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Baby Rocks Out While Dad Plays The Guitar1m47s

Baby Rocks Out While Dad Plays The Guitar

Any kind of bonding time between a dad and his babe is precious. But when dad has a hobby of some sort, he can’t wait until he can share it with his new bud. Be it some sort of craft, a collection of some kind or an instrument, when the kid is old enough to understand, a dad will try and “assimilate” them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; but when it does, this is what it looks like! Every dad that is into rock n’ roll would like nothing more that to see his kid show the same amount of passion for the music. This dad got everything right, so when he played Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” his eight-month-old daughter started rocking out! Dad sings, and she follows suit. Too adorable to handle! This isn’t the first time we have seen a baby rock out hard while their dad plays the guitar! One little blond head was left with his mouth hanging wide open, when his dad started strumming the strings for the first time since baby came home. The look on his face says it all. “I wanna be like daddy when I grow up, a rock star!” Another kid took the whole thing to a whole new level. He is even good at blues improv, so while dad strums some chords on the guitar, the sweet toddler sings along . What a duet! A classic father-daughter moment you may have seen before! Watch as an adorable 8-month-old baby girl rocks out with her dad while playing Bon Jovi's famous song, 'Wanted Dead or Alive.' Get a guitar in that little gal's hands as soon as she can hold it! She will become a major rock star that even Bon Jovi will envy her! Raising the kid to appreciate good music! We love it! Rock on, kiddo! She will be so grateful to her dad that he introduced her into the rock n' roll world, and who knows, maybe one day they will go to rock concerts together! This little bundle of cuteness is one real rocker! Her moves and facial expressions tell everything you need to know! She loves rock n' roll music, and she loves Bon Jovi, and she was born to be a rock star. Don't forget to share this fantastic video and this future rock star, and who knows maybe Bon Jovi will see this sweet baby rocking at his song!

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Groom Moves Bride To Tears With His Song11m18s

Groom Moves Bride To Tears With His Song

Every groom has his own special way of telling his bride how he feels about her choice. But this one went a step further and his viral performance has left us all in a helpless heap of tears and tissues! They say love knows no language and it is pretty safe to say that the same can be said for music. This groom gave a perfect and beautiful example of these statements when he prepared a heartfelt surprise for his Indian bride. Frank is a Canadian national, but according to reports, he dedicated six weeks of his life prior to his wedding to Simran to learn “Tum Hi Ho” to woo her all over again. Everyone present at their wedding was reduced to tears, before giving him a thunderous applause! Franks’ gorgeous bride is over the moon with her beloved’s performance. The video, shot by AVP Studios Canada, became a viral sensation practically overnight! Simran said in an interview: "My heart sank when I first heard him sing in Hindi. It was a feeling I had never felt before. The only thing I was thinking was, 'How did he manage to do this?' I was the only one at the reception who knows how hard he truly works." The newlyweds came out on YouTube with a video of their own, wanting to say thank you to everyone who gushed over Frank’s performance and incredible vocal talents. They also wanted to give everyone the opportunity to express their love to a special someone by creating a challenge called #ShowYourLove, challenging everyone to express their love openly. Call it the new Ice Bucket Challenge, only without water or ice.

Container Ship Battles Storm Near Bermuda And It Looks Like A Scene From A Movie57s

Container Ship Battles Storm Near Bermuda And It Looks Like A Scene From A Movie

Any environment of a huge amount of water is generally unknown and hostile territory for most humans and they can be really scary sometimes. We are programmed to fear the unknown, and other environmental elements. It makes perfect sense in terms of survival. Despite all of our knowledge, progress and modern technology, oceans continue to be the mysterious and enigmatic traps with some very real dangers hidden in their bellies. And when we talk about the amount of water and scary we mean ocean storms! Something that will always remain scary no matter how much technology will develop or how big ships will be built. This video is so amazing you will probably think is a scene from a movie! But, actually is not! While crossing the Atlantic on the container ship Oleander, the crew manages to film a spectacular storm off Bermuda. We told you that it looks like a scene from a movie! Waves come in all shapes and sizes—from small ones calmly lapping on the shore to large rogue waves out at sea . Storms interact with the ocean on the surface, from hurricanes to tsunamis. These waves are really big and scary! The ocean is a central image. It is the symbolism of a great journey. Being out there in the ocean, God's creation, it's like a gift He has given us to enjoy and sometimes to provoke the fear inside of us!

