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Dog pops balloon for baby gender reveal party10s

Dog pops balloon for baby gender reveal party

The only way this husband was willing to have a gender reveal party was if he and his wife involved their 3-year-old dog named Bronco. He has always been a fan of popping balloons, jumping fences, and playing fetch. They decided it would be perfect for him to pop the balloon since he is part of the family as well. We think he earned his treats for the year! He did a fantastic job with no training necessary!

Published: November 14, 2018
Scuba divers in complete awe after meeting school of manta rays58s

Scuba divers in complete awe after meeting school of manta rays

Imagine swimming through the vast blue ocean and noticing a shadow passing over you. You know something huge is above and you look up to see not one, but six enormous manta rays circling gracefully. It’s a beautiful sight that gets better by the minute as you drift closer to them. They bank majestically and appear to be flying as they move effortlessly through the water. These rays are known for their gentle nature and they pose no threat to scuba divers. They are filter feeders, scooping krill and plankton into their mouths as they swim. Scuba divers consider them to be one of the most majestic and beautiful fish in the ocean. Swimming with manta rays is a bucket list item for many but they are elusive and difficult to find. Slowly moving closer, this diver had the experience of a lifetime, briefly swimming among them and getting a very close look. This was his first ever encounter with manta rays. They are mesmerizing to watch on their own and even more so in a group. These mantas were sighted off Kicker Rock near San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos. The word manta comes from the Portuguese and Spanish word “mantle”, meaning blanket or cloak. They are also referred to as “devilfish” because some believe that their mouths resemble horns, giving them an evil appearance. Manta rays are listed as a threatened species as their numbers have dwindled due to pollution, gill net entanglement and intentional harvest for the use of their gill rakers in Chinese medicine. They are particularly vulnerable due to their long gestation period of 12-13 months and their low reproductive rate. A female will give birth to one or two live pups and may not mate in consecutive years. As soon as they are born, the young are fully independent and receive no care from their parents. After passing through the bubbles of the divers, these rays made a few more slow circles and then glided off into the blue. The divers were left in complete awe.

Bull sea lion evicted after causing a scene at beachfront restaurant1m11s

Bull sea lion evicted after causing a scene at beachfront restaurant

Adult male sea lions are referred to as bulls, and for good reason. They can easily weigh up to 300 pounds and their head is as big and as intimidating as a large dog. They have large jaws and teeth and a formidable bite if they are provoked. Generally agreeable and harmless, they can be territorial over beachfront, females or food. They have an aggressive side and people who encounter them are wise to be cautious and respectful. Fortunately, they are clumsy on land and easy to escape. They are also very unlikely to pose a threat to a human who keeps a safe distance. This bull found his way from the beach and onto the sidewalk in a small town on San Cristobal Island, Ecuador. The locals love and respect the animals and avoid interfering with them at all costs. But when the bull assertively headed for the front door and patio area of this fine establishment, the owner needed to send a firm message. Intent on finding the source of the delicious food aromas, it was clear from the beginning that he would be among the guests and their tables if he was given the opportunity. Equipped with a chair, unintentionally resembling a lion tamer at a circus, the owner tried to persuade the sea lion to keep moving past. Without the chair, the large bull would not have even taken him seriously. He circled a few times and barked at the owner, a very clear indication of displeasure in sea lion language. The owner kept the chair in front of him as a barrier and the sea lion moved further along. As if in time to the music, the animal walked comically past amused, but nervous patrons. When the sea lion began a second attempt to mount the step onto the patio, Kristy can be heard saying "He might need a hand there" to her husband, Dave who was filming the spectacle. Dave grabbed his own chair and backed up the brave owner as the sea lion barked more and made half hearted lunges at his feet in warning. With two chairs and two humans in front of him, the sea lion decided to take his business elsewhere. The owner can be heard saying "You're being shown the door sir" in the most polite tone imaginable. Dave gets in his own comment: "Sorry buddy. No shirt, no shoes, no service". It's easy to be brave when the sea lion is retreating. In an adorable fashion, he squeezes himself through the railing and onto the walkway leading to the gate at the beach. He lets out a few barks in retort as he wiggles off into the darkness, defeated. The owner closes the gate and the crisis is over. Although this was a humorous encounter, this sea lion was big enough to be a handful if he got over the step and onto the patio. Animals on San Cristobal Island live harmoniously with the small population of humans there and they thrive, but largely due to the respect and lack of interference shown by the locals and the tourists.

