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'Warplanes Bombed Our Building' - Children of East Ghouta Show Damage to Neighborhood39s

'Warplanes Bombed Our Building' - Children of East Ghouta Show Damage to Neighborhood

Noor and Alaa, two young girls in East Ghouta, Syria, who have been documenting the ongoing attacks on the region by Syrian forces, appealed for help on March 16 in a video that showed the damage caused in their neighborhood. A tweet on their account on March 15 said farewell to those monitoring their updates as, the tweet said, Assad forces were storming their neighbourhood. In this video, the two girls appear against a backdrop of destroyed buildings. Noor says “I am still alive. Last night we couldn’t sleep because of warplanes.” She says between 20 and 30 attacks were carried out overnight and during the early morning in their neighborhood. She says they are very scared and appealed for help. Credit: Noor And Alaa via Storyful

College Baseball Team Moves Double-Parked Car Blocking Bus's Path37s

College Baseball Team Moves Double-Parked Car Blocking Bus's Path

A baseball team from La Salle University in Philadelphia were traveling to Brooklyn, New York, for a game on March 15 when they faced the small task of lifting a double-parked car out of the way of their bus. Members of the team worked together to move a Nissan Pathfinder just enough so that their bus could pass and make it to the game on time. This video, apparently shot from the bus, shows the team’s efforts. Unfortunately, the team didn’t gel so well on the field and eventually lost 9-8 to Fairleigh Dickinson University later that day. Credit: La Salle Baseball via Storyful

Kind Woman Helps Elderly Man Found Lying on Street With Head Wound1m47s

Kind Woman Helps Elderly Man Found Lying on Street With Head Wound

A woman has come to the aid of an elderly man who she found lying in the street with a gash on his head in Surrey, British Columbia. A Facebook post, shared by Mariam Roya on March 8, shows a picture of 80-year-old Sid’s severe head injury and explains the heartbreaking situation in which she found him. According to the post, Roya helped Sid after witnessing multiple cars drive past him on the road, and brought him to Surrey Memorial Hospital for treatment. She says that she didn’t know if he was homeless or not, but his hands were so cold that she thought he’d been outside for at least 24 hours. She has since shared updates of Sid’s progress, and while her earlier posts criticize the way he was initially treated at the hospital she appears to now be happy with its services. Her latest update, shared on March 11, shows a video of Sid in his hospital bed. He thanks those sending their prayers his way, and discusses the lack of consideration shown by the people who ignored him on the street. According to Roya, the doctors at Surrey Memorial were hoping to place Sid in a care home for long-term treatment. The video had over 22,000 views at the time of writing. Credit: Mariam Roya via Storyful

Couple grabs the cash when ATM malfunctions1m03s

Couple grabs the cash when ATM malfunctions

A couple of opportunistic passers-by nabbed around 500 US dollars recently when an ATM malfunctioned and spat out all the cash in under two seconds. CCTV footage showed a wad of banknotes suddenly fall to the floor of the ATM booth in Ningbo City, China on March 6. The couple spotted the cash shortly afterwards, rushed into the booth and gathered all the money before making a quick escape. According to local media, police managed to track the couple and retrieve the cash.

Hilarious ice cloud effect FAIL38s

Hilarious ice cloud effect FAIL

This is the moment a man failed hilariously when attempting to demonstrate the effect of throwing boiling water into freezing cold air. In the clip, which was filmed in Hegang City last November, the man first explains how the experiment works. "Today, let me show you guys how to create the firework-like visual effect by throwing hot water into the sky," he declares confidently. However, as he flings the water into the air, he slips on the ice beneath his feet, falls to the ground and the hot water rains down on his head. ++LOOPED++