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Bees Swarm Calm Street Vendor In China1m16s

Bees Swarm Calm Street Vendor In China

Watch as this street vendor prepares a batch of Mochi cakes despite the presence of thousands of deadly bees swarming the area as the rolling pin plots its course through the soft rice cake. A knife makes short work of the scraps and a layer of sugar and black sesame is wrapped tightly in the blanket of gooey rice goodness. It is shocking how this street vendor keeps so calm and minds his own business, while bees are all over the place trying to get a piece of his cake. He wears rubber gloves and has protective clothing, so he doesn't mind the bees at all and keeps it cool. He is busy as a bee , blending in with the surrounding, and doesn't let bees obstruct his work and be bad for business. If any bee comes to close to the cake, he politely removes it or quickly shakes it off, and keeps up the good work. Many claim that this small stand at the base of Phoenix Mountain, Dandong, sells the best Mashu in all of Dongbei, China. Would you dare trying this specialty and forget the bees, because you can never know whether some bee got wrapped inside the cake. Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, which is a type of short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into all sorts of shapes. In Japan it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki. While also eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time.

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These Twin Sisters Hold Hands For The First Time1m20s

These Twin Sisters Hold Hands For The First Time

This one will definitely get you saying "aw" to yourself. These two identical twin girls are finally realizing they can talk to each other as well as hold hands. How sweet is that? Such a precious moment. It even sounds like they are carrying a conversation with one another in their own baby language with their goo's and ga's. How adorable! They look at each other’s light blue eyes and coo to one another. The left one reach out and grabs her sister by the hand, to which she reciprocates with her other hand. They look at their fingers, then back in each other’s eyes, then back at the hands… this is what first contact looks like and it is the most adorable thing we have seen today! Babies find anything interesting, as everything in the world is new to them to some degree. Babies will see adults as giants and be in a world of wonder. Put a baby in front of them and they are in an even more foreign situation, as they see more adults than babies throughout their day. You can believe that these two are already pretty familiar with one another. You probably remember the clip of the twins having a deep argument in front of the fridge? The sweet clip sparked a debate whether twins have their own language. Up to 50% percent of newborn twins will have some kind of language of their own, a way to understand only each other and no one else can. The theory is that twins have been close to each other since the beginning, they don’t need much in terms of communication. Whatever the reason, it is always a welcome sight to see and hear twins communicating! Check out these adorable twins holding hands! Credit to 'anpsquared'.

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Tiny Chihuahua Puppy Teases Sleepy American Bulldog 2m16s

Tiny Chihuahua Puppy Teases Sleepy American Bulldog

Pet owners prepare for your heart to melt as this is one video that will surely warm you up. In this video, watch as a fearless chihuahua puppy has no problem making friends with this gentle and loving American bulldog. After confusing the bulldog's tail for a chew toy, the puppy engages in some precious playtime with its new buddy. This is one video that no pet owner or viewer should miss as this will be a video that you will remember for a long time! Isn't this video just adorable? The fact that this little chihuahua is so tiny and is playing with this big dog is absolutely adorable! This big dog really is a good dog as it knows that it should not be too rough with it's little friend! Who knew that dogs like this could become good friends? Surely these two will be friends for a long time. Maybe they will even share a lot of their dog toys together! After all, what dog does not like to play with another dog? They really are a funny duo that cannot help but to make you smile! Aren't these two just adorable? The little pup seems to be very excited to play, however his big friend just wants to nap. Nonetheless, the massive pooch acts like a gentle giant around the little ball of fur. Watch how he tolerates his play, and even teases him to fight! Adorable! These two seem like the best of friends! We could all learn a thing or two about friendship from these two! Don't you just want to take these dogs home with you? What did you think of this clip? Do your pets have any protective behaviors like this? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know down in the comments!