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Black Labrador Cannot Get Enough Of Body Sliding In The Snow2m45s

Black Labrador Cannot Get Enough Of Body Sliding In The Snow

There’s something entrancing about sliding down a hill of snow, and this black Lab agrees wholeheartedly. Winter is coming, but that is not a problem for Rafi, who loves diving and sliding across the packed snow. Watch as this adorable dog named Rafi body slides down a snow-covered hill. It looks like the little guy knows how to have fun! Many dogs often enjoy snow even more than kids, and there are lots of things that you can do with your dog on a snowy day. Rafi here has mastered his body sliding technique! It is very pleasing to watch this black Lab’s utter delight in the slippery snow on this hill. He quickly realized that when he flops on his side and wiggles his legs a bit, he slides and goes down the hill. That is so much fun, so Rafi decides to do it again and again and again . Rafi doesn’t need a sled, he is his own sledding machine , he uses his own body to go sledding with ease, because the snow is compact and a bit icy on top. It isn't just humans that enjoy sliding down hills in the snow, Rafi shows that dogs can join in on the fun too. Rafi's owners cannot contain themselves as they watch their dog slide down the hill and then run back up to do it again. He goes sliding down the slope over a dozen times. Owners tease him "do it again Raf," and he accepts the challenge. Do you remember when you were a kid? We couldn’t wait to go out, put our warmest clothes, and spend hours with our friends having fun, building a snowman, sliding the hill, laughing and enjoy our careless childhood. Rafi also enjoys the day out on the snow. He loves sliding on the hill! It’s so funny how quickly he discovered that if he flops on the side and wiggles his legs a bit, he will slide down the hill faster. Hilarious! Many dogs love to play in the snow. If you own a dog, winter can be an excellent time to spend some time with your dog. You can go sliding to a nearby hill, and they will love that, check out Rafi over here how much fun he is having. Also, many dogs love tossing balls at them, so, why don’t you try that with your dog? Maybe he will like it too, and you will have endless fun with your dog. And you will feel once again like the kid who used to play with the snow and had so much fun not worrying about nothing. One more tip, if you are playing with your dog in the snow, make sure after that to check your dogs' paws for ice or perhaps cuts from the ice. Also, make sure after that he is warm and cozy and offer him a lot of water. Can you recommend a game that we can play with our dogs in the snow? Tell us below in our comment section.

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Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance29s

Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance

Marriage is a commitment to life, to the best that two people can find and bring out in each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other human relationship can equal; a joining that is promised for a lifetime. Within the circle of its love, marriage encompasses all of life’s most important relationships. A wife and a husband are each other’s best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, listener, and critic. As a guest at a wedding, you wouldn’t want to outshine the bride, but one tiny little guest sure has made an entrance no one will forget – the bride included! This little flower girl knows how to make quite an entrance! The adorable baby makes her grand entrance into the wedding chapel on a kiddie car that is being pushed by the tux clad ring bearer! You don't want to miss out on this adorable wedding ceremony or the great reaction that it got from everyone! Her giggles and baby screams got the entire chapel in a fit of laughter. We sure had our daily dose of belly laugh . Wedding guests know not to ever outshine the bride, but that doesn’t stop this flower girl from well and truly stealing the show. All eyes are on her who makes one hell of an entrance at this wedding. She steals the limelight as she breaks away to freestyle her way down the aisle to the delight of the guests. Flower girls have been present at wedding processions centuries ago. Back when marriages were arranged by the parents of the couple for procreation purposes, flower girls were carrying sheaves of wheat and bouquets of herbs, to symbolize fertility. During the Renaissance, flower girls would carry strands of garlic, because it was believed to repel evil spirits (back off, Count Dracula!). Flower girls sprinkle the aisle with petals before the bride makes her entrance. And, in their adorable white dresses, sometimes even steal the show. But, they’re not just a part of traditional weddings to make the guests say ‘aww’ as they walk down the aisle; they actually signify the bride losing her innocence. The main focus of having a little girl walk down the aisle first, though, has always been to represent the transformation of the bride from a child to an adult. That is why they wear white dresses too, so they can look like a mini version of the bride. As the flower girl walks down the aisle she symbolizes the innocence of the bride fading away and her role as a wife and future mother beginning. So, even though the flower girl plays a minimal role in the wedding, she means a lot to the bride. And, come on, how could you not love an adorable little girl in a frilly dress and little white shoes bouncing down the aisle? Also curious about where the tradition of the garter at weddings came from? Here is how it got started. The symbolism of a flower girl is leading the bride forward, from childhood innocence to her adult roles as wife and mother. Today, they may still be tossing flower petals down the aisle, but more often they can be seen carrying wrapped candies, confetti of just a bouquet instead.

