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Street Cleaner Gets The Crowd Going at Dublin's Saint Patrick's Day Parade48s

Street Cleaner Gets The Crowd Going at Dublin's Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Kyle Marsh, who was in attendance at Dublin’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, said his day was made when he spotted this Dublin City Council worker getting the crowd warmed up ahead of the parade. Kyle told Storyful: “The crowd was cheering his name, and he was responding really well, waving and giving high fives. It was brilliant.” Credit: Kyle Marsh via Storyful

St. Patrick's Showers, Sunny Sunday2m37s

St. Patrick's Showers, Sunny Sunday

Some light showers continue to move through the area on this St. Patrick's Day as temperatures hang above freezing. Sunshine returns with highs near 55 Sunday before Nor'easter #4.

Published: March 17, 2018
Medal of Valor returning home1m40s

Medal of Valor returning home

An Akron thrift store shopper was on one of her frequent treasure hunts when she stumbled upon a New York Police Department Medal of Valor in a bag of costume jewelry. Police thanked her for getting it back home.

Published: March 17, 2018
Snow, ice and strong winds in Cumbria1m12s

Snow, ice and strong winds in Cumbria

Heavy snow drifts across north-east Cumbria in strong easterly winds, creating whiteout conditions at times. In the video, filmed today (March 17) near tiny Barras, two people feed sheep in the poor weather conditions and disappear from view in the snow blizzard, so poor is the visibility. Writes the filmer: "Road conditions are getting worse with ice under the fresh snow which is drifting with the strong wind. This is just the start and the conditions are set to get worse over night."