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Surprisingly Friendly Shark Enjoys Swimming With Sea Lions2m34s

Surprisingly Friendly Shark Enjoys Swimming With Sea Lions

Any creature unlucky enough to find itself in the gob of a great white is in for a nasty shock. Because this marine beast’s mouth is equipped with a set of 300 sharp, triangular teeth arranged in up to seven rows. However, a 16' Great White shark named "Bite Face" encounters a sea lion at Guadalupe Island. Despite her fierce reputation as a mindless killer, this shark doesn't seem interested in attacking the sea lion. Whilst this super swimmer is the largest predatory fish on our planet, she is not in a mood for killing this time. We know that these sea creatures count on the element of surprise as they hunt, and whenever they see a seal at the surface of the water, sharks will often position themselves underneath the seal. However, the shark in this video is unlike that. She only swims freely in circles and enjoys the feeling of floating in the ocean. It lookes like she is not into any predatory games today, so she just moves slowly in the water. Whenever this great white smells a possible victim, she uses her tail as a propeller, swims upward at a fast sprint, bursts out of the water in a leap called a breach, and falls back into the water with the seal in her mouth. Nevertheless, this friendly shark doesn’t do anything of this. And thanks to her, maybe this is the first time we see a shark not taking interest in her prey. Don’t worry falks - while many think of these beasts as fearsome man-eaters, humans aren’t, in fact, on the great white’s menu. Phew! There are around 5-10 attacks a year and rather than preying on humans to eat them, the sharks are instead taking a ‘sample bite’ out of curiosity, before swimming off.

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Here's what your dogs do when you're not home1m51s

Here's what your dogs do when you're not home

We have to leave them on their own every time we leave the house, even if it is to pick up some stuff from the local store. But have you ever wondered what your pets do when you leave them in the morning to go to work? Do they lay down on the spot and wait for your timely return, or do they turn the place inside-out in despair over you leaving them behind? There’s been a lot of debate about this, but it seems that our furry friends are even bigger softies than us and loyal to a fault. This dog owner wanted to find out for herself what plan her two dogs were devising in their free time, and she let us in on her little research. It seems like Pepper the Dachshund and Margo the mixed rescue are the most model dogs on the planet! Their owner set up a camera overseeing the bed where she sleeps and showed us a 2 minute footage of the most “active" parts of their alone-at-home behavior.

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Dog Meets Her Mom For The First Time Since She Was A Puppy 1m14s

Dog Meets Her Mom For The First Time Since She Was A Puppy

What a heart melting video! This mother and daughter duo can't stay away from each other for long. Harper was 11-weeks-old when she was adopted. That was the last time she had seen her mom. Now three months later, Harper finally gets to see her mom again! It's the first time they have seen each other since she was a puppy. This is one emotional reunion. You can tell these two have missed each other very much and are happy to see one another. Harper can't wait to get out of the car and see her mom. As soon as they see one another, they give each other a very warm welcoming. They can't get enough of each other, their bond is so special. What a beautiful day to go on a walk! This mother and daughter duo love to play around with each other as they take a fun walk in the sun. They run through the trees free and happy, what a beautiful sight to see. It is amazing that Harper was able to reconnect with her mom. Displaying her curious nature, Harper is all over the adult pooch. Eager to play, she jumps all around her parent , inviting her to have some fun and make up for lost time. Distance didn't set these blood related pooches apart, if anything, it brought them closer together, making them long for their reunion . How adorable! The little pup becomes ecstatic to cuddle with his mom, and cannot contain her happiness! This video is proof that animals too cherish the blood relations and never forget! What a heartwarming reunion! Puppies are really bundles of joy. To keep you in the same spirit, we linked yet another video of these bundles of love. Watch what happens after an Italian rescuer finds newborn puppies in a plastic bag . This is the heartwarming moment three terrified puppies are rescued from a bag hidden in a bush, in Norma, Italy. The puppies, one black and two white, can be seen quivering and were visibly shaken up by the traumatic incident. Susanna Bergamaschi, an animal rescue volunteer, found the petrified little pups while she was out walking. They were left stranded next to a path and their cries could be heard through the bag. After giving them a few comforting hugs and pets, she took them home to feed them and the rest was history. They had a momma dog to take care of them and continued to grow into quite the devious trio. We’re just so glad that they managed to get their happily ever after. In ancient times, dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers. Dog teams bare the credit naturalists, geologists, and other adventure-seekers ventured into expeditions and conquest of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the world of today, many dogs live a comfortable couch life next to their beloved owners and we are grateful to them for the company. The only way to repay them for standing next to us all this time is to make sure we stand up for them whenever possible and make sure that these kinds of horrific things never happen again. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Rockettes Mesmerize The Audience With Amazingly Slow Toy Soldiers Falling Down1m37s