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Cockatoo Becomes Thrilled When Owner Arrives At Home1m44s

Cockatoo Becomes Thrilled When Owner Arrives At Home

Pets are awesome. They teach us so much about responsibility and companionship while also providing us comfort and love. Most people have pets such as dogs, cats, and fish, but there are a lot of people that also have birds too. Most of us don't see birds as the most loving pet, but if you thought that before, you are sure to change your mind after seeing this clip! One thing is for sure; you don't see a video like this every day. Here you have a parrot that is desperately waiting for its owner. This parrot losses its cool when he realizes that his owner has just arrived home! Onni, the one-year-old umbrella cockatoo, adores his owner and waits for him to come home from work every single day. Fun fact, Onni is a typical Finnish name that means luck and happiness, which is precisely what this little guy is! What did you think of this video? Do you have a pet that does something like this? We would love to hear what you have to think so; please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile just as much as you did! This is one clip that no oet owner should ever miss out on! Cockatoos are very adorable and affectionate birds. They love to cuddle, and they bond with their owners and share a great love with them. Because of the fact they can develop big love for their owners, they also require to spend a lot of time with them. Cockatoos re cherishing, energetic, have the knowledge level of up to a five-year-old with the personality of a two-year-old and bring happiness and laughter into the lives of all who have the pleasure of knowing one. It’s amazing when a pet and owner share this kind of a special bond, that kind of love and a fantastic relationship. It’s unusual for this guy how his pet gets thrilled every time he arrives home. These are the kind of things that make stress free when we get home. It makes us feel amazing and loved. They are amazing creatures, and we can’t get enough of them! Since they have such a genuine relationship with their owner, Onni loves to show their love for his owner in every possible way. He loves to serenades owner by singing ‘I love you’ and it so frickin’ amazing! His new skill is singing, and not just singing with typical "bird" sounds, but singing like a human. His owner has made up and taught him a particular song called the 'I Love You Song.' Onni, we love you too, and we think that you are such a cutie pie! Onni enjoys being rocked back and forth while sweetly singing to his owner. He can't always clearly say I love you while singing it at the same time, but his attempt is just adorable!

Awesome Teacher Trolls Students With Epic Bottle Flipping Trick Shots3m49s

Awesome Teacher Trolls Students With Epic Bottle Flipping Trick Shots

Coolest teacher in Canada has been found. On December 6, 2016, Mr. Marshall officially banned bottle flipping in class 6A. On December 7, he started making this video. On June 29, 2017, he showed it to his students. This video is one that Mr. Marshall and his students will truly remember for a long time! It really is epic! The teacher is so cool, he even bombs his students by saying that bottle flipping isn't all that impressive to begin with. "Just little air, little water, get the right ratio, the center of gravity low and the rest is just physics," says Mr. Marshall. He then proceeds to flip a water bottle in every place of his house, in corners, in cups, while eating a banana, on top of a projector, in his shoes, on the toilet...really, why is that such a big deal? Don't you wish that you had a teacher such as Mr. Marshall? He seems so cool and awesome, especially since he made this video for his students to watch. It is really funny how he banned water bottle flipping in his class, only to make this video to show his students. His calm, cool attitude during the whole video really does show how unimpressed he is about this whole water bottle flipping trend. Also, did you see how cute that baby he is holding is?! She didn't seem all that impressed though! Mr.Marshall's class probably will not attempt water bottle flipping in his class least until next year! They could always get more school supplies from Amazon to prepare them for next year, or even more water bottles! Do you remember and teacher from school that was wacky and fun? Let us know in the comment section!

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Life hack: Clever way to keep bathroom tiles clean44s

Life hack: Clever way to keep bathroom tiles clean

Out of all the tedious chores you have to do around the house, cleaning wise, cleaning the bathroom tiles has to be the most tedious of them all! When crisp white grout starts to turn moldy green or just change color from all the cleaning solutions you use in your bathroom, the first thing that might come in mind is the regrout the tiles. It is a tedious procedure, you have to pass every line of grout all over and still make sure not to damage the tiles. Grout may be waterproof, but it is not stain proof just yet. If only there were a way to impregnate the grout to repel the dirt and mold and save you some time and energy during cleaning? It turns out that there just might be a way to do just this. All you will need is a candle, or several. How, you might ask? You should rub the way off the candle onto the lines of ground around the tiles. Simple as that! Just make sure that there is a generous amount of wax on the grouting and repeat the process every once in a while to keep your bathroom mold- and stain-free! Don't forget to share with your friends to help them keep their bathroom tiles crisp white too!