Russians dress as 1m37s

Russians dress as "human bus" in attempt to get across vehicle-only bridge

Local security in Vladivostok, Russia, caught four people disguised as a bus in an attempt to cross the city's Zolotoy Bridge, which is closed to pedestrians in 2015 for safety reasons. The existing walkway on the bridge is too narrow and there have been attempts to jump off the bridge. Many locals have protested the decision to ban pedestrians from accessing the bridge. The bridge opened in 2012 is the fastest way to get to the downtown on foot than going through traffic and potentially getting stuck in congestion. The four ingenious Russians came up with a technically feasible solution to overcome the walkthrough ban by dressing up as "human bus" to cross the bridge. However their happy journey came to an unfortunate end when a suspicious patrol agent decided to pull them over and asked for license and registration.

Freaky little fish walks on legs, appears to be wearing red lipstick!42s

Freaky little fish walks on legs, appears to be wearing red lipstick!

The Galapagos Islands and the waters around them are home to some of earth’s most amazing and interesting creatures. Some are unique due to their size, their evolution, or their beauty. And some are simply unique because of freaky adaptations like these “legs” on a marine creature known as the red-lipped batfish. It is one of the most unusual looking fish in the ocean. They have leg-like appendages that they use to perch on the sand or to “walk” across it. These appendages are actually highly adapted pectoral fins. They also use their anal fins to stand as well and the impression is that they are a fish with stubby legs and the ability to walk. The fins on the side of the batfish hang loosely as it swims, appearing to be larger legs that are dragged as the small tail propels it. They are awkward swimmers and spend more time “walking” than swimming. The strange appendage on their forehead assists with luring prey, which makes hunting far easier for the batfish since it is not capable of chasing its food. Red-lipped batfish are even more famous for their bright red, almost fluorescent lips. At first glance, it appears that the fish has put on lipstick in a sloppy way that resembles the Joker, from a batman movie. These fish are small and very cute, and encounters with them are a real treat for scuba divers. The fish will often permit a slow and careful approach, allowing for photography. If it becomes concerned, it will make a short trip over the sand and find another place to rest on its fins. The appearance as it wiggles through the water is quite ridiculous. But even if you can’t admire them for their swimming abilities, you can admire them for being such a unique marvel of evolution.

10 cute DIY paper craft projects20m21s

10 cute DIY paper craft projects

CUTE PAPER CRAFTS TO MAKE AT HOME - DIY CRAFTS TO SELL Paper is a perfect material for crafting. First of all, this way of crafting is perfect for families with little kids, because it's not messy, secondly, it's absolutely safe, thirdly, it will cost you nothing. Everyone has a lot of paper at home but few of us know that paper is a source of never-ending fun and creativity. Paper crafting helps to develop fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination! Watch this video and see yourself if you don't believe me. The first idea is very simple, yet it looks stunning! What about making a cute greeting card for someone you really like? This handmade love message won't take you a lot of time – just follow the tutorial and see what happens! You can make a lot of cool things and toys with paper. For example, you can make a mini album. Paper is also good for making decorations. Decorate a box or a photo album. Another awesome paper craft is making beautiful squash – this card will keep your memories alive! Another amazing idea is making paper explosion box to surprise your loved ones. Try and make the biggest paper explosion box! You can do this with your friends as well. The next craft will be a shaker card. Make this romantic card for your bestie or your mom. She'll be delighted!

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