Rockettes Mesmerize The Audience With Amazingly Slow Toy Soldiers Falling Down

There is something oddly pleasing to see a bunch of objects fall down in a domino-like effect. Whether it is actual domino tiles or something like toy soldiers, seeing them fall in perfect succession is almost spine-tingling. Many have attempted to perform such a feat, but only one dance group has manage to practice and perfect the move - the famed Rockettes! The dance group has become almost synonymous with Christmas and the Nutcracker ballet. But even if you have never actually been to the ballet to watch the 200-year-old classic Christmas performance, the Rockettes will literally enthrall you with their own! Dressed like toy soldiers , with the recognizable white pants, red shirts and plumed hats, the girls are lined up and facing the prop cannon. Their leader give them the ‘cue’ by blowing towards them and one by one all 36 dancers begin to fall backwards into each other’s arms. Now mind you that this is no ordinary feat and they don’t just topple down. Instead, like is an agonizingly slow trust fall, the girls fall into each other’s arms, up until a point where about 10 of them are propped on one another. They go as slow as the music allows them and the audience is in a trance! What really made their collapse on stage so fascinating was that not only did the girls look like actual toy soldiers, but the fall was so realistic, it almost got us fooled, too! Simply brilliant!

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Talking Dog Engages In Hilarious Conversation34s

Talking Dog Engages In Hilarious Conversation

Have you ever considered how our dogs perceive us when we talk too much? Like, seriously, you might not give much thought about it, thinking about how they say nothing, then it surely doesn't bother them, right? You are in for quite a surprise! Take Charlie here, for example. He lives with two sisters, and you know how girls can be. They talk about hair and makeup and boys and other girls...They can be as silent as church mice when they want, but sometimes they can get so loud! And he has had it! When one of the sisters starts talking, Charlie immediately chimes in: 'Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...' She tries to outspeak him, but he will not let go of his stand! 'Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...' Can you believe this talking dog ? We cannot be sure if he has had it with the talking, or just the 'blah, blahs' in general? Whatever it might be, this is one incredibly hilarious clip, and we can't get our eye and ears away from it! It is incredible how this talking fellow engages in fierce argument with owner ! Aren't dogs just amazing? They can turn anyone's frown upside down only by being there. You know what we are talking about – you come home from a long day at work, and they greet you, tail wagging and blah, blah, blah! First of all, how cool it would be if our dogs can talk? We could talk to our dogs for hours! Could that be on our Christmas wish? As kids, we grew up watching cartoons of dogs talking with other dogs and people and having regular conversations or dogs advising people, so you are stuck with the question do dogs know how to tell? Well, maybe they don’t give advice or help you with your math homework, but they have their way of talking. Or making noises that sounds like words. That would be a dream coming true for us! Dogs bark, growl, howl, they even whimper and whine. Through those sounds, they express themselves, whether they are happy or sad, hungry, angry or they want your attention. Just like Charlie, some dogs imitate the sounds they hear from their owners. Sometimes owners listen to their dogs making some noises that resemble some phrase that they have said, says it back to the dog and dog repeats that phrase. They know that they will probably get a treat for that. Dogs have constrained vocal impersonation abilities, so these sounds generally should be molded by particular attention and social reward. After this amusing video, Charlie deserves a lot of treats, and he is probably saying “I’m here for the cookies.” Dogs are smart, and they are very gifted. Don’t be surprised if your dog starts talking after you. They can learn a lot of words and phrases. Who wouldn't want to hear ‘I love you’ from their dog! That would be so perfect!

