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Fish startles cat drinking from backyard pond19s

Fish startles cat drinking from backyard pond

The age old tale; the cat and the fish. A fish in a backyard pond manages to successfully scare this cat while it was taking a nighttime drink. What this cat was not expecting was the presence of this fish. You just got pranked, cat! What in the world does it even go to drink in that pond anyway? Does it smell like fish chowder? That water is probably stale anyway and filled with algae. Although, come to think of it, those algae do make the water (somewhat) cleaner and enrich it with nutrients and minerals...yeah, like mineral water – that smells like fish! But the cat just sits there, having her drink, taking her sweet time, and we notice the koi fish approaching. If you look closely, you can see the tip of the fish's mouth disrupting the peaceful surface of the water. And it confuses Snowflake there; what on earth does this thing want? We bet that the fish was trying to coerce the cat, the ghetto way. “Betcha can't get inside my crib, white boi”. But Snowflake doesn't need to get inside. All she needs is some lightning fast reflexes and one swing of the paw and bam! The fish got what it deserved! Serves you right, when you wanna play cat and mouse – with a cat! Do you have any other funny cat stories? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more hilarious pet videos, and feel free to upload any of your own videos that you might have as well. Check out this cat getting startled by a fish.

Mini Golf Mini Tantrum35s

Mini Golf Mini Tantrum

Mini golfing may be a smaller scale version of actual golf, but that doesn't seem to make it any easier to play! Just ask this frustrated little kid! No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to get the golf ball over that hill! This game of mini golf comes with a mini tantrum!

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Happy bird enjoys backyard sand bath21s

Happy bird enjoys backyard sand bath

All animals are a little weird sometimes. Each and every one of them have their own little quirks, but that's why we love them. Well here we have an interesting bird that has its own little quirk that will definitely make you let out at a least a little laugh. Watch as this little birdy goes into the playground and gives himself a little bit of a sand bath. With all of that spinning and twisting, you can't help but to let out a laugh! What a funny little guy! Doesn't this bird just look like it is enjoying life? Nothing like a good ol' sand bath to have some fun. Did you know that birds actually take sand baths to keep their feathers in top condition? It absorbs excess oil and the oil-filled dust is then later shed for several benefits including increased insulation and aerodynamics. Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. It's so cute watching this little guy enjoy the sun and sand. It must be a refreshing break from the orange Georgia clay it's used to!

Published: June 20, 2017Updated: June 21, 2017162 views
24 Epic Workout Fails To Make Your Day4m59s

24 Epic Workout Fails To Make Your Day

Working out is no easy task. And when you see hilarious work out fails like these, it can make it even harder to find the motivation to hit the gym or go for a run! But at least you can get a few hardy laughs in and maybe even count that as your ab workout for the day!

Published: June 20, 2017Updated: June 24, 2017144 views