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Guilty Toddler Denies Eating Chocolate Donut, Forgets About The Evidence On Her Face1m24s

Guilty Toddler Denies Eating Chocolate Donut, Forgets About The Evidence On Her Face

‘Innocent until proven guilty’ is this four-year-old’s stand when mom accused her of eating a chocolate donut, when she was told not to. The toddler is adamant in her claims, but there is just one problem. On the clip, which has been watched more than 180,000 times, chocolate proof can be seen all over her face. Emma claims that it was in fact her twin brother Ben that ate a donut, to which the boy admits that it is true. Her mom Mandy, a professional photographer, probes the witness further. “Are you sure you didn't eat the chocolate donut?", to which Emma starts “melting" under the coffee table in their Louisiana home, while her brother exclaims “Yeah. I love it!". The girl insists that it was her brother who ate a donut and not her, but when mom tells her that happens to have some chocolate frosting on her mouth, the girl is quick to react. “I think that is chocolate. I guess Ben mooshed it my mouth". Our stomachs are aching over here, that’s how hard we are laughing! Sibling love is one thing, but sibling rivalry is something completely different and Emma proves it! Damn you, chocolate frosting! Mom Mandy explains: “We do correct them every time we see them doing something wrong. But that doesn't mean that we don't laugh when they aren't looking." Credit to 'mgmeaux'.

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Mad Husky Won't Look At Owner, But She Will Sing Along Her Favorite Song2m03s

Mad Husky Won't Look At Owner, But She Will Sing Along Her Favorite Song

Mya the husky needed to be doused with a new flea spray and she is NOT happy about it. After her owner was done spraying her, she ran away and lay down with her face turned away from the owner. Now she won’t even acknowledge her calling her name! It is rather unfortunate that her owner betrayed the husky this say, knowing how she hates the flea spray. Fleas can be a terrible infestation, but isn’t there another way? Now she’s furious with the woman and refuses to look at her. But there is something that the human knows about Mya that can be used against her and for the entertainment of everyone online. See, Mya has a favorite song, one that she can’t help but sing along to and that is ‘Tomorrow’ from the classic movie Annie. We know, that song is evergreen and even if you don’t know the lyrics, you are able to sing along to it! Can the adorably mad husky resist her favorite song? The woman hasn’t even finished the second verse, when the husky starts howling! Aha, there’s Mya’s weak spot! She just can’t resist those lyrics, it is insane! If you listen very closely, you can hear that when the line “I love yah, tomorrow” comes, Mya joins in with a faint, but audible “I love you” and a few second later she does turn around. Gosh, we are melting!

Woman Surprises Husband With Puppy After Losing Pug Of 11 Years1m34s

Woman Surprises Husband With Puppy After Losing Pug Of 11 Years

Pets are like an extension of the family. They are the little furry brother or sister we never imagined we’d want but fit perfectly right next to us on the Christmas family photo. Having a pet can literally change our whole lives. Pets can help us get through the best and the worst of times, being the greatest counselors and the most comfortable shoulders to cry on. If we’re left on a stranded island and are allowed just one thing to bring with us, it would be our pets. Seen as they are practically related to us, it comes as no surprise that losing them takes a greater toll than expected on us. It can sometimes feel like we’ve lost a relative, and it hurts. It’s hard to ever fill up the hole that’s left behind, but this wife actually found a way to mend it a bit so that it doesn’t hurt as much. This man lost his pug of 11 years and his wife had quite the surprise for him. She found the cutest baby pug and decided to adopt it. One day she came to the house carrying the little guy and the rest was history. Upon seeing the little pupper, the man got extremely emotional and just couldn’t stop hugging the tiny babe. The pug was so excited to meet a person that is willing to give such great hugs, it never wants to leave him. The excitement is real, and the tail wagging is definitely a sign about how great their relationship is going to be from here on out. We just love these kinds of happily ever afters!