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Clever Great Dane Knows What To Do When It’s Bath Time 1m07s

Clever Great Dane Knows What To Do When It’s Bath Time

Look how smart this Great Dane Basil is! When his owner tells him it's Sunday bath time, he knows exactly what to do! He comes inside the house and immediately takes the path up the stairs towards the bathtub! Basil and his owner have such a good connection, it is amazing to see that Basil automatically knows what to do once his owner speaks to him. Once Basil is in the bath, he doesn't complain at all and lets his owner take off his collar, what a patient and understanding dog! It is amazing to see how close the relationship between you and your dog can become. Having such a strong bond with your dog while loving and caring for them helps improve your quality of life. When you show your love and kindness to your dog, they are bound to show you some love in return! Basil is going to need a good scrub after being outside, it is probably easier to wash him with some useful bath time products. Here are some bath time products that will help make Sunday bath time with your dog a little easier! Basil has definitely proved to us he is an intelligent dog who isn't afraid when it comes to taking a bath!

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Cockatoo Becomes Thrilled When Owner Arrives At Home1m44s

Cockatoo Becomes Thrilled When Owner Arrives At Home

Pets are awesome. They teach us so much about responsibility and companionship while also providing us comfort and love. Most people have pets such as dogs, cats, and fish, but there are a lot of people that also have birds too. Most of us don't see birds as the most loving pet, but if you thought that before, you are sure to change your mind after seeing this clip! One thing is for sure; you don't see a video like this every day. Here you have a parrot that is desperately waiting for its owner. This parrot losses its cool when he realizes that his owner has just arrived home! Onni, the one-year-old umbrella cockatoo, adores his owner and waits for him to come home from work every single day. Fun fact, Onni is a typical Finnish name that means luck and happiness, which is precisely what this little guy is! What did you think of this video? Do you have a pet that does something like this? We would love to hear what you have to think so; please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile just as much as you did! This is one clip that no oet owner should ever miss out on! Cockatoos are very adorable and affectionate birds. They love to cuddle, and they bond with their owners and share a great love with them. Because of the fact they can develop big love for their owners, they also require to spend a lot of time with them. Cockatoos re cherishing, energetic, have the knowledge level of up to a five-year-old with the personality of a two-year-old and bring happiness and laughter into the lives of all who have the pleasure of knowing one. It’s amazing when a pet and owner share this kind of a special bond, that kind of love and a fantastic relationship. It’s unusual for this guy how his pet gets thrilled every time he arrives home. These are the kind of things that make stress free when we get home. It makes us feel amazing and loved. They are amazing creatures, and we can’t get enough of them! Since they have such a genuine relationship with their owner, Onni loves to show their love for his owner in every possible way. He loves to serenades owner by singing ‘I love you’ and it so frickin’ amazing! His new skill is singing, and not just singing with typical "bird" sounds, but singing like a human. His owner has made up and taught him a particular song called the 'I Love You Song.' Onni, we love you too, and we think that you are such a cutie pie! Onni enjoys being rocked back and forth while sweetly singing to his owner. He can't always clearly say I love you while singing it at the same time, but his attempt is just adorable!

She's FURIOUS Daddy Drank Her Soda And Gives Him An Earful About It! 2m14s

She's FURIOUS Daddy Drank Her Soda And Gives Him An Earful About It!

If you have ever spent a moment with a little kid, then you probably know how convincing they can be. Conducting a conversation with a toddler has to be the most productive thing a grownup can do as a leisure activity, seriously! Even they are so young and new to the world, they have their opinions about things and they rarely give up their stands. Imagine mixing up something of theirs and taking it without them knowing about it! :) This adorable little girl is furious that her daddy has allegedly stole her soda. Listen to the hilarious argument that ensues! How cute is that? We knew that kids can be very vocal, but who would have ever thought that they would be this vocal? This little girl is not afraid to speak her mind, which can be a blessing and a curse. At least we know in the future she won't be afraid to stand up for herself! What did you think of this clip? Do you know a toddler like this? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this adorable moment with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile and laugh. This is one video that no one is going to want to miss!

