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How Would A Zombie Apocalypse Happen?4m31s

How Would A Zombie Apocalypse Happen?

How Would A Zombie Apocalypse Happen? If Zombies where to exist, how do you think it would actually be like? How would it even start? Watch as we dig deep into this possible phenomenon. NEW CHANNEL- TOP 10 GAMING Subscribe: VIDEO CONCEPT VIDEO CONCEPT: Landon Dowlatsingh - VOICE ACTOR: Charlotte Dobre: SCRIPTED BY: Charlotte Dobre: VIDEO EDITED BY: Imo Scrimger PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens-



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What If Queen Elizabeth II Died?4m41s

What If Queen Elizabeth II Died?

What If Queen Elizabeth II Died? There are many events that will take place once she passes away. However, what exactly will happen? Watch to find out. NEW CHANNEL- TOP 10 GAMING Subscribe: VIDEO CONCEPT VIDEO CONCEPT: Landon Dowlatsingh - VOICE ACTOR: Rebecca Felgate- SCRIPTED BY: Rebecca Felgate- VIDEO EDITED BY: Imo Scrimger PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens-

Boyfriend surprises girlfriend with new puppy surprise43s

Boyfriend surprises girlfriend with new puppy surprise

Anna's brother told the whole family to meet at 8:00pm at home because he had something really important to tell them. When they all gathered, Anna's boyfriend surprises her with an Aussie puppy that sends her into a crying fit. She's been asking for a dog for over 10 years and now she finally has one!

Universal Music Group3m02s

Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group, the world leader in music based entertainment, to support emerging musicians has joined up with Aloft Hotels to create one of the largest global on-line talent searches: Project Aloft Star 2018.

Published: June 20, 2018
Caregiver support at the Naples Senior Center2m21s

Caregiver support at the Naples Senior Center

The Naples Senior Center has been expanding programs for individuals with Alzheimer's disease for almost five years. That support now includes the people in charge of the care of these individuals as well.

Published: June 20, 2018
Twin Tots Both Get Stuck in A Bed Frame31s

Twin Tots Both Get Stuck in A Bed Frame

Kids are absolutely amazing and so full of energy! It seems like they never get tired enough and always want to play, even when it’s time for them to get some sleep. Most of them will try to find a way to play some more in secret, but that can get them into trouble from time to time. Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what happened to these two adorable twin tot boys who were supposed to be napping instead of having fun. LOL! They got stuck in a bed frame, and they can’t get out of there on their own! So, they need to ask their granny to help them out. But, the granny isn’t exactly thrilled to see them like that and scolds them for not napping. She even makes them ask nicely for help and promise to lay down for a nighty night!

Funny Dog Hates The Scale17s

Funny Dog Hates The Scale

This video is dedicated to all of us who hate stepping on the scale and checking how much self-guilt we need to swallow when we see the number on the scale! So, if you feel the same about measuring your body weight, you are going to love this video! It shows an adorable dog who takes two paws and places it on the scale. She looks at her weight and pushes the scale out of the way! LOL! Her human friend asks her if she is not happy with what the scale says, while she keeps pushing and kicking the scale! I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to this video! Every time I step into my bathroom and see the scale, I try to ignore it, because if I don’t, it could quickly end up in the trash. But, it’s not polite to throw away the presents, isn’t it? LOL!

Cute Dog Won't Share Food38s

Cute Dog Won't Share Food

Isn’t it so annoying when someone tries to eat the food from your plate? The food that you intentionally out there because you were looking forward to eating it? Maybe it doesn’t bother you when someone takes the last french fry from your plate without asking you first, but it sure bothers the cute dog from this video! If you are like him, and you don't like sharing food, you’ll be able to relate to his hilarious reaction. Either way, this video will make you laugh for sure! As the clip begins, you can see two dogs having fun at home. One of the dogs carries a dog bowl half-full with dog food. The other dog follows. Every time the second dog gets close the first dog picks up the bowl and carries it away to protect it. LOL! And this little routine repeats multiple times. It’s pretty clear that funny dog is overprotective of his food and he’s not willing to share it! LOL! So funny!