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Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds Jeep In Minutes3m54s

Crew Tears Apart And Rebuilds Jeep In Minutes

If you think that NASCAR pit crews are awesome, being able to change four tires and gas up a car in 13 seconds, wait till you see what a team of six soldiers from a base in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada can do to a military Jeep! They strip the UV down to its lug nuts and then, just as they took it apart, they rebuild it in right about 4 minutes! The Jeep is the military's favorite off road vehicle, because of it's incredible stability on most terrains. Every active service member of the military is required to be thoroughly prepared with knowledge and skills in war and combat. This amazing footage shows the team of six from the 3 Area Support Group Technical Services Division come to a full stop in the middle of a Halifax street and at the cue of their commanding officer, completely disassemble and reassemble a Jeep in four minutes! We are not quite sure if this qualifies as a combat skill, but if was sure amazing to watch! Naysayers will say that the Jeep isn't some high-tech luxury vehicle with a gazillion buttons and whatnots, but we say that this takes some serious engineering and fine-tuned choreography to pull off. Not to mention the team spirit! Let's see you disassemble and reassemble a race car in four minutes with two men short, NASCAR pit crews!

Kitten excited to see baby deer on the front porch2m52s

Kitten excited to see baby deer on the front porch

How incredible is this? A kitten named Miro was amazed to see a new born deer (doe) at the front door. Watch him try to figure out what's going on! Adorable! Notice: This deer was a baby, less than 48 hours old. It was NOT hurt nor injured, but it was not able to walk quite yet. It was happily re-united with its mother by the people who found this fawn shortly after this video was taken. UPDATE: Here is proof that the baby deer is not hurt at all. Watch the fawn walk away here:

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Husband Pulls Off Surprise Bedroom Makeover 2m48s

Husband Pulls Off Surprise Bedroom Makeover

While Mom was out of town for the weekend, this father of 3 managed to rip out the hideous carpet, paint the walls, install new hardwood floors, and make a DIY upholstered headboard - all while taking care of the 3 kids! Her reaction when she returned home made it worth all the hard work. Miles Boyer’s wife Kate went out of town and this is what happened while she was away. First he removed everything from the bedroom and removed their old, wrinkly carpet. After dad scrubbed the floor clean, their son Lawson really liked the acoustics of the empty room, but that was all for a very short while. After putting the kiddoes to bed at night, the crafty dad repainted the walls of the bedroom into a lovely, warm ecru color. The next day he placed laminate flooring with his own two hands and the kids loved the new dance studio. Miles installed new wall sockets, new curtains to go with the new wall color and returned everything back in its rightful place. A nice fresh start for the old bedroom. The reveal went as you would expect. Kate came running to the bedroom door to find a refreshed sleeping area, without the dusty old carpet on the bottom and everything smelling fresh. It was the makeover that she needed.

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 Dad Comes Home After 16 Months Overseas And Surprises Daughter At Her Volleyball Practice 1m17s

Dad Comes Home After 16 Months Overseas And Surprises Daughter At Her Volleyball Practice

Being a teenager can be hard from many aspects, which is why parental support is always welcome. But when one of your parents is off to work overseas, the difficulty increases. Not only do you have to deal with the stress of school work, but you have to deal with missing someone you love very much. This girl’s dad is working as a navy firefighter in Bahrain for over a year and a half and he missed all her activities, including her new found love for volleyball. She started playing the sport after her dad left overseas to cope with his absence. Naturally, when he decided to come back, the parents decided to keep things a secret so that he could visit his little girls during volleyball practise, something that she has been wishing for since he has been away. Her reaction is priceless. She starts crying instantly and runs into her dads arms. She can't believe her dad has returned back home, this must be one of the best days of her life. They love each other so much, what a beautiful moment. Watch their tear-jerking reunion in this emotional clip. Have you ever witnessed a beautiful moment like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Intense high-speed dog rescue through streets of Mexico City2m01s