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Woman Tries To Fuel The Wrong Car At Gas Station2m07s

Woman Tries To Fuel The Wrong Car At Gas Station

It is just another item on the list of chores that need to be done, but you don’t fuel up your car, you might get stuck in the middle of nowhere. It can be a tedious task altogether, from the long lines to the pump, to the long lines at the register, but every once in awhile something ridiculous might happen while you wait for your turn that just might get you viral fame! A <a href=" " target="_blank">dash cam footage</a> from someone waiting at a gas station somewhere in Russia got to witness a mishap so ridiculous, we think it is only possible in the motherland! A man pulls his SUV up against a pump, picks up his preferred fuel type, pops the nozzle in and goes away. That would have been nothing out of the ordinary, if an elderly woman didn’t appear right next to the same car, thinking it was her own, notices that someone is pumping the wrong fuel and SWITCHES the nozzle! We can’t get a break to catch our breaths, because they go like this back and forth for a few times, before the man realizes that this woman has mistaken his car for her own. She thinks it is some kind of <a href=" " target="_blank">prank</a>, but soon realizes that she was indeed filling up the wrong car and that the silver SUV was definitely not hers. This stuff is gold!

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Parrot Celebrates Birthday Party With Bird Friends2m02s

Parrot Celebrates Birthday Party With Bird Friends

Birthday parties are so much fun. Your birthday is probably the one day in the entire year that we all eagerly expect to arrive (other than Christmas, obviously). All our friends are there, there's snacks and drinks, we get presents and then the cake comes, complete with candles on top! What could be more exciting? We think that everyone should have a birthday bash of their own, our pets included! Marnie's owners felt the same, which is why they threw a birthday party for the Indian Ringneck's fifth birthday and invited a bunch of friends to join him. Marnie is obviously ecstatic for his event and he just won't shut up about it! He goes to every one of his friends, saying “What are you doin'?” and sending them kisses. His friend might be a little shy, needing tissues on their heads to be able to sing because his feathers have fallen off, but Marnie is beside himself with happiness. He's got his waffle cake with a candle on top and everything! When his “dad” starts getting Marnie's toys out of the bag, he goes by each and every one of this new stuffed toys, saying “You're cute! Give me a kiss” and then goes to kiss them between the eyes! We are melting over here, and it isn't the July heat, that's for sure.

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Alex The Cockatiel Has An Interesting Encounter With A Plush Toy Version Of Himself 44s

Alex The Cockatiel Has An Interesting Encounter With A Plush Toy Version Of Himself

Alex the cockatiel loves making new friends, but sometimes those friends can get a little too close for comfort. Why does this friend look exactly like Alex? Alex is very confused, but must also think this bird is very attractive, the plush toy looks just like Alex, too funny! At first, it seems like Alex is enjoying the company of this cockatiel friend, he loves to have conversations with the plush toy, but as it gets closer, Alex starts to get more concerned. He isn't used to seeing someone that looks similar, too funny! When the plush toy cockatiel comes closer, Alex moves as soon as it gets too close. Alex isn't comfortable at all. When the plush toy cockatiel comes in close again, it gives Alex a big kiss on the back of its body. Alex lets the plush give a kiss the first time around, but when it tries again, Alex isn't going to allow it, and just moves right out of the way as fast as he can. He must be mind blown, what is going on? Now Alex won't even make eye contact with the plush toy, and wants to move away as far as possible, so hilarious! Check out this funny video of Alex the cockatiel having an interesting encounter with a look alike plush toy!

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Stapler Contains A Neat Trick 22s

Stapler Contains A Neat Trick

Isn't this a neat trick? Before watching this video, most of us probably didn't even know this was possible. A stapler has never been interesting before, we never think twice about it. We've used it multiple times before but have never looked at it that closely. Is there anything interesting about one? Yes! After watching this video, you can see that the metal plate on the stapler can actually be twisted in a circle! Cool! At first, the paper is stapled the normal way, we are used to this, we have stapled many papers in our lifetime. Then we get to witness this neat trick! When the metal plate on the stapler is pushed, it rotates. Once its rotated 180 degrees, it looks just like the normal position, except its facing the complete opposite way! Now when you try and staple, the staple faces outward instead of inward. Cool! When the staple is put in outwards, it is much easier to remove. If you need a non permanent staple, this is a great trick you can use. Awesome! What a cool surprise this is! How many people actually knew about this trick before watching the video? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Load Straps Break, Sending Tons Of Cargo Overboard3m59s