Funny Cat Channels Her Inner Hamster To Catch Laser Pointer Dot11s

Funny Cat Channels Her Inner Hamster To Catch Laser Pointer Dot

We all know that most cats are absolutely obsessed with chasing laser dot pointers. That’s a given. If you have ever wondered what would a cat do just to get to that little red dot, this video is here to answer your burning question! If you are a fan of cats, you’ll adore this clip! At the beginning of the video, you are presented with a scene of a cute cat as she climbs inside a large tire that hangs from a wall in the kitchen. And why is she doing that? Well, her owner is pointing a laser dot on the inside of the tire and she has to catch it, she’s got no other options! The cat runs up the tire to catch the dot and the tire begins to spin! OMG! The cute kitty now has to run inside it like a hamster in a wheel. LOL! This really goes out of her way to reach that laser pointer dot! The tire spins too fast and the cat falls out in the end. How funny is this cat channeling her inner hamster? Absolutely hilarious!

A Horse VS A Plastic Bucket18s

A Horse VS A Plastic Bucket

Horses are such incredible beings! They are such beautiful and intelligent animals. But just because they are considered to be really smart, it doesn’t mean that they don’t find themselves in silly situations every once in a while! And the funny horse from this video is not an exception! If you are a fan of horses, you can’t skip this silly video! As the clip begins, you can see a cute horse having lots of fun in his pen. He’s got a plastic bucket to help him entertain himself and everyone else around him! And it’s working! While holding the bucket handle in his mouth, the horse is performing some kind of a silly dance. LOL! Is he actually trying to get rid of the bucket? I’m not sure, but the whole situation is priceless! You absolutely have to check out this video, if only for the sake of the sound of the woman behind the camera laughing contagiously! So hilarious!

Tot Girl Stop Crying When Her Mom Jiggles Her Chin14s

Tot Girl Stop Crying When Her Mom Jiggles Her Chin

Kids are so funny, especially when they cannot make up their mind what they want to do! To play, or not play? To eat, or not to eat? To sleep, or not to sleep? Just like a baby girl in this video! Her dilemma is - to cry or not to cry, and it's absolutely hilarious! Luckily her mom is there to help her out! This adorable baby girl is lying on a bed in a living room, and she starts to cry for no reason, but when her mom comes and jiggle her chin, she stops! She even puts a smile on her face, but not for too long. Only a couple of moments later, she starts crying again, so her mom jiggles her chin once more, and she stops again! LOL! I bet this little girl only wants to get her mom attention and loves when her mom comes to jiggle her!

Best Friends For Better And For Worse17s

Best Friends For Better And For Worse

Growing old is one of the biggest fear many young people have today, but the fact is they should not worry about it at all! Being old doesn’t mean being bored nor boring! Actually, it can be pretty funny, if you just keep your good sense of humor. Just like an old couple in this video. They are so hilarious that you really have to see this video right away! The two of them are sitting together at a table minding their own business. Suddenly the man starts to sing his funny version of “Moon River” but as soon as he starts, his real-life huckleberry friend, and apparently his wife, takes out two Mikado sticks and sticks them into her ears! LOL! But the funniest part comes when she gives him “the” look! OMG, you should really check out this look! I bet he saw it many times, and you should too, at least once! LOL!

Tot Girl Hates Brussels Sprouts16s

Tot Girl Hates Brussels Sprouts

We all know how kids can be when it comes to eating the greens! Most of them really hate green vegetables so much that they refuse not just to eat them, but even to taste them! But who can really blame them?! We all went through that phase before we have learned how nutritious veggies are! A baby girl in this video will also get there, but not yet! LOL! For now, she is absolutely allowed to hate Brussels sprouts! This cute baby girl is sitting in her high chair and takes a bite of a Brussels sprout, but the moment she tastes it, she makes a funny disgusted face and shakes her head after spitting it out. OMG, just look at her! He is so cute and funny that you really don’t want to miss watching this video! Her reaction to the taste of a Brussels sprout is one of the funniest I have ever seen!

Meet Kate, our NBC26 Weather Kid of the Week!1m49s

Meet Kate, our NBC26 Weather Kid of the Week!

Meet Kate, our NBC26 Weather Kid of the Week! Week Estella is 9 years old. Kate is 7 years old. She enjoys gymnastics. She attends Pioneer Elementary. If you're interested in having your child be our weather kid of the week, send us an e-mail at

Published: June 20, 2018