Intense high-speed dog rescue through streets of Mexico City

All you dog owners out there know the feeling when you accidentally lose the grip of you dogs leash and you lose control of your hyper dog. One big tug and they're gone. Anxiety rushes through your body and you panic to get a hold of the leash yet again. Well here is a typical situation with a little twist of insanity. This is every dog owners worst nightmare. Check out what happens when a dog on a leash breaks free from its owner and sprints down a very busy street in Mexico City. Make sure to watch this adrenaline-packed rescue all the way to the end! If you don't want this to ever happen to you, then you can look no further! Be sure to check out this amazing hands free dog leash, so you never have to worry about losing a grip on your dogs leash ever again. So many things like this situation can now be avoided just because of this easy to use belt that connects to your dog. Were you on the edge of your seat like everyone else was throughout this video? What about any other insane dog stories? Let us know in the comment section. This video was just absolutely insane. Check out this insane dog chase.

Learn How To Swaddle Your Fussy Newborn Baby To Calm It Down2m04s

Learn How To Swaddle Your Fussy Newborn Baby To Calm It Down

If you’ve never had a child, then the idea of wrapping your newborn baby up so tightly that it can’t move its arms might sound like a crazy idea. But most experienced parents will tell you their newborn is comforted when wrapped in a swaddle — they cry less and sleep more when they’re in the blanket. Generally, swaddling is safe for all babies. Somewhere between three and four months, most can stop being swaddled – but especially fussy kiddos can be wrapped up until nine months. The tightly wrapped blanket helps keep your little one warm and sleep through the night… what could be better? YouTube baby guru Drahbany recently took to the internet to give us all some insight into how to swaddle correctly. Along with his 5-day-old daughter, who may be the real star of his tutorial, Drahbany was able to calm his kiddo down in a minute flat. Using his “Happiest Baby on The Block" technique, he shows a simple 3 step folding process called the Up-Down-Up-Down method that calmed his baby down in the cutest way. It keeps the baby’s arms next to its body, safely away from tiny baby eyes and makes for one adorable baby burrito. That is so cute and oh my gosh, so effective! So next time your baby fusses, remember the three S’s: swaddle, side and shush. It’s a proven recipe! What an amazing father and amazing technique! We hope this video will help a lot of father around the world, who have a newborn. Tricks and tips like this are always welcome to new parents. Do you think this was helpful? If you have a crying baby , swaddling can comfort her and help stop the tears. If you have a fussy baby, we are here to share some more tips that will help, and you will thank us later! If your baby doesn’t calm after you clothe them, you can also try with rocking them in a chair soothe them with white noise. Rocking your baby in a rocking chair is probably one of the most cherished and time-honored rituals, and also by adding some white noise like turning on the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer, it will help your baby to calm down. Also, other techniques that can help you soothe your child are singing a song to them or giving them a massage , or if there is a beautiful day outside why not take a walk or stroll in the neighborhood? We hope this will help you!

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Surprise Marriage Proposal One Day After Having Baby2m45s

Surprise Marriage Proposal One Day After Having Baby

When it comes for a marriage proposal, the desires are as varied as the girls. Some like them big and pompous, with loads of attention on just them, others like to keep it on the down low, quiet and intimate. Then there are those who just want to be surprised, because at the end of the day, it is just about them and the man they will soon accept to be their companion for life. To each their own, they say. Having a baby is a precious moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. Babies bring so much joy and love that being a parent and raising them is all worth it. Just having the baby can be one emotional experience. Do you know what makes it even more emotional? How about being proposed on the same day as having a newborn baby! This couple's newborn baby helps her dad deliver the ultimate surprise marriage proposal just one day after being born. Check out this priceless moment that will definitely bring a smile to your face! Filmed in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. This has to be one of the most unique ways to purpose to someone. There is so much love and thought put into this that this really does make for one heartwarming moment! We can only wish this new family a long and happy life together! What did you think of this clip? Have you seen any unique marriage proposals? We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments section so please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will sure make them smile!

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Carpenter Made A Picnic Table That Folds Into A Box35s

Carpenter Made A Picnic Table That Folds Into A Box

Every day there is some sort of innovation going around the world. From advancements in technology, to solving our day to day struggles, someone is out there trying come up with idea to make something better, awesome! That is exactly what is going on in the video. Izzy Swan created this genius table which is able to unfold from a 20x20x30 inch box into a full-size four person picnic table! This is incredible, the table can be moved to anywhere you want without any struggle. Not only is it functional, but it also looks very nice too! What a great addition to the back yard ! Would you ever use this fold-able table? It is perfect for a nice barbecue with family and friends! It is even great for a picnic ! It can be used for whatever you want, so great! With it being so easy to move around, having one in your garage can do no harm at all! It doesn't take a lot of time to open up and it also doesn't take up a lot of room, best of both worlds! If you happen to find your self with some free time on your hands, this video might be just for you! Watch this awesome fold-able table! Maybe it's time to get one of these tables for yourself! Check out 'Thinkwoodworks' for more!

