but imagine it was real life. I'm not sure I would go into that basement ever again!! If this is a prank, it is very well done.

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Deer Arrives At A Woman's Door To Be Fed1m19s

Deer Arrives At A Woman's Door To Be Fed

Definitely if you are a faithful lover of nature and wild animals this video will enchant you, as well as leaving you surprised with the intelligence of this deer who arrives at the door of the place where the woman lives. She has fed and cared for it since it was a fawn and tries to get his attention so that it gives him some food. This beautiful specimen of deer is named Zoey. Zoey was rescued from her natural habitat when she was just a little fawn after losing her mother and since then she was cared for and nurtured by the woman until she was old enough to fend for herself. These species, although they are wild animals, have been developing a great capacity for adaptation and have become common animals, so it is increasingly common to find deer as pets or simply those that are raised where they can enjoy a great deal of happiness. The deer have shown a great sharpness and intelligence, as is the case of Zoey who despite that since she became an adult, has been released to fend for herself to lead a life as similar as possible to be in freedom in their natural habitat; even so Zoey comes back from time to time in search of some food and a little socialization. It is evident that these animals in adulthood are very constant in their habits, that is why this beautiful deer was inhabited by the woman and to be fed by her since she was very small, that is why she always comes back and tries to get her attention to receive some sandwich. The most interesting thing is that now Zoey does not attend this door alone, since she now has her own young and the rest of her flock, all invited to visit the woman at times and hopefully receive some delicious food. So if you are one of those who enjoy and love these beautiful animals, do not hesitate to share and like this video.

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