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Newborn Baby Stops Crying After Recognizing Father’s Voice 49s

Newborn Baby Stops Crying After Recognizing Father’s Voice

If you're still not quite convinced how amazing the human body is, how about the fact that we can hear through the womb of our mother just 20 weeks after conception? Yeah, that's pretty awesome! Parents are always encouraged to talk to their infant during pregnancy in order to build up the bond with their baby. Apparently, baby Isaac's mom and dad did a terrific job while waiting for him to arrive! Check out this amazing footage of baby Isaac who instantly stops crying once his father begins to talk to him. All dad had to do is say ‘It’s okay Isaac, it’s okay, I love you son,’ and hold him in his arms. It goes to show how important it is to talk to your baby while still in the womb! This is the heartwarming moment when a crying newborn baby boy recognizes his father’s voice. We see the crying baby sitting in its hospital crib, and standing besides him is his father speaking to him in gentle voice, trying to sooth his cranky baby! Moments later, the nurse picks up the baby and hands him to the father and they share an instant bond. It is incredible to witness such a precious moment and be convinced that babies do hear while still in the womb! Amazingly, this baby recognized his father’s voice and touch, and immediately stopped crying when he felt safe in his daddy’s arms! Cuteness overload! The little boy seems to be in a good mood and he eagerly awaits to see what his dad looks like. The first thing he does is nest comfortably in daddy’s arms and listen to his appeasing voice. When dad says that everything is going to be all right, there is no need to worry, right? It is truly an adorable moment between father and child and one that will continue for years and years to come we are sure!

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Three Kids Walk Out With Huge Paper Hats, Will Have You In Stitches3m16s

Three Kids Walk Out With Huge Paper Hats, Will Have You In Stitches

Do you remember The Oak Ridge Boys’ classic song, “Elvira?" Well, you are in for a treat, we have three tiny (looking) performers dancing along to that very song in this video – and they are wearing gigantic cowboy hats! One of the dancers is Ashlin, and her brother, Walker, is running to be on the associated student body (or the student council) of his middle school. First, we see Walker coming out in front of the whole student body and presents himself. Then, he adds: “We all know that actions speak louder than words. So I’ve invited a special guest to help me get my point across to you. “ Walker asked her and two of her friends to do this to help him win! Like any good sister, Ashlin said ‘yes!’ As you will soon hear, the crowd went wild when the gigantic hats took the floor! The trio of dancers thrilled the audience with their toe-tapping dance routine! "Elvira" is a song written by Dallas Frazier which became a famous country and pop hit by The Oak Ridge Boys in 1981, now considered one of their signature songs. Frazier wrote "Elvira" in 1966 and included it as the title track of an album he released that year. The title of the song was inspired not by the name of a woman, but by the name of a street in East Nashville, Tennessee.

Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy15s

Cute Labrador sliding down the stairs with joy

You can not deny it! All dogs are simply adorable pets and no wonder they are called ‘A man’s best friend’. They find amusement in such a hilarious stuff in the house or outside of it. Lucky for us, their owners are always there to record those funny moments and share them with us! Labrador retrievers are so lovable. These silly dogs get into all kinds of mischief. With their sweet and kind behavior, they are surely one of the most entertaining companions you can have. Such as this charming young pup in the video. Going down the stairs can be hard for young puppies to handle. This perky doggo named Bracken can’t wait to show his owner a new trick he has learned. As soon as he sees the camera, his demonstration begins. The thoughtful puppy, decides to surf down the stairs on its belly, rather than walking on his legs. Just look at how excited he is. It seems like that he’s never been allowed to play in an amusement park, so he decides to improvise a way to have fun. We find this so ridiculous! Sit back and watch as this adorable Labrador puppy goes sliding down the stairs with style! He is a big dog now, but according to his owners, he still does it occasionally, well with a little less elegance than before! If you like cute and funny videos of dogs and pets, comment below and share your own stories with us! Enjoy!

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Beautiful New York City Skyline Time Lapse From Day To Night 52s

Beautiful New York City Skyline Time Lapse From Day To Night

How amazing is this? A stunning time lapse was taken highlighting the beauty of lower Manhattan as the sun sets and the day turns to night. Time lapses are always fascinating to watch. Time lapse allows us to see things much faster then they actually occur which is very interesting to watch. It doesn't get much more gorgeous than this video. It is so important to stop what you're doing every once and a while and realize what is around you. The earth is such a beautiful place and sometimes we forget that. Credit to John Hill and Jen Hill. It is so cool to see all the lights turn on as it goes from day to night in Manhattan. The time lapse is so pretty, it looks like a postcard. This is definitely an a million dollar view. Manhattan is the most densely populated place out of all of New York City's five boroughs. It contains many exciting and iconic sites including the Empire State Building, Times Square and shows that occur on broadway, so awesome! Check out this beautiful time lapse of the New York City skyline from day to night! Have you ever been to New York City Before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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News Anchor Loves To Lip-Sync During Commercial Breaks1m06s