Drone Captures A Weird Wild Animal Running Through Forest  2m23s

Drone Captures A Weird Wild Animal Running Through Forest

Nature is absolutely unpredictable. You can never be too sure what a single tiny movement might do to cause a shift in the whole ecosystem. You can’t predict an earthquake similar as to how you can not predict the weather. You can guess that it’s going to rain based on the ominous dark clouds, but you may never know if a wind sweeps in and blows them all away. Although we would like to believe so, there is no real boundary from where the wilderness ends and our concrete jungle begins. The ecosystems don’t work that way. The constant expansion of our ecosystem is barging in on the millions of other ecosystems governed by wild animals, and we are bound to cross paths one way or another. There are also a lot of mysterious occurrences in nature. There are a lot of species we haven’t yet encountered and a lot of species that just look plain right bizarre. Sometimes it’s just our imagination running wild, but we think that we’ve seen something surreal, when in fact, it was nothing more than a reindeer or a bunny traipsing around our backyard. Our made up beasts have long been the villains in folklore ever since the beginning of time. From cyclops to minotaurs, blood-sucking creatures of the night, goblins and evil fairies, if you search through the various collections of epic stories, you will find everything. Amazingly enough, the fiction we come up with is incredibly impressive. It is captivating and sounds so real that you can easily mistake it for a real life occurrence. It can even make you wonder whether your perception of the world is correct. This footage seems very mysterious! According to user Hardpack101, this video shows an unknown creature running towards the trees, vanishing into the woods. It was first spotted around the 25 second mark and was filmed in Idaho. It is very hard to define what the creature is, the drone is so high up in the air so it looks like a little speck on the ground. Do you think it could be a Bigfoot sighting? What do you see? We all have different opinions, not everyone may believe it, but we can see something. What was really trying to scurry into the woods? Once the creature is in the woods, it doesn't look like its coming back out. It has probably run far into the woods by now. Whether or not Bigfoot was spotted, this is an incredible view we get to see with the drone ! This area looks very beautiful with all the trees and land everywhere. Nature is so beautiful! Do you want to capture beautiful moments like these? Check out these best selling drones and get ready to capture some amazing views! Do you believe you have seen BigFoot before? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

POV Footage Shows Reckless Motorcyclist Crash While Splitting Lanes30s

POV Footage Shows Reckless Motorcyclist Crash While Splitting Lanes

Owning a motorcycle can be pretty awesome. Insane speed, wind in your face and the freedom of parking pretty much anywhere. But it also means that you have to be twice as responsible and careful in traffic, so you can avoid situations like the one in the video. A motorcycle rider in Georgia, USA pays the price and ends up <a href=" " target="_blank">crashing</a> into a vehicle after recklessly lane splitting through freeway traffic. The bright red Honda sedan was giving the right turn signal and switching lanes, so they had no time to correct before the cyclist <a href=" " target="_blank">crashes</a> into their rear. Luckily, the only major injury he suffered was a broken wrist. The rules in traffic are there for everybody, to protect us all from incidents such as this one. Motorcycle riders all over the world are frowned upon, because they never respect the lanes on the roads; they would much rather ride between the cars, because, hey, I fits! The driver learned his lesson and next time we hope he'll drive responsibly and not so fast, knowing that by speeding he puts not only his life, but other lives in danger as well. Remember, just because you can fit between the cars in traffic, doesn't mean that you should split lanes.