Load Straps Break, Sending Tons Of Cargo Overboard

This is very unfortunate. On this ship, the load straps break letting tons of precious cargo go overboard into the sea. It doesn't seem like anyone was expecting this, the straps are usually supposed to be very strong, being able to hold back lots of weight. This wasn't the case in this scenario. Whether it was the extreme cold or human mistake, the majority of the cargo flies off the ship into the sea. The people working on the boat were very surprised, this does't usually happen. As the people frantically watch, the cargo continues to fall into the sea. There is nothing they can do, it is falling way too fast. After the avalanche of falling cargo is finally complete, there are barely any left on the boat . The majority of goods that were on the boat are gone now, lots of it has gone to waste. A couple more slowly start to fall off the boat since all the straps are broken. Nothing is holding them back anymore. At least one side of the boat is holding some of them back, they're very lucky not all of the cargo fell off! You think this could have been prevented? You think they could have stopped the pipes from rolling over? Think twice! Are looking for something strong to hold onto your belongings with? Take a look at some of these best selling securing straps . Hopefully you have a little more luck than these people did!

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Flooding in UK allows for epic 52s

Flooding in UK allows for epic "surfing" experience

With heavy rains pumping over the Lancashire hilltops in England, it's safe to say this guy has been fully frothing for this downpour. Despite the fading daylight he encourages drivers to splash him as they drive by while he stands on a surfboard, simulating a true surfing experience!

Son Gives His Mom The Surprise Of A Lifetime After Being Away From Home1m07s

Son Gives His Mom The Surprise Of A Lifetime After Being Away From Home

They say that there is no stronger bond that the one between a mother and her child. It forms during those nine months in which the tiny bundle of joy grows inside her body. From a tiny dot to a grown human being, the mother never stops loving her children. However, there is a time in their lives when the children have to say goodbye to their mothers and start creating a new life for themselves. Although it is not the end of the world and they would always keep in touch, the separation is really painful. Breaking the continuous support of your loved ones comes at a very high price. This footage shows us an incredible moment when a mother and a son are finally brought together after being years apart. Harry McGurk decided to surprise his mom with a visit and wanted to film her reaction. This is why he called a friend to take the footage of the heartwarming surprise. The video starts with Harry telling us that he’s been traveling for the past two years, and the last thing he told his mom was that he’ll be off to Australia, then to New Zealand. Little does she know that he’s right in front of her door. The surprise comes to culmination when he opens the door to his childhood home and greets her. She starts yelling from the top of her lungs, literally crumbling to the ground. She then gets up and flungs herself in his embrace, holding for dear life. Now, that’s love!

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Husky Refuses To Take Shower, Vocally Argues With Owner2m24s

Husky Refuses To Take Shower, Vocally Argues With Owner

Someone really hates bath time! What a hilarious argument between this Husky and his owner. The husky's owner tells him its time to take a shower but he really doesn't want to. He starts to verbally argue back, walking in the opposite direction of the bathroom. As he continues to argue back, his owner is getting frustrated with him, why doesn't he want to go in the shower? He hates bath time! He continues to shake his head, not moving any closer to the door. Even better, he now decides to lay down. This husky is not helping his case right now, his owner is just going to get more frustrated with him. He looks back up at her, quickly gets up, and starts to bark again. It's a never ending circle! It looks like he wants to jump on the bed, sleep looks much more appealing than bath time ! Eventually, he finally walks through the door, hooray! False alarm, he quickly runs right back to the spot he was originally in, oh boy! Sometimes it is hard to wash our pets because they can detest the sensation of being wet and aren't really in the mood for shower. We all know that dogs love to play, but this husky is on another level! With probably some of the most energy you've seen in a dog, this big guy runs all over the living room, jumping from place to place with a few pauses in between. You can bet that it would take a long time for this adorable husky to get in the shower as owner demands. The adorable pooch is seen protesting getting wet in the most adorable way! It is going to take a lot of convincing to get him to go into the shower, maybe he needs some delicious treats! After getting spoiled, he might consider washing up, wouldn't that be a sight to see! Hilarious!