News Anchor Loves To Lip-Sync During Commercial Breaks

We all have that moment when a specific song comes on and you just cannot help but to dance along and even sing to it! There is just something about that song that brightens you up. Just ask WVNS-TV anchor Dan Thorn. During his commercial breaks he cannot help but to dance to some of today's most popular songs. What highlights these moments and makes it even funnier is that fact that his co-anchor does not seem amused and often keeps a straight face and focuses on her work. However that does not stop Dan as he even manages to get a smile out of her every so often! These two seem like exact opposites. Sure, they both take their job very seriously when it comes to telling the news, but outside of that they could not be any more different! Surely Dan's co-anchor is also fun outside of work, but she seems to take her job very seriously at work which is not a bad thing. However, Dan shows that it is OK to have fun at your job as well! Do we have to mention how good of a dancer Dan is? He really does know how to entertain an audience! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile!

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Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park3m13s

Toddler Throws Hilarious Tantrum When It's Time To Leave The Park

Toddlers find everything interesting and fun, even if it just a rock lying on the ground. They will almost always try to make their point and won't take no for an answer, so when a parent steps in, they are ready with a barrage of arguments. This precious toddler named Sean did not like it when her mother told him that it is time to leave the park and go home. Footage shows the adorable moment when this cranky tot puts a priceless temper tantrum trying to prove his point to mom and stay in the park. Of course, his indignation is audible and hilarious and is guaranteed to make your day. You just can't help but laugh at this adorable persistence temper tantrum! How cute is this! We have all been there. A beautiful day at the park and this kid is obviously having the time of his life. So, when mom decided it was time to leave, he just wouldn’t budge. Watch as Sean pulls out the big guns when he is forced to leave the park to go home. Momma calls in the cavalry in the form of big sister, but this is when all hell breaks loose! Screaming, pinching, biting, crying, Sean tries everything just to stay at the park a little longer. Does it work! See for yourself! Watching children grow up and learn what's right and what's wrong is a true blessing. Parents often try to lecture kids on life lessons, but sometimes it's the other way around. We hope that little Sean stopped trying behaving and started obeying his mom. Don’t yell at your mom Sean, she knows what's best for you!

Huge Swan Confronts Unsuspecting Dog At The Park59s

Huge Swan Confronts Unsuspecting Dog At The Park

A conflict arises between a dog and a swan in Strasbourg, France that is captured on camera. The dog's owner makes the right decision in not fleeing from the swan. Showing an act of dominance may have prevented the swan from physically attacking them. Luckily the situation didn't escalate and the swan retreated, but the pooch remained curious. It's not uncommon for dogs to be curious about other animals, especially when it's the first time they see them. The owner strokes the dog to keep it calm and keeps him on a leash, which is very considerate of her. If the dog was able to run free, than this video would have been one of a dog-swan quarrel. Swan attacks are rare but not uncommon, and there have been instances in the news where swans attack even humans that entered their territory. This swan had other things in mind, including showing off his grandeur and huge wings, so you can say it was more of a boasting situation that one of a threatening kind. The swan then leaves the scene to mind its business and all is good again. Although we're accustomed to seeing white swans, there are also black swans that are much rarer and even more beautiful. These creatures do exist, it's not just a famous movie title.

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These Pups Love To Play Bite Each Other And Practice Their Barks1m00s

These Pups Love To Play Bite Each Other And Practice Their Barks

Puppies are the source of joy and happiness in this world, and watching them adorably play can boost your mood in an instant. So if you're having a bad day, had a lot of work, or simply want to melt your heart – watch these two precious English Bulldog puppies. Meet Lucy and Otis, two English Bulldog puppy siblings that will most definitely melt your heart. So precious! They can't stop playing with each other and practice their barks. These two will grow into fine dogs one day, but for now, let's enjoy this adorable moment while they're small puppies. We can’t even begin to imagine what might be cuter than these two. Other than, maybe, a litter of them! Can you imagine a litter of bulldog puppies, chasing and biting and playing with each other? These fluffy English Bulldog puppies engage in some very precious playtime with one another. Although they're only a few weeks old, they're clearly ready to take on the world! These adorable newborn pups will make you forget about everything else for about 30 seconds. They charm with their innocence and sweetness. Each has different personality characteristics but every single one of them has the power to bring a smile on your face. Jumping, gently biting and running around is how they show their affection and joy. See for yourself! Now where can we get a few?