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Kitten Loves Having Fun With The Ipad1m21s

Kitten Loves Having Fun With The Ipad

Cats are great fun if you take the time to play with them. Owning a pet is an activity a lot of people enjoy! Cats are amusing creatures! They are smart, small and easy to maintain. There aren’t enough words in the vocabulary to describe a cat. On the one hand, they are adorable balls of fluff, able to express incredible amounts of love from such tiny creatures. They love games, especially something that involves quick movements. Just check out this fantastic playful cat. This adorable kitten has the time of her life playing around with an iPad. Wonder if she realizes that's her on the screen?! The video on the iPad plays a video of her playing with the dog, having fun and the playful kitten thinks that that is some other cat in there and tries to grab it and play with it. How adorable! She is so small, yet so smart and playful. We are sure that her owners will have a lot of fun playing with her and enjoying her presence around the house. Maybe, the dog will get some slaps now and then, but we are sure that they will be best friends forever. Why cats love to play on an <a href=" " target="_blank">iPad</a> so much? Would you let your cat play on it? There is plenty of cats that get hypnotized by the screen on the computer or the iPad. The iPad may be much all the more enticing for them in light of the fact that the object(s) moving around are contained to a specific space and appear to vanish when they achieve the limit of that space (which would be exceptionally fascinating and mistaking for cats), in addition to obviously the development on a tablet is influenced by the cat's touch, much the same as live prey. If you do give your cat a chance to play with it, we would recommend cutting their claws, ensuring your tablet is for a situation and checking whether you can discover any applications intended for <a href=" " target="_blank">kittens</a> Likewise, be ready not to get annoyed with your baby cat if they do harm your tablet from playing with it if it's something you let them do. We are glad that we have these fantastic and fun cat videos and we merely adore watching them. Don’t forget to share this cute and playful cat with your friends and family, and we are sure they will love it!!

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Groom Surprises Wedding Guests With Awesome Dance3m47s

Groom Surprises Wedding Guests With Awesome Dance

A bride dreams about her wedding from childhood. She pictures the groom, the people, the festivities, the colors, everything that has to do with a wedding has been going through her head since she was a child. And the groom just wants to have some fun. That is why this couple decided to add a little bit of a surprise into the mix that they knew everyone would love. The symbolic of the first dance is the beginning of the couple’s life together. They start with love and fun, to mark the launch of their union. Most of the times it is a slow dance along a song that means the world to the bride and groom, but every now and again, a couple surprises everyone with something that send the crowd cheering for more! The bride Roisin is the dancer in the relationship... but James the groom surprised everyone with his new dance moves! You can tell that James is a quick learner! He surprised everyone present with his awesome dance! What an awesome wedding moment for all of the guests to witness. What other wedding surprises have you seen before? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share, maybe it will be the spark of inspiration for some happy couple!

Marine Brother Surprises His Sister On Her Wedding Day 1m02s

Marine Brother Surprises His Sister On Her Wedding Day

A heartwarming video has emerged of a loving sister having the surprise of her life when her marine brother paid her an unexpected visit, on her wedding day. In a split second, the overjoyed bride bursts into tears after realizing that her brother has flew from Japan to surprise her. This is the emotional moment when siblings are reunited with the unexpected wedding surprise! Prepare for your heart to melt as this is one video that will surely warm you up! In this video we have Drew, an active US Marine who was away on duty. He managed to fly to Iowa from Japan and surprise his family at his sister Kady's wedding. That is one moment that they will surely never forget! This is one amazing video that no one should miss! This is truly an amazing moment. This wedding was already going to be very memorable for the bride, but the fact that her brother came all the way from Japan to surprise her on her special day, made it all the more better! She seemed absolutely surprised when she saw her brother. So much so that she even let out a little yelp when she saw him! Talk about sibling goals! We should thank this US marine for being such a good brother and providing his country with his service. What a heartwarming and memorable moment this is! We can see tears of joy in the eyes of everyone present. Being in the military can be very hard as you don't get to see your family as much as you would like. Therefore, if you are in the military,you should always show your loved ones how much you appreciate them by visiting them every time you get the chance! This was one emotional moment. Whenever you get the chance, you should always show your loved one how much you really appreciate them. Even the small gestures can make all the difference. Everyone loves flowers, so what better way to tell someone you love and appreciate them with beautiful flowers from Amazon !

This Is The Fastest Way To Peel An Orange40s

This Is The Fastest Way To Peel An Orange

Sure, there are other types of fruit other than oranges, but their refreshing flavor cannot be replaced at any period of the year. They are juicy, brightly colored and taste amazing, but that is all spoiled when the fragrant flesh from the inside squirts on your fresh shirt and makes wanna throw that orange and just grab a banana! What if we could tell you that there is a very simple, elegant and squirt-free way to cut into your orange and eat it too? Say goodbye to picking and digging into the skin until your nails turn yellow and filled with fleshy pith. Just grab a cutting board or any other surface of your choice, take a nice sharp knife and begin the simplest peeling technique of all! Cut away the top and the bottom just enough to reveal the flesh. Then, find a spot between two segments inside and cut all the way to the center. Then just set your knife down and use your two opposable thumbs to “uncoil" the fruit! Viola! Simply use a knife to barely slice off the top and bottom of the orange , then slice the orange from the center to outer edge on one side. Then simply open the orange up and separate the orange sections. This technique is both easy and fast, and doesn’t make a mess! Not only is it ready to eat in seconds, you don't need a dish! You are welcome. Now share it with your friends to spare them of yellow, pithy nails!

This Gorilla Is Causing Quite A Stir With Its Human Like Act 51s

This Gorilla Is Causing Quite A Stir With Its Human Like Act

If you happened to stay awake during science class, then you might know that humans are most closely related to apes than any other family of animals. Even knowing this evolutionary fact, scientists at the Kent wildlife park were still shocked to see this phenomenon. You can explore the animal world any time of the year, with indoor and outdoor enclosures, interactive experiences and fun, exciting encounter with over five hundred animals, from over hundred different species. But as we all know, monkeys are the closest we can relate to people. Their intelligence happens to be on the top of the list right below people. This guy happens to be quite the show man. He stands up and walk along as if he doesn't care who is looking. His grand posture is definitely something to be admired. Ambam, a 27-year-old silver back gorilla at Port Lympn Animal Park in Kent, UK, gained international fame when he was captured on video walking upright like a human. Park officials say that he has not been trained to do so and that he probably behaves this way so that he may have a better view of his carers or to be able to see where the food is being scattered in the enclosure. What ever the reason, this is a unique sight of our glorious ancestor. Make sure to share the video with your friends.

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Baby Brother Meets New Sister For First Time57s

Baby Brother Meets New Sister For First Time

Do you remember when you met your baby sibling for the first time? Every child wants to have a friend that will be with them forever, and they always find such friendship in a sibling. One toddler couldn’t wait to meet his baby brother, so he and dad visited mom in the hospital, which turned out to be the most adorable first contact ever! This is the heart-warming moment a big brother meets his newborn baby sibling for the first time and can’t stop hugging and showering him with kisses. The concept of gender is entirely unfamiliar at a very young age, so you'd expect this precious toddler to ask what he asked in this hilarious video. He meets his baby sister and right from the start you can tell that he's going to be the greatest big brother ever! This big brother meets and holds his newborn baby sister for the very first time, and ends up asking an inquisitive and hilarious question! His expression after is priceless. Babies are a wonder to society. With their adorableness, they can brighten anyone's day. Take a look at this video is just that. The priceless moment of this baby was meeting his new sibling and holding it for the first time. Of course, questions follow and interest kicks in. Never the less, it is bound to put a smile on your face! Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring – quite often the hard way. Having a big brother especially for girls means having a protector, a mentor, someone who will have a tremendous impact and this lucky girl will have one that will give her all the love in the world! This girl will have a fantastic brother and a best friend that will be there for her no matter what, to love her, support her and show her the true meaning what a sibling means. It is always nice to have a sibling whom you can share many. This can help you with your challenges in life and make it easier to relate. When you don’t have anyone it is hard to find someone close enough to you to help you out in times of need. Having a sibling gives you something to do more often and to protect each other and give love to each other in bad times and good times. What an amazing video!

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Dog Snatches The Chance To Meet With NYPD Police Horse On Wall Street2m11s

Dog Snatches The Chance To Meet With NYPD Police Horse On Wall Street

Animals are just the right companion to have whether it is that you live alone, or need some company or even the fact that you don't like being bored. Domestic animals, whether it is a cat or a dog, or whatever you have your mind on getting, they are sure to brighten up your day. It is usually when we come home from a hard day's of work that we need to snuggle up in or bed and hopefully have a companion that is there waiting for us and willing to offer some fun times and some cuddles. This case in particular is just 'a little' out of the ordinary. If humans perhaps happen to walk by such a gloriously looking animal such as this NYPD horse, we might take a look from a fair distance and keep on walking. Maybe stop for a minute and stare at this beautiful being. The story with this French Bulldog however is a bit different then what you would expect. When we say that, we mean that this little French puppy its just way too curious not to go ahead and introduce itself to this NYPD horse, which is on duty by the way. His fierce attitude and brave ways are just enough to pull on the leash and get his little nose into the nose of the horse so he can figure out what this huge creature actually is. This French Bulldog is ecstatic to meet a very friendly police horse as the two share a precious interaction. Adorable!

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