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The Sky Is On Fire During Breathtaking Sunset1m51s

The Sky Is On Fire During Breathtaking Sunset

There is nothing more captivating that watching the sun drowning in the endless horizon with its vivid colors going from red to orange or to an amazing mixture ranging from indigo to purple. And not only the view takes one’s breath but also feelings of peace, serenity and contentment are buzzing through the body. Sunsets are indeed great and magical. And until this video, one could never imagine that in the world of sunsets, the sun going down could be such a dazzling vista. This stunning sunset is called 'Solar Cauldron' and it takes place over the Rottnest Island lighthouse, looking through 23km of atmosphere from Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Australia. As you look at the horizon, a number of optical effects come into play, as the turbulence in Earth’s air distorts the image of the Sun. The intense yellow color of the sun and its fierce blush makes it difficult to see since it gives the impression of going blind. The colors at the top of the Sun generate flashes of green and blue that are also difficult to observe. The green flashes occur only sporadically and very briefly at sunset, when part of the sun suddenly changes to blue or green. The green flash is an optical phenomenon that one can see it shortly after sunset or before sunrise. This yellow ball of fire, merges with the sky and just for one short moment there is nothing else in the sky but the all-encompassing width of the sun as if it wants to whisper to the Earth’s ear that it is the Sun that is at the very center of the Solar system, glowing radiantly in all its perfection. The lighthouse and the trees become nothing more but mere silhouettes in the hands of this marvelous sunset. A spectacle beyond words.

Fajita salad recipe41s

Fajita salad recipe

This delicious recipe comes with a chicken breast and roasted vegetables on a green salad... With a fruity dressing!

Published: July 28, 20164,391 views
Dog yoga world record attempted in Hong Kong1m09s

Dog yoga world record attempted in Hong Kong

A new world record for the biggest dog yoga class was attempted this weekend in Hong Kong with 270 pairs of dogs and their owners practicing the moves for just over half an hour. Participants massaged and stretched their pets in various poses during the "doga" (dog yoga) class. The record breaking attempt had yet to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records but organizers were confident the record had been broken. Credit to Reuters.

Published: January 18, 20166,304 views
The Sun's Influence on Climate and Weather4m22s

The Sun's Influence on Climate and Weather

This informative NASA video shows how influential the Sun really is when it comes Earth's climate and weather. Narrated by actor Liam Neeson, 'Dynamic Earth' won first prize at the 2013 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. Credit to NASA.

President Obama's realistic 3D printed portrait3m08s

President Obama's realistic 3D printed portrait

A Smithsonian-led team created this 3D portrait of President Obama, considered to be the highest resolution digital model of a head of state. The process involved the use of a high-speed system consisting of eight cameras and 50 LED lights, which allowed the team to capture detailed shape and facial properties in only seconds. Take a look at the end result. Credit to 'The White House'.

Robotic arm allows cyborg drumming2m03s

Robotic arm allows cyborg drumming

A two-foot long 'smart arm' programmed to work seamlessly with the beat, rhythm, and speed of a drummer's playing could allow more inventive three-armed musicianship, say its inventors. Jim Drury reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: March 3, 20163,005 views
Crazy Police Chase In New Jersey Ends In Violent Crash5m59s

Crazy Police Chase In New Jersey Ends In Violent Crash

A routine traffic stop in New Jersey suddenly turned into an insane chase across the county that saw both a police officer and the suspect crash their cars in the process – and it was all caught on the dash cam. Video from the bizarre incident shows a police officer pulling over a black 2011 Volkswagen Jetta driven by 24-year-old Nicholas Vizzone. An incident earlier in the day had caused a Be-on-the-Lookout alert to be issued for a vehicle matching that description. The cop approaches Vizzone from the passenger side and tells him that he smells marijuana, but as he round the vehicle to apprehend him, Vizzone speeds off, hopping a curve and veering into the busy roadway. The subsequent chase shows Vizzone weaving in and out of traffic until he reaches the Turnpike, the officer in hot pursuit the entire time. Several other officers got involved as Vizzone made his way throughout Bergen County and into Essex County, a path of destruction that saw him destroy property, collide with at least one civilian vehicle, and ram at least two police cars. Eventually, the culprit’s car can be seen spinning out of control and slamming into a guardrail, giving the chasing officer a chance to arrest him. Vizzone was taken into custody and charged with reckless endangerment, eluding police, violation of parole, and criminal mischief. An officer was hospitalized with neck and back injuries as a result of the chase but was said to be in improving condition.

Published: January 30, 2017209 views
Kid Fails At Placing Star On Top Of Christmas Tree13s

Kid Fails At Placing Star On Top Of Christmas Tree

I bet next Christmas, this kid is going to ask Santa to make him a little bit taller. At least, that's what I would ask for if I were him. Especially after what happened this year. A kid attempts to put the finishing touch on the family Christmas tree when he finds out the hard way that he isn't quite tall enough to reach.

Published: January 26, 2016174 views
Chicken Gets Annoyed By Snuggling Bunny34s

Chicken Gets Annoyed By Snuggling Bunny

What could be sweeter than a bunny who just loves to snuggle with her best friend? Well as much as this rabbit really wants to cuddle with this chicken, Mr. Chicken does not seem as interested in this cuddle session! Looks like someone is going to need a new cuddle buddy!

Published: November 17, 2016308 views
Blind man sees wife for the first time in a decade - here's how2m31s

Blind man sees wife for the first time in a decade - here's how

A blind man taking part in a clinical trial at the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. had his wish come true when he "saw" his wife for the first time in more than 10 years. Allen Zderad has been fitted with Argus II Second Sight bionic eye system that sends a processed video signal directly to his optic nerve allowing his brain to perceive simple images. Ben Gruber explains how it works. Credit to Reuters.

Published: February 25, 201515,378 views
Boy Gets Blown Away By Leaf Blower31s

Boy Gets Blown Away By Leaf Blower

This little boy just wanted to help his parents get some chores done around the house, so he thought it would be fun to try out the leaf blower. Unfortunately, he still has some growing to do, because the leaf blower almost knocks him down right to the ground!

Published: June 21, 2016656 views
Dirty McDonald's5m44s

Dirty McDonald's

Occurred on July 4, 2016 / Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Info from Licensor: "I went into a McDonald's with my girl and my brother and his girl. We ordered our meals and were not served in a timely manor at all. We observed the employed touching the fries with their fingers and throwing them back in the fries pile. That's when I grabbed my camera and started questioning the manager as to why his establishment was in such disarray. He had no answer as to why nobody was working. Every garbage in the place was over flowing and look as tho they had been for hours." - Thomas Hamilton

Published: July 26, 2016232 plays$0.39 earned
Pizza Dip Bread Bowl52s

Pizza Dip Bread Bowl

Pizza Dip Bread Bowl is definitely a cheese lover’s dream dish that takes basically no time to make. Serve it at your next party we guarantee it won’t last more than a few minutes before it’s completely devoured by your guests.

Published: June 22, 20168,614 views