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Rescued Octopus Returns To Give Beautiful Thank You3m08s

Rescued Octopus Returns To Give Beautiful Thank You

When this family was on a holiday at the Red Sea in Soma Bay they did a very good deed indeed. On day, while they were walking along the beach they noticed a stranded octopus in the sand on its death bed, without a way to get back into the ocean, he was slowly drying out and dehydrating. Acting quickly, this family stepped in and saved his life by pushing him back into the water. He needed some time to recover and then he swam away. The next day, they went to the same beach for a walk and saw a shadow in the water coming directly to them. First they didn't recognize it, but soon they realized that it was the same octopus they rescued the day before! He recognized them and accompanied them for a long time while they were walked along the beach and continuously tried to touch their feet. They are sure that this octopus came back to thank them for saving his life. This video shows the special moment that will melts your hearts. It is important to cherish these special moments between animals and humans. It is the thank you they received that they will never forget! When we do kind things for others we always like to hear a thank you. Receiving acknowledgement for doing something kind is very important and when we do favors for animals, we typically don’t expect them to be able to thank us. This story is proof that animals also have manners and know how to give thanks. This story is a valuable reminder that we need to be kinder to one another. If someone does something nice for you, always be sure to thank them!

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Curious Parrot Desperately Attempts To Befriend Cautious Kitten2m07s

Curious Parrot Desperately Attempts To Befriend Cautious Kitten

Young kittens are usually very cautious of their surroundings and potential friends, and that explains the cute reaction this kitty had upon meeting a parrot. Unlike the cautious kitten, the curious parrot really wants to make a new best friend out of this scared kitten! Footage shows their first encounter and it is seriously inviting. When the parrot first notices the kitten, he is desperately trying to get his attention as if he is saying “Let's play together" to the little kitty. Moments later, the parrot must have outstayed his welcome and got too close to kitty’s private territory, so it was in kitty’s natural instinct to defend itself. Watch as the scared kitty raises its front paw and starts swinging it against the parrot, trying to slap it on the face. The friendly parrot doesn’t mind cat’s hostility and regards it like an invite to play, so he continues chasing him around the yard, trying to befriend him and become the best of buddies! Do you think he's doing a good job or he is too aggressive? We have all heard of Sylvester and Tweety but there are many people in this world who still believe that cats and birds do not get along and simply aren’t meant to be friends. That is because one species is considered to be a predator and the other one is considered to be a prey. It is adorable to see that the friendly parrot is desperate for attention and is continuously trying to befriend the little kitten. However, the little guy is really unsure of the situation and refuses to let his guard down. Cuteness overload! Have you ever seen a parrot getting this close to a cat? He must really like the little kitty!

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Otter Can't Fall Asleep Without Cuddling Stuffed Animal1m01s

Otter Can't Fall Asleep Without Cuddling Stuffed Animal

Remember your first stuffed animal? Some of you probably still have it somewhere in your home, to remind you of the good old days, when all you ever cared about is not misplacing your favorite plushie, because sleep didn’t come so ease when you had to sleep alone. Our pets love stuffed animals too, because no matter how much they love us, their two-legged pack mates, they still need something that somewhat looks and feels like them. There is whole industry out there that provides loving pet owners with stuffed animal for their furbabies, but what happens when your furball isn’t a ‘standard’ pet for all intents and purposes? You will all agree that Sakura the otter is not your typical pet. But even exotic pet animals need some cuddly companionship every once in awhile, or more often :) His owner knows this all too well, so they provided their expert swimmer with something to cling to when she is in her pen. Sakura is so attached to her pink fluffy piglet, she lovingly cuddles the stuffed animal. Seems like she can’t sleep, as she cries and tumbles around in the crate, clutching to the piglet. But just wait until the end... Adorable!

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Hopeless dog found abandoned in Florida Everglades5m24s

Hopeless dog found abandoned in Florida Everglades

Powder was found abandoned in the middle of the Florida Everglades. Dogs can not survive very long in these harsh conditions. One afternoon a couple was out at the boat ramps at mile marker 39 off of US Hwy 27 and they saw Powder barely able to move trying to find a comfortable place to rest. The couple tried for hours to get help and Broward Sheriff's Office responded. The deputies on scene were determined to help this poor dog and bring him to safety. Within an hour, Dezzy's Second Chance Animal Rescue responded and agreed to take Powder into their care. He has a long road to recovery including surgery on both his eyes. His skin is still infected so his eye sugary has been postponed until mid April. Powder is happy and playing with other dogs.

 Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose34s

Silly Pup Tries To Bite The Water From The Hose

Owning a dog is a great and gratifying thing. Dogs are adorable, funny and cute. Of course, their irresistible nature is something humans can not compete against. That’s why we say that dogs are people’s best friends. They would never let you down and make you sad. You can never feel lonely and isolated and how could you - one look at your dog’s friendly eyes and everything seems back in place again. Whether they are specially-made toys for dogs or just some random playing objects they find in the yard, dogs can get excited very easily. Show them that you are interested in their play and next thing you know is seeing yourself being dragged into their amusement party. The object of Miss Charlie’s game is to bite as much water as possible with one strong spray of the hose. And what other season is suitable for that if not summer? She solely wants to cool down her body from the heat of the day. Luckily, her owner is as exuberantly driven as his dog and joins in the game. Who will keep satisfied the pet if not its owner? With the first long spray, comes the effort of biting and licking as much pressurized water as possible. When the owner stops, the dog is eager and ready for more. The next rounds of spraying are just as amusing as the first one. And whenever Miss Charlie bites the hose flush, a sharp and brisk sound is heard just like the sound of some raucous voice. Dogs’ games rock!

These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other2m02s

These Puppy Siblings Like To Nap With Arms Around Each Other

What would the world look like without siblings? Sure, we would have all the love and attention from our parents, but a sibling can offer and different kind of love and attention, something that not even a friend can replace. That is why we are convinced that this video will definitely melt your heart! Watch as these two puppies, named Tuto and Juj, enjoy an adorable cuddle with one another. How cute is that? The two sweet pups are laying down for a nap with their front legs wrapped around each other and one is giving the other kisses. Awww! Just when you think that there can not be anything cuter than a video of just puppies running around, something like this comes up and we forget our names! What were we saying?....Ah, yes. Anyway, this is proof that everyone needs a little more companionship. Sure, we are always here for our pets, but are we really? When we leave home for work, our pets are left alone. Some breeds take it hared than others, but it is still difficult for them. So if you have a puppy or kitty that you leave alone every time you go out, consider getting it a companion of it's own! Everybody will be happier! Speaking of cuddling, you have to see this adorable trio! We have never seen a dog and a cat cuddle with a baby at the same time! That is so precious!

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This is Why Jeans Have Little Buttons Around Pockets, And It's Not What You Might Think!1m22s

This is Why Jeans Have Little Buttons Around Pockets, And It's Not What You Might Think!

We all wear jeans, but have you ever stopped to wonder what those little brass buttons actually do? We all know that Levi Strauss was the man who first started making heavy-duty worker's pants out of canvas, but a man named Jacob Davis, a tailor, approached Strauss with the idea that certain weak point in the pants, such as the corners of pockets, can be enhanced if small rivets made of copper were inserted. On 20 May 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the idea of the riveted pants and the two became partners in the Levi Strauss company. Ever since, the company has been producing clothing items from the eternal blue cotton fabric we know as denim.

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Two Basketballs Enter The Hoop In Unison Mid Trampoline Stunt1m04s

Two Basketballs Enter The Hoop In Unison Mid Trampoline Stunt

This is the incredible moment when a talented youngster manages to pull an amazing basketball stunt, making two basketballs enter the hoop in unison, making for a double score! You have never seen something like this before! Check out this video as Kevin Libertowski performs a trampoline shot involving two flips and two basketballs and passes with flying colors! How many attempts do you think this took to pull off? How did he manage to pull something off so amazing! Two flips, two basketballs, one epic shot and a unison score! Voila! Kevin Libertowski of Cleveland, Ohio, submerged a marvelous duo of stunt shots back-to-back while jumping on a trampoline in his lawn. The first shot was already amazing as it is, but the second shot that he did was the icing on the cake. He must have practiced so long to pull of a shot of that caliber. Even he seemed so surprised and hyped as he made those shots! An Ohio youngster known for his skills of basketballs shots may have beaten himself with his most recent trick. Watch as Libertowski jumps on a trampoline and throws off one basketball at the hoop with a back-flip maneuver while holding another basketball in between his legs, before flinging the other basketball with the next front flip. Insane skills! Not only did Kevin score, but he calculated the distance so that both of the basketballs enter the hoop in unison, making for a double score! What a priceless stunt! Not many people can do flips, and certainly not many can make two baskets enter the hoop at the same time, while jumping on a trampoline and doing back and front flips! Incredible! Have you done any cool trick shots before? Kevin Libertowski sure did pull off an amazing trampoline trick shot involving multiple flips and basketballs and proved that he really is something, given his unique and awesome skills! The next NBA star is born! How many attempts do you think this took to pull off? We are guessing plenty!

