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Little Girl Gives Hugs To Everyone In Her Church1m04s

Little Girl Gives Hugs To Everyone In Her Church

In case you are having a bad day today and are in terrible need of a genuine hug, then look no further, because this girl has just what you need. A tiny tot by the name of Aubrey has been recorded by her dad Tyler Hull during their communion on Sunday, as the girl shares hugs with everyone present at their church. Is that delightful or what? On November 12, Tyler Hull, his wife Michelle and their little daughter Aubrey went to their church in Purcell, Oklahoma for holy communion. After getting back in their pew, Aubrey felt so moved by what the preacher said that day, that she felt compelled to give every a tight, toddler hug! Tyler says: "On Sunday November 12, 2017 after my family and I received our blessings and holy communion we returned to our pew where my daughter stood up and began hugging everyone. It was so sweet I pulled out my phone to record. It made everyone she hugged incredibly happy. My mother in law has been going there for over 50 years, my wife also grew up in the church. I just posted it to Facebook to show friends and family and it just blew up." We have never felt this big of an urge to squeeze someone into a tight hug right now!

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Basketball Team Slips34s

Basketball Team Slips

Who polished this floor? That’s the question you’ll probably be asking yourself after watching this video, because clearly something was amiss. It looks like whoever it was spent a little too much time in one corner, because that area was definitely far too slick. Unless an entirely different perpetrator spilled some water or something, that also would make sense. Conspiracy theorists: have at it. Because something is most certainly rotten in the state of Denmark. A high school boys basketball team is completing their warm up. They finish their shots and get ready for their “rally lap” around the gym. Full disclosure: this writer was a wrestler in high school, so I’m coming from a place of slight resentment towards basketball players. Can you really blame my ire though? Their practices were a fraction as hard and they got twice the attendance at their games we did. What I’m basically saying is: it’s very possible I enjoyed what you’re about to witness a little too much.

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Ocean Sunfish. The ocean sunfish, also known as a mola mola, is the world's largest bony fish. This strange creature is like no other. Come along and watch as a sunfish glides through the ocean waters. Footage © César Villarroel | Video at Music: Intro : B

Hazelnut Mousse26s

Hazelnut Mousse

Are you ready for the easiest, tastiest dessert you’ve ever made? We can’t wait to show it to you! This Hazelnut Mousse is light, airy, creamy and just so delicious, and it only needs TWO ingredients to make. One of those ingredients? Nutella! Watch how we transform it into a simple mousse, and serve it up whenever you want something sweet but not-too-heavy.

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Balloon flight over Bagan, Myanmar7m47s

Balloon flight over Bagan, Myanmar

The sunrise view from a hot air balloon of thousands of temples spread in the Bagan valley is one of the most impressive views one can enjoy. Bagan was the capital of the first Myanmar (Burma) kingdom from the 9th to 13th centuries. It has the largest concentration of Buddhist temples and ruins in the world. At its highest point, the area had more than 10 thousand temples, of which less than 3 thousand remain today. Recorded February 2015 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100. Music: zero-project - Metamorphosis - 05 - Metamorphosis zero-project (, licensed under the "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License"

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Women Feeding With Their Own Hands1m11s

Women Feeding With Their Own Hands

Women Feeding With Their Own Hands-Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Dog Protecting Baby Dog is not only a pet but also a good friend

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cat attacks45s

cat attacks

Cat attack, but eventually changed their minds

Published: September 10, 2017173 views


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In Your Feed: Radioactive sushi and an animal psychic9m24s

In Your Feed: Radioactive sushi and an animal psychic

Ridiculous conspiracy theory posts, dead lions conjured from the grave, and a nuclear fish scare caused by seismic waves to name a few. Reality is rapidly altering itself into one of those post-modern absurdist films don't you think? No, this isn’t the Twilight Zone. It’s just social media. Credit: In Your Feed, Episode 1

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8 Most Alien Like Creatures On Earth5m26s

8 Most Alien Like Creatures On Earth

From wasps that lay their eggs directly into living insects to animals that are impervious to almost everything, we count 8 of the most alien-like creatures on earth. Subscribe: Merch store: Check out more great articles on our website:

Drone captures midnight sunset over Iceland2m21s

Drone captures midnight sunset over Iceland

Experience a stunning fly over of Reykjavik, Iceland and enjoy the midnight sun. Shot with DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter. Music by: Tony Anderson / Eyes Wide Open. Credit to 'OZZO Photography'.

Published: June 4, 2015102,725 views
Face Mask Tutorial (Tumba Ping Pong Show)28s

Face Mask Tutorial (Tumba Ping Pong Show)

Step 1: Empty the face mask product of any brand in your hand. Step 2: Mold it to a ball to the size of a ping-pong ball. Step 3: Aim carefully and shoot. Step 4: Serve champagne. Performed by: Dr Ders, Slightly Mad Max & DJ Coolman WATCH IT ALL ON: Join us on F

Smart Dog Gets Owner a Lighter23s

Smart Dog Gets Owner a Lighter

Occurred on April 25, 2016 / Los Angels, CA, USA Info From Licensor: "My little mutt rescue puppy learned to grab me a lighter when I'm lighting a smoke." - Peter Fu

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SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket completes historic landing13s

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket completes historic landing

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket successfully landed after blasting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The first stage of the rocket was used to propel its payload 62 miles into space, before the second stage took over and dramatically returned safely to its landing pad. Credit to 'SpaceX'.