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TRAFFIC: New construction projects in SWFL51s

TRAFFIC: New construction projects in SWFL

Watch out for new construction projects on the roadways that might slow you down especially if you live in Charlotte County. Lauren Petrelli has the details. Don't forget to tune into FOX 4 Morning News from 4:30-9AM.

Published: March 20, 2019
Helping Your Kids with Dating and Sexual Decision-Making7m17s

Helping Your Kids with Dating and Sexual Decision-Making

When it comes to dating and teens, things are a little different than they were a few decades ago. Dating in any time period can be tricky, and certain decisions need to be made with a lot thought, respect, and consent. Mike Domitrz is on a mission to build a culture of respect and give parents and teens the tools they need to make smart decisions about dating. Mike joins us with important advice and information on a special event tonight. Tonight, March 20 at 6pm at Greendale High School, Mike is hosting a FREE event for parents and teens; it's titled "SAFER Choices: Helping Equip Your Kids with Specific Skills". For more information, visit