Molester Attacks Woman In Elevator Unsuspecting Of Her Self-Defense Skills34s

Molester Attacks Woman In Elevator Unsuspecting Of Her Self-Defense Skills

An incredible video has emerged online of a woman knocking out a man who tried to molest her in an elevator in China. CCTV footage from late at night on April 24. Numerous scandals can be prevented by eradicating the culture of silence which allows these indiscretions to keep happening. These incidents lead to a lot of anger and create an appetite for justice or payback towards the offenders. Even though it is very satisfying to watch and see the outcome of this video, we should keep in mind that not every case of assault ends in fairness or retribution. Sometimes things don’t work out and the molesters don’t learn their lesson. Let’s hope that the story of this elevator molester getting beaten up by a woman who slaps him in the face and kicks him in the crotch will serve as a painful lesson for all those offenders out there to beware! Footage shows a woman standing in an elevator checking her phone, moments before the man in the elevator begins acting inappropriately by sneaking behind her back and sliding his hand onto her shoulder. At this point, the woman has had enough and is ready to teach him a lesson. This woman is obviously trained and knows how to fight, so quickly puts the man in knock down position, after which she peacefully walks away. Anyone who thinks they can intimidate others and get away with it is wrong, just like this man was wrong when he didn’t expect this woman to defend herself as effectively as she did!

Dog Realizes She's At The Dog Park, Loses Her Mind1m32s

Dog Realizes She's At The Dog Park, Loses Her Mind

Dogs are being of simple pleasures - they like their kibble, their toys, the walks with their owner and, let’s not forget - the doggie park! For a dog, trip to the dog park is what a trip to the toy store is for a kid! So many buddies are there and they get to run and play… Oh goody, goody! Every time these people take their dog Ellie to the dog park , the initial arrival is the most hilarious part. She makes noises that her owners have never heard before and can't wait to get out of the car and play! “Where are we? What’s going on, Ellie?" her owners ask her, as she gets up from the rear seat and pokes her head out front to check out what all that fuss is about. It takes her a few seconds to recognize the surroundings, before lifting her ears in expectation! The dog park! Ellie starts by growling low in her throat, looking left and right, as if she can’t believe her eyes . Just like when a kid gets in the toy store for the first time and can’t decide which toy to check out first, sweet Ellie turns her head every which way, because she can’t believe it’s real! Why can’t they go any faster? Ellie starts whining, growling and running from window to window, ready to jump out of the car as soon as the door opens. How we wish we could join her in all that snow...

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There's A Huge Snake In This Photo, And We Dare You To Find It44s

There's A Huge Snake In This Photo, And We Dare You To Find It

Can you spot the gigantic snake hiding in this photo that is driving everyone crazy! Have you found it yet? Don’t give up! A giant snake is hiding in plain sight in this backyard, and you cannot see it? Schedule your eye examination appointment soon! This photo was shared on Facebook by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, an organization that helps Australians remove snakes from their homes and backyards. They shared the picture to highlight how tough their job is, but their Facebook followers played a strangely enjoyable game of “Where’s Waldo”, obviously with a snake instead of Waldo. The Snake Catcher 24/7 - Sunshine Coast started out as a Facebook page and a hobby and has turned into one of the largest snake catching company's in Queensland. This local business servicing residents and businesses cover the entire Sunshine Coast and offer snake and all reptile species removal and relocation services.  Due to the large range of suitable habitats and great climate, the Sunshine Coast is home to many species of reptiles including around 20 species of snakes, most of which are venomous! Snakes will often enter homes in search of shelter, food and warmth, so if you experience this problem be sure to give a call to these guys. So did you see the big reptile lurking from the tree in the top right corner?

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