A Hungry Bear Came To This Man’s Window – His Next Move is Pure Gold. Simply Amazing!4m48s

A Hungry Bear Came To This Man’s Window – His Next Move is Pure Gold. Simply Amazing!

Not all encounters with wild animals can be like Snow White does it in her fairy tale. We would like to believe that all we have to do is wave our hands and the animals will decide to be friendly with us, but it is a terrible mindset to have and we strongly advise against it! That’s often the reason that many people are attacked by wild animals. However, it seems <a href=" " target="_blank">bears in Siberia</a> are actually kindred spirits with the human populating the area, as this clip could show. An oil worker in Kolyma, a region located in the Russian Far East, captured footage showing the moment when a <a href=" " target="_blank">curious bear</a> came right up to his workstation window! The bear stuck his head into the workman’s cabin, hoping to find something tasty inside. Any person elsewhere in the world would have screamed their lungs our calling for help, but not this tough Russian dude. The man started handing out cookies to the hungry creature, giving it way more than he had bargained for. The bear takes each cookies one by one, but chows them down with the worst of table manners before waiting for a new one. The men coo and coax the hungry bear saying “Don’t rush, eat carefully", “there you go, good boy" and “someone wants to play, I think". How close would you get to a wild bear poking their nose for some chow?

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Clever Dog Figures Out Bottle Puzzle For Treats1m06s

Clever Dog Figures Out Bottle Puzzle For Treats

Pet owners prepare to laugh and be amazed as this is one video that should not be missed! In this video, meet Bella - the Belgian Malinois! According to her owner, "I've had this toy made for Bella because she eats too fast when I put food in her bowl. Also because she has a lot of energy, her breed is extremely intelligent, she has a big will to please, and she wants to play all the time!" Watch Bella in action as she attempts to beat the game for a few treats! Isn't this dog just adorable? The fact that she found out how the toy worked in such a short period of time really does show how smart she is! This really does show that dogs can get really intelligent if food is on the line! This little toy is so easy to make as well that any dog owner could make it for their canine friend! This will surely keep the pet busy for awhile! This dog really did figure this toy out really fast so it looks like her owner is going to need to get more dog treats from Amazon to satisfy Bella! On the subject of clever pups and their love for puzzles, you just have to see this clever little guy. It doesn’t matter how challenging the puzzle , Ripley the dog is up to the task. Whether it’s getting balls, stuffing, or treats, Ripley loves to retrieve stuff. That’s why his human makes him loads of different contraptions out of cardboard and plastic bottles for Ripley to figure out and he does, every single time! Do you have any innovative dog toys or gadgets? Let us know down in the comments!

Puppy Has The Cutest Ritual Before Eating Dinner 23s

Puppy Has The Cutest Ritual Before Eating Dinner

There are definitely a few things we can learn from our pets. They are loyal to a fault, they can sense our feelings and give us some love whenever they feel that we might need it. Basically, they are like our best friends, only a hundred times better. Every once in a while, we even see how some of our habits rub off on them, and it definitely makes us want to melt in a puddle of goo, it’s that cute! Hearing your pupper try to say that they love you or even seeing them sport a miniature version of your jammies is enough to brighten up your day, but this video actually tops all of it off. Seriously, how adorable is this? You definitely don't see a puppy this young be trained this well everyday! Kahlua, an 11-week-old purebred yellow Lab, knows that he needs to give thanks before enjoying his delicious meal. Watch him pray with his owner right before eating dinner! Watch as this puppy knows exactly what to do as soon as his bowl is filled up with his food. Have you ever seen something like this before? This adorable act is enough to warm up anyone's heart! They call it puppy love, and this puppy loves to pray before he eats! How adorable! Puppies are probably one of the most adorable things on the planet . Everything they do is just a giant "awe" moment. This is definitely one of those moments. Check out this adorable dog praying before he eats.