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Michael Fish's NBC26 Storm Shield weather forecast2m57s

Michael Fish's NBC26 Storm Shield weather forecast

High pressure will control our weather today through Friday which means dry weather for two days. Unfortunately it will be breezy today, though the high temps won't be too bad in the low-30s. Tonight will be partly cloudy and quiet with less wind. Lows will be in the low-teens, but if the skies stay clear and the winds go light, we may get colder than that. Friday is actually going to be a pretty nice day with highs in the mid-30s without much wind. This upcoming weekend there is the potential for some more snow/mix/rain on Saturday into Saturday night, before changing over to mostly snow on Sunday. Anything during the day on Saturday looks light, but the main brunt of this gets here on Saturday night into Sunday morning. It's too early to make the exact call on any snowfall amounts, but this storm has the potential to be a big one across parts of the area (especially NW of the Fox Valley). Stay tuned. At least it will be quite mild on Saturday with highs in the upper-30s to near 40. This February will be one of the snowiest on record when all is said & done with the potential for more snow next week on Tuesday. The month looks to end on a very cold note with temps will be running 15-25° below normal as we head into March.

Published: